The flight to Denmark was pretty simple for most of the crew that was going. It was only about an hour and a half of a flight.
But Lieke and Gabriëla had never flown before and they were pretty freaked out by it.
Gabriëla, Thomas and Lieke sat together. Thomas at the window, Lieke next to him and Gabriëla next to her. Gabriëla didn't want to sit near the window. No way she was going to look outside.
She had been holding onto Lieke as they took off and Lieke was also holding onto Thomas too. Even though she didn't want to admit it, because he had flown before, she still hated to do it.
It must have been a pretty funny view, if you looked at the three of them.
It was a surprise Gabriëla even fell asleep after twenty minutes. Lieke couldn't do that.
Luckily she had Thomas by her side, who was reading to her out of her favorite book.
Sometimes she couldn't believe that she had him by her side.

Esmée, who was such a sweetheart, was sitting with Marco in the other row. They were happily talking and enjoying the view. Lieke didn't understand how easy they were under it.
Okay, Thomas and Marco flew a lot for their games. But even Esmée was close to dancing around if she could have.

Lieke was happy when she finally landed and so was Gabriëla for sure.
As they went to get their suitcases, Thomas was talking on the phone with someone. What Gabriëla didn't know, because know one told her, was that Simon was going to pick them up from the airport.
Lieke especially thought it would be funny to see her reaction when she walked outside. She could totally picture it already.
She grabbed her suitcase, together with Thomas' and walked over to Marco and Esmée.
Gabriëla was still looking for her suitcase.

“You still didn't tell her?” Marco asked. “You know she will probably freak right?”
Lieke smiled mischievously.
“Sometimes I absolutely love your way of thinking!” Marco laughed.
Esmée was laughing softly. She wasn't used to the usual banter, but Lieke knew she would get used to it quickly. Especially with Marco as her boyfriend.

After Gabriëla finally found her suitcase, they walked outside. She was talking about the dream she had and how afraid she was to fly back to Marco, when she heard a voice she slightly recognised.
She looked forwards and it felt like she turned red immediately.
Simon was leaning against the car. His arms crossed in front of his chest. His legs also crossed in front of him. He had a smile on his face.
Gabriëla took a quick glance at the tattoos covering his arms and then cursed herself for letting Thomas arrange this.
She shot a dark look at Lieke.

“Hey.” she said shyly to Simon.
She heard chuckles around her, as they one by one loaded up the back of the car.
“Hey.” Simon smiled. “Let me guess. They didn't tell you I was coming to pick you up?”
Gabriëla shaked her head slowly, before she started to laugh.
Without asking, he grabbed her suitcase and gave it to Thomas. Thomas looked up, but didn't say anything.
Gabriëla could barely hold her laugh after seeing his face. And Simon was thinking exactly the same, as a smirk came upon his face.

“They don't know what's coming this week.” he laughed, before he walked up to her.
He opened his arms. She looked at him, not saying a word. He raised his eyebrow.
“I'm not getting a hug?” he chuckled.
“Sorry, I-” she shook her head dumbly and embraced his hug.

It wasn't so much scary, as it was strange. It was just weird to finally feel his hug after talking to him all week through text. They had the best conversations and Gabriëla was so happy to finally meet him. But she really cursed her friends for doing it like this. She felt like a shy schoolgirl.

“It's okay.” Simon whispered into her ear, like he knew what she was thinking about.
“I'm sorry I'm being such an idiot.” she chuckled shyly.
He shrugged.
“Atleast I knew the moment I would see you.” he laughed, leading her softly to the car. His hand on her back, making her back burn.
“They did fuck with you.”
“Yeah, meet my friends.” she rolled her eyes.

She was about to go in, when she realised there wasn't enough space.
“Guys, I will gladly stay here if you want me to. But otherwise I don't know how we're gonna get to Thomas his house all together.” she laughed.
It was like they only now realised they were with six and not with five.

“It's not a long drive, I think if one of the girls cuddles up to their boyfriends it will be fine.” Simon thought out loud.
“Alright. Lieke is the smallest right.” Thomas grinned. Ofcourse he didn't mind.
And so Lieke climbed up to his hip. Esmée moved closer to the middle, so Gabriëla could sit down next to her, behind Simon.

“Look at them. Two captains getting the best seats.” Lieke rolled her eyes.
Gabriëla, who kind of went into her own space in that moment, was looking at Simon tapping his fingers on his drivingwheel on the beat of the music. Some Danish song she couldn't possibly figure out.
She closed her eyes, trying to sleep, which ofcourse wasn't working. She had slept for an hour on the flight. She sighed, which caught Simons attention. He looked at her through his wing mirror.
He smiled at her softly.
Gabriëla's stomach did a somersault, but she managed to smile back, before she shyly looked away.
This man did too much with her mind. And her heart for that matter.

In the meantime Lieke and Thomas were whispering to eachother. Marco thought it was a bit too cheesy, but he couldn't lie about the fact they were pretty cute. He hoped he looked as cute with Esmée by his side. He seriously liked the girl and he hoped they would stay together for a long, long time.
It was the fact she made him feel so down to earth, after he went a bit too far again. She kept him sane and happy. She was amazing for him.
Marco put up his hand and without hesitation, Esmée grabbed it.
He looked around, smiling at her and she smiled back.
“You okay?” he mouthed.
Esmée nodded, moving closer to kiss his hand. Marco couldn't help but let out a big, relieved sigh.

Lieke looked up, smiling down at all her friends. She couldn't possibly thought about this scenario six months ago. And now they were cramped up together in Simons car.
Thomas was tapping to the music on her belly and pulled her just a bit closer time by time.
“You gotta teach me some more Danish, because right now it just sounds like nothing.” Lieke laughed to the music, looking at Thomas.
“I will give you some lessons.” he smiled at her.
She quickly pecked his lips and looked at him.

She kept looking for a while. Thomas wasn't sure what she was thinking, but all he could do was smile. Only when she tilted her head to the side, he raised his eyebrow.
“What are you doing?” he laughed.
“Nothing.” she said, but all she could think of was how bad she wanted to kiss him right now. And she wasn't going to do that next to someone she barely knew.

About fifteen minutes later, they finally reached Thomas' house. It was still as beautiful as Lieke remembered it.
“Wow, this is huge!” Esmée exclaimed.
“It really is. Uh, Thomas are you rich?!” Gabriëla yelled at him from the other side of the car.
“Just good with my money, honey.” he joked, making Gabriëla roll her eyes.
The two had bonded well, all they did was throw banter at eachother now.

“Let's go inside, we will grab our stuff later!” Thomas said excitingly. Lieke jumped onto his back, as he carried her to the door. Marco and Esmée walked hand in hand to the house.
Gabriëla started walking to, but ofcourse with Simons big steps, she wasn't alone for long. They both smiled that shy smile again, before they went inside.

“Me and Lieke will take the upstairs bedroom.” Thomas explained, once they were all inside. “Then there's one right here.”
He pointed to his right.
“Uh, we have another one on the second floor and I also have a little shed in the back too. I don't know if you two want to sleep in one room?”
He looked at Gabriëla, who looked at Simon.
“We are mature enough to do that, aren't we?” Simon laughed.
“Yeah, we can do that.” she laughed, finally losening up a bit. She couldn't wait to get some beer into her system though.
“We will take the second floor if you don't mind, Simon. Sometimes when I can't sleep I like to watch the stars. I want to be as close as I can be.” she explained.
Simon shrugged sweetly.
“Fine by me.” he said.

“Me and Esmée will take the shed.” Marco said.
“Oh thank god!” Lieke blurted out.
“What is that supposed to mean!?” Marco replied.
“Oh, you know exactly what I mean. I know you aren't exactly quiet in bed.”
Esmée her cheeks went fairly red and even Marco didn't know what to say for a second. That's when Gabriëla gasped and started laughing.
“You know Esmée and Simon are probably horrorstruck at the things we are saying to eachother.” she laughed out loud.
“That's what it takes to be our friend, Gab.” Lieke shrugged, before she exited to the kitchen.

“Alcohol anyone?” she shouted after her.
“Me too.”
“Yeah, me too.”

“Three beers for Gab and the real man in this house. Marco what about you?”
“Shut up, Lieke!” he laughed. “I want a bacardi cola.”
Esmée snickered at Lieke her words.
“I want a bacardi too.”
“Matching drinks for the love birds.” Lieke muttered.
Even Thomas went a bit red in the meantime. Lieke was really letting it all out. But maybe she was just incredibly happy to be here. Thomas felt like that might have been the reason.
She had grabbed a bottle of white wine for herself and came back with all the drinks in her hand. It was almost impossible, but she handled it.

They all sat down by the sofa's. Thomas and Lieke took one chair, still being as close as possible.
Esmée and Marco filled one sofa. Gabriëla had sat down next to Marco's legs on the ground. The carpet made it pretty soft.
Simon had grabbed the other sofa for himself. And eventhough he kept signing Gabriëla in the hope she would join him, she didn't move. Once again, she fell back into her own little world.

A few hours later the sun went under and the alcohol was spilling left and right. Marco and Thomas were jumping around to a german song.
“Do you know any German words, Simon?” Lieke asked him, just loud enough for Simon to hear it. He shook his head.
Gabriëla sat down on Liekes lap, being tipsy and for sure more open than she was a few hours back. She rested her arm around Liekes neck and looked at Simon.
“I think Gab can teach you some!” Lieke said excitingly.
“Teach what?” Gab asked, with a smile on her face.
“He knows enough already. He doesn't need to learn German too!” she laughed, which made Simon smile proudly. “Girl, he knows Italian. Italian!”
“Oh, that's a sexy language.” Lieke wiggled her eyebrows.
“Yeah, and he can speak English and Danish, ofcourse. And I believe he can even speak a bit of French too.” Gabriëla rambled on.
At this point Lieke was staring at her with amusement.
“How do you even know that?” Lieke laughed.
“We talked a lot.” Simon chuckled. He took a sip of his beer.
“Then why, may I ask. Aren't you talking now that you two are together?”
That was question both of them didn't really knew how to answer.

“Look, if you don't want to learn German. Then atleast teach Gab some Danish.” Lieke smiled.
She pushed Gabriëla of of her and almost onto Simons lap.
Gabriëla shot her a dark look again.
She silently sat down next to Simon.
“So, what do you wanna know?” Simon laughed, rolling his eyes at Liekes words.
“I don't freaking know.” Gabriëla giggled. “Maybe some bad words I can use against them.”
They both looked up at their friends.
A slow song was playing on the stereo and for some reason, both couples decided slow dancing was a good plan. Totally not awkward for the other two.
Gabriëla felt a bit sad about it. She never really had a good relationship with someone. Her longest relationship had been two months and from there on she didn't know who to trust anymore.
Now that she felt like she found someone again, she was to scared to even say a thing.

“Hey, we can dance to if you want to?” Simon said, knowing once again, exactly how she felt.
“It's okay..” Gabriëla said, a weak smile on her face.
“You know what I told you about my dating history. It's just that sometimes I get a bit sad about it. Seems it only gets worse when I drink booze.” she explained.
“I still don't believe you never had anyone close to you.”
“Yeah, well.. you better believe it.” she said sarcastically.
He looked at her, feeling slightly sorry for her too.
“Come here.” he then said, putting his arms around her shoulders and pulling her closer. Once he did that, she felt better. She immediately cuddled up to him. Her heartbeat fastening quickly, especially as she softly felt his lips on top of her head.
“And for the record. I'd love to teach you some Danish.” he whispered close to her ear.
Shivers went all over Gabriëla's body.
“How about we actually start with the bad words.” he smiled brightly, as she looked up in surprise.
“Excellent plan, but first!” she said, waving at Thomas. “Delaney, two more beer please!”
As Lieke looked up in utter surprise and Thomas actually went to grab some beer, Gabriëla felt a soft squeeze in her arm.
“You got guts!” Lieke said, winking at her. “Thomas is gonna make you pay for that.”
“He can try all he wants.” Gabriëla laughed, but sweetly enough for Lieke to know she was just joking around.

Within a few seconds there was an understanding between the two of them. Lieke was happy for Gabriëla, whatever was happening, it looked good from her point of view. And Gabriëla was happy Lieke understood and cared.
She knew Marco did too, but she knew for him it was hard to let his best friend go.
Just equally as hard as it felt for Gabriëla when she heard he had another woman by his side.
They would always be a pair, but whenever one got into a relationship, they knew that had to let eachother go a bit.

When Thomas came back, she thanked him. Not only for the beer, but for all that he was doing for her. He nodded, knowing exactly what she meant, without her saying it out loud.
“Next round is on you though!” he said with a grin, before he ruffled her hair.
“Thomas!” she groaned, as he ran away quickly.

It was about three at night when they decided to get some sleep. Gabriëla was changing herself in the bathroom that was linked to their bed room. Thomas was seriously rich.
She heard loud laughs, meaning Thomas and Lieke were definitely having fun. Gabriëla just hoped she wasn't going to hear more. It also surprised her, since her room was on the left side of the house, and Thomas his room on the right side. But they were probably being so loud, that everybody could hear them.
She wiped off her make up, being slightly scared to look this bare skinned with Simon around. But she didn't wear much make up anyway. So she guessed it would be fine.
The man himself, in the meantime, was sitting behind the window in a lounge chair. He was already done changing and he was staring outside. The stars were shining bright tonight.

“I'm done.” Gabriëla said, walking back into the bed room. She was still a bit insecure. So she had decided on a pair of shorts and oversized shirt.
Simon turned around, giving her the same comforting smile he had been giving her the whole day. He stood up, and it was in that moment Gabriëla realised he was barely wearing anything.
She took a few seconds to stare at his abs and his tattoed arms. She moved her eyes higher, to his growing, blonde beard and then to his blue, twinkling eyes.
It seemed like Simon was holding in a chuckle. He must knew he was pretty.
“You don't even try, do you? It's just natural to you.” Gabriëla said sarcastically, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
“Well, I work out for my job. I guess that's where it comes from.” he replied.
“Hm, yeah, yeah.” she rolled her eyes, but it followed by a smile.

There was something going on between the two. They had spend the night cuddled up together and it had felt amazing for Gabriëla. But now that they were alone, it felt scary.
Simon took a step closer. He was now towering over her, which was a little bit intimidating. But it also felt exciting.
“If you ain't gonna make a move, I will.” he said.
“I- I'm not gonna stop you.” she stuttered, turning red.
“Stop being so shy. You know me, right. I mean, not for long. But you know me.”
Gabriëla sighed and nodded.
That's when he lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes.
“Lieke told me to be easy with you. But I really want to kiss you right now. So, is that okay?”
It was the most beautiful smile she had ever witnessed that followed and she quickly nodded.
“Good.” he muttered, before connecting their lips.
It felt like fireworks were going off inside of Gabriëla. She grabbed his neck, pulled him closer.
His right hand was resting on hers.

In that moment the door opened.
“Gab, can I- OH MY GOD!” Lieke screamed surprised.
“Nevermind, nevermind, nevermind!” she yelled as her voice got louder by every word. She ran away quickly, not even closing the door behind her.
“I can't believe this.” Gabriëla laughed.
Simon chuckled and stroked her hair softly to make sure she felt okay.
“Oh well, they would have found out one way or another.” he laughed.
He grabbed her hand and lead her to the bed. He quickly turned of the light and closed the door again, before they climbed into the bed together.
And as Gabriëla turned to her side, she felt an arm puller her closer.

“This is better than expected.” Gabriëla murmured.
“You think so?” she heard Simon say behind her.
“Yes, I'm sure.” she giggled.
“Good.” he said relieved. “Then I hope you sleep well tonight.”
“You too.” she whispered.
It didn't take long for the both of them to fall asleep.
Not hearing the groans and screams from down below one single time. And maybe that was for the better.

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  • Bellingham

    “I think Gab can teach you some!” Lieke said excitingly.

    ME TRYing to be cupid tbh

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    But maybe she was just incredibly happy to be here. Thomas felt like that might have been the reason.


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    “You know Esmée and Simon are probably horrorstruck at the things we are saying to eachother.” she laughed out loud.
    “That's what it takes to be our friend, Gab.” Lieke shrugged, before she exited to the kitchen.


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    “Me and Esmée will take the shed.” Marco said.
    “Oh thank god!” Lieke blurted out.
    “What is that supposed to mean!?” Marco replied.
    “Oh, you know exactly what I mean. I know you aren't exactly quiet in bed.”


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    “Just good with my money, honey.” he joked, making Gabriëla roll her eyes.


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