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We've slept three, maybe four hours. Emma seemed inexhaustible last night, and I was only happy to oblige. My head is wooly, my feet ache, my muscles are sore and I can't be sure what caused what. The next few days I can't really wear anything see-through, unless I want the press to jump on the scratches that Emma no doubt left on my back. Emma, on her turn, has to watch not to wear a too-deep neckline - and even then would have to add some make-up to cover up bruises that conveniently line up with my fingertips.
"Jesus Christ." Emma hisses as she steps into the shower with me. "Are you trying to torture me?"
I smirk, turning the temperature up. "Not this time, no. But I'll remember that."
"I hate you."
"You said differently last night." I lean in to kiss a bruise just below her collar bone. She shudders, pushing me away.
"I need to be able to walk to get to lunch."
"Just barely."
She laughs, shoving me again and hogging the hot water.
      Beth arrives early, and so does Matthew. Both are looking equally as terrible, but still pretty chipper all things considered.
"Brie is on his way, and so is Kenna. Eschieve might still be asleep, I'm not sure. Oh, and Danny texted if he could come, so I said yes."
"Good," Emma beams. "I can give him a piece of my mind."
"No fighting when I'm hungover." Matt complains. "You can scream at him in your own time."
Luckily, Beth has had the foresight to bring food - because this wasn't my idea, and I had no knowledge of it until long after the shops closed last night. Better yet - if Emma hadn't been so damn possessive, I could've done shopping before getting home. In a joined effort we actually get a nice looking table on the balcony, by which time Brie and Kenna have also joined us. Selene and Charles have been invited, but couldn't make it. If Beth knows why, she doesn't tell. I yawn, rubbing my eyes, and Emma hands me my third cup of coffee of the still-short day.
"We're kicking them out at three." I grunt, and she laughs.
"I heard that!" Eschieve chimes, announcing her arrival that way. "I'm here, I'm here! Let the party begin." That statement is met with a chorus of hungover groans. Only Emma and Eschieve look somewhat awake, which strikes me as odd, because Eschieve is famous for her hangovers. She's immediately targeted by Beth for leaving unannounced last night.
"I know your dress ripped, but you could've at least - Danny, finally!"
All heads snap towards the balcony door, where a dissheveled looking Daniel is offering a sheepish grin. "Sorry, had some trouble getting up this morning. Didn't miss the food, did I?"
"Believe it or not, we waited for you, despite you completely bailing on us last night." Emma raises a single brow, and Daniel doesn't meet her eye.
"I told Charles!"
"Only because he asked! Like we wouldn't have had a charger for you. You owe me, leaving your sister like that."
"Sure, sure." He waves it away. "Anything for you. Now, can we please eat? I'm bloody starving."
As we eat, the party quickly turns to the party. Despite the Griffin not being that big of a place, it turns out we still all have different stories. People hurling on the curbside outside, or sharing secrets when out for a smoke.
"I swear to god I heard a couple hooking up in the bathrooms." Matthew adds to the list. "Lots of kissing, lots of moaning, definitely more than two feet. I think I even heard clothing rip." He shudders.
"Oh, you're just jealous!" Kenna laughs. "Don't pretend like you weren't scouring the crowd for a piece of ass."
"Excuse me, that's Brie's forté."
"Hey, I was perfectly behaved last night!" Brie huffs. "Emma needs hotter friends."
"Excuse me?!" Emma hurls her breadroll at him with a laugh. "My friends are plenty attractive."
"Not to my standards, sorry darling." He grins. "But talking hook-ups, I think I saw our sweet little Eschieve with some boy in a dark corner..."
All eyes are immediately on her, and her cheeks flush pink. "I haven't been in any dark corners lately."
"You're such a bad liar, Es!" Beth says. "Fess up, who was it? Do we know him? Emma must know him!"
"I didn't hook up with anyone! Everyone there was nearly ten years older than me, you think I would risk such a thing with Lucien right there?!" She shakes her head. "Absolutely not."
That logic gets her agreeable, albeit disappointed grunts and nods. I wonder to myself how right or wrong she is.
"Well, at least we all know who for sure got lucky last night." Kenna suddenly announces. Next to me, Daniel chokes on his toast.
"Sorry." He croaks, waving away any concern.
We all stare at him, but then Kenna says: "As I was saying!" Her eyes glitter land on Emma. "Did you get any sleep at all?"
Emma blushes, but doesn't back down. "As if you didn't jump on Tom now that the kids are out of the house!"
She waves that comment away. "Boring, vanilla sex on the best nights. You have that 'I absolutely had my mind blown'-glow."
"Well, at least someone got some!" Beth laughs. "I can't believe that we have four singles here and none of them got some!"
"Danny-boy did though." Brie says, and immediately he has all attention. A red colour creeps from Daniel's neck to his cheeks. "He's wearing the same clothes. Ditched the jacket in an attempt not to show it, but you've got the king of walk-of-shame's at the table..."
Beth and Emma are immediately on his case, and even Kenna acts like it's her own brother she's interrogating - which, considering the length of the friendship, she kind of is. There seems no way out for poor Daniel, and I must admit it's a fun show to watch.
"Come on, guys!" Eschieve suddenly cuts through. "Leave the poor boy alone. I want to enjoy my lunch without talking about his sexual escapades..."
"Leave the poor boy alone?" Beth's eyes narrow. "Whenever you're over, you bully him the harde-" Her sentence trails off, and something dawns on her. "Oh god."
"What?" Three people ask at once.
"ESCHIEVE! I can't believe - you?! I - what?!!?"
"What what?!" Matt demands, all eyes now on an appalled looking Beth.
"It's them! In the dark corner - Es's dress ripped in the bathroom stall - they both left early with terrible excuses! They hooked up with each other."

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