many, many years later
Ella walked into Grimmauld Place 12 after all these years. She hadn't changed a bit, still looking exactly the same as when she last visited the house, she had so many good and bad memories in. As she walked through the long corridor all the memories came back to her. How she had loved and how she had lost, both Black brothers.... 
A door opened at the end of the hallway and there he stood... Sirius was pale, thin and seemed a bit sick. His hair was in knots and he was wearing old clothes. Of course all those years in Azkaban took a toll on him. 
"Sirius..." Ella whispered. She was in shock. Never in a million years she had thought to see his face again. The moment he was shipped off to Azkaban, she lost all hope. 
She quickened her step and tears started to fill her eyes. 
Sirius just stood there, also shocked by their reunification. 
Ella her hands found Sirius his face. She held him and looked into his eyes, and with that, also found the eyes of the other Black brother she loved, but who was no longer here. 
"You look exactly the same.." Sirius said, his thoat dry, the words barely making its way over his lips. 
"Of course, I do.." Ella couldn't help but smile. "You, on the other hand.." She looked at him from his toes to the top of his head. "I can't believe you are here." 
"Me neither..." 
Ella put her arms around him and held him, she needed to feel him, to know he was really here.  Alive and well. Tears started to fall down her cheecks. Sirius embraced her as well. It was as if nothing had happened, here they were again. Only a lot has happened. Everything was different. They had both lost the one person they loved the most; Regulus

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