Hughie usually didn't like the beach. Actually, he never liked the beach.
But Annie and Frenchie made him go. And to them he couldn't say no. And eventhough it was busy, hot and unbearable, since it was a hot summer day, Hughie wasn't planning to leave soon.

Because a few meters away lay a man he couldn't possibly take his eyes off. He was laying on his own on a pink beach blanket. His tanned torso out in the open.
His hands behind his head, with sunglasses covering his eyes.
And that wasn't even the worst thing.

The worst thing was the huge grin on his face and the hidious blue swimshorts. With yellow pineapples on them.
You could say they were hideous, but on this man, they looked amazing. They looked.. good.
Hughie took a deep breath and turned around. He was lucky his two best friends were chilling in the sea, otherwise they would have laughed their asses off.
His heart was beating faster and faster and he didn't know why. He didn't even know the man.

“Hey, Hughie. Are you joining us or what?” Annie yelled at him. He barely heard it, as he was still in his own mind.
“I'm fine.” he smiled, turning back to the man beside him.
To his surprise he wasn't there anymore. And like some slow motion Baywatch movie, he watched as the man walked into the sea.
“Hughie, this is insane.” he said slowly to himself. “He is way out of your league too.”
“He really is.” a voice called behind him.

Hughie turned around and suddenly Annie was standing behind him again.
“The man with the black beard and the insane swimshorts, right?” she giggled.
“I-” he wanted to protest, but he couldn't. It was clear he had been looking at him the whole time.
“He's handsome. I admit that.” she smiled, sitting down next to him. “Maybe you should join us in the water after all.”

Hughie smiled.
“I don't think I should in all honesty.”
“Why not? Don't you wanna kiss that man until you can't breath anymore.”
He shrugged, not really sure what he wanted from him. He hadn't had a good blowjob in a while. He didn't have anything in a while, for that matter.
But that man lowkey scared him. He was so confident and muscular. And Hughie was neither of them.

“Oh fuck.” Annie suddenly muttered.
Hughie followed her gaze, which lead to Frenchie. But he wasn't alone anymore.
“Fuck indeed. Do they know eachother?” Hughie asked, turning red within seconds.
“I think so? Maybe we should join them.” Annie said again.
She stood up and reached for his hand.

“Hughie, if you are not gonna go now. You will never do it. With anyone.”
He sighed and stood up.
The walk to the sea seemed like it took forever. It could have been hours if you asked Hughie. Especially when the handsome man looked up and stared at him. And he didn't stop.
“He's looking at you, Hughie.” Annie whispered.
“God, I know Annie. Don't make it worse.” he groaned, before he pushed Annie into the cold water.
She screamed and grabbed him by his legs, taking him with her.
When he came up, took a deep breath of air and pushed his hair back. He finally saw the man up close.
He was even better from up close. He had little scars filling his body, which made him even hotter for some reason. He had a stupid grin on his face, which never seemed to leave.
He had put his glasses on the band of his shorts and Hughie saw how beautiful and dark his eyes were. A hint of green shining through.
Hughie smiled nervously and put out his hand for the man to take it.
“I'm Hughie.” he muttered, almost unhearable. But he did hear it.
“Hughie, nice to meet you. I'm Butcher. But you can call me Billy.”

His huge, strong hand completely made his hand disappear. Hughie stared at it for a few seconds and then looked up to his eyes again. He wasn't entirely sure how to handle the british accent in his voice. If he even could handle it all.
“It's nice to meet you too, Billy.” he smiled.
But he knew Frenchie and Annie were laughing their asses off behind him and he desperately wanted to disappear from earth.
“I'm gonna go for a swim.” he said quickly and disappeard from the little group.

He hated these kind of situations. Couldn't deal with them at all. Especially when the ones he held on to, made fun of him. Sometimes he hated them for it. But he always forgave them.
And this time it was Frenchie, who came after him.
He was well away already and he wondered how fast Frenchie had swum.

“Hey, Hughie. I'm sorry.” he said, in his french accent. It always sounded wonderful from his mouth. “We shouldn't have laughed. It's just..”
He looked around to Butcher.
“Butcher was acting so much different than he normally he does.”
“How do you know him anyway?” Hughie sighed, crossing his arms before his chest.
The cold wind made the water seem even colder. He wasn't enjoying this at all.
“You know the side jobs I do, right.”
Hughie nodded.
“So he's a criminal too.” Hughie winked, which made Frenchie laugh.
“If you say so, Hughie. If you say so.”
Frenchie smiled softly. His adoring gaze appearing on his face again.

“I think he digs you, you know.” he shrugged. “He never let's anyone call him Billy.”
“Oh-” is all Hughie could muster to say.
Frenchie bend forward and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.
“I know you never think high of yourself, but just be yourself. It's all that matters in this world, you know.” he smiled. “Atleast that's what Kimiko always tells me.”
He disappeared again, leaving Hughie alone.

He wished he had never come to the beach.

About ten minutes later. He felt a hand on his shoulder. And for some reason, the electricity in his body told him exactly who it was.

“I thought you would come back.” said the dark, british voice.
Hughie took a deep breath and turned around.
“I get it. It's fine. You have cunts for friends.”
Hughie wanted to protest, but he got silenced by Butchers hand softly touching his cheek.
He seemed to debate with himself, before he leaned a little closer.
“See what it is, love..” he breathed. “I can go and act like I don't fancy you. But I don't have time for that, really.”
Hughie licked his lips slowly. He wanted to back away, get out of this situation. But he couldn't and he wasn't going to either.
“And I know you've been looking. Ever since you came here.”
Hughie still couldn't seem to talk. His must have looked like a tomato right there and then.
“You liked what you saw? Do you still like it now that you're up close?” he whispered.
Hughie nodded quickly, catching his breath and nodded again.
“Good, I like to hear that.” he said, before he licked his lips slowly. Way too slowly to Hughies liking.
That stupid grin came onto his face again, and his hand still hadn't left his cheek.

“Frenchie told me you're a good kisser.” Butcher suddenly said, pulling him closer by his waist.
“He told you what?!” Hughie said surprised.
“I- we kissed once..” Hughie rolled his eyes.
“Well, one kiss is enough to know, love.”
“How about I figure it out for myself?” he asked.

Hughie didn't want to say no. No, he wasn't going to say no. But his heart was beating so fast and he knew half the beach was probably looking at them.
“If you're okay with it, I mean.” Butcher said quickly, as he saw the anxious look on Hughies face.
“I am.” Hughie said to his own surprise. Finally a smile came onto his face, as he placed his hand onto Butchers. The one resting on his waist, just underneath the water.
A smirk filled his face, but Hughie also saw a caring look coming over Butchers eyes.

“God, look at you.” he said, before he pushed his lips onto Hughies.
Hughie closed his eyes, tried to breath calmly. Butchers lips felt so good and his beard. God, his beard made Hughies cheeks burn. But god, did it feel fucking amazing.
He felt a hand going through his little curls, pulling on them softly.
“This is insane.” he breathed out against Butchers lips. “I barely know you.”
“Ain't that the fun part, Hughie.” he whispered back.
Butcher kissed him again, making sure to feel every part of his lips, his tongue. And even his body where examinated by Butchers hands.
“We need to stop.” Hughie giggled. He fucking giggled.
Butcher stood back and bit his lip.
“We can continue this somewhere else..”
“No, no no no.” Hughie said quickly. “Not yet, atleast.”

Butcher nodded. He understood. And Hughie was glad he did.
“Okay. Later then.” he said, kissing him again. But this time the kiss was so soft, he had to touch his lips to make sure Butcher had kissed him again, as Butcher himself walked away.
He blinked and blinked and blinked again, as he watched Butcher walk away. Looking extremely good from behind too.

Hughie closed his eyes and fell down into the cold water. It was the only thing that seemed to calm his heartbeat down. This was insane, wasn't it? He didn't know the man at all. But he was so, different. So handsome, so confident.
He floated to the surface again and opened his eyes. He stared into the beautiful, sunny sky and wondered if this had ever happened if it wasn't for his friends dragging him here.
He looked at Butcher, who joined Frenchie and Annie and was chatting with them. Eventhough he was talking, he was still looking directly at him.
Hughie couldn't believe this shit.
He watched as Butcher stood up again and for a second he thought he was about to leave. But instead he walked into the water again. Straight to Hughie.
“Fuck it.” he growled, grabbing Hughies cheeks and kissing him again.
Hughie didn't know, but he really had needed this. A man like Billy Butcher.
He smiled, he smiled brightly against Butchers wet lips. He looked into his eyes. Stared into them until Butcher couldn't take it anymore.
“I hate you, cunt.” he sighed and pushed him into the water.
“Hey!” Hughie yelled after him.
“What?!” Butcher yelled back, but that grin once again filled his face.
“I'm free tonight.” Hughie smirked.

Butchers eyes grew bigger, just for a second or two. But Hughie saw it and couldn't help but feel his shorts tightening.
“I will ask Frenchie to send you my number, ey? Sounds good?”
“Sounds great.” Hughie sighed relieved.
“You sure you want to invite me in though?” he laughed.

He was hovering over Hughie, as he was still laying in the water and he was standing straight up.
Hughie was sure the blue, pineapple swimshorts became a bit tighter too. And without realising Hughie had licked his lips already.

“Oh, I see how it is.” Butcher said, looking down to his shorts and back to Hughie.
“I will see you tonight then.”

And with that he turned around, back to Frenchie and Annie. Hughie watched as he clearly asked Frenchie to send through his number and then walked off to the edge of the beach. He stopped and looked around. A satisfied smile on his face, which only Hughie could see.

God, Hughie thought to himself, never in his wildest dreams would he have thought this would happen. Yet, he was very pleased and happy that it did happen indeed.
He was sure tonight was going to be something he never wanted to forget ever again.
And he was sure Butcher was going to make he sure he wasn't.

Safe to say, Hughie was ready for him. Hughie was ready for Billy Butcher.

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  • Kjelaney

    “Frenchie told me you're a good kisser.” Butcher suddenly said, pulling him closer by his waist.
    “He told you what?!” Hughie said surprised.
    “I- we kissed once..” Hughie rolled his eyes.
    “Well, one kiss is enough to know, love.”
    “How about I figure it out for myself?” he asked.


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  • Kjelaney

    He was even better from up close. He had little scars filling his body, which made him even hotter for some reason. He had a stupid grin on his face, which never seemed to leave.
    He had put his glasses on the band of his shorts and Hughie saw how beautiful and dark his eyes were.


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