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I'm not sure about the hour, and it doesn't really matter anyway. There's no one in the house to be kept awake aside from Emma, and she's seated in the large armchair in the corner of the room. Her bare legs are over the arm of the chair, her head resting against the back with a soft smile on her lips that doesn't really seem to have left since her birthday party, nearly a month ago now.
"You've stopped playing." She notes. I blink, and the world starts moving again.
"You distracted me."
"I wasn't doing anything!"
"You were here with me, weren't you?"
She laughs, the sound mixing beautifully with the notes from the piano. "You're impossible."
"Thank you."
"That wasn't -"
"I said thank you."
She rolls her eyes, laughing again. I revel in it, let it dance over my skin and burrow into my brain. Despite summer still being a month long, I'm not quite ready to go back to Scotland. Then again - am I ever? We've spent the better part of three weeks at the manor, mostly for wedding planning stuff, because between school and work we're not sure when we're able to spend another long stretch of time here. And April is rapidly approaching, just eight months away. One could argue that's the better part of a year, but it feels that if we blink a little too often the day will be here. We still haven't decided on an exact date, just on a general timeframe. And that's only for the first wedding; the task of planning the second, much larger wedding still seems too daunting. We haven't made any plans on it yet, but it's more and more tempting to hire ourselves a wedding planner.
It still doesn't seem entirely real that we're getting married, despite it being the main subject of conversation during our time here. I doubt it's ever going to feel real until I'm there, at the end of the altar, and possibly not even then.
"Penny for your thoughts?"
"There's about a pound's worth of them." I reply with a smile.
"I've got some money to spare." is her quick reply.
"Alright then..." I hold my hand out for her, and she gracefully gets up to join me on the stool. "Lots of thoughts about the future. The wedding, being married to you... Then I think that about half of all those thoughts are just about how much I love you, and all the things I love about you."
Her lips twist in a smile, fingers carefully dancing over the skin of my underarms. "So that makes 75 pennies? What else?"
"All the work-things Eailyn has planned for me in the next couple of weeks, and how excited I am to get back into it even if it's just until school starts back up."
She laughs. "Forever married to social media. Anything else?"
"One more thing." I watch her fingeres move across my skin; nails that are a little bit longer than she likes them to be, with dirt under them because we spend our afternoon nursing the savage garden for Eschieve now that's she's away for the summer. "But you might not like it."
"Try me."
"I've put at least ten pennies on how absolutely gutted I am to go home tomorrow." I admit softly. "Not just because I'll miss France, because that's a given by now, but because it means the end of breaking routine. It means getting back to our more regular lives, and leaving the magic behind."
"Lucien du Castellon..." Her words are barely whispers, and they make me shiver. "Life with you is never regular."

We awaken to the sound of birds chirping, of the sun peering in through the little gap between the curtains that we left there on purpose, and to the aggressive buzzing of my phone. With some difficulty I locate the machine and curse whoever is calling when it's barely nine, which turns out to be Eailyn. That strikes me as odd, because she'll usually call later in the day.
"Hello?" My voice is heavy with sleep still.
"Morning Luce! Sorry for waking you, but there's some urgency behind this call and the offer is so good, I think you'll forgive me." Her voice, on the other hand, is entirely chippy like she's been up for hours. She might be. I roll onto my back, letting Emma curl up to me with her head on my chest.
"We'll see about that. What's up?"
"Have you ever heard of this show called Drag Race?"
"Mhmm. What about it?"
"Well, they're running a French version of it, and they need guest stars. They contacted me this morning if you'd be available. They're holding the option, but need confirmation today. They confided in me that they've also asked Gabriel."
My heart skips a beat as I consider this. Brie is a big fan of the show, and while I more often go to the watch parties he hosts for the other people and the fun rather than the show, I've gotten quite fond of it myself. And, ever after being outed a couple of years back, I've been meaning to get more involved with LGBTQ - though with all that happened to us between then and now, and getting back in school, it's landed far on the back burner. "Of course I'm in!" Emma glances up, puzzled by my sudden enthusiasm.
"Wonderful! I'll let them know. Filming will probably take between one and two weeks, last week of September. They won't be full days, so you'll still be able to do school work, but you're going to have to be in France for the full period. Is that doable?"
"I'll figure something out, I've done remote learning before."
I can hear the grin in her voice. "Do you forgive me for waking you up?"
"If you keep getting me offers like this, you know I always willl."

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