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I don't mean to slam the door, but the fact that Lance skitters away in fright is proof that I did, in fact, slam it. I can't feel too sorry about it. I should've called in sick. I shouldn't have gone. I should've just stayed in bed and not have insisted to be the 'bigger man'. Emma meets me in the hallway, looking concerned.
"I might actually end up killing him." is the first thing out of my mouth. "Do it slow and painful, and then run away with you and we'll just live an off-grid life somewhere in Iceland."
"Don't tempt me." Emma says with a tiny small in attempt to lighten the mood. "I would love to just soak in the hot springs all day long. Do you want to talk about it?"
"He just... He kept going all day." I sigh. I pick up Lance from under the coffee table so I can give him apology-cuddles. "Stabs underwater, spreading small lies about me during lunch with the other hot shot lawyers. Like how I'm always late, or how I abused my position to have others to my job for me. Apparently I threatened to fire him for 'trying to help me a clear-cut case I was clearly struggling with'. All fucking day." I let myself fall down on the couch, lifting my dog up to my face.
"I'm sorry, babe." Emma sounds genuinely sorry, but it does little to make me feel better. "Is there anyone you can report it to?"
I shake my head. "He's got me in the corner. He's got a name for himself and they need him for the case. I'm just an intern and they've got no ties to Jacques du Castellon, so not really any reason to go against someone like Callum."
She sits next to me, rubbing my leg. "So what did you do?"
"Try to ignore it." I shrug, laying down so I can put my head in her lap. Lance happily nestles onto my stomach, promptly going to sleep. "Just do my job and make sure Noah's always got a list for me with task to finish so I don't have to deal with him as much. Of course, that caused Callum to call me an overachiever and a kiss-ass."
"Do you need an assistant when you go and kill him?"
I smile, eyes falling close when she starts massaging my temples. "Only if it's you."
"Don't let Brie or Matthew know."
We spend a couple of minutes in silence as I wind down, anger slowly trickling away as I lay there. Frank comes up as well and snuggles into my side, and it's not long before I find myself actually fighting sleep. I know I shouldn't, because I haven't really made a proper night since the bomb started ticking a little over a week ago. If I'm tired, I had better salvage it for the night.
"How did you spend the day?" I ask Emma, both from genuine interest and to keep myself awake.
"Cleaned the apartment. Again. Went to the beach with Lance. Did groceries for the weekend, had tea with Kenna... Oh, and I went to the garden centre for a little bit."
I can feel my lips curl up in a smile. "Again?"
"It brings me peace." When I open my eyes, she is smiling down on me, her fingers gently brushing through my curls. "I like the smells, and the colours, and the people..."
She is clearly avoiding something. "What did you buy?"
As expected, her cheeks turn a very light pink. "Nothing big! Just two string of turtles for in the bathroom, because the papyrus is very dead and needed to be replaced. And a couple of new pots, because the pothos is getting out of hand..." She gestures vaguely to the planks mounted to the wall and when I look over, the pothos is indeed in a new pot. His old one has been filled with an ivy plant that we didn't have before. I can only chuckle.
"You are impossible."
"Thank you."
"That was not..." I snort. "You know what, never mind."
"Very wise." She leans down with a smile to peck the tip of my nose. "I promise not to go again this weekend. Well, maybe. Only if the flowers here and on the dining table give out too soon to make it to Monday."
"Mmhmm.." I smile, not bothering to argue. "Maybe I should buy the Botanical Gardens for you for your next birthday."
She gasps, eyes widening. "You wouldn't." But the words have barely left her lips or she presses them together as she contemplates owning such a wonderful place. "No." She then says definitely. "You're not allowed."
"It is your thirtieth."
"Lucien du Castellon, we have been over this several times. You are not allowed to spend money on me for my birthday, because you barely honour that rule even when it's not my birthday."
"Then what, pray tell, makes you think I will honour it for such a special occassion?"
She glowers down on me, a single brow raised. "You're going to make me age twice as fast, you know that?"
I smirk and with the hand that isn't knotted in Lance's fur, I pull her head down by the back of her neck for a kiss. "I bet you'll age like fine wine, and I'm a lover of such a drink."

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