It is a dark and stormy night and I am taking a ghost tour at the Lafayette cemetery. I hear a rustling sound behind me. I slowly turn around. It was probably just a rabbit don't overreact. See there's nothing behind you. "Aaah!" A scream. Right in front of me. I quickly turn back and see a girl standing there. She just smiles and disappears. You're fine that's just a part of the tour. Why did I decide this was a good idea? I get scared so easily and I know it.

"A long time ago vampires ruled the French Quarter," says the tour guide. Oh no not vampires. I've read enough vampire books to know that this is bad. I have to move. I can't live in a city where vampires used to live.

"This was our ghost tour, be careful when you walk home!" Be careful! Why do we have to be careful? This doesn't help me. Every sound makes me jump. I feel like I'm being followed. I look over my shoulder but no one is there. Finally I can see my house and I start running towards it. Inside. Safe. Finally. The phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Myles!" It's just my best friend, nothing to be scared of.

"Oh hey Finn, what's up?" I'm still a bit shaky from that stupid ghost tour.

"Nothing just wanted to know how the ghost tour went," he answers.

"Well..." He probably knows I really didn't like it.

"You hated it didn't you?"

"Yeah, is was so scary," I answer him, "at one point there was a girl standing in front of me, only to smile and disappear."

"Oh I see you've met Katie, the worst vampire that ever existed."

"What..." I can't even finish my sentence. He hung up on me. Great now I definitely can't sleep. Why did I take a ghost tour the day before Halloween?

What was that? Footsteps? It's three a.m. what is happening? I pull my blanket over my head and hope it just goes away. My eyes are slowly closing. I hear a loud bang. I jump up and decide I have to see what's making those noises. I open the bedroom door and look into the hallway. Nothing there. I walk towards the kitchen. I think that's where the sounds are coming from. I turn on the kitchen light and see my cat walking all over the countertop. "Jace what are you doing?" I ask him. He just looks at me and keeps on throwing stuff off the countertop. "Get off!" I yell. I pick him up and put him back on the floor. "You are not allowed on there," I tell him. I walk back to my bedroom to sleep some more. I just hope that Jace will behave and not throw stuff and the floor and scaring me. I really thought someone was in my house.

More sounds. "Jace stop it!" Wait it isn't Jace. He is scratching my door. I get out of bed and open the door. He sprints in. There is someone in my house. Maybe it's Finn, he does have a key after all. "Finn is that you?" I ask. No answer. It's just Finn. He just wants to scare me. I walk out of my bedroom to my kitchen. There's a girl standing in my living room. She doesn't notice me. I slowly walk towards the knives. I grab one and walk towards her. "What are you doing here and how did you get in?" She turns around. This is the same girl I saw yesterday at the ghost tour. Oh no. She smiles again and starts walking towards me. "Hi there, my name is Katie who are you?" she asks.

"I I am Myles," I tell her and I start to walk back to the kitchen.

"I saw you yesterday," she tells me. As if I don't know that. She scared me. Of course I remember that. "I know."

"I scared you didn't I?"

"Y- yes you did." I still have that knife. I slowly start walking towards her. I lift up my knife and stab her in the chest. Right where her heart should be. She looks down. Not realising what I just did. Why is she still standing? Did I miss or something? She looks me in the eyes and pulls out the knife. "Was that supposed to hurt?" she asks.

"What are you?!" I run to the front door but she is already standing there. Again just smiling. "What are you?" My voice is shaking.

"I am a vampire, have you never heard of me?"

"My friend mentioned your name last night but he hung up before he could tell me more." I'm slowly backing up.

"Oh I know that, I killed him before he could tell you more." She's evil. I have to get out of here. "But I can tell you everything before I kill you," she says. Her voice sounds so sweet I want to give in. No I can't give in, I have to get out. "Tell me more." I need more time to think of a plan.

"Okay I will tell you more, but don't you dare run away." Well I'll think about that.

"I was turned into a vampire in 1554, since then I've been so hungry all the time." She takes a few more steps in my direction. "I've been feeding every Halloween, and when Halloween is over I disappear for a year, I keep coming back." How am I supposed to get away from her? My bedroom. I can climb out of the window. I slowly turn around and run to the bedroom. I slam the door closed. I open my window, pick up Jace and jump out. I start running. I don't know where to go, but I can't stop. I just have to get away.

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