Lieke was out of her mind when she heard Thomas had once again been called up to play for the German national team. She had immediately called her best friend Gabriëla, who seemed to have equally good news about her boyfriend, Mats.
“He too? What the- That's amazing!” Lieke said excitingly. “I knew they couldn't miss them.”
That had talked on the phone for an hour, freaking out over the upcoming tournament.
She heard Thomas come into her house and felt his arms around her waist, before she said goodbye to her best friend and turned around in his arms.

“Mats is back too!” she said excitingly.
“I know.” Thomas smiled. “Thomats is back again!”
Lieke shook her head with a laugh on her face.
“The fans need new videos then.” she winked at him, before he kissed her softly.

This was about two months ago and now the tournament had started and she and Gabriëla had booked a room close to the trainingscamp.
They were going to surprise the boys before their upcoming match against Portugal. The first game didn't went so well, especially because it was Mats who made the only goal. For France.
Gabriëla had told Lieke he had been so annoyed at himself. He was back in the squad and now he 'fucked up' like that.
But she had told him it was okay, the rest of the match had been amazing. Now he had to redeem himself against the Portuguese. And Mats had felt better after that.
And Thomas, well, he knew what he had to do. He was going to make sure they would win.

Lieke was staring at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a red beach dress, something she usually never wore. But it was hot and they wanted to surprise them at the beach.
“You look beautiful.” Gabriëla smiled genuinly.
“It's so weird.”
“It's not so much you. But it definitely can be you. Thomas will love it.”

Gabriëla herself was wearing the same kind of dress, but in a light blue.
“I'm so nervous. What if they don't even want to see us tonight.” she laughed.
“Don't be silly. They want to.” Lieke grabbed her hand. “Let's go.”

About ten minutes later they entered the empty beach. There was a little bonfire spot on their right, where they decided to sit down. Manual was into the plot and made sure the boys would go to the beach. “Whether they like it or not.” he had told Lieke.
And he was right, not five minutes later. The two men came strolling onto the beach. They looked around dumbfounded. Not sure what to expect.
Then Thomas' eyes went bigger and he smiled happily.
He slapped Mats his arm excitingly and pointed at the two girls.
A relieved grin filled Mats his face as he saw his girlfriend. She quickly stood up and joined him in a hug.

Thomas came walking towards Lieke and looked at her.
“I thought you were staying in Dortmund.” he smiled, taking her face in his big, strong hands.
Lieke had met Thomas through Mats and Gabriëla. She still lived in Dortmund, making sure to move in with Thomas when the time was right. Or, after the tournament, if it was up to her.
They hadn't been together for that long, but it felt like forever in her mind.
“We wanted to surprise you. We are going to the match tomorrow too.” she said excitingly.
“Yeah!” she laughed, before Thomas pulled her closer and kissed her longinly.
She stood on her tiptoes to be as close as possible to him and smiled against his lips.
“It hasn't been that long and still, I missed you so much.” he sighed, striking over her cheek with his thumb.

Eventually he stepped back and looked at her dress.
“You really went all out, didn't you?” he said, not being able to keep his eyes of of her.
“Gabriëla thought you would like it.” she murmured, getting a bit insecure now.
“Sometimes she's smart.” he laughed, pulling Lieke closer again. “You look really, really wonderful.”

They sat down for a while, discussing the last match. Mats seemed to feel a lot better. He knew he couldn't do much about it, but that didn't make it easier at first.
“Nobody blamed him though.” Thomas shrugged.
“Nobody but himself.” Gabriëla rolled her eyes, but pulled him closer.
“I didn't blame myself, it's just the moment that it happened in. I kind of have to prove something, don't I?” he shrugged. “But the rest of match was great. I just wished we scored.”

They talked for a long while and it was getting late. Mats and Thomas had to go back to the complex soon, eventhough they didn't want to go yet.
Mats had taken Gabriëla on a walk along the sea. They kept close to eachother all the time. Lieke watched as they smiled at eachother. Gabriëla kept nodding, as Mats told her something.
They were cute together, always had been.
It was her best friend too, who matched Lieke with Thomas. And she had been grateful for it. Thomas could be a bit crazy, a bit too over excited. But he was caring too. Caring and so incredibly sweet.

“I have an idea.”
Lieke looked up into his green eyes. The fire made them twinkle, eventhough his eyes often did that themselves too. He just had a bit of sunshine in his eyes, she sometimes told herself.
“Tell me.” she smiled, completely feeling in love with the man next to her.
She rest her head against his shoulder, and he immediately took her into his arms.
“If I score tomorrow. We will go to that restaurant in Spain you always wanted to go to. The one you had been before with your mother.”
Lieke looked up, being able to see his eyes just a little. But good enough to see him smile.
“Deal.” she laughed, squeezing his hand softly.
“And if.. if we win the cup, I have something else in mind. But I'm not gonna tell you just yet.” he smiled mysteriously.

Lieke looked out at the sea, wondering what could be going on in his mind. But knowing Thomas, it could be a lot of different things. And Lieke wouldn't know where to start.
She looked to her left and to her great surprise saw Gabriëla in Mats his arms. But instead of being cuddly, Lieke was sure Mats was about to throw her into the water.
“Oh my god.” she laughed. “What are they doing?!”
She sat up and looked at Thomas. But she knew exactly what was about to happen.
Before she could stand up and run away, she was already trapped in his arms.

“I didn't even do anything wrong, Thomas!” she yelled, kicking softly with her feet. But Thomas was way too strong for her, and she knew that.
“Thomas, please!” she laughed.
But she felt the breeze above the water seconds later and she knew it wouldn't be long until she would be wet.

“God, I hate it you.” she groaned, before she fell down into the water, hearing Thomas and Mats laugh from up the beach.
When she opened her eyes again and pushed her hair out of her face, she saw Gabriëla next to her.

“So much for surprising them.” she sighed.
“Look at them, with their arms on their chest. Acting like they are all cool.”
Lieke started to laugh. They really did look like actual nerds trying to look cool.
“This ain't funny, boys!”
“It is to us!” Thomas answered, making Mats chuckle.

It wasn't long after that the boys walked the girls to their hotel. Lieke and Gabriëla were still dripping wet and everytime they tried to hug their boyfriends, they would squeeze away quickly.
But soon enough they got serious again. After all the match was tomorrow and the boys had to get some sleep.
Lieke stopped Thomas from walking and this time, she took his head in her hands.
“Listen to me, babe. Whatever happens tomorrow. I'm still so incredibly proud of what you've done. With Bayern this year, and coming back to this squad. You can be proud of yourself. But I think you know that already.” she told him.
A soft expression covered his face. He was touched, to say the least.
“I'm gonna make sure we win this game. We can't lose with you watching.” he smiled, grabbing her by her waist.

“I love you so much.” he whispered.
“I-” Lieke stuttered taken a back. He had never said that before.
“I love you too.” she said, closing the gap between their lips.
Their kiss was long and passionate. Sometimes that usually only happened when they were together. But something had changed, just by saying those words.
Her small hands filled his warm, red cheeks and he smiled. He smiled like he never did before.
“After this is done, you're gonna move to Munich. Whatever it takes.” he whispered.
He stroked her lip with his thumb mindlessly.
“I can't wait.” she whispered back.
He smiled one last time, before he let go of her and joined Mats.

“We will see you tomorrow, right?” Mats asked, realising Thomas wasn't going to say anything. Lieke wasn't either.
That's why Gabriëla nodded, a smile filling her face.
“Love you, Mats. You will do great tomorrow.” she smiled, kissing him quickly.
“Now let's take care of loverboy and girl here.” she giggled, grabbing Lieke and taking her to the entrance of the hotel.
“Win for us!” Lieke shouted quickly at Thomas, who nodded happily.

Even if it was the last thing he had to do, he was gonna win for her. In the end, that was all that mattered.

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  • Mulli

    he smiled, taking her face in his big, strong hands.


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  • Mulli

    Even if it was the last thing he had to do, he was gonna win for her. In the end, that was all that mattered.


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  • Mulli

    “After this is done, you're gonna move to Munich. Whatever it takes.” he whispered.


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  • Mulli

    Her small hands filled his warm, red cheeks and he smiled. He smiled like he never did before.


    1 maand geleden

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