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The tea

Levi POV

Another crappy day. Another crappy morning, with the worst tea I’ve ever tasted. “Levi?” I look up silently at my commander waiting for his question. “Do you not like your tea?” “What happened to the tea we used to drink?” He chuckles. “How did you know it’s different? Anyway, we started buying everything from a different seller, the other one has been having some personal issues, last I heard.” “Tch.”

Erwin POV

As usual, Levi and I are sitting here quietly drinking our tea. I see how with every sip he takes, he gives the tea a disappointed look. Tea is a very important thing in his life and I love that about him, he’s a very introvert type of person, a loner, doesn’t care about socializing or even showing the slightest of interest or emotions. So seeing him react to something as simple as tea, reminds me that he is in fact still a normal human being. “Levi, there is something I need to tell you, you might not like hearing this. But we need to solve this issue.” He takes yet another sip from his tea and looks at me while doing so. “Yesterday, some of the new recruitments had a fight.” As I finish my sentence he starts chocking, so he puts his cup back on the table. He coughs to correct his voice. “Excuse me? When?” “Short after you left for your chambers.” “And why was I not informed?” “Levi, we have discussed this. You have been working very hard lately and I need you to focus for the upcoming missions.” “Huh? Erwin, what makes you think I’m not focused?” “That’s not what I meant. I mean- I also want you to focus on yourself and take better care of yourself. I know you love doing your job and-“ “Erwin, I’m the captain. You put me in this position for a reason and I don’t want it to be just a title. I want to BE a captain. That’s all I’m doing.” “And I know that. I’m just letting you know, you’re doing a very good job, so you can relax every now and then.” Before he could talk, we get interrupted by a knock on the door. I sigh. “Come in.” A soldier comes in handing me a piece of paper, probably another letter carrying some news. I nod and smile at the soldier as I take it out of his hand. I start reading the letter as I hear the door closing behind the soldier as he walks out. “So, what did the brats do yesterday? And who exactly was it?” Levi asks, voice filled with annoyance. I put down the letter before finishing it. “It was Jean, Connie, and I guess a girl was involved in this particular situation.” “Tch.” He rolls his eyes with annoyance. “Don’t tell me they fought over a girl.” “Believe me, I had no interest in knowing the reason. We just stepped in and made sure it stopped. But I thought you had to know about this, in case anything else happens in the future.” “It seems I have some work to do.” He says while standing up and walking to the door. “Levi.” He opens the door and looks back at me. “Don’t be too harsh on them.” “Those brats need to be taught that this is not some school where they can play, eat, shit and sleep like it’s nothing.” I respond by nodding. “Thank you for letting me know, Erwin.” He says and walks out closing the door behind him.

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