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Since the incident with Mats, Liekes life turned around quickly.
She had quickly forgiven Gabriëla, even though it was still difficult to think about it. But she knew Mats didn't leave Gabriëla a choice. And after all, he was a handsome, much wanted man in this scene. Ofcourse Gabriëla would have kissed him back.

Besides Gabriëla, Lieke realised something else too. Something she never realised before. And the moment she did realise, she hated her guts for not noticing earlier.
It was now, about six months later, that she realised what love really was.
Thomas had stolen her heart. For real now.
He had been there for her for weeks. He even took her with him to Denmark, where he was gonna spend some time with his family. And then to Greece, for a well deserved vacation at the beach.
Lieke had turned his offer down at first, but after Thomas told her he wouldn't want anything else, she had eventually said yes. Mostly, because after that moment, they had their first kiss.

They were happily together now. Thomas was much easier around other boys. Ofcourse did he knew about Mats' jealousy and he tried not to repeat the things he did.
Luckily for him, Lieke seemed a lot more closer with him as she ever was with Mats. It wasn't like it was never good with Mats. It was just that it felt more comfortable with Thomas.
Lieke didn't have to try with him. It was just there.
They often hang out with Marco and Gabriëla, who seemed to become crazier with the day. It was fun to be with them. Since Thomas and Lieke normally were a bit laid down. Even though, that wasn't always the case for Thomas.
Whenever Marco came over, Thomas became ten times more active than he was around Lieke.
So in the end Lieke seemed the only one who was actually calm.

Tonight they had another come together. Just the four of them. Mats was out of view right now. He started dating an old friend.. They were cute together. Lieke just hoped he would learn from his mistakes. The poor man didn't deserve what she had gone through.
She believed it was Benedikt Höwedes he started seeing. An retired soccer player he had spend a lot of time in the national team with.
But he seemed happy. And deep down that made Lieke happy too.
Because they eventually got together to talk about what happened after a week or two. Knowing fully well Lieke didn't want to go back to him. He knew too, deep down, but he wanted to hear it from here.
It was around that time, Thomas had been there for her so much. She couldn't just.. go back to Mats. And she didn't want to anyway. But she forgave him and she was happy he was trying to be better.

So Lieke, Thomas, Marco and Gabriëla were hanging around often now. Sometimes Erling joined them, but that was only when he wasn't clubbing in the big city.

“So, you still single?” Thomas asked Gabriëla. It was supposed to be just a question, but with all that happened, Thomas just couldn't hold his laugh.
“Yeah, laugh about it. Even Marco got another fling.”
“It's not a fling!” Marco said annoyed, pushing Gabriëla away.
“Tell that to the ten other girls you've dated these last two years.” Gabriëla sniggered.
Marco mocked Gabriëla by repeating her words, which only made her laugh harder.

“Atleast I have someone, you idiot.” Marco said, taking a sip from his beer.
“Yeah well, give me one of your exes then. They seemed cute.”
Marco rolled his eyes.
“All straight, honey.” he said sarcastically.
“Then fix me one of your teammates.”
“Erling?” Thomas smiled.
“Too young, Thomas.” Gabriëla said quickly.
“Roman?” Lieke tried.
“He isn't even single.”
“Wait, wait!” Thomas said. “I think I know someone. Only thing is, he's not exactly in Germany.”
Lieke turned to look at him. Thomas smiled, layed his hand on her thigh. (Which, by the way, made Liekes whole body warm up immediately)
“You know the guy we met when we were in Denmark. My teammate in the national team.”
“Oh...” Lieke's eyes went big. “He's single?!”
“He is, indeed.” Thomas wiggled his eyebrows. “Since a short time. But I think he's ready for something new.”

“You said Denmark?” Gabriëla said, raising her eyebrow. “How the hell am I supposed to meet this man then?”
“Is he hot though?” she whispered to Lieke.
Lieke nodded, a smirk growing on her face.
“Perfect for you. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Tall. Defender. You love defenders right?”
“He actually plays in Italy these days, but I was planning on going to Denmark for a few days next week, since it's almost Christmas. He will be back too, I'm sure. I think, maybe we can do it together. Marco, you and your fling can come to if you like?”
They seemed to agree with it. Gabriëla was planning on spending Christmas on her own anyway.
And Marco was sure Esmée Phelps, his girlfriend, would love to come too. Traveling was one of her favorite things to do.

“But I don't even know who this man is.”
“Did you never, ever watch my games?” Thomas sighed loudly. “He's my captain.”
“Oh- Like this one here?” Gabriëla pointed at Marco.
“No, he's prettier.” Lieke admitted, which followed by a cushion thrown to her head.
In the meantime, Thomas had grabbed his phone and started scrolling through his gallery. He showed Gabriëla a picture of the man himself and Thomas next to him. Both smiling happily.
“His name is Simon, by the way. Kjaer is his last name.”
“I can't even pronounce that.” she murmured, but she was way too busy with the phone.
Lieke looked at Thomas, who smirked at her.
Had this been his plan all along? Lieke was sure now, that it was.
“God, he's hot.” Gabriëla murmured.
“Do I need to call him, see if he wants to come?” Thomas asked.
“Sure do, Thomas. Sure do.” Gabriëla smirked.
Lieke laughed softly.
They all watched as Thomas started to actually call the man. Lieke looked at Gabriëla, who actually had gotten a bit shy now. Typical. She always had the biggest words, up until it actually happened.
Eventually Thomas start talking. They all listened to words they didn't understand. Thomas kept laughing, which made Lieke more curious and Gabriëla more nervous.
“He's scrolling through your instagram.” Thomas smirked.
“Thomas! How does he even know my instagram?!” she screamed.
Thomas laughed and put the phone on speaker.
“I told him to go to Liekes account and well, Lieke doesn't have many photos.” Thomas explained.
Simon was still talking, as Thomas smile grew bigger.
“He says that you should check your instagram.” Thomas giggled. He had way too much fun with this.
“I don't want to!” she yelled, but still grabbed her phone anyway.
Lieke was following all this with big eyes. Marco was as surprised as she was.
“What the fuck?” he mouthed to Lieke, who shrugged.
“Simon, you're on speaker. I don't know if you wanna say hi? Show them you can talk English too, before they kill me here.”
A laugh voiced over the phone.
“Yeah, hey guys.” a calm voice then said. “And Lieke!”
He suddenly seemed a lot more excited. Lieke wiggled her eyebrows.
“Hey Simon, so you are coming too next week?” Lieke asked, as she kept looking at Gabriëla.
But she shook her head, meaning she didn't want to talk just yet.
“Yeah, sounds fun! It's been while that I had so much fun with you and Thomas. So the more the merrier.”
Gabriëla pulled her legs up under her chin and stared at her own phone.

Gabriëla: I feel like an idiot right now. Thomas made me do this.

Simon: Don't worry. I can't wait to actually meet you. You seem like a lovely person. Must be with friends like Thomas and Lieke.

Gabriëla smiled softly, only Lieke noticed.

Gabriëla: Okay okay, me too actually. And I'm very happy to call them my friends. But Thomas is still an idiot.

Suddenly Simon started to laugh and Lieke immediately looked at Gabriëla. Her cheeks went red.
“I was just telling Simon what an idiot Thomas is.” she shrugged, which made Simon laugh even harder.
It took a few seconds for Thomas to jump up and a few less for Gabriëla to run away onto the stairs.

“I guess we will see you soon. Marco and his fling are also coming!” Lieke said in the meantime, grabbing the phone.
“My girlfriend..” Marco groaned.
“Yeah,” Simon answered. “I will text Gabriëla a little more. Get to know her a bit before we see eachother. She seems awesome.”
“She is, but take it easy with her.”
“I will.” Simon laughed. “Talk to you later, Lieke.”
“Til later!” she said, before she hung up.

Loud laughing erupted from the guest bedroom. Gabriëla was laughing so hard, which only could mean Thomas was giving her a tickle death. She usually never laughed this hard.
“I swear, what are they on today?!” Marco asked Lieke, who didn't have a clue either. But she actually liked it. It felt like she was making good memories with her best friends.

When Thomas came back, he pulled Lieke up from the couch. Kissed her softly, not caring about Marco watching. He wasn't anyway, he was too busy with his phone and without noticing anything, he walked onto the balcony.
“I love you.” Thomas said.
“I love you too, babe.” Lieke answered.
His hands held her cheeks, making sure she didn't look away.
“Me and Gab, nothing hap-”
“I know. I know, Thomas. You don't have to apologise when you're having fun.” she smiled at him, pulling him closing for another kiss.

And just like that, things got heated. Liekes lips were closed onto Thomas as they shuffled to the other side of the room.
“What about Gab and Marco?” Lieke asked, looking down at his pants which were already tightened up.
“We will just tell them we are going to sleep. They can have the guestroom.” he said quickly.
His hand was moving around her waist.
“Yeah, okay, okay.” Lieke said out of breath.
“You go, I will be there soon.”
Lieke watched as he ran to the stairs, up to the guestroom.
“Have fun with the sex!” she heard Gabriëla yell a few seconds later.
Lieke bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. She knew very well Gabriëla didn't care. She was probably texting her new dream man right now. She probably wouldn't even notice if the house was on fire.
Marco didn't seem to care either, he suddenly was very much into his phone too.

Thomas came back quickly.
“I thought you were gonna wait in the room.” he said dreamily.
“I never said I was going to.” she said, gazing into his brown, beautiful eyes.
His gorgeous smile covering his lips.
“Come on then.” he said, pulling her with him to his bedroom.
The one they spent the first night cuddled together. Now it was mostly meant for other things.
He closed the door behind Lieke and pushed her softly against it.
He looked down at her, one arm next to her head.
“Hey.” he smiled, grabbing her chin softly.
“Hey.” Lieke smiled, addicted to his smile.
Their lips locked again. Lieke had trouble breathing. They wanted to be with eachother so badly. They couldn't even wait until the evening was over. It seemed like everything went so well and they wanted to take advantage of that as much as they could.

Lieke grabbed Thomas his shirt, pulled it over his head and threw it away. She looked at his abs, still being totally in awe of his body.
With shaking hands she grabbed his sweatpants, pulled them down quickly. The only thing that rested were his boxershorts, she pulled them down.
Maybe a little too hard, as he heard him gasp. And no wonder he did. He was already full on hard.
Lieke looked up, bit her lip.
She sat down on her knees.
“Really?” he muttered surprised.
Lieke laughed silently. He was way too precious for this.
She placed her hand around his hardened dick and start moving. She slowly licked over the tip of his cock, making him cry out softly.
His arms leaned against the door, as he felt Liekes hand going back and forth. Faster and faster. He closed his eyes, tried not to moan to hard.
But, damn, did it feel so good.
Her lips closed around his length and she picked up the pace. Taking him all in.
“God..” he muttered.
He grabbed her hair softly, making sure she managed the right tempo, before he stroked it, making sure she knew how good it felt. Eventhough his moans were already telling her. And she loved it.
“Babe, I'm cumming.” he moaned.
He lifted his head and a loud moan escaped his mouth, before Lieke felt his cum all up in her throat. She managed to swallow it. She wiped her lips with her thumb and licked it dry, all under Thomas his seeing eye. She stood up, to be closer to him again.

“Sometimes you drive me crazy, you know that?” he said. He stepped out of his pants and grabbed Lieke by her hips, moving her closer.
“I know.” she breathed out, trying to control herself.
But he was so fully naked and she wanted him so badly.
He slowly pulled her shirt over her head and followed with her shorts. He unclipped her bra, like it was the easiest thing in the world, and sat down on his knees to pull down her slip.
She looked down at him, breathless. His hands on either side of her hips, being way too slow to her liking.
He placed a kiss just above his favorite place. He smirked as he looked up to her.
She shook her head, biting her lip.
He chuckled, stood up and lifted her up.
That's when she realised how hard he was again. Already.
His arms rested underneath her ass, and her legs were around his waist. It felt good being this close to eachother, without a care in the world.

He placed her onto the bed so sweetly, as if he was holding an angel.
She stared into his eyes.
A giggle escaped her mouth.
“You look so beautiful.” she sighed, touching his chest.
“And so do you.” he smiled.
He kissed her passionately. It may have been the most passionate kiss they had shared so far.
“Come lay down.”

Before he could protest, she was already on top of him.
A surprised look filled his face.
“What did I do to deserve all this?” he spoke.
“Just for being you, I guess.”
She moved down a little and felt his tip already touching her entrance.
Her eyes didn't leave his, as she lead his dick inside of her. Slowly falling onto it. She breathed out heavily. Being used to his size, but still not being ready for it.
His mouth opened slightly, taking it all in.
Her walls closed around him.
“I-” he wanted to say, but he couldn't.
Lieke started moving slowly. Making her and Thomas feel everything.
His hands rested on her lips, as he watched her feel all the pleasure in her body. She stretched out, giving Thomas an even better view of her. As her breasts looked beautiful in the dimmed bedroom light.
“Go faster.” he said, as Liekes moans filled the room. She immediately did as she was told.
“Perfect.” he whispered.
He moved his hands up to her breasts and massaged them softly. This seemed to take Lieke almost over the edge.
“I'm so close.” she cried, picking up her pace even more. Thomas placed his thumb on her clit and rubbed it quickly, making her cry out loud.
“Then show it.” he smirked at her.
He didn't have to say that twice. Her body shivered as a wave of pleasure overcame her. Thomas thought it was the most beautiful view he had ever experienced. He looked at her lovingly, knowing how good she felt.

Lieke sighed exhausted, but happily, as she fell down onto his chest.
Thomas lazely grabbed his length and as Lieke kissed him slowly, it didn't take long for him to go over the edge a second time.
He turned around to Lieke, their legs twisting together.
He didn't stop kissing her, eventhough his orgasm put a halt to it for a few seconds. His hand placed where it always was, on her cheek.
They stared and smiled, and smiled and stared a little more. There was nothing that could happen between them now.
“You sure you don't just want to go to Denmark with me?”
“Next time, love.” he smiled. “Besides, my house there, is just as big as the one here. You know that. We can do whatever we want.”
He touched her lip with his thumb, gazed at them, realising once again how beautiful they were.
“Can we get like a room furthest away from Marco. I don't trust him when he has a girl.”
Thomas gasped and started laughing.
“Do you think it's gonna be some big sex party, or what?!” he laughed, stroking his hand through her bewildered hair now.
“I know us, and I know Marco too.”
“You're crazy.” Thomas laughed.
“Let's hope the other two take their time with doing that stuff.” Lieke giggled.
“You're really, really crazy.” his eyes growing bigger.
“Yeah well, we ain't getting younger.”
He kissed the tip of her nose and sighed.
“No, no we ain't.”
“We never did it yet in Denmark though.” Lieke mentioned.
“Oh, no, we didn't right? It was..”
“Straight after we came back.” she laughed.
She gazed up at him, a smile covered his whole face.
And hers was beaming too.

“It's a good thing I already met your parents a long time ago.” she murmured.
“I hope by now they realised you're my girlfriend.” he laughed.
“I think they did. I mean, they weren't really holding back by commenting 'daughter in law' with a heart underneath my latest instagram post.”
“Gotta love them.” Thomas laughed, pulling Lieke into his arms.
He rested his chin on top her head.
Lieke closed her eyes, as she embraced his body with her arms.
They were one in that moment.

“I love you, Thomas.” Lieke whispered.
“I know, I love you too.” he whispered back.
And Lieke knew he was smiling, so she smiled too.
“Forever?” she asked, giving a kiss on his bare chest.
“Yeah.” he giggled his typical Thomas giggle. “Yeah... forever.”

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    “I love you, Thomas.” Lieke whispered.
    “I know, I love you too.” he whispered back.
    And Lieke knew he was smiling, so she smiled too.
    “Forever?” she asked, giving a kiss on his bare chest.
    “Yeah.” he giggled his typical Thomas giggle. “Yeah... forever.”


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