It appears that murder is actually surprisingly easy when the victim isn't expecting it. All it took me was a hammer and some repeated blows to the skull until it cracked and exposed the brain to damage. After that, it was over for Edwin Greenwood rather quickly.
It was somewhat exhilarating to take the life of somebody so horrible that he deserved it, I discovered. Of course, the burst of adrenaline was a kick in and of itself, but the feeling of... Righteousness, even in this sick and twisted sense – it sent a sense of satisfaction, initially.
I'd had three vivid dreams picturing the same scenario before actually going through with it. I learned a lot from them.
In the first dream, I tried to use a knife. He saw me coming and strangled me.
In the second dream, I had changed methods, but was still too obvious, and was killed as well.
In the third, I killed him but was arrested right after for leaving too much evidence.
So in my real attempt, I took precautions. Plastic creaks a little bit, but I figured it'd be the best chance I had on not spilling any personal evidence. I made sure to cover my hair so that I couldn't shed any on the scene, to use a weapon that'd already been at the house of the crime, and to dispose of all the material I'd used very carefully by burying it.
Looking back, I wished I'd tried to make sure my own disappearance would be timed better. Or that I hadn't told Sarah Greenwood anything.
It was too late for that now, though.

      Hello there, my name is Mallory Todd, or, as a popular crime tabloid has dubbed me, "The Horror of what happened to Edwin Greenwood" – so I suppose that my name ought to be "Horror", now. I think I like that. It's got a flair of drama to it that I feel is fitting.
Currently, I'm seventeen years old and homeless. It appears that I absolutely suck at being homeless. I wanted to live in the forest at first, I thought it would be rather funny to be a killer in the woods, but the only food I could find there was blueberries (I don't even like those!) and tree bark, which is technically edible, but it felt somewhat below me to attempt eating it. I might've preferred taking one of Edwin Greenwood's limbs with me to feed on that instead.
I opted for the city after running out of the sandwiches I'd taken with me from home. So far, I have not been robbed, attacked, or assaulted yet, so I suppose it's to be called a success for me.

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