It is night. A very dark night in Brindges. The trees of the forest that The Director had visited where Noah lives in are taller than before. There are no sounds coming out the forest. Deep in the forest, Noah is sleeping in his house.
Noah’s house stands in the middle of the forest, covered with leaves and branches, it’s almost unrecognizable as a house.
Noah opens his eyes and goes out his bed, which is also made of leaves and branches. He hears chirping of a little bird. Noah walks over to the sound.
A little dark blue bird is sitting on a table.
‘Birdie? Why are you up so late?’ Asks Noah, who looks slightly tired.
The bird starts to chirp very hard. Noah turns himself around and startles when he sees The Director sitting on a chair against the wall.
‘I knew I would’ve have guessed tonight, but I didn’t clean my house.’
‘Don’t worry Noah. Your mess doesn’t bother me at all.’
‘Every time you are here, something’s up. What?’
‘I need your help Noah.’
‘No, I’m not going to do that.’
The Director stands up and walks over to Noah.
‘Stop reading my mind. You need to spy on them.’
‘What if they catch me?’
‘You’re Noah The Presenter, no one’s gonna catch you.’
The Director walks out Noah’s out, leaving Noah behind looking all worried. Birdie The Bird lands on Noah’s shoulder.
‘This is going to cause me a lot of trouble Birdie.’
A few hours later, Birdie The Bird is sleeping on a branch outside Noah’s house. It is still night. A few Skrumps are running through the forest and Birdie opens his eyes and sees The Skrumps.
He flies quickly through Noah’s window, right to the kitchen where Noah is standing in front of the counter, holding a little glass bottle with some slime liquid in it. Birdie lands on the counter in front of Noah.
‘What is it Birdie?’
Birdie starts to chirp.
‘Skrumps eh? So it begins.’
Noah looks to the glass bottle with the slimy liquid in it. He walks over to his closet and opens it. Two thick branches are laying in the closet.
‘Time to bring you back.’
Noah pours the slimy liquid over the thick branches. The branches starts to grow and they become alive.
The Skrumps are now standing in front of Noah’s house. Noah opens his front door and walks outside.
‘Ah, I expected you.’
Behind Noah, two branches are walking outside. They both have two legs, two arms and a face. They are the Treenoid species.
‘Wood and Branch, that’s their names.’
There are 5 Skrumps in total. Wood and Branch are running to The Skrumps. The Skrumps are not moving for some reason. Wood turns into a bigger tree and his arms are getting longer, he slaps The Skrumps away with his arms.
Noah is smiling because of Wood and Branch killing The Skrumps. But then is smile fades away and he looks very worried.
A very big, muscly Skrump is standing in the forest, the same Skrump that The Chosen have faces in the Skrump Graveyard. It’s Skrump 800.
‘Get them.’ Says Noah to Wood and Branch.
The roots are coming out of the arms of Wood and Branch while they’re running towards Skrump 800. Skrump 800 grabs their roots and smashes them against each other.
Wood and Branch are falling on the ground but they stands up very quickly. Branch’s roots are again flying towards Skrump 800. Skrump 800 grabs his roots and pulls Branch closer to him.
He holds Branch and break him in two pieces. Then Wood comes running towards Skrump 800 and punches him, doing nothing to Skrump 800.
Skrump 800 just smiles and kicks Wood away. Wood immediately stands back up and runs back towards Skrump 800. Skrump 800 grabs Wood with one hand and pulls Wood’s head off with his other hand.
Noah looks very worried when seeing Branch and Wood’s bodies on the ground, motionless. Noah runs back inside his house and Birdie follows him inside.
‘Birdie, tell The Director I will do it.’
Birdie flies away through the window towards The School for Superheroes. Noah walks back outside his house to find Skrump 800 still lurking in front of his house.
‘You want me?’ Says Noah.
Skrump 800 only smirks and runs towards Noah. Noah holds a little ball and throws it on the ground. A big smoke cloud appears in front of the house and Skrump 800 runs through the smoke in the house, breaking the doorway.
The smoke fades away and Skrump 800 lays in the entrance of Noah’s house on the ground. He grunts, stands up and looks around to find Noah.
Meanwhile Noah is running deep through his forest, the trees are starting to shine bright green. Noah grabs a shining green branch and breaks it from the tree and then hides behind the tree.
Skrump 800 is running through the forest coming closer to where Noah is hiding. Right when Skrump 800 runs past the tree, Noah jump out from behind the tree and hits Skrump 800 with the shining green branch causing Skrump 800 to fall on the ground, paralyzed.
Noah walks slowly towards Skrump 800.
‘That’s because I paralyzed you.’
‘Me? I’m not a killer.’ Says Noah.
Noah walks away. ‘Welcome to my forest.’
To Be Continued…

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