For my friends, Belli and Lieke. With Belli as the main role, kind of.

Belli had to admit that the way she had to live these days, were far from good. Far from happy and fun at all. But she knew she wasn't gonna leave her boyfriend. She knew she had to stay by his side, before he lost himself again.
And maybe she didn't want to lose herself either.

And besides that, the group she had around her, were some caring motherfuckers. And she wasn't gonna leave them hanging.
But sometimes she wished she had her little house with a labrador puppy and a little boy or girl running around. She always imagined a little Frenchie running around her house.
But Frenchie wasn't done working. He wasn't done helping his friends yet. And she understood.
And she stayed. But it wasn't easy.

Luckily she wasn't the only girlfriend getting drawn into this. Hughies girlfriend, who had nothing to do with this apart from being, well, Hughies girlfriend.
For Billy's woman though, it was a little different.
After his wife died, he found a heart and soul in the woman beside him now. Someone who kept him down to earth and clear in the head. It took time, but she managed to make him the man he used to be. Before all this happened.
Belli was quiet suprised and proud of what Lieke managed to do with Billy. Just like how Gabriëla always managed to keep Hughie down to earth.
The amount of panic attacks Hughie had before he met her, decreased clearly when she was by his side.

And for Belli and Frenchie, well, they were always the powercouple you imagined in the badass movies. They were eachothers rocks and whatever would happen, they would fight it together.

“Listen, I still think we need to get Annie out of there. I know she's save with Meave by her side. They will always protect eachother. But as long as Deep and Homelander, even Black Noir, are walking around, I don't know what will happen to her.” Hughie sighed.
Hughie found a best friend in Annie. Or as the world knew her, Starlight.
But even after all that happened. She stayed with the Seven.
She wanted to protect her friends and for her it felt like the only way she could do that, was to be close to the people they hated most.
But with Homelander next to her, who could laser her to death within seconds, every day was a day of worry.
Not to mention how they lost Kimiko too, who was still somewhere in the tower.
Probably getting tortured by Vaught.

“I agree with Hughie.” Gabriëla mumbled.
Frenchie smirked and nodded.
“You always do.” he laughed, with his French accent showing through again.
“I know.” she laughed, nothing denying it. “But this time I really do. What if one day we hear she ain't alive anymore. The same goes for Kimiko.”
Gabriëla was still looking at Frenchie as she watched him close his eyes for a few seconds.
He made a big mistake back in the day, letting her get captured by those assholes. And Belli knew he hadn't forgave himself yet.

“We will get them both.” Billy said, a deep voice filling the room. “But we need to be smart about this. If anybody finds out Annie is with us still, she will be death within seconds.”
The group nodded, thinking of ways to save both girls.

“You still don't trust Meave, do you?” Belli asked Billy.
“Nah, not around Homelander.”
“You know what happened between her and Homelander right?” Lieke said, grabbing his hand.
He looked at her.
“I do. But that doesn't mean she will chose our side.”
“Butcher, she is with Annie know.” Gabriëla added.

“Oh, are the ladies gonna go against me today?” he smirked,shaking his head.
“Listen, I know you all trust Meave. But as I said, one wrong move and they are both death.”

He stood up, clearly annoyed by the task ahead of him. Lieke sighed and followed him out of the room.

“He will figure it out. He always does.” Hughie said slowly, grabbing Gabriëla's hand.
“Yeah, he does.” she said, although she wasn't really thinking about that.
These days she didn't really have any time alone with Hughie and it annoyed the hell out of here.

“Hey Gab, what are you thinking about?” he smiled.
Gabriëla looked up, shaking her head slightly.
“I know when you're thinking. And you were biting your lip. That means..”
He smirked shortly.
“Shut up, Hugh. I just- Tell me, when was the last time we had time alone?”
He stuttered. Turning red slowly.
“I can't remember.”
“See, that's all I'm trying to say.”
She smirked and stood up.
“I believe MM ain't here tonight.” she winked, as she headed to the room MM got in the beginning of the mission.

Hughie looked around, staring into the smirking face of Frenchie.
“Well, you heard the lady, didn't you?” he laughed, pushing him towards MM's room.
Hughie stood up, surprised by the sudden act of his girlfriend.

“Please give her a good time. She's been stressed and annoyed for atleast a week.” Belli yelled after him, which followed by a loud laugh of her boyfriend.

That left the two of them on the couch. Belli sighed and looked into the puppy eyes of her boyfriend. His brown beautiful eyes.
She tilted her head slightly, so it could rest on her hand which was leaning on the couch.
“You ever think about life after this?” she murmured.
“Every single day.” he answered, his eyes following her every move.
“You want to stop doing this?” he asked slowly.
“No, we are too far in to stop now. But sometimes I just wish we could leave this behind us. Those dumb Supes, why are we the only one going after them? You know?”

Frenchie lifted his hand and softly stroked her cheek.
“It won't be like this for long anymore.”
“But..” he whispered, coming closer. “If you want out, we are out.”
She shook her head slowly.
“It's just- I-”
She shook her head quickly and looked away.
“What's wrong?” he asked, nervous.
“Serge,” she started, using his actual name to make she he understood how important this was. “the last time we, you know. I think we.. I think something went wrong.”
“What do you mean?” he whispered. But seeing his eyes, Belli knew exactly what he was thinking about.
“I'm pregnant, Frenchie. And I'm scared. We don't even have a house. We are living here. Look at this hell hole.”

It always felt like Frenchie knew what to say or to do when Belli was scared or sad. But right now, he had nothing to say.
He was happy, but at the same time he was just as scared as her.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.
“I want to keep it. I really want to keep it. But we can't do that here, can we?” she cried softly.
“Do you.. wanna keep it?”
“Ofcourse, mon amour. Ofcourse I want to keep it.” he said quickly, pulling her into his arms.
She sighed happily, just like he did a few seconds later.

“We will figure this out. Together. Like we always do.” Frenchie said, before he kissed her slowly.

It was something Belli loved about him so much. He always knew how to calm her down. And he was always right. In the end, things did go right.

“What's happening here?” Lieke asked.
Belli immediately looked up.
“I- uh, maybe we should wait until the other two come back.”
“You mean, Gab and Hughie.” Billy laughed. “I mean they're quite shy with us, but I always wonder what they're up to without us.”

“Oh god, Butcher.” Belli laughed, taking her mind of the elephant in the room.
“I don't want to think about that.”
“Atleast it keeps your mind off the thing that's clearly bothering you.” He said as he sat down on the other couch next to them.
Lieke jumped on his lap, making an 'oof' sound leave his mouth.
“But I mean, be honest. They are always there for hours.” he continued, putting his arm mindlessly around Liekes waist.

“Well they could be sleeping too.” Belli suggested.
“They do always seem very well rested.” Lieke laughed, making Frenchie shake his head.

“You know we can hear you, right?”
They all turned around to see Hughie standing in the open door frame. His trousers were on, the rest was clearly missing.
“And we are very glad we can't hear you, Petit Hughie.” Frenchie said.
“Oh shut up..” Hughie shook his head and disappeared back into the room.

“Wait, wait! Hugh! I have something to tell you guys.”
His face appeared again and he looked suspicious.
“I am serious.” Belli said. “Please, when you're done with eachother, come back here.”
Luckily Hughie couldn't see the faces both Frenchie and Butcher were making. Lieke slapped Billy's arm to which he raised an eyebrow.
“You gotta leave those two alone sometime.” she laughed softly.
“Nah, it's too funny messing with them. They're both fucking gullible.” Billy laughed, pulling her closer.
“Not too mention how red Hughie usually turns when we talk about Gab. That man can't control himself.” Frenchie added.

“Oh Frenchie, you can't speak about that. I remember the time you and Belli had that party. You know, the fancy one. I still remember your face when you saw Belli's outfit. I can't imagine what you two must have done afterwards.” Lieke said, seeing Belli's eyes grow big.

“Not even afterwards.” Frenchie smirked, only enjoying this conversation.
“See, you may not care about who or what hears about where your dick has been. But those two clearly care about it more. Don't go playing around with them.” Lieke said.
“I actually care about it, but Frenchie sometimes likes to brag.” Belli said, winking at Lieke.
Frenchie turned at her and then back to Lieke.
“I- No- I..” he went silent.
“Just let me enjoy bullying Hughie a little bit.” he said, throwing his hands in the air.
“And if you really wanna get at somebody, Lieke, maybe try your boyfriend next time.”
Billy started too laugh and tilted his head back.
“She would never.”
“She always does.” Belli came between them. “Atleast two times a day.”
“And she gets punished for that later.” Billy smiled, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh god,” Belli yelled. “You really are the worst. Both of you. Maybe Gabriëla is the luckiest out there with Hughie as her boyfriend. Because you two are fucking unbelievable.”

“I am the luckiest woman.” Gabriëla smiled happily, as she fell down next to Billy. “I knew that already.”
Her hair was still a mess and she was clearly wearing Hughies shirt. She even seemed happier again. And everybody knew why. She wasn't even hiding it this time.

Once Hughie, still shirtless, came back into the room, they all went silent.

“So, what's the big news?” Gabriëla said, feeling Hughies arms slip around her waist.

“Oh yeah, uh-” Belli started.
“Wait.” Frenchie said quickly. He looked at her softly and grabbed her hands. “I will tell them.”
Billy raised an eyebrow.
“Belli- I- We- We are pregnant.” he stuttered, before smiling big. He took a quick glance at her belly.
“Oh my god, are you serious?” Gabriëla said, sitting up and almost knocking on Hughies chin with her head.
“Yeah, I found out two days ago.” Belli said.
“That's amazing.” Gabriëla said happily. “That's really amazing.”
A few tears filled Belli's eyes.
“Can you imagine a little Frenchie running around?” Lieke smiled happily. “I'm definitely gonna give the little ones Frenchies bandanas. Or- or buy new ones so they can be matching.”

Belli's smile grew bigger and bigger. She felt like everything was gonna be okay after she had looked at Billy. Who had looked at her and nodded.
It was him after all, who always protected the whole group. Who made them a family.
“I guess we have to find you a house then..” Billy said.
“We don't want to stop fighting yet.” Belli said quickly.
“You don't have to. I just want to make sure you guys are safe. And that little French or, little Belli. Can grow up in a normal house, instead of this hell hole.”

Frenchie started to laugh.
“Thank you, man.” Frenchie said, clearly with relief in his voice.
“I mean, we weren't sure how you guys would react. But now I think we never had to worry. After all you are all we have and all we need. And MM, Kimiko and Annie ofcourse.”

He turned around to kiss his girlfriend long and with passion. Even after the groans and sighs from their friends, they didn't stop.
“See, I did hear you talk about me and Hughie having sex. But I would never do it front of my friends.” Gabriëla said.
Lieke started to laugh, not expecting this reaction at all.
“Oi, she has a point there. Go get a fucking room you two.” Billy yelled.
“We are just happy!” Belli yelled back.
Hughie couldn't contain his laugher anymore.
“Well, go be happy alone. We don't want to see you get naked. And be careful for the baby.” Billy smiled sarcastically.

“I can't fucking believe you guys.” Frenchie laughed and took Belli's hand.
“Let's go somewhere they won't bother us anymore.”

“You need us when you get a baby as annoying as that frenchman there.” Hughie yelled at Belli. To which she couldn't help but laugh.

One thing was for sure. Whatever would happen with the baby, Belli was sure she would have an entire family next to her to help her out. She would never, ever be alone.

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  • Mulli

    Once Hughie, still shirtless, came back into the room, they all went silent.


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  • Mulli

    “And if you really wanna get at somebody, Lieke, maybe try your boyfriend next time.”
    Billy started too laugh and tilted his head back.
    “She would never.”
    “She always does.” Belli came between them. “Atleast two times a day.”
    “And she gets punished for that later.” Billy smiled, wiggling his eyebrows.


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