includes sex and bad words.

Hughie was nervous to say the least. He was laying in his bed, waiting for Butcher to come over. But since the two hours that he had been home, he hadn't been able to function properly.
Did he make a mistake by asking him to come over? Which he did about thirty minutes after Butcher had left.
No, he said to himself, it wasn't a mistake. But he hadn't felt anything like this for a while now and he couldn't get Butchers grin out of his thoughts.

Hughie phones bleeped and he grabbed it immediately. His stomach did a somersault when he saw Billy's name. Yeah, he called him Billy in his phone.
Be there in 10, he had texted him.
Hughie felt his whole body clench together.
He wasn't ready. He so wasn't ready.

He stood up and looked at his closet. He grabbed a t-shirt and threw it back again. It's not like hadn't seen Hughie topless already. And besides, it was insanely hot in his house.
He pushed his hair back and sighed loudly. It was a mess, he was a mess.
Before he knew it, somebody knocked on the door.
“It's open.” he mumbled, as he left it open for Butcher anyway.
He heard some rambling around, a dark laugh filling the other room.
Hughies cheeks went red and he immediately hated himself for not wearing anything more than a pair of shorts. He felt naked, really fucking naked.

“Goodevening, love.”
Hughie turned around to the bedroom door, where Butcher was now leaning against. He wore a shirt in the same exact style his swimshorts had been. And Hughie cursed himself for finding it hot.
“You didn't even try to dress a little prettier for me.” he laughed, taking his glasses off.
“It's hot in here.” Hughie shrugged, trying to look relaxed. It didn't work. At all.
“You sure that's not just my presence now?” Butcher smirked, raising an eyebrow.
“Ha-ha.” Hughie said sarcastically,

There was a silent fight between the two of them. They both wanted it so bad, but they didn't know where to start. Hughie didn't want to look like a complete fool.
And Butcher on his turn, didn't want to scare Hughie. He knew he atleast had to be a little bit sweet to him.
But god, did he want the boy in front of him. He didn't know exactly what is was. Maybe the stupid smile he produced when he was nervous. Maybe it was his lanky body, which still for some reason, he found incredibly attractive. Maybe it was the way Hughie had looked at him earlier at the beach. That longing look, Butcher couldn't get out of his head anymore.
He had been staring for so long and Butcher had known immediately that Hughie had his eyes on him. He loved it, he wasn't gonna lie about that. He couldn't stop grinning by the thought of the helpless boy just a few meters away.
When he walked over to the sea, he knew Hughies eyes were still on him. Atleast, after he realised he wasn't on his towel anymore.
He had loved every single second of it.

“So, you gonna kiss me or what?” Butcher smiled, tilting his head slightly to look at the younger boy.
“I- uhm, yeah, I guess I am.” Hughie stuttered. “I mean, am I?”
It was the first time Butcher really laughed. He pushed himself up from the door and walked over to Hughie. He grabbed his hips, pulled him closer.
“Don't be so fucking nervous, Hughie.” he said. “After all, you were the one who suggested this meeting.”

“And don't worry, lad. You look stunnin' without a shirt on.” he smirked. “I mean, I haven't seen you with one on yet. But I bet it doesn't look as good as this.”

Butcher let his fingers tipple against his chest, down to his just noticable abs and he stopped at Hughie's pubic area.
Hughie breathed out slowly.
It was nerve wrecking to say the least. The time Butcher took to make Hughie go wild in his head. His finger touching his shorts. He made a mistake by putting on sportshorts. Or, well, did he?
Because before Hughie could say anything, Butchers hand was deep down into his pants.
His eyes were focused on the younger boy before him. And the younger boy looked back.
“Not bad, for a cunt.” he smirked, giving a soft squeeze.
It didn't matter that Hughie underwear was still in place, it felt all the same to him.
“I'm not-” Hughie stopped talking, after a high pitched sound left his mouth.
“Fuck.” he groaned. “I'm not a cunt. If there is one in this room, it is definitely fucking you!”

“And I'm.. definitely fucking you.” Butcher answered, grabbing Hughie by his chin and pulling him closer. Kissing him hard. He wanted Hughie so fucking bad right now.
He didn't move his hand away, but with his free hand he pulled his shorts down.
All that was left where the grey underpants Hughie was wearing. Which weren't so bad, if you didn't count the enormous hand covering it now.
He felt Butcher slowly stroking him and he felt how fucking hard he was going to be already.
A smirk that covered Butchers mouth as they kissed, looked so hot. Hughie closed his eyes for a few seconds, to contain himself for losing his shit right there and then.

“Just fuck me.” he groaned, trying to unbotton Butchers shirt.
“Go lay down for me, I will be there in a sec.” Butcher grinned.

Hughie lay down and watched as the man unbuttoned his shirt in what felt like the most sexy way ever. It felt like, once again, he was in a slow motion movie. His underwear was getting so tight, it started to hurt.
But knowing Butcher, eventhough it was only for a few hours, he knew he was gonna have to do a lot to make that go away.

Hughie stared at the stubble of hair around Butchers chest. He noticed how low his shorts where and how good his V-line suddenly looked.
He wanted to close his eyes, but Butcher roughly disagreed.
“Keep watching. I want you to see how hard you are for me.”
Hughie didn't know what to say. He definitely had it real, real bad for this man.

“Then hurry up, dumbass.” he moaned.
He didn't have to say that twice, because Butcher was on top of him before he knew it.
“Call me dumbass one more fucking time, and I will make you scream so hard even the neighbours on the next street will be able to hear you.” he whispered, against his lips.
God, Hughie thought, please fucking do.

“Now turn around and be a doll for me, will ya?” Butcher smiled, as Hughie did exactly as he was told.
Hughie looked behind him, to catch a glimpse of what he had been dreaming of the last few hours. And he wasn't disappointed. Rather yet, he was impressed. Realising he had to take that all in in a few minutes.
He took a deep breath, smiled too himself.
“You look wonderful.” Butcher said with a hoarse voice, just before Hughie felt the tip of Butchers big, hard cock against his entrance. His cock was already dripping from pre-cum, and Hughie felt that clearly. He smirked to himself.
“Just fuck me already.” he murmured, wanting to feel all of Butcher inside of him right now.
“God, you really want me bad.” Butcher smirked.
“I never denied-” Hughie started, but his words got cut off by Butchers cock filling him.
“Fuck!” he moaned.
“Fuck indeed. You're so fucking tight.” Butcher said surprised.
He started thrusting in and out of him slowly, making Hughie feel everything over and over again.
Hughie couldn't stop the groans and moans escaping his mouth as he rested his head against the pillow.

“Feels like you've been waiting for me this whole time.” Butcher groaned, enjoying himself immensely.
“May-” Hughie moaned once again, as Butcher thrusted hard into him. “Fuck, Butcher, maybe I was.”

Hughie didn't get an answer to that, but he knew Butcher was smiling behind him. Especially when he felt Butchers hand landing on his ass.
Hughie bit his lip. Enjoying it more than he wanted too. But he felt good under Butchers presence. He felt insanely good being told what to do.
He felt his strong hands, grabbing his hips and started thrusting into him harder and faster.
When the point came where Hughie thought it was gonna be too much. He felt his insides filling with cum. A loud, dark moan filled the room and a laugh followed.

“Shit, that was insane.” Butcher laughed.
Hughie wanted to lay down so bad, but his dick was still throbbing for pleasure.
“Not yet.” Butcher said slowly.
“But-” Hughie cried softly.
He wanted to cum so badly.
Butcher licked his lips slowly and raised an eyebrow.

“Let me help you out.” he smirked, bitting his lip.
Hughie thought he didn't hear it right. He never thought Butcher would be the kind of man to do such a thing.
“Well, turn around then.” he rolled his eyes.
But he stared at him as Hughie turned around and lay down on his back.

With Butcher hovering over him and looking extremely hungry for his cock, it felt like Hughie was in heaven. He felt so good. About himself, about this situation, about this man.
He watched the older man place is thumb on top of his cock and Hughie whined.
“Don't. Don't do that.” he breathed.
A smirk filled Butcher face.
He bent over and licked over his tip like it was nothing. Like Hughie wasn't close to cumming already.
“Billy fucking Butcher, don't be a fucking tease.” he said, almost annoyed.

Butcher didn't say a word from there on. All his words where said by his tongue twisting around Hughies dick. His lips bobbing up and down. And pushing Hughies cock into his mouth like it was nothing.
Hughie couldn't even look anymore. The pleasure in his body made him close his eyes and moan like it was the last time he was going to moan in his life.
“Holy shit.” he moaned. “God, you're- Fuck!”
He felt himself cum so hard, he was suprised that Butcher swallowed everything at once. He knew exactly how to handle Hughie and Hughie couldn't say nothing but good things about Butchers sweet mouth.
Butcher sighed happily and sat down on the edge of the bed. He was still completely naked.
Hughie sat up on his knees and moved towards him.
Once there he placed soft kisses into Butchers neck. He immediately felt Butchers head fall into his shoulder. His eyes were closed and his left hand grabbed Hughies hair from behind. Like he made sure that Hughie wasn't going away.

“I didn't think you'd do me like that.” Hughie whispered, just underneath his ear.
“Had to make sure this wasn't an one time thing.” Butcher answered simply.
But was it really that simple? Maybe it was. Because Hughie wasn't planning on letting him go either.

Hughie moved Butchers chin softly with two fingers, so that they were looking at eachother.
Hughie locked their lips together and gave him what felt like the longest and softest kiss ever.
Even Butcher calmed down underneath the heat of their naked bodies.
As if all his stress he once had, was now gone.

“You make me weak, you cunt.” Butcher sighed. “And I fucking hate it.”
Hughie stared at him, not sure what to say.
“As long as we are alone, you can be weak. You can be super cool, gangster Butcher outside.”

It was silent for a good twenty seconds, before Butcher started laughing and shook his head.
“You idiot.”
He turned around and pushed Hughie down once again. He locked their lips together and kissed him so passionate, Hughie had to take a deep breath. Before Butcher kissed him harder and faster.
Hughie knew his cock was already getting hard again. And he for sure felt Butcher cock against him too.

“Round two?” he said, as he looked Butcher up and down.

“I thought you'd never say it, cunt.”

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  • MR11

    He felt insanely good being told what to do.


    2 maanden geleden
  • MR11

    “Call me dumbass one more fucking time, and I will make you scream so hard even the neighbours on the next street will be able to hear you.” he whispered, against his lips.
    God, Hughie thought, please fucking do.


    2 maanden geleden
  • MR11

    “Go lay down for me, I will be there in a sec.” Butcher grinned.

    Hughie luistert meteen like the good boy he is

    2 maanden geleden
  • MR11

    “I'm not a cunt. If there is one in this room, it is definitely fucking you!”


    2 maanden geleden
  • MR11

    “And don't worry, lad. You look stunnin' without a shirt on.” he smirked. “I mean, I haven't seen you with one on yet. But I bet it doesn't look as good as this.”


    2 maanden geleden

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