Ralph Anderson is standing in Brindges in front of the portal that leads to Earth. He looks worriedly behind him, seeing the big figure of Skrump 800. Ralph moves slowly away from the portal to the forest and after a few seconds, he runs.
Skrump 800 stands still, seeing Ralph Anderson running in the forests of Brindges. He then runs in the forests too after Ralph Anderson. Skrump 800 is running ten meters behind Ralph. The big Skrump can’t catch him.
Skrump 800 then jumps into the air and smashes with his fist on the ground, leaving a little earthquake that hits Ralph Anderson’s feet. Ralph falls on the ground.
Skrump 800 walks slowly over to Ralph, who’s laying on the ground. He comes closer and then Ralph Anderson bends an earth block that hits Skrump 800 straight in the face, Skrump 800 stumbles backwards and Ralph runs away again.
Ralph runs into a forest with trees as big as skyscrapers. Skrump 800 sees Ralph running in that forest and he stops in front of it. He laughs.
‘You’re doomed.’ Says Skrump 800 as he walks away from the forest that Ralph ran into. The moment he walks back, the trees are starting to move. Ralph just entered The Moving Forest.
On the 2nd of August, Kevin and Jason are attending their new class without Ralph Anderson, who’s now lost in The Moving Forest. Jason can’t keep his eyes off Mia Walker.
‘Just ask her out.’ Says Kevin.
‘What?’ Asks Jason confused.
‘You’re looking at her whole day man.’ Says Kevin.
Jason says nothing to Kevin.
‘Just ask her out.’
When school is finished, Mia Walker is walking alone through Brooklyn on her way to her house when suddenly Jason walks behind her.
‘Mia!’ Says Jason.
Mia turns around and smiles as Jason approached.
‘I wanted to ask you something…’ Says Jason.
‘Yeah?’ Asks Mia.
‘Do you…Are you happy you didn’t get on the bus with us?’
Mia looks rather confused. ‘I guess I am…’
‘I’m sorry, I need to go.’ Says Jason and he walks off. Mia walks away too.
Jason walks back towards Brooklyn Brooks School where Kevin is standing, waiting for Jason.
‘How did it go?’ Asks Kevin.
‘I don’t wanna talk about it.’ Says Jason.
Jason walks past Kevin, leaving Kevin behind.
‘Wait! Are you gonna leave me like Ralph?’
Jason turns back around.
‘Jesus Kevin, this is not the first time we haven’t heard of him.’
‘Don’t give up on her, she’s amazing.’ Says Kevin.
Jason smirks.
‘Let’s go home.’ Says Jason.
Meanwhile in Brindges, Ralph is running through The Moving Forest. The trees are moving every direction but Ralph doesn’t notice it because he is running every direction too, running away from the big Skrump 800, but what he doesn’t know is that Skrump 800 didn’t enter the forest.
Ralph looks over his shoulder behind him and then runs directly into a big tree. He falls on the ground and while on the ground, he holds his hands on his bleeding nose. Blood is dripping from his nose.
Ralph rapidly looks back behind and sees nobody. He also hears nothing except some birds in the distance. He then walks further deep in The Moving Forest.
After an hour of walking in the forest, he looks disorientated. He looks around and hears the cracking of branches and the crows of a crow.
Out of nowhere, Ralph sees a bright light in the distance. He runs quickly towards it, thinking that it is the exit of the forest. He runs so hard that he trips over his own feet.
He falls with his face in the dirt. He looks in front of him and sees that the light of the exit had disappeared.
‘Oh no…’ Says Ralph, looking worried.
A big tree is moving in front of Ralph, he startles and looks very confused to the moving tree. Then out of nowhere, a dart flies into Ralph’s neck. He pulls the dart out his neck, looks at it and falls on the ground.
There is a wooden house in one of the big trees in The Moving Forest. The house has two tiny windows and a little door, the house is covered with leaves and moss. In that house is one bed, one tiny table and a chair.
Two stripped birds are hanging on a rope that is supposed to be food for later. Ralph Anderson is lying on the bed. He finally wakes up after being a sleep for two hours. He looks around, confused. He tries to get up but his right leg is stuck in a chain to the bed.
A short looking Skromp is standing in the house too, he has green stripes all over his forehead.
‘Lucky me, a Skromp! Help me, someone captured me!’ Yells Ralph.
‘I captured you, and I’m a Skrimp.’ Says The Skrimp, who walks closer to Ralph.
Ralph looks shocked.
‘Who are you?’ Asks The Skrimp, who walks closer to Ralph.
‘I’m Ralph…Anderson.’ Says Ralph with a shaky voice.
The Skrimp grabs a knife from his table.
‘You’re clearly not from around here.’
‘I’m from b-Brooklyn.’
‘Where is that? The Dark Side?’ Asks The Skrimp.
‘No, it’s on Earth. I’m one of The Chosen, that’s what The Director said.’
The Skrimp looks worried, he grabs a key from the table and opens Ralph’s lock.
‘I’m sorry. How many more Chosen are there?’
‘Seven, including me.’ Says Ralph.
‘One short. You’re preparing for the war?’
‘War?’ Asks Ralph confused.
‘Never mind Ralph, you should go back, focus on the light to get back out of here.’
‘I didn’t know there were Skrimps…’
‘I got into a fight with my brother Skromp 101 and other Skromps. You see, I was a Skromp before, I ran away and changed my identity. These stripes are now part of me.’ Says The Skrimp while pointing at the green stripes on his face.
‘You should go back, reunite with your brother.’
‘I can’t because I’m scared.’
Ralph Anderson has left the house of The Skrimp, he went for the light in The Moving Forest and finally got out. The Skrimp is now sitting in his treehouse, relaxing when suddenly, he hears a knock on the door.
The Skrimp looks up to the door and he wonders if Ralph might be back. He stands up and slowly walks to the door and opens it. Nobody is to be seen.
A big fire blast burns the roof and somebody jumps through the roof. It’s Fire Lord Kazar and he lands on the floor of the treehouse.
‘Where is he?’ Asks Fire Lord Kazar.
‘I’m not going to tell you anything.’ Says The Skrimp.
‘Fine, your choice.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar.
Ralph Anderson is just out of the forest, he looks back and sees the big trees moving around, he then sees a big fire ball coming out of the forest, going straight into the sky. Ralph looks very worried.
Ralph starts to run away as quickly as he can from The Moving Forest and he hears the sound of fire approaching. He turns around and sees a fire wave close by. He bends an earth wall in front of him and the fire wave destroys the earth wall, blasting Ralph Anderson away.
Fire Lord Kazar is now slowly walking towards Ralph Anderson, who’s laying on the ground. He bends fire all the way around Ralph, putting a fire circle around Ralph.
‘Another Chosen, you know you will not win, right?’
Ralph looks very worried as Fire Lord Kazar walks through the fire. Ralph makes earth around his fists and holds them up to Fire Lord Kazar.
‘I’m not giving up.’
Fire Lord Kazar looks over his shoulder.
‘I visited your little friend.’
Ralph looks over Fire Lord Kazar’s shoulder and sees two Fire Masters holding The Skrimp. Who’s looking defeated with cuts and bruises.
‘Go with me and he lives.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar.
Ralph Anderson looks very worried and he really doesn’t want The Skrimp to die. He let himself fall on the ground and is being taken away by Fire Masters.
Fire Lord Kazar walks to the two Fire Masters who are holding The Skrimp.
‘Throw him in the river.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar with a smile.
Ralph heard Fire Lord Kazar and looks behind him, looking worried.
Two Fire Masters are dragging The Skrimp, who is heavily burned to the river, they throw him in the river and he floats peacefully away.
Two Skromps are walking through the grasslands of Brindges beside a river, on their way down to Brindges Town. Something is floating in the river and it gets the attention of the two Skromps.
‘What is that?’ Asks one Skromp.
The two Skromps are drawing their swords and they walk up to the body that floats in the river.
‘It’s a Skromp!’ Says another Skromp.
The two Skromps are taking the body out the river, they look confused when they see the green stripes on his face.
‘It’s the lost brother…’
After a while, The Skrimp has been taken to the hospital in The School for Superheroes. Skromp 101 is now running through the hallway of the school right into the hospital wing.
He sees his brother, The Skrimp laying on a hospital bed. The Skrimp is heavily burned and has some scars. Skromp 101 walks closer to his brother.
‘What happened? Where’ve you been?’ Asks Skromp 101.
‘Ralph, he’s been taken by Fire Lord Kazar.’
Skromp 101 and also The Director, who’s standing behind him are looking worried.
‘At last, the missing brother Skromp 13 returned.’ Says The Director.
To Be Continued…

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