On the very dark night of the 21st of June in the year 1982, something terrible just happened. A few lights are burning in a house in the quiet neighborhood in Brooklyn. There is blood on the windows. The front door is half open.
There is blood in the hallway, that leads to the kitchen where a mother is sitting on a chair with her throat slit open. Blood is on the table, on the walls, on the ground.
More blood is leading towards the living room where a father sits with his eyes open on his sofa in front of the television with also his throat slit open.
A few meters beside the television, a dog is lying dead on the ground in a puddle of blood. His intestines are coming out his body which is cut open.
Blood is going back into the hallway, leading up the stairs to the daughter’s bedroom. She’s laying on bed, still breathing a little bit, she has a stab wound in her stomach.
Out of nowhere someone puts a knife into her head, blood spurting everywhere. The man who just stabbed the teenage girl pulls the knife out her body and wipes the blood on his knife on the teenage girl’s shirt.
The girl turns her head to see the face of the man, and she finally dies. The man has a mask, a dark mask, a dark hood, dark clothes. It’s Dark Face.
Dark Face grabs a photo from his front pocket. It’s a photo of Radek Achaari. Dark Face rips the photo in two pieces and puts the two pieces on the girls dead body.
After The Chosen got their lessons, that evening Kailey Cooper went home. She walks into her house to meet her father, Daniel Cooper, a dark haired man who’s wearing glasses.
‘Hello sweetheart, there’s a package for you.’
Daniel hands the package to Kailey. Kailey goes upstairs with the package straight to her room. She goes to her bed and sits on and it and she opens the package.
When opening the package, she looks frightened. She goes off her bed and walks backwards to the wall, leaving the package on her bed. In her package lays the photo of Radek Achaari that Dark Face had torn apart. The photo is covered with blood. The package is also covered in blood from the inside.
Kailey puts the lid back onto the package and runs out her room, then out her house.
The next day on The School for Superheroes, Kailey Cooper went to visit The Director. She walks into his office and throws the box on his desk. The Director looks thoughtfully at the box.
‘Open it.’ Says Kailey with a worried look.
The Director opens the box and sees the ripped photo of Radek Achaari covered with blood.
‘Have you shown Radek?’
‘No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.’
‘Yeah, you should not show this to him.’
‘Do you know who could’ve done this?’
‘I’ve seen this before. But I can’t remember who…’
Kailey Cooper walks back out the office after enlighten The Director about the package. The Director looks closely to the ripped photo of Radek and he looks very worried.
To Be Continued…

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