On the 24th of July, the sun is shining brightly on this morning in Brindges. Fire Lord Kazar is standing in front of his window, looking down at his hands. His hands are trembling.
The door of his room is open and Fire Master Jo Hazard knocks on the door.
‘Do you think I’m doing the right thing?’ Asks Fire Lord Kazar while turning around.
‘You do what you think is the best thing to do.’
‘It’s time Jo.’
‘I need to tell you something Zeal.
‘Not now Jo, it can wait.
Fire Lord Kazar and Fire Master Jo Hazard are walking out the room.
In Brooklyn, on the 25th of June, Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson and Kevin Young are waiting in Brooklyn Brooks School. They’re waiting with dozens of other children.
‘I hope this trip doesn’t end like with The Popple Building.’ Says Ralph.
‘Everything’s gonna be just fine.’ Says Jason.
The bus arrives and the classes are getting in the bus. Jason steps on the bus behind Ralph and Kevin. He sees a sign on the steps of the bus that say; In case of fire, please use extinguisher.
Jason Glover has a bad feeling about this field trip with their school. Ralph looks behind him and sees Jason’s worried face.
‘Something wrong Jason?’
‘No, nothing at all.’
Ralph and Jason are walking further on the bus, they sit beside each other. Kevin Young sits alone behind Ralph and Jason.
A beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes steps on the bus but the teacher hold her.
‘I’m sorry Mia, the bus is full, you need to take another bus with the other students.’ Says the teacher.
Kevin looks quite annoyed because there was a place beside him. Jason looks to Mia, who’s now off the bus.
‘Mia Walker, she’s quite the hot stuff, right?’ Says Ralph to Jason.
‘She’s beautiful, yeah.’
Jason keeps on looking through the window and out of nowhere, he sees a fire ball appearing in the window. He look beside him, only to see Ralph. He looks back to the window and sees nothing.
‘Jeez Jason, calm down. It’s just a bus.’
The bus starts to move and rides through Brooklyn. After half an hour of a drive, the bus goes through an underground tunnel.
It’s getting dark in the bus. Jason looks through the window again and sees some yellowish shine on the window. He finally sees the face of Fire Lord Kazar in the window. Jason startles very hard and Ralph startles too because of Jason.
‘Jesus Christ Jason, what’s wrong with you?’
Jason looks through the window again and sees nothing.
‘I thought I just saw someone.’ Says Jason rather scared.
‘Don’t you worry Jason, the chance that something will happen is very little.’ Says Kevin while petting Jason’s shoulder.
And then out of nowhere, a fire beam goes through the front of the bus. The front of the bus is cut off and the back where Jason, Ralph and Kevin are sitting is now sliding over the street in the tunnel.
Another fire beam goes through the middle, the fire beam kills all the children and teachers who are sitting in the middle of the bus.
A fire ball hits the front piece of the bus and there’s a big explosion. The back of the bus stops sliding, Jason, Ralph and Kevin are all looking scared. There are at least ten more children in the back of the bus with them.
Another fire rope hits the back part right behind Kevin, Kevin falls out his seat but Jason quickly turns back to grab Kevin’s hand. He pulls Kevin up to his and Ralph’s seat.
All the children and teachers are slowly burning in the front part of the bus. They’re all dead. The children in the middle and back part are still alive.
Fire Lord Kazar walks on the street in the tunnel, he holds in each hand a big and powerful fire ball.
‘This is the end for The Chosen.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar with a grin.
Jason, Ralph and Kevin are looking worried, the rest of the children are screaming while being unable to move from their seats.
Fire Lord Kazar bends the two fire balls right into the middle part of the bus. The children are screaming because of the pain.
Fire Lord Kazar then bends a powerful fire beam in the middle part of the bus, the bus melts and all the children in the middle part are turning into ashes.
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire ball towards the children in the back, all the children in the back are burning except for Ralph, Jason and Kevin.
The three of them are sweating like hell and Fire Lord Kazar bends a big fire ball towards the three. Jason jumps out his seat and puts his hands out, stopping the big fire ball.
Fire Lord Kazar looks shocked while seeing Jason bending fire and stopping his powerful fire ball. Jason bends the fire ball back towards Fire Lord Kazar but Fire Lord Kazar disappeared.
Jason, Ralph and Kevin are looking very worried.
‘We need to stop the fire.’
Kevin bends an air wave towards the fire without thinking, but the fire grows instead of going away.
Ralph looks to Kevin.
‘Even I knew that wouldn’t work!’ Yells Ralph to Kevin.
The firetrucks and ambulances are arriving, so is the police. Jason, Ralph and Kevin are stepping out the part of the bus they’re sitting in, the walk away from the bus. Kevin sits on the ground and Jason and Ralph are leaning against the wall, all three of them looking scared.
‘What the hell just happened?’ Asks Ralph.
‘I don’t know Ralph.’ Says Jason.
Three days later on the 28th of June, one of the last schooldays. Principal Ron Warren is standing in front of the hundreds of children from the school.
‘All the people who died were great people, every single one of them. Luckily not all of them died. Three survivors. We need to support them too. Says Principal Ron Warren in front of the school.
Ralph, Jason and Kevin are standing with each other, listening to the principal’s speech.
‘We need to kill that guy.’ Says Ralph.
The beautiful girl called Mia Walker walks past the three of them, she stops by them.
‘I hope you’re all okay.’ She says to them.
‘Yeah, thanks.’ Says Jason.
One month has gone by. The Chosen are training very hard on The Field on this hot day in Brindges. It’s the 2nd of August.
Kevin Young in running on The Field, looking very worried. An earth block is flying towards Kevin. Kevin bends a very fast tornado towards the earth block. The earth block breaks into multiple pieces.
Jermaine is grinning as Kevin bends an air ball. The air ball gets smashed out of Kevin’s hands by a water rope.
The water rope is from Radek Achaari, he’s running towards Kevin. Radek bends again a water rope towards Kevin but his water rope is being kicks away by another water rope.
Brittney Myers stands on The Field, holding off Radek’s water rope with her own water rope.
Jason Glover jumps into the air and bends two fire balls who are going right through the water rope of Brittney Myers.
Then a water beam gets blasted by Radek toward Jason. Jason tries to stop the water beam with a fire beam. The fire beam is obviously stronger as it destroys the water beam slowly.
Jermaine Reed bends an earth block towards Jason but Kailey destroys the earth block with an air ball.
Ralph Anderson kicks an earth ball towards Kailey and it hits Kailey right in the stomach. Kailey falls on the ground.
Kevin Young holds and air wall around Ralph so that he doesn’t escape. While Ralph’s captured in the air wall, Brittney bends a water ball right into Kevin’s face. The air wall breaks and Ralph is free.
Ralph gets hit by another water ball on the back of his head. He immediately turns around.
‘Who the fuck threw that last one?’
‘It was me, sorry Ralph.’ Says Radek.
‘Dick move! We’re on the same team!’
‘I said I was sorry man!’ Yells Radek back.
‘Go fuck yourself Radek. Or better, go fuck Jermaine.’
Ralph walks away angrily.
Jermaine looks furiously.
‘What the fuck?’ Says Jermaine.
Radek walks over to Ralph and puts his hand on Ralph’s shoulder.
‘What’s your problem Ralph?’ Asks Radek.
Ralph turns around and punches Radek on his face, it didn’t do a lot because Radek is still standing. Radek bends a water ball in Ralph’s stomach. Letting Ralph fall hard on the ground.
Ralph stamps on the ground and the ground shakes beneath Radek’s feet. Radek falls on the ground because of the shaking.
Ralph then bends an earth block and holds it above Radek’s face, who’s still laying on the ground. The earth block is getting blasted away from Radek. Ralph looks confused.
Ayden walks over to Ralph. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ Asks Ayden.
‘He started it!’ Yells Ralph.
‘This is just a training exercise Ralph, behave yourself.’ Says Ayden calmly.
Ralph walks angrily away from The Field, he passes The Director, who looks worriedly to Ralph. The Director walks over to Ayden.
‘They need to stay together Director.’
‘I know, they eventually will.’
Later that day, Jason and Kevin are in Brooklyn Brooks School, New York. They’re walking behind Principal Ron Warren.
‘Is Ralph sick?’ Whispers Kevin to Jason.’
‘I don’t know where he is.’ Whispers Jason back.
Principal Ron Warren stops in front of a door of a classroom.
‘This is your new class, will you inform Ralph about this? Good luck!’ Says Ron Warren.
Principal Ron Warren walks away and Jason and Kevin are walking into the classroom, they go to some empty seats and sit on the chairs. Jason looks to his left and he sees Mia Walker, who’s looking at him. Jason stares back at Mia with a “in love” look.
While Kevin and Jason are attending their new class on Earth, Ralph is in Brindges, trying to get to the portal back to Earth.
‘Why won’t you open you stupid portal!’ Screams Ralph.
And then Ralph hears some big footsteps and he turns around, only to see the big Skrump 800.
To Be Continued…

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