On the 22nd of June, one day after Levina Pané got kidnaped, she is being taken into Fire Lord Kazar’s Ship. Fire Master Jo Hazard is carrying Levina on his back through the hallways of the ship. He gently puts Levina in a cage.
He closes the gate, Levina looks furiously to him, Jo looks slightly worried back to her but walks away after a while.
‘I’m sorry.’ Says Fire Master Jo Hazard while walking away.
Moments later, Levina falls asleep because she has been awake since her kidnapping.
On the ship in Fire Lord Kazar’s cabin, Fire Lord Kazar is looking through the window over the ocean of Brindges.
‘How long has it been since this ship has sailed?’ Asks Fire Lord Kazar.
Fire Master Jo is standing behind him.
‘A very long time my lord.’
Fire Lord Kazar turns towards Fire Master Jo Hazard.
‘It’s time to visit her.
Fire Lord Kazar now walks through the hallways of his ship, on his way to meet Levina Pané, and finally, he sees her, sleeping. He holds the iron bars of the cell.
‘Wake up!’ Yells Fire Lord Kazar.
Levina Pané opens her eyes slowly, she still looks tired.
‘Do you know why you’re here?’
Levina says nothing to Fire Lord Kazar.
‘I’m going to get your powers. The powers of The Last Chosen’
Levina looks confused to Fire Lord Kazar.
‘You don’t wanna say anything? Fine talk to the man in the other cell.’
And Fire Lord Kazar finally walks away. Levina Pané looks to her right and sees a younger man in a cell, he has dark long hair and looks filthy.
Skrump 201 is walking over the docks of Kazar Town. The people of Kazar Town, including the Fire Masters are looking very attentively to Skrump 201, he now walks on Fire Lord Kazar’s Ship.
One Fire Master walks over to Skrump 201.
‘You are not permitted to go on this ship.’ Says the Fire Master to Skrump 201.
Without hesitation, Skrump 201 throws The Fire Master of the ship. All of the other Fire Masters are looking disturbed to what’s happening.
‘I have permission.’ Says Skrump 201 while walking further.
In his ship, Fire Lord Kazar is sitting at his desk in his cabin. He’s writing a letter when he hears the door opening.
‘Who’s interrupting me?’ Says Fire Lord Kazar, not looking away from his letter.
‘I am.’ Says Skrump 201.
Fire Lord Kazar immediately looks up to see Skrump 201 standing in front of his desk.
‘What are you doing here?’
‘The girl.’
Fire Lord Kazar just starts to laugh.
‘You won’t get her Skrump.’
‘Okay, Then I’ll explain to my boss why you wouldn’t give me the girl, because you betrayed him.’
‘And you failed your boss Skrump.’
Skrump 201 starts to look furiously.
Fire Lord Kazar and Skrump 201 are standing just 10 feet from each other. They’re looking at each other without talking.
Skrump 201 puts his right hand behind his back and draws a knife from his pants. He runs towards Fire Lord Kazar.
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire wave towards the approaching Skrump 201. Skrump 201 slides under the fire wave. The fire wave hits the interior of Fire Lord Kazar’s room. The fire burns the paintings and banners in the room.
Skrump 201 jumps on his feet and swings with his knife towards Fire Lord Kazar, it cuts Fire Lord Kazar’s face slightly. A drop of blood drops on the floor.
Without worrying about the cut on his face, Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire ball towards Skrump 201, hitting him in the stomach.
Skrump 201 falls on the ground with burn wounds all over his body. Fire Lord Kazar walks over him and smiles to his wounded body.
‘Just kill me.’ Begs Skrump 201.
Fire Lord Kazar grabs Skrump 201 and pushes him against the window. He bends a powerful fire beam and it hits Skrump 201 right in the stomach.
Skrump 201 gets blasted through the window right into the ocean, he lands in the water, sinking to the bottom.
Fire Master Jo Hazard is standing in the doorway. He has seen the fight between Fire Lord Kazar and Skrump 201.
‘You should get off a while, rest. Go to your family Jo.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar.
Later that day, Fire Master Jo Hazard has indeed go home. He has a tiny house in the centrum of Kazar Town. He opens the door, walks in and puts his shoes out.
‘I’m home!’ Says Fire Master Jo Hazard.
Two children are running towards Fire Master Jo Hazard, a boy named Braylon, the son of Jo, who is 12 years old, has brown hair and has the same face as his father. The other kid is a girl named Rylee, she is 8 years old and has long black hair. The children are hugging their father.
A long, beautiful woman walks over to Jo.
‘You’re home?’ Asks Sincere, the wife of Jo.
‘My boss gave me a day off honey.’
Jo hugs and kisses his wife Sincere.
‘Your boss is such a good man.
‘I know.’ Says Jo with a smile.
After Noah let Skrump 800 behind in his forest, totally paralyzed, he set off towards the deepest parts of Brindges called The Dark Side of Brindges. There he stands on a big mountain and he looks over Kazar Town which is settled in Brindges, beside the border of The Dark Side of Brindges.
Noah tries to get a better look at Kazar Town but stumbles over a rock, falling with his head on the ground. He is unconscious and is now having a dream. Or more like a vision.
In Noah’s vision, he sees hundreds of Fire Masters moving through Brindges. Noah looks shocked.
‘It can’t be…’ Says Noah, looking very worried.
Fire Lord Kazar and Fire Master Jo Hazard are standing beside each other.
‘Are you ready my lord?’ Asks Jo Hazard.
Fire Lord Kazar walks up some stairs that are leading towards a big stage in Kazar Town. He walks on the stage and the hundreds of Fire Masters are standing in front of the stage.
‘Tomorrow! We Fight!’ Yells Fire Lord Kazar.
A wooden stick goes right through Fire Lord Kazar’s chest. Noah has killed Fire Lord Kazar. Noah pulls the stick out Fire Lord Kazar’s body.
‘NOOOOO!’ Yells Fire Master Jo Hazard.
Fire Master Jo Hazard bends a fire wave towards Noah, burning Noah up.
Noah wakes up from his fall, looking scared and he his sweaty too.
‘He has an army.’ Says Noah very worried.
Fire Lord Kazar wakes up from this terrible nightmare in his room. He looks sweaty and scared.
‘Get out of my head!’ Yells Fire Lord Kazar.
Noah steps out the corner of his room and Fire Lord Kazar looks worried.
‘Don’t do this Kazar.’
Fire Lord Kazar sits up.
‘It’s Fire Lord Kazar.’
‘Give her to us.’ Says Noah very calmly.
‘We can talk through this Zeal.’
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire ball towards Noah. It goes straight through Noah, revealing that it’s Noah’s hologram.
‘It’s Fire Lord Kazar!’
Noah’s hologram disappears.
Meanwhile, Noah stands on the mountain. He looks very worried and disturbed. His eyes are turning from light blue to normal, revealing that he was watching his hologram.
Meanwhile, a carriage is going through Brindges. In the carriage are at least ten Skromps, including Skromp 101. It’s a prison carriage.
Behind the iron bars of the carriage lays Skrump 800. The carriage is too small for him.
‘Where did you find him?’ Asks a Skromp.
‘He was paralyzed in Noah’s Forest.’ Says Skromp 101.
Skrump 800 puts his hands on the iron bars and starts to twist the iron bars. He then kicks the door in and the door flies out of the carriage, he then jumps out the carriage.
Skromp 101 looks behind him and sees that Skrump 800 has fled.
‘He’s gone!’ Yells Skromp 101.
All The Skromps including Skromp 101 are jumping out of the carriage, now running behind Skrump 800, who runs very slowly because his legs are still quite paralyzed.
Skrump 800 looks over his shoulder and sees Skromp 101 approaching. He then turns around and swings his big fest towards Skromp 101.
Skromp 101 dodges the big powerful fist of Skrump 800 and punches him in the stomach. Skrump 800 then punches Skromp 101 in the stomach and he punches him a few meters further.
Skromp 101 lays on the ground, the other Skromps standing around him.
‘Go get him.’ Says Skromp 101.
‘I’m sorry, he’s gone.’ Says another Skromp.
To Be Continued…

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