Foto bij 840 - Emma

I haven't seen much of Lucien over the past few days, his days of shooting long and a layer of secrecy over everything, only letting go of little bits and pieces. We only see each other at night, long after dinner, when I've spent most of my day laying out in the sun and swimming laps in the pool. Sometimes I head into the city, wandering and slowly but surely feeling more at home in some of its streets.
"I can't get used to you without the beard, you know," I mumble, slowly moving my fingers across the bare skin of his cheeks. His head is in my lap, and a pair of tweezers is dangerously dangling from my fingers. "I know you had to shave it and all, but I can't wait for it to grow back."
"And then you'll complain when it does grow back," he chuckles, pressing a kiss to my fingers when they pass his lips.
"Just in that phase when it's stubble," I groan. "It hurts! I always get a rash those few days."
"I'm sorry, mon amour."
"You're forgiven," I smile, getting back to the whole reason this whole arrangement was created. Lucien winces when I pluck a long hair, then groans when I pluck another.
"This feels a lot like punishment," he half-laughs. "Remind me again why I let you do this?"
"Because Ava told you to," I sweetly smile. "Because it'll be easier to glue your eyebrows down when there isn't so incredibly much of them... And because I'm your loving fiancée, I'm doing it for you."
"And I'm starting to regret that decision - ow! You did that on purpose," he moans, looking up at my happy face. "That was pure skin!"
"If you'd stop complaining and just laid still, I would be done so much quicker, du Castellon."
"It's easier said than done, Middleton," he sighs. "In between you torturing me with a pair of tweezers, my exhaustion and the perfect view of your breasts from down here, I can't focus."
I shake my head. "Nearly done. After that, you can go straight to sleep."
"Sleep?" he pouts, though his pout quickly disappears when I pull out yet another stray hair.
"Yes, sleep," I smile. "You have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, and I'm not having sex with you when your face is this... naked."

Though it is not a usual occurance, they have allowed me on set for just a little while today - which means I get to see Lucien and Brie in full drag, an experience I never thought would happen, yet one I'm glad to see.
It takes a whole lot of paperwork, signing non-disclosure agreements and even a search of my bag before I'm allowed back. A friendly looking woman introduces herself as Bailey, a name very familiar to me from the little stories Lucien has shared.
"And you must be the fiancée!" The title makes me raise my brows, unsure whether she is fishing for information or she simply knows. Upon my confused look, she smiles. "Lucien accidentally let it slip in conversation, but we promised not to air anything he wasn't ready to share - congratulations, and welcome!"
I shake her hand, and not long after the takes me through narrow hallways that almost mirror a maze. The only thing that makes it easier to find the end than in a maze is the smell of hairspray and powdered make-up getting stronger and stronger, until I'm met with several other partners - men and women - here to take a peek at their significant others. There's a quick round of introduction, though I barely process any of it, until I'm asked who I'm here for.
"Lucien," I smile, "and Brie."
"Both?" one of the men chuckles. "I thought I was lucky finding myself just one..."
"Oh, oh, no," I smile. "Lucien is my partner, Brie is his best friend, and mine, too. So I'm here for the both of them."
The confusion gets laughed off, and there's a bit of time to kill before we all get little wired microphones attached to our clothing, in case they want to use any of this footage in the episode. If I had known about that I would have dressed up more, but I seem to not be the only one with that thought.
"Alright," one of the many set assistants lays his hand on the doorknob. "We're letting you in one by one."
More waiting happens, because apparently when you're here for not one but two men, they like to have you go last. The walls and door must be sound-proof, because I have no clue what's going on inside, until it's finally my turn to go in.
For extra dramatic effect, I'm lead to Brie first. Though I have to look twice, it's easy to tell it's him. His smile, now lined by layers of lipstick, almost bursts off of his face, and a long wig frames his face. "Don't I look amazing?" he grins, now towering over me in high heels.
"Oh, my dear, you absolutely do," I assure him, "I'd almost ask you to be one of my bridesmaids, but you'd outshine the others too much."
"And we can't do that to them," he laughs. "Well, enough about me - I know you're here mostly for Lucien. Before you see him, though..."
"What?" I scan his face.
"Just... be prepared."
Brie and the queen he has been paired with lead me to another corner of the room, where I am introduced to Ava. "Emma, it's so good to finally meet you! Lucien hasn't shut up about you."
I smile, my cheeks burning up when I suddenly notice the camera nearly on top of us.
"Now, are you ready to meet my daughter?"
"I sure am," I smile, her hands reaching for a flimsey, neon-pink curtain.
When it moves out of the way and reveals Lucien, or god knows what his name is currently, I feel the need to catch my breath. I know it's him, but I hardly recognise him. He's a strange mix between handsome and gorgeous, even taller than Brie is, and my brain feels like it's just been put into a blender and then poured back into my head, nothing intelligent left. "My god," I gasp. "I am such a big fat bisexual."

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