Foto bij Chapter 1: Captain America

The red skull has invented a robot armor with which he wants to defeat Captain America ...

It is May 2, 1940. The American General Munro is walking down the street. Until he encounters the red skull. General Munro was just about to kill the red skull with his machine gun, until the red skull took his revolver out of his coat and killed the general. He tilted his right arm up. Heil Hitler! He said then. Then he walked into his headquarters. There was a meter-high robotic armor. Now I can finally finish my project! Said the red skull. And he was working on his robotic armor. He was done a few hours later. So, let's test it out, said the red skull. And he walked on a high ladder that led to the belly of the robot. The belly opened like an elevator door. Red skull stepped in, and the belly closed again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!! He laughed maliciously. Now I can finally beat Captain America with my General N-500! He had a robotic voice. Then he walked out all over his building, and the building collapsed. Meanwhile, Captain America was walking down the street. Until suddenly he saw an innocent old man being taken away by the Germans. Then Captain America intervened: He ran to where the Germans were, and the Germans heard Captain America. They fired hard with their machine guns at Steve, but he raised his shield so that the bullets ricocheted off his shield. But then he threw his shield like a boomerang at one of the Nazi Germans, and they got a bloody nose. One by one. Then his shield came back and caught it again. Thanks! Captain America! The old man said to Captain America. No thanks. Captain America replied. And he walked away. Until suddenly a huge army green robot appeared. Buildings were destroyed. Cars broke down. People were screaming. Babies were crying. People locked their doors. So, Captain America. Said the huge robot. Try to beat me. MUHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!! Who are you? Captain America shouted back. That is none of your business !!!!!! The robot shouted. Shall we still fight ?! And they attacked each other. The robot hit with its huge fist. And Captain America fended off with his shield. Then the robot raised its huge fists in the air, and just then Captain America threw his shield like a boomerang at the giant robot's head. But it was no match for Captain America's indestructible vibranium shield. Its head flew off, and the robot collapsed, and fell to the ground. Then Captain America's shield came back to him like a boomerang. Captain America was breathless. He looked at the debris that remained of the buildings.

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