On the 2nd of August, somewhere in the bright blue sky of Brindges, a big white airship is flying through the air, there are red and orange stripes on the airship, resembling it to be of Fire Lord Kazar. This ship is called The Eruption.
Two Fire Masters are holding Levina Pané and they’re taking her through the hallways of The Eruption, they walk through a hallway full of cells and they throws Levina in one of the cells.
A little later comes Fire Master Jo Hazard walking through the hallway with beside him the other prisoner from Kazar Town, his name is Zune.
‘I’m sorry boy.’ Says Jo.
‘It’s okay Jo.’ Says Zune while walking into his own cell.
Levina looks attentively to Zune.
‘Who are You?’ Asks Levina.
She gets no answer from Zune.
‘I said, who are you?’ Asks Levina again more annoyed.
‘I am nothing you need to worry about.’ Says Zune while looking at the wall.
‘Jesus Christ, just tell me what your name is!’ Says Levina, raising her tone.
Zune stands up and walks over to Levina’s cell.
‘I am Zune Kazar, son of Fire Lord Kazar, the one who put us here.’
Fire Lord Kazar is looking out the window of The Eruption. The Eruption is now flying away from The Moving Forest. Fire Master Jo Hazard walks over to Fire Lord Kazar.
‘I know this is none of my business, but I’m curious why you didn’t kill that Chosen?’
Fire Lord Kazar turns around to face Fire Master Jo Hazard.
‘When I attacked them on the bus, I realized I could do much more with The Chosen.’
‘Like what?’ Asks Fire Master Jo Hazard.
‘Senior Kaz is paying me a lot to kill The Chosen. If I steal The Chosen’s powers, I will become even more richer than Senior.’
‘If I can help you with this task, I’m here for you.’
‘Good Jo, I need you to steal something.’
Fire Lord Kazar faces back through the window to look into the sky. Fire Master Jo Hazard looks rather worried.
Meanwhile, Ralph Anderson is being dragged through the halls of The Eruption, right through the cells. As he’s being dragged through the halls, both Levina Pané and Zune Kazar are watching closely to the new prisoner as Ralph’s being thrown in a cell.
Ralph looks to his right and sees Zune Kazar, when he looks to his left he sees Levina Pané.
‘Who are you?’ Asks Zune Kazar.
‘I thought everyone in Brindges knew me.’ Says Ralph.
‘Aren’t you one of Jason’s friends?’ Asks Levina.
Ralph looks attentively to Levina.
‘You got kidnapped too…,I’m one of The Chosen.’
‘What is this Chosen bullshit?’ Asks Levina annoyed.
‘It’s a prophecy. What is my father doing?’
‘Your father?’ Asks Ralph.
‘Yes, Fire Lord Kazar is my father.’
‘Your father killed dozens of innocent people!’
‘I’m sorry, I can’t choose what my father does or not!’ Yells Zune back.
All three of them stay quiet.
A few moments later, on The School for Superheroes, Kevin Young and Brittney Myers are walking over the grounds.
‘How are you doing Kevin?’ Asks Brittney, she blushes.
‘I’m doing great, I need to ask you something.’
Kevin looks over Brittney’s shoulder and sees something in the air in the distance. He looks very worried. Brittney sees Kevin’s worried face and turns around, only to see the big Eruption into the air.
Skromp 101 runs towards Brittney and Kevin, he stops in front of him, he grabs his sword as they see a fire ball coming towards the school. Brittney and Kevin are jumping away when the fire ball approaches. The fire ball hits the wall of the school.
A few moments later, Jason Glover, Kailey Cooper, Jermaine Reed and Radek Achaari are walking outside the school with behind them, The Director.
The Director steps in front of The Chosen when Fire Lord Kazar comes flying towards them on a beautiful lane of fire.
‘I have the last Chosen, maybe I can trade her for someone else?’ Says Fire Lord Kazar while looking at Jason Glover.
‘That’s not an option Zeal!’ Yells The Director.
‘It’s Fire Lord Kazar.’
‘Let her go!’ Yells Jason.
‘Really? Don’t you want your best friend to get free?’
‘Ralph…’ Whispers Kevin.
Fire Lord Kazar points at Brittney Myers. Kevin Young steps in front of Brittney.
‘You’re not going to take her.’
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire rope towards Brittney Myers, the fire rope is now holding Brittney Myers. She is being pulled towards Fire Lord Kazar. Kevin Young bends an air wave towards Fire Lord Kazar.
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire wave towards Kevin’s air wave, destroying the air wave completely. The fire rope pulls Brittney towards Fire Lord Kazar as two Fire Masters are approaching. Fire Lord Kazar hands over Brittney, who’s entangled in fire ropes to the two Fire Masters.
The two Fire Masters are flying off towards The Eruption with Brittney Myers in their hands.
‘You really didn’t think I wanted to trade? I will never trade.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar.
Fire Lord Kazar turns around to face The Eruption. ‘Goodbye Director.’
Fire Lord Kazar flies on fire towards The Eruption and Skromp 101 has arrived with The Chosen and The Director. Fire Lord Kazar turns back around to say something to Skromp 101.
‘Oh, Skromp 101, you have the greetings from your brother.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar with an evil smile. But he doesn’t know that The Skrimp is safely in The School for Superheroes . He flies off towards The Eruption.
The Director stands with Jason and Kevin. ‘Kevin, Jason, fly up there, go get them back.’ Says The Director.
Jason and Kevin are both running towards where The Eruption is going, Kevin flies through the air on an air ball and Jason flies through the air on a fire board, on their way to save Brittney, Ralph and Levina.
The Director is staying behind with Kailey, Jermaine and Radek.
‘Shouldn’t we help?’ Asks Kailey.
‘No, I think they can handle it.’ Says The Director rather worriedly.
A few short moments later, Jason Glover and Kevin Young are landing on the roof of The Eruption. They’re not talking because of the wind. Jason is burning the roof of the Eruption, trying to make an entrance there.
When Fire Lord Kazar was distracting The Chosen and The Director by kidnapping Brittney Myers, Fire Master Jo Hazard went into The School for Superheroes to steal something.
Fire Master Jo Hazard is walking through the hallways of the warehouse of The School for Superheroes where many rare and weird objects are stored.
Jo is standing in front of a cage, there are multiple locks on the cage, Jo bends fire on the locks and the locks are melting resulting in the cage door falling open. He now stands in front of the open cage where a machine is standing in it. It’s The Power Stealer. A device which was far too tiny for that big of a cage.
Jo takes The Power Stealer when he hears some footsteps behind him.
‘Jo, don’t do this.’ Says Skromp 101, who was realized Fire Lord Kazar was distracting them.
Jo bends a fire blast towards Skromp 101, the Skromp draws his sword and defends himself with his sword against the fire blast.
‘I’m sorry.’ Says Fire Master Jo Hazard.
Fire Master Jo Hazard bends another fire blast and he runs away quickly, as Skromp 101 defends himself again, he sees that Jo is gone.
Outside The School for Superheroes, The Director, Kailey Cooper, Jermaine Reed and Radek Achaari are looking in the distance at The Eruption when Skromp 101 runs back outside.
‘They stole power stealer!’ Yells Skromp 101 worriedly.
The Director turns around towards Skromp 101. ‘Why do they need…Oh no…’ The Director looks very worried.
The Director turns back to the Eruption.
‘We need to get Jason and Kevin back. Fire Lord Kazar is going to steal The Chosen’s powers…’ Says The Director.
Fire Lord Kazar is looking through his window of The Eruption, looking over Brindges Town. Fire Master Jo Hazard walks in with The Power Stealer device.
‘I’ve got it.’ Says Fire Master Jo Hazard.
On the roof of The Eruption, Jason is still trying to burn a hole through the heavy metal of the airship, they’re surprised when Jason finally gets through the roof, leaving a burned and melted hole. They both jump through the hole.
They’re landing in the hallways of The Eruption, it’s dark, some candled are lit at the sides. They don’t hear anything, only the wind blasting against the ship.
Jason and Kevin are trying to get through the ship unnoticed, but they failed already because Fire Lord Kazar is sitting in front of his window, knowing that two more Chosen have entered their ship.
‘Jo, they’re through the roof.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar with a smile.
A dozen of Fire Masters are now running through the hallways on their way to Jason and Kevin. Jason and Kevin are looking worried towards the sound of the many footsteps.
A dozen of Fire Masters are now standing in front of Jason and Kevin.
Jason bends a fire ball and Kevin bends an air ball. The two fire masters who are standing in the front are bending a fire shield in front of them. Another dozen of fire masters are now running through the hallway behind Jason and Kevin.
Fire Master Jo Hazard walks out the group of Fire Masters.
‘You really shouldn’t have come here.’ Says Jo.
Fire Lord Kazar steps also out of the crowd of Fire Masters beside Fire Master Jo Hazard.
‘Last time I see you it was pretty hot eh Jason?’ Says Fire Lord Kazar.
Jason look furious and runs towards Fire Lord Kazar and he bends a fire beam towards him. Fire Lord Kazar holds his hand out, he just slaps the fire beam from Jason away. He then walks over to Jason.
Jason tries to bend another fire beam but merely a spark comes out his hand when Fire Lord Kazar grabs his hand.
‘You’re the thug one?’
Fire Lord Kazar grabs Jason by his throat. Kevin gets captured by two Fire Masters.
‘Where is Brittney?!?’ Yells Kevin.
‘Not on this ship.’ Says Fire Master Jo Hazard.
Kevin is being taken to a cell, Jason is being taken to a call on the other side of the ship. Both Kevin Young and Jason Glover are now prisoners in The Eruption.
To Be Continued…

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