Foto bij Chapter 2

Proper Behavior

Levi Pov

It’s time to teach those new recruits some manners. As I walk down the hall towards the cafeteria where everyone’s probably having breakfast, some soldiers start saluting me as I walk past them. I look around and see the group I’m looking for sitting at a long table all together. I walk up to them and I see Connie and Jean sitting as far away from each other as possible. Armin is the first to notice me standing there and chockes on his food. He immediately stands up and salutes me in the typical military way by pressing his right fist to his chest. Everyone looks up shocked and does the same. “Captain!” They all shout. “Tch.” Some of them turn their heads to look at me. “Everyone listen up!” I shout so that everyone in the cafeteria stops with whatever they were doing to look at me. “As I leave for my chambers, thinking the day has finished and I can rest, it means I have trust in my recruits that they can behave themselves and not act like bunch of children- no wait, like brats! But apparently that was my mistake. It turns out, I can’t even leave you alone for five minutes without anyone having to start a fight. So, Connie and Jean, step forward.” They do as I say and they stand in their salute once again. “Believe me, I do not care, I will embarrass YOU." I look at Connie, then turn my head to Jean. "And YOU. In front of everyone, because that’s exactly how you should be feeling about what you did yesterday. Embarrassed.” I say, cold and as uninterested as I could be. “Captain, he-“ “And I absolutely do not care why you did what you did. There is no excuse!” I yell at Connie who wanted to explain the situation. “By the way, who was the third person that was involved?” They both look at each other quietly. “I am not asking this twice.” “It.. it was..” Jean attempts to talk, but he just sounds scared like a chicken. “Tch. Look at you, and you consider yourselves soldiers? Starting today, you will be working half of your lunch breaks and any free time you got. Both of you. You’ll be cleaning anything that’s asked of you for a whole week.” I say, with cold and emotionless voice. “Yes, sir.” They say respectfully but I can sense their disappointment. “And I still need a name.” “It was me, sir.” I hear a soft, yet annoying voice coming from behind. I turn around and see a girl walking up to me through the crowd. With everyone looking at her, she stops in front of me and salutes as she tries to look confident. “Tch. The fact that it took you so long to admit it and step forward says that you’re a coward, soldier.” I see her getting even more nervous than she was before and I can also feel everyone in the room getting somewhat uncomfortable. I step forward and look down at her. “What’s your name, soldier?” “Rose, sir.” She says, with a soft and scared voice. “What are you doing here, Rose?” She looks at me confused with her big, blue eyes. “Sir?” “I asked, what are you doing here? If you’re so scared of me, a human, how will you stand in front of a titan? And kill it?!” I ask looking at her as cold as ever. “Well, I-" “No!” I yell and turn to look at everyone else in the room. “You do not belong here if you get scared every time you get called out! This is not a school for you to enjoy, learn a few things and then go home to your parents! You are here to protect humanity, it’s your job from now on to save everyone! Sacrifice yourself if you have to! And there will be no going home after a long, hard day.” I shout and then turn to Rose once again, looking deep in her eyes. “There is no room for cowards here.” I say, directly to her face. That's when I see her eyes start to water. “Tch, how annoying. You get the same punishment, starting today. And I’ll see you at my office when you finish breakfast so I may give you a lesson on proper behavior in front of your superiors.” I turn away from her and see Jean, Connie and everyone at their table still standing in their salutes. Everyone else in the room still watching. “As you were, brats.” I say annoyed, giving them permission to carry on with their day and I walk out.

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