Foto bij Chapter 3


Rose POV

I couldn’t be more embarrassed, I’m not supposed to attract attention, now everyone knows me as the girl who got in trouble and got embarrassed by our captain. He humiliated me, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but he actually made me cry. I’m not supposed to be here, it’s like the captain said. Cowards are not supposed to be here. I’ve been staring at my food since he spoke his last words and left. I feel like everyone’s staring at me, I can’t even look up to check, that’s how embarrassed I am. I might as well head to the captains office. I stand up and pick up my food tray. “Where are you going?” Mike asks. He’s been very sweet to me since day one. I would’ve felt much worse if he wasn’t around. “I’m going to captains office, as he ordered.” “Yes, but.. you need to eat.” I look back at my food once more. “I just can’t. Not after what happened today.” “It’s not your fault, you know?” I just sigh, because I don’t want to get into it. Not now. “I’ll see you later. Enjoy breakfast.” I say to him smiling and I start walking down the hall after putting the tray where it belongs. Here I go, what’s he going to do to me? Maybe I should just tell him the truth and that I’d like to quit. I’m standing in front of his door now, come on! All I have to do is knock and we’re just going to talk. I take a deep breath in and out. I knock twice. Short after I hear his voice saying “Come in.” I walk in.

I stand in front of his desk where he’s sitting and do the salute. “Sit.” He demands, his voice filled with disappointment. Was my salute weak? Wrong? What did I do? I sit down as he ordered me to, looking down at the floor. I’m shaking.. why am I shaking?! “Cadet, why did you join the Survey Corps?” Not this question! I look at him, hesitating. What am I supposed to say?! “Well, I wanted to have a meaning in life, I want to kill Titans. And I’m ready to sacrifice myself for humanity” “Cadet, if you lie to me one more time, the punishment that you just received, will be much worse.” “Huh?!” How? He knew I lied, how?! “Listen brat, I don’t need someone like you to waste my time and distract other soldiers.” “Distract?” “Yeah, isn’t that what happened yesterday? They fought over you?” “No, that’s not what happened.” “I don’t even care. What I do care about is my squads lives. My time and theirs. You’re obviously not qualified to be here, so again: why are you here?” I can’t see nor hear any kind of emotion in his eyes and voice. He sounds cold and annoyed. I don’t even know what I did that’s making him act this way towards me. “I.. I can’t say.” “So, you lie, you’re a coward, you’re wasting everyone’s time and you don’t answer your superiors questions. Tch.” As he said that, something snapped in me. I don’t know why and I know I’ll regret this for the rest of my life. I stand up slamming my hand at his desk. “You don’t know me!” His facial expression doesn’t change much but I can still tell that he’d probably kill me right now if he could. His eyes are as cold as ever. “Trust me, I don’t even want to know you. That’s not why you’re here. All you have to do is..” He stands up, also slamming his hand on the desk. And looking straight in my eyes. “Obey.” I look down at my hand that’s still resting on his beautiful, wooden desk. “And just for the little stunt you just pulled, you’re getting another week added to your punishment.” My eyes snap at him in fear. How is he so mean?! “That’s two weeks for you, and you’ll also be cleaning your superiors personal chambers. Except mine.” “Sir-” “You may leave now.” I sigh and leave his office as fast as I can. As I get to my room, I close the door and lean with my back against the door. Breathing heavily. What did I just do?! I only made this worse. I’m so stupid! “Rose?!” I hear Mike’s voice coming from the other side of the door while he knocks. I open it immediately and pull him inside to close it again. “What happened?!” “I hate him!” I snap and his eyes get big immediately. “Who?” “The captain!” As soon as I mention him, Mike jumps covering my mouth with his hand. “Shhh! Are you crazy?!” He whispers. I push his hand off gently and whisper back. “I mean it, Mike. He’s so extremely rude and mean. For no reason at all! He doesn’t know anything but still judges me and he doesn’t even let me talk or explain anything! He just gave me an extra week of punishment, plus I have to clean their personal chambers ‘except his’..” I say, mocking the captain. “Just because I said ‘You don’t know me.’” Mike sighs and puts his hand on his forehead. “What did you do, Rose?! You can’t talk to him like that! Plus, that’s how he is, it’s not just to you. He’s always rude and that’s his job. We’re not here to get to know the captain. You need to go back and apologize!” “No. I’ll do the punishment and yes, just to be stubborn.”

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