We meet at Pollokshields Burgh at the end of the afternoon, when sunset is already looming and I’m slightly tired from a long day of work and the hours spent on the road, with construction seemingly popping up everywhere.
Lucien is still in his suit, and though it’s far more of a business suit than it is something I’d see him wear at our wedding, combining the two gives me butterflies in my stomach.
“Hello, my love,” he smiles, locking his car door behind him. We share a kiss, short but sweet, and we lock arms. “How was your day?”
“The same as it always is,” I chuckle, “it’s yours I’m curious about. Were they total asses?”
He presses a kiss to the top of my head. “It could have been worse. They don’t treat me like too much of a rookie, and they also don’t seem to hold the fact that my father is the boss of one of their biggest competitors against me.”
“Sounds like these eight weeks are going to fly by,” I optimistically chirp. “And when they find out what you’re truly capable of, besides making great coffee, you’ll be the favourite intern they’ve ever had.”
“What I’m capable of?” he grins, a devious sparkle in his eye. “I’m not sure if HR would allow me showcasing my biggest talents, and I’m even less sure you’d still be here looking at a wedding venue if I did- hey, I’m joking!”
I pull my hand back from poking him in the cheek for that joke, and he chuckles. “If they don’t fire you for that horrible sense of humor,” I add.
“You love my sense of humor,” he shrugs.
“I do,” I sigh, “most times.”
      Though the location is absolutely gorgeous, it can’t take my mind off of the vision I already see when I think of our wedding.
The high ceilings, the overview of the park and Shakespeare’s gardens, the history... Everything about Paris was perfect, apart from the whole France thing.
The woman showing us around is very enthousiastic, even though she hasn’t got a clue who she’s dealing with - a good thing for the both of us.
She walks us through every little detail, every corner and every possibility, but none of it sparks that same enthousiasm in me. I try my very best, and though it could be blamed on the fatigue slowly creeping in, my mind keeps telling me that this can’t be the place.
It’s nice, but it’s not perfect.
“What do you think?” Lucien asks quietly, moving a strand of hair from my face.
“It’s....” I bite the inside of my cheek. “Nice.”
He nods, pressing a kiss to my temple. “It is, huh?”
My eyes wander. This place, with its impressive windows and all its history, is amazing, and I can’t deny it would make an amazing location to get married at.
Any woman would be lucky to plan a wedding here, and if I wasn’t sold on something else, I would’ve said yes immediately.
“It’s just....” my voice trails off, my head and my heart in an obvious fight with one another. There’s so many pros to this place, just like there are so many cons to the other location. I just can’t shake the pros of Paris, the feeling it gave me.
“I know,” he smiles, as if he’s reading my mind. “It’s amazing, but you’re not in love with it. Not like you were in Paris.”
When I look at him, he just smiles and shrugs.
“You... sparkled, when we were there. It was almost as if you’d been there a million times, like you had dreamed of the place as a kid. This is gorgeous, but it’s not like that place. And the only thing I want from our wedding, besides marrying you, is to see you sparkle like that,” he smiles when he sees my lip quiver a little. “And that’s fine. We can keep looking in Edinburgh until you get that same sparkle.”
“But what if we don’t find it? I....” We’re both thinking it, but neither of us wants to give in just yet.
“Then we look into getting married in France. Yes, it would be more of a hassle, but if flying your family out and housing them is what it takes to see you sparkle like that, that’s what we’ll do. Hell, you know I’d move heaven and earth for you, Emmeline Middleton.”
He wipes a tear from my cheek, chuckling lightly. “How come you always know exactly what to say?”
“It’s a gift, I think,” he smiles. “Or just another sign we were made for each other, and that I was made to love you and only you.”
      Without sounding like terribly spoiled or stuck-up people, we tell the friendly lady showing us around that even though we love this location, we won’t be choosing it for our wedding. Something is missing, be it a sparkle or a personal connection, and we have to keep looking.
Before we can both get into our separate cars and make our way back home, I grab Lucien’s hand. “A little walk. I need some fresh air before driving home...”
We wander around for a while, Lucien pointing out flowers with a certainty that makes it impossible for me to doubt him, until we sit down on a little bench overlooking a big grass field.
“Ask me for a penny,” I smile, watching Lucien’s brow furrow.
“A penny for your thoughts?” he asks, though doubtful about my intent.
“This whole wedding planning thing has been amazing, and it has made me so excited about what the future has to bring. And seeing the ring, your ring, reminds me of the future we have together. I may not wear it constantly, it still brings me so much joy. Joy I want you to experience as well... which is why,” I pull a simple, black box from my jacket pocket. “I got you this. It’s simple enough it could pass as a normal ring, but it’s nice enough to feel like your own version of an engagement ring. So...” I open the little box. “Here’s a reminder that I’ll spend my whole life loving you, and that I can’t wait to become your wife.”

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