The Bundesliga was ending and Lieke Tennant knew that when a season ended, the boys from Borussia Dortmund always did a big party at one of their houses. It always had been fun. Lieke had joined about three times. The first time, with Marco Reus, with who she had a short fling. Then she went with Thomas Delaney, her best friend. Who she, sadly enough, didn't see that often anymore.
And last year she went with Mats Hummels, who she recently started dating and still was dating to this day.
Which meant, this was her fourth time attending the party. Which, like every year, ended crazier than expected.
Even Lieke, who normally didn't drink much alcohol, had a year where she was totally wasted. She blamed Marco, for being just as wasted as her.

But with Mats it was different. He was a bit more mature, she thought. A bit more grown up and he always looked out for her. He always made sure she was okay.
One thing Lieke could be a bit annoyed at, was his jealousy. Whenever she was talking to one of his teammates, he would never go away. He would never let her have some privacy.
Most of the times she thought it was an act of love, surely in the beginning it was cute.
But as their days went on, it became more and more annoying.

Little did Lieke know, that jealousy would take a huge turn in Liekes life that evening.

It was around nine, when Mats and Lieke arrived at Thomas Delaneys house. Lieke knew how big and beautiful his house was. It was the perfect place to plan a get together.
She recognised Marco's car and as she knew Thomas had two cars, that meant more people had arrived already. The whole place was crowded with beautiful cars.
Men and their love for cars, Lieke thought, as she shook her head.

“Let's go in.” Mats said sweetly, as he grabbed her hand. Together they walked to the door, which opened before they could ring the bell.
Thomas stood happily in front of them, way too hyped up already.
“Delaney!” Lieke said happily, finally seeing her best friend again.
They talked a lot through text, but they never had time to meet up. And she wasn't sure what Mats would think of it anyway.
“Lieke!” he said, his cheeks growing bigger as he smiled.
They embraced eachother in a long hug.
Lieke tried not to feel Mats his eyes prying on them.
“Mats.” Thomas smiled, giving his teammate a hug after.
“Come in!”

He let them in, and he followed them silently to the living room. It was even bigger than Lieke remembered. She saw Marco, chilling on the big five seat couch, with Gabriëla on his lap.
They weren't dating, far from it. They actually grew up together and had always been best friends.
And as they grew up together, they were always really easy with the touching around.
When Lieke dated Marco for that short time, Gabriëla became one of her best friends too. She had been an awesome friend for when she had trouble with boys. Or with Mats for that matter.

“Girl!” Gabriëla screamed over the music, as she jumped up from Marcos lap. Barely missing his precious spot between his legs.
“Gab!” Lieke said excitingly.
“How are you doing? Oh my god!” Gabriëla said, clearly already a bit tipsy.
“I'm good. You seem great too!” Lieke said, getting excited, because of Gabriëla her excitement.
“I'm absolutely wonderful.” she nodded, taking Liekes hand and leading her to the couch.
Mats shook his head and followed them.
Thomas watched them with a smile on his face.

In the time Thomas had become best friends with Lieke, he also started to have a slight crush on her. He never told her. He loved their friendship and didn't dare to fuck it up. But he still thought she was so beautiful and so sweet. And well, everything he wanted in a woman.
But then she started dating Mats and their friendship got a bit less active. He had hated that and he was happy to see her again now.
It was her presence that made sure he didn't want anyone else yet. And eventhough Thomas would love to move on, he just couldn't. Not yet, atleast.

Thomas walked off to the kitchen, getting some more booze for his friends. He crouched down, to grab some bottles, when he felt a slight presence behind him. He turned his head and saw Lieke behind him. She was alone.
“Hey.” she smiled. “I haven't seen you in forever.”
“I know.” Thomas laugh softly, grabbing the booze and standing up. “It's been boring without you.”
“How are you and Mats?” he then asked, knowing Mats would probably come searching for her eventually. It was, in his opinion, a bit much. But nobody ever told Mats about it.
“I think we are doing good. He is a sweetheart.”
Thomas nodded, not really sure what to say.

“Let's go back to the group, shall we.” Thomas said after a few, placing his hand on the small of her back. Lieke smiled obvlious.
“You don't seem drunk yet.” Lieke mentioned suddenly.
“Well, I'm not Marco Reus, am I?” he winked and pushed her softly into the living room.
It was Mats his observing look, that made Thomas roll his eyes immediately.

The evening itself was going great. The other teammates had arrived too. Mats and Marco were playing beerpong against Roman Bürki and Erling Haaland, which was an interesting game to say the least.
Gabriëla and Lieke were sitting outside on the balcony. It was an amazing view, looking down on a little park. It looked beautiful in the summery, evening light.
Every so often, Lieke and Gabriëla looked at the playing boys, but soon enough they turned around and only focused on the view.
They were both a little tipsy. Gabriëla more than Lieke. But they were having a lot of fun together.

“Oh my god! Did you see that shooting star?!” Gabriëla exclaimed.
“I'm sure that was just your imagination.” Lieke laughed loudly.
“No, fuck you. It wasn't!” Gabriëla started laughing, falling back onto Liekes shoulder.
“Damn, I wish I lived here.” she then said mindlessly.

“You can come by any time.”
Thomas had joined them from inside and Lieke started laughing.
“You don't want her over every day, Thomas. You really don't.” she laughed.
“He can decide that for himself.” Gabriëla answered.
Lieke cuddled Gabriëla quickly, before she felt Thomas sat down next to her.
Lieke noticed he was a little closer than he normally was. She looked back at him, smiling slightly. There was a weird vibe going on here.
“Are you having fun, Delaney?” Lieke asked.
“Stop calling me that.” he laughed. “But yeah, it's been fun. And I'm realising how lonely I am.”
“Aw.” Lieke cooed, as she tossled his curls.
“Gab is single too.” she laughed.
“Yeah.” she perked up. “I really fucking am. Sadly enough.”
Thomas chuckled at Gabriëla.
“You're drunk. I'm not gonna do anything with you right now.” he laughed, not turning her down. He was too polite for that.
“Alright, I will go try and kiss Marco again.” she smiled and stood up.
“Do you actually like him?” Thomas asked her, as she walked away.
She raised her hand and waved it.
“No, but it's funny as hell!”

Thomas gazed after Gabriëla, as she walked inside.
“Don't you want to go to the boys?” Lieke asked, still feeling how close they were together right now.
He shrugged.
“Are you okay?” she asked worriedly.
“Yeah, yeah!” he laughed.

Suddenly he looked up at Liekes hair.
“There's something in your hair. Can I-”
He moved his hand and softly removed the piece of leaf stuck in her hair.
“Thank you.” she grinned.

Little did she know Mats had been looking from behind the windows. Even Thomas didn't see it this time. And something in Mats his mind cracked.
Maybe it was the alcohol flowing through his body, combining his jealousy with anger.
But he knew about Thomas and Lieke being best friends back in the days and now they were so close. They had been incredibly close the whole evening. It didn't feel good to Mats at all.
Ofcourse did he knew about how Gabriëla and Marco always acted around eachother, but this felt so different to him.
He wiped his face with his hand, sweating more and more.
He turned around furious. He walked towards the bathroom, which he visited before. He had to cool down.

He turned down the door handle, but it was already closed.
“Fuck!” he sighed, but to his surprise the door opened.
“Sorry, I was just cooling down a little bit. You can have the room.”
Gabriëla was standing in front of him. He knew she wasn't her normal self, surely some alcohol had to do with it.
“I was planning on doing the same actually.” he smiled, tilting his head to look at her better.
“Alcohol going to your head too?” Gabriëla asked, looking up at him.
“No, other reasons.” he said shortly.
He stepped forward.
“We can change places or we can cool down together.” he shrugged.
Gabriëla couldn't take a step, she was a bit hypnotized by his moves. By his face too, but she wasn't gonna admit that. She knew he and Lieke were happily together.

He closed the door, after she couldn't answer. She was still staring at him. The alcohol making everything a little blurry. But his face didn't seem to be. It was so sharp.
Mats said something but Gabriëla didn't hear it.
“Maybe-” she sighed. “I should go.”
“Are you okay?” Mats asked, taking her hand.
She looked up into his hazel eyes.
“I'm not sure.” she smiled weakly.
“I'm just feeling a bit lonely tonight. You know everybody is getting older, getting their partners. And I'm just.. me.”

Mats gazed at her, with a feeling he himself couldn't even really register. But before he could think about the concequences, his lips had already locked with hers.
Anger over Lieke and Thomas overflowding his kiss. But also the taste of someone new, while being slightly drunk.
It felt better than expected.
Up until Gabriëla pushed him away. Her eyes wide open, as if she was all sober again.
“No.. no no no no-” she opened the door. “No no no!”
She kept whispering to herself, as she ran away from him.
Mats bit his lip, feeling numb.

Lieke and Thomas had moved theirselves to the couch inside. It had started raining a little too hard. Thomas had sit down inbetween Liekes legs on the ground. And she was mindlessly playing with his hair. She didn't know where Mats went and Gabriëla was nowhere to be seen either.
Thomas looked up.
“You stopped moving. What's wrong?” he asked, turning around a little.
“I don't know where Mats is.” she said.
“I'm sure he's fine.” Thomas said, he couldn't help but still feel Liekes hand in his hair and he didn't want it to stop.
But Lieke wasn't so sure. Especially because she knew how much Mats wanted to be around her. Especially at nights like this.
“I'm gonna go look.” she said silently, but before she could stand up, Gabriëla sprinted through the room. Almost flying to the backdoor.
Lieke looked at Marco and he looked back, both standing up at the same time.

“What the-” Erling said, looking at Thomas. But he shrugged and turned up the music.
He followed Marco and Lieke outside. He was way too curious to let this go. Especially because he was the only entirely sober one. He wanted to take it all in.

He saw the commotion around Marco's car, which probably meant they had brought Gabriëla to his car.
“I can't tell you.” she cried out. “No it will ruin our friendship, Lieke. I can't. I didn't want to.”
Thomas couldn't believe what he heard.
“I didn't know what came over me. Please I-”
she started coughing loudly. Thomas knew by her words that she was seriously sorry for whatever happened.
“You can tell us what happened, Gab.” Marco said sweetly, taking her hands.
“I know what happened.” Lieke sighed. “Mats kissed her.”
“How do you- No, that can't be it.” Marco said, shaking his head.
“I-I kissed him back. I was so stupid. I'm so sorry. I'm so incredibly sorry.”
“It's okay.” Lieke murmured.
“It is?!” Marco asked, not understanding all that was happening.
“Yeah, I think I know exactly what happened.”
Eventhough she felt her heart breaking in pieces, it also felt like she knew it was coming.
“We, uhm,” Gabriëla coughed again. “I was in the bathroom, cooling down from the alcohol. And I thought he just needed to pee so I let him in. But something was wrong with him, so we stayed there together. We both wanted to calm down. But then.. fuck!”
She sighed, holding back more tears.
“Then I told him how lonely I felt and he kissed me. And I didn't stop him.. immediately.”

Thomas, who had come closer, placed his hand on Liekes shoulder.
“He was fucking jealous. I just know it.” Lieke groaned.
“Did he take advantage of you?” Marco asked slowly to his best friend.
“I don't feel that way. It was my fault too.”
“Yeah, but he knew you weren't exactly sober anymore.” Lieke said angrily.
“Lieke, please. It's not only his fault.”
“Well, he started kissing you, didn't he?” Lieke stood up, finally realising Thomas was right by here side. And she was glad.

Especially as Mats came walking outside just then.
“Fuck you!” she spitted at him. “Fuck you and your jealousy.”
Mats opened his mouth and closed it again.
“You need to learn trust people. I'm so-” she shook her head and closed her eyes to calm herself down.
She didn't want be on his level.
“I can't even laugh around a guy when I'm with you. Do you think I'm a slut or something? Do you think I fuck everybody I come across?”

She was shouting so loudly, that even Marco and Thomas tried to calm her down.
Mats dropped his head. He didn't know what to say and so he didn't say anything. He knew he made a mistake and he was going to pay for it now.
“I'm done with you, Mats!” she said, and his heart broke slowly.
“Yeah, I know..” he muttered, before he walked to his car. “I'm sorry, Lieke.”

She watched as he went into his car, slightly worried about the alcohol in his body. But she didn't want him to stay anymore.
She watched as he drove away and then she broke.
Tears streaming down her face. She felt hands holding her up, bringing her inside. She saw people whispering.
But she was in total shock of what had happened. She was so tough when Mats wasn't around. But seeing his face, it was too much.
She heard a door close and the person next to her, sitting her down on a bed.

“Lieke, calm down, please..” she heard a whisper.
Thomas. Ofcourse it was him. It was always him.
“I can't believe this.” she stuttered.
“I don't know what to say. Maybe I shouldn't have-”
“This is not your fault, Thomas.” she shook her head.
“But I could have-”
“Stop.” she said, finally looking up at him.
“Just be with me, right now.”

He nodded. He was worried, he didn't want to leave her alone for a second.
“Come here.” he whispered, taking her in his arms.
She immediately layed her forehead against his shoulder. He pulled her even closer, sighing softly against her brown locks.

They stayed like that for what felt like hours. Maybe because it was safe like this for Lieke. Maybe it was what she needed right now.

Thomas wanted to sit up again.
“No, wait, don't pull away..” she whispered. “Not yet.”
Thomas stared at her for a few seconds, before he caressed her cheek.
“Okay.” he whispered, pulling her back in.

It took about an hour, before Lieke fell asleep in Thomas' bed. She was absolutely tired and not able to go home anymore. Everybody except for Thomas had alcohol in their bodies and he couldn't leave his place right now. So she had no way to go home, since she didn't want to be alone right now.
He had left her over ten minutes ago, promising to be back soon.

And he, indeed, was back very fast. He closed the door, trying to make no sound. And so he did again, as he undressed himself. He grabbed his favourite sweatpants from his closet, put them on and then turned around.

Lieke said it was okay if he joined her, but was it really? Or was it just her heartbreak talking?
But he couldn't leave her alone right now either.
So he walked to the other side of the bed and lied down next to her.
As if she felt his presence, she immediately scooted closer.
Thomas smiled, as his heart warmed.
He layed his arm across her waist and felt her hand joining his.

He closed his eyes, her parfume filling his nose. He had missed it.

“Goodnight, Delaney.” he heard her voice.
He smiled so brightly, that he almost started to laugh.
“Goodnight, Lieke." he whispered against her hair. "You will be okay.”
“I know I will be.”
She squeezed his hand and he sighed. This was going to be a long and hard journey. But whatever happened, he knew he finally had his best friend back.

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    Delaney is CUTE AF THO

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    Btw, deze gif hier hè. ECHT GOED LEEFJE

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    MAAR MIJN GOD GAB WAT IS DIT DUS GOED ZOALS JE KAN ZIEN. Ik heb volgens mij nog nooit zoveel reacties bij een van je one shots achter gelaten HAHAHAHA. MAAR ECHT, ECHT, ECHT. IK KAN NIET WACHTEN OP DEEL 2 BC SLFKJSDLFJDSLKJF. ALSO HOOP IK dat Mats zichzelf gaat redeemen bc he's not this guy tbh. :-( MAAR DIT WAS ECHT ZO BAE I'M SMILING SO BIG GOODBYE.

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    “Goodnight, Delaney.” he heard her voice.
    He smiled so brightly, that he almost started to laugh.
    “Goodnight, Lieke." he whispered against her hair. "You will be okay.”
    “I know I will be.”
    She squeezed his hand and he sighed. This was going to be a long and hard journey. But whatever happened, he knew he finally had his best friend back.


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