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Gabriëla woke up earlier than expected. Simon was still fast asleep next to her. He had a little smile on his face and, without knowing, his hand was still resting on her leg.
She smiled softly and as she slowly backed away, stepping out of the bed.
She walked over to the bathroom, checking herself out in the mirror. Her hair looked like a mess as always, so she quickly fixed it. Before she brushed her teeth and made sure she was fully awake.
She then exited the bedroom quietly.
Simon was still asleep and since it was his vacation too, she decided she wanted to give him some space.

To her amazement, nobody was awake yet. Which meant she basically had the house for herself.
She went to the kitchen, then strolled around the garden. Avoiding the shed for now.
When she came back outside, about fifteen minutes later, it was still quiet.
That's when she saw another door. Just next to the kitchen. How could she have missed it?
She opened the door, as curious as she always was, and walked down.

A shock of surprise went through her body. There was a whole lower floor. One room, for one big swimming pool.
“What the hell.” she said excited, feeling the water with the tips of her fingers.
“Full of surprises.” she muttered, she wasn't even sure if she was talking about the house or the man who owned it.

She spent some time downstairs, sprayed out on one of the beach chairs Thomas had put down there. The warmth of the room made her sleepy again. But all she wanted to do now, was take a good swim.

“Someone down there?!” she heard Thomas say after a while.
“Me.” she laughed.
Footsteps came down the stairs. Thomas appeared with a big smile on his face.
“So you found my secret room.” he laughed.
“It's insane. It's so big.” Gabriëla said excited. She felt like a ten year old in that moment.
“It's good for the muscles too. A good swim.” he said, sitting down next to her.
“You wanna take a swim later?” he asked.
“Really?” she said, giving him a highfive after he nodded.
“Eventually I'd have offered it anyway.” he laughed. “I didn't think someone would go snooping around.”
“It's a shame you still don't know me then.” she giggled.

When the whole crew had woken up and good and well had breakfast, they were getting ready for the pool. The whole group was suprised. Well, everybody but Lieke and Simon ofcourse.
Simon couldn't help but laugh at Gabriëla her enthusiasm. And also at her hatret that nobody ever told her.
Nevertheless, Gabriëla couldn't wait to jump in. Just like the rest of the group.

“Thomas..” Lieke murmured a while later.
They had entered their bed room. And Thomas was already changing for the pool, while Lieke tried to find her swimwear. Realising quickly she never packed it.
“Babe?” Lieke said, upping her volume a bit.
“Yeah?” he said, walking out of the bathroom.
“I forgot to pack my bikini..” she sighed.
“Oh, hm.” he said. “Maybe you can borrow something?”
“Maybe the top, but I'm not sure about the bottom. I mean..”
“Wait, give me a second.” he said, before he disappeared.
Lieke sat down on the bed. She stared at the wall in front of her. She was so excited to have some fun in the pool. What if she couldn't join her friends now?

“I'm back!” Thomas said happily, and out of breath.
“Did you run?” Lieke smiled weakly.
“Well, I went to Esmée first, but she only had one pair. And she's in the shed, so I had to get back up to Gab. And I wanted to be fast. So, yeah, I ran.”
“And?” Lieke asked.
“Got you a top, which is adjustable.” he smiled proudly. “And I thought if you used your own slip, maybe this will do it for today?”

He showed her a red Denmark NT short, which he probably used in one of his games.
Lieke started smiling.
“I can try.” she smiled relieved.
She grabbed her stuff quickly, gave Thomas a quick peck and went into the bathroom.
Thomas his short fit perfectly, since she could tie them anyway. They looked cute on her too.
Gabriëla's top was good enough for now. Only, it had to be just a little tighter.

“Thomas, can you help me?”
She showed her sweetest smile as he came walking in.
“Can you tie it for me?” she asked.
“Ofcourse I can.” he smiled, although he was looking at his shorts.
The shorts now fitting around his girlfriends body.
He didn't say anything, but grabbed the strings and tied them together.
When he finished, after Lieke told them to tighter it a little more, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer.
“You look amazing.” he whispered into her ear. “Didn't think my shorts would look so hot on you.”
He looked at her through the mirror, gave a soft kiss in her neck.
His hands slid down to her hips, where they rested.
Lieke turned around, so she could actually face Thomas. He looked up at her, like the world only revolved around her. And that's what she liked so much about him.
Whether she was being crazy, or sad, or overjoyed. He was always there for her. He was always her rock.
She pulled him closer, and kissed him softly. He stood straight up, his arms went back to her waist. And Lieke had to bend backwards, because of the way Thomas now towered over her.
She saw the lust in his eyes. But now was not the time. Although she wanted to pull him closer by his little, black curls so badly.

“C'mon, the rest must be there already.” she said slowly, his lips still touching hers.
He looked at her. His eyes had definitely darkened a bit.
“But-” Thomas sighed.
Lieke giggled.
“We can't! Not right now!”
Thomas pouted, but let go of Lieke anyway.

She quickly grabbed his hand, eventhough he gave her a disappointened face. Luckily Lieke knew he was just joking.
“I love you.” he sighed, giving her a kiss just above her ear. Something he did more often when he wanted to give her a quick kiss of affection.
“I love you too.” she smiled, stroking his chin for a few seconds.
There was something about Thomas his smile, Lieke could never get used to.

When they finally arrived at the pool. Marco and Simon had already gone in. Gabriëla and Esmée were chatting together, their feet dangling in the water.
Thomas didn't know how, but apparently Simon and Marco got ahead of a ball and were heading the ball towards eachother. They were actually doing pretty well. But what could you expect of two top players.

“I'm glad you found something.” Esmée said happily, as Lieke sat down next to her.
“Yeah, me too. Thanks Gab..” she smiled to her friend, on the other side of Esmée.
“No problem really.” she laughed.
“You know Thomas keeps looking at you right?” Esmée chuckled. “Like more than he always does?”

Lieke found it funny how even Esmée had already noticed this.
“I think-” she snorted. “I think he made a mistake by lending me his shorts. I think he likes it a little too much.”
“Oh!” Esmée and Gabriëla said in unison, which made all three of them laugh out loud.
The three boys all looked up, to which Gabriëla shook her head.
“It's okay.” she laughed.

As if Lieke and Gabriëla both had the same plan, they turned to Esmée with curious looks on their faces.
“So, how exactly did you and Marco get together?” Lieke smirked.
Esmée turned slightly red, but wasn't scared to answer.
“I work at a bar. As a second job to get some extra money. Usually only at daytime. But I had to fill in for someone else and I worked the evening shift. Marco came in.”
She stopped and looked at Marco for a second.
“He actually seemed lonely. I recognised him though, I love some football from time to time. And if I do, I support Dortmund ofcourse.”
The two other girls cheered at her words.
“Anyway, he wasn't really interested in all the attention and we chatted the whole evening. In the end he gave me his number and we went on two dates first before he took me home and well, the rest is history now.” she smiled. She looked really happy.
“And I like it a lot here so far. You guys are amazing.”
Gabriëla put an arm around her shoulder and nodded.
“We always try to do our best.” she chuckled. “But we might be a bit crazy.”
“Oh, that's okay. Marco is a hell sometimes.” she laughed. “I got used to it quickly.”
Lieke snorted and nodded.
“Good point there.” she admitted.

“Girls, you want to join us in a pool fight?” Marco said, swimming up to Esmée. Hanging onto her legs.
“And what does that mean exactly?” Lieke asked, eventhough Marco didn't even look up at her.
“I take Esmée on my shoulder. Thomas takes you. The first one who falls loses.”
Liekes competitive side liked this idea.
“But isn't that unfair. Since Simon is like a head taller than you two guys?” Lieke complained anyway.
“First of all..” Simon answered, who was hanging onto the other side of the pool. His arms wide, next to Thomas. “It's not a full head. And second of all, are you scared?”
A smirk filled his face. Something that came to both Lieke and Gabriëla their surprises.
“Gab is also taller than than me..” she said.
“But Esmée isn't.” Simon got back to her.
“Oh c'mon!” she laughed, jumping into the water. “Let's go then.”

“First up, Thomas and Lieke against Esmée and Marco. Winner faces me and Simon next.” Gabriëla said. Simon had joined her. His arms resting on her legs, as he floated in the water and looked at the rest. She was ruffling his hair softly.
“And go!” she shouted.

At first Lieke and Esmée had to get their balance right, as they held onto eachother arms. It was clear Lieke was a bit stronger, but Esmée was longer and her balance was far better.
“C'mon.” Marco laughed, taking a step forward. “You can do this, Es!”
Esmée seemed to hear his words loud and clearly, as she pushed of Lieke with one sweep.
“Yes! That's my girl!” he laughed, he slowly fell backwards to let her off his shoulders.
They hugged tightly, giving eachother a quick kiss.
“I hate this game.” Lieke grumbled.

Lieke and Gabriëla changed places, as they got ready for the second round. Simon was indeed taller than Marco, but with Esmée being taller than Gabriëla, it evened out perfectly.
But it was also not difficult to see that both Simon and Gabriëla had more muscle.
So despite the pushing and grabbing, Simon stood steady and Gabriëla could easily push Esmée to the side in the end.

“I want revenge!” Lieke said angrily, as she pulled Thomas with her to the middle of the pool.
“But don't be sad if you lose, Lieke.” Simon smirked at her.
“Oh shut up, Simon.” she groaned.
Gabriëla tried to hold her laugh, but she was barely holding it. She never saw Lieke this competitive.
“C'mon then.” he said, stepping closer to Thomas.
Thomas and Simon locked eyes, rolling them at the same time.

It actually took some time before one of them fell off. They both didn't want to make the first move. Lieke was holding back and Simon was telling Gabriëla to do the same. The boys shoulders were getting more painful by the second, but Lieke wasn't planning on stopping soon.

“Alright, just throw her off.” Simon said, after a short while.
So Gabriëla started to push harder at Lieke her arms, until she reached her shoulders and finally pushed her backwards hard enough to fall.
Gabriëla threw her hands in the air, as Simon let her fall back into the water.
“So, as I said, unfair.” Lieke muttered, as she climbed out of the pool. Thomas followed her, with a little smile on his face.
“Oh c'mon, you seem to forget how long Gab has played football and how much she still works out when she can, Lieke.” Marco went against her.
“Well, I don't work out that much.” Gabriëla admitted. “But my legs are pretty trained indeed.”
Lieke seemed to overthink his words and then she shrugged. She just wanted to win. That's all.

“Wait, you played football?” Simon said surprised.
“I did, yes.” Gabriëla smiled. “I stopped when I was around twenty. I usually played with boys.”
“Actually when we were younger she played with me.” Marco laughed. “She isn't bad either.”
“Yeah, but injuries got in the way. And then I had to transfer to a women team and it wasn't the same, I guess. I found interest in other things.”
“That's awesome though. Why didn't you join us earlier?” he laughed.
Gabriëla swam closer to him and shrugged.
“I was talking with Es. And besides, I'm nowhere near as good as you guys..”
Simon made an agreeing sound, before he pulled Gabriëla closer by her hands.
“I still am surprised you never told me.” he said, his face swerving dangerously close to her.
She didn't kiss him with the rest around yet and wasn't planning on it right now either. She looked over to the rest quickly.
“I- didn't think of it..” she admitted, smiling shyly.
His blue eyes scanned her.
“Stop, Simon. I'm serious, I just didn't think of it!” she laughed, pushing him away.
But he was strong enough to pull her back, and stay close to her.
Not that Gabriëla minded, especially because he noticed her stress and didn't make a move. The wink he gave her, gave her some relieve.
But she stayed closer to him, than any good friends would ever do. It was obvious the two had something going on.

Marco was noticing it, just as Esmée was. They were talking quietly, her arms resting around his neck, playing with the stubbles in his neck.
“You think he's good for her?”
“Yeah, I think so.” Marco smiled, looking back at Esmée.
“He brings out the better in her, just like you do with me actually.”
Esmée opened her mouth, but closed it again a few seconds later.
“I'm not kidding.” he said. “You really do.”
“That's so sweet.” she giggled. “I never knew.”
“Well, now you do.” he smiled happily, locking their lips for a few seconds.

In the meantime, Lieke and Thomas were in a world of their own. Lieke had still been a bit upset about the game. She didn't understand why it bothered her so much, but it did.
And Thomas didn't really try to calm her down and that made Lieke suspicious of his feelings.
They were sitting face to face on a beach chair. Lieke was facing the rest of the group, but luckily nobody was paying attention to them anyway.
“What's in your head, Delaney?” she said quietly.
“Nothing.” he said, but the way he bit his lip said otherwise.
“Don't lie to me.” she said annoyed.
“You're just..” he shook his head. “I think it's incredibly hot when you're mad.”
“Oh..” Lieke managed to say. This was new to the both of them clearly.
“Oh, okay.” she giggled.
“But only when it's at others.” he quickly added, making her laugh.
“I could never get mad at you.” she assured him, placing her hands on top of his.
“Only if you want me to.” she added with a smirk.
Thomas eyes went wide.
“Not here, not right now.” he stuttered.
“I have a plan.” she whispered, noticing the trouble Thomas was in. He kept moving his legs so to hide the business inbetween.
“I will take a swim, so you can go upstairs. And then I'll act as if I don't know what's wrong with you and then I will follow you.” she smirked, moving her thumb over his lips slowly. She let go of it, but his mouth stayed open ajar. His brown, curious eyes moved quickly inbetween hers.
“You've barely swum..” he said. A surprised giggle left his mouth.
“We can always come back after.” she answered. “But I can't leave you hanging right now, do I..? Especially because I know you've been staring at my ass the whole time.”
“I-” he let out a giggle. “C'mon, I hate you for this. You just look very good in my shorts.”
“Just do as I tell you.” she laughed, grabbing his chin and kissing him quickly.

She stood up and walked to the pool. Thomas noticed her hips swinging as she did. And Lieke noticed his eyes scanning her from behind.
Thomas laughed to himself. He couldn't believe what was happening.
Surely the rest must notice what would happen? But who cared anyway. It was his house, his vacation. And maybe they could play it straight with the plan Lieke thought out.

He watched Lieke enjoy herself in the pool. She was annoying Simon and Gabriëla by throwing water at them. Gabriëla didn't seem to reach her everytime she tried.
Every once in a while she looked over at Thomas, giving him a wink.
After a minute or five, he couldn't wait anymore and left the room.

“What's wrong with him?” Marco asked.
“I don't know, actually. Do you guys mind if I go check?” Lieke asked innocently.
“You should.” Esmée nodded.
Gabriëla gave Lieke a worried look, but little did she know what was actually going on.
“I will be back soon. Hopefully with Thomas.” she said, as she swam to the ladder and pushed herself up.

As calmly as she could, she walked upstairs. Hearing the curious voices of the others still. This was an insane plan, but she loved every second of it.

Lieke quietly opened the door. Her hands shaking slightly from excitement.
"Babe?" Lieke asked, when she didn't see him. She frowned, until she heard the shower.
She tippled over to the bathroom and as expected, Thomas was in there. He was faced against the wall. His head tilted up, his eyes probably closed to calm himself down a little. 
Lieke stared at his back, his ass, his trained legs. She knew she wasn't breathing properly. She knew this scene made her heart beat faster, her breath slow down. 

"Thomas." she spoke, her voice softer than expected.
He turned his head around almost immediately. As an adoring gaze came over him. 
Lieke looked down, realising how much he needed her. 
"Did they buy it?" he laughed. 
Some of the tension cleared up, as Lieke nodded. She untied her bikini top, letting it fall on the ground. 
"This makes you look even sexier." he sighed, stepping out of the shower. 
"You never want me to lose those shorts, do you? It's gonna be quiet difficult if you want to do something with me though." 
Lieke looked at him with a questioning look, making him giggle. 
Her favorite sound in the whole wide world. 
"I like it, but I like you better naked." 
He scanned her body, pulling down the shorts at the same time.
"Er du klar til dette?" Lieke whispered, making Thomas look up in utter surprise.
"I- what? Am I ready? Yes, ofcourse I am. I'm always ready." he laughed, still surprised by her words. 
"Kan jeg sidde på din sir?" 
"Lieke! No, that's too far!" he laughed loudly. "But I'm not saying no.."
She smirked at him. 

She stepped out of her clothes and followed him into the shower. The wet drops made her body chill, but it felt so good against her back. It was a lot colder than in the pool, which made her react in a very different way.
"I learned on more thing." she smiled. "jeg elsker dig." 
"You're, and I mean when I say that, the cutest, most wonderful and special woman I've ever met. I love you too, Lieke." he whispered, being so in love with the woman right in front of him.

The fact that they were trying to take a wild ride, which turned into love and passion, felt like something so normal for the two of them.
It always started out fun and games, until they got together. Their bodies becoming one, their smiles mirroring eachother.
Lieke pulled Thomas into the shower with her, their bodies drenching wet. Their lips fighting for dominance. His stubble from his upcoming moustache and beard tickling against her skin.
Her hands were softly pulling on his wet curls. Which, for multiple times, made him stop to get some breath.

It got so heated between the two, that it didn't took long for Thomas to lift her in his arms. He let himself fall back against the shower wall, slowly feeling her body come onto him and his length inside of her.
“This is new.” Lieke whispered in extacy.
“But it feels so good.” she added, as she felt his hands around her butt. He was lifting her up and down. And as Lieke got slowly used to the feeling, she also felt how hard Thomas was.
He was muttering to himself. Enjoying the heat of the moment, as multiple moans left his mouth. He was definitely more turned on than Lieke, but that didn't matter. Lieke always got turned on by the pleasure Thomas had. It was easy, really, when the man before you shows that much love for you.

He quicked his pace, pulling her up and down. She did her fair bit of work, as she felt Thomas drown in extacy underneath her.
“Oh- oh my god.” Thomas whined. “Fuck.”
A smile formed on Liekes lips, as she let him come over the edge.
He breathed heavily, as he let go of Lieke, who easily got back on the ground.

“Don't you- I mean-” Thomas said out of breath. He was leaning against the wall, the back of his head resting, his mouth wide open. But a smirk on his face.
“I'm fine, babe.” Lieke smiled.
He stood up, so he could take her in his arms again. Their foreheads touched and for a few seconds they didn't speak.
Then he stepped away, to put on his shorts again.
Lieke only know realised it had been laying right next to them the whole time. Making Lieke also realise how much she had been staring at Thomas.

“Let's go back. I will tell them I took a painkiller or something.” Thomas shrugged.
Lieke stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel to atleast make sure she wasn't drowning in water anymore. That just wouldn't make any sense to the rest.
She let Thomas put on the bikini top again. Feeling her body burn by every touch.
Even more when his lips touched her skin, making her close her eyes, trying to control herself.

“Stop..” she whined softly.
“Stop, we need to go back.” she regained herself, stood straight up and turned around to face Thomas.
She raised an eyebrow at his grinning face.
“That's enough.” she laughed, pointing a finger at him. Tipping his nose afterwards.
“Okay, okay.” he chuckled.

A few minutes later they went back to the pool. The rest was still there. Marco and Esmée had decided to lay together on one beach chair, which in Liekes opinion looked ridiculous. But if they thought it was cosy, then she wasn't say anything about it.
Gabriëla and Simon were still in the water, clearly not realising how close they were to eachother. Making Lieke smile.
They were trying to hide it, but they weren't doing very well.

Lieke tippled closer to Thomas. She grabbed Thomas arm and pulled him closer, lying her head on his shoulder. Thomas gave her a kiss.
“You okay?” he asked softly.
“Perfectly fine.” she sighed happily.

“Oh hey guys!” Gabriëla had finally noticed the pair.
“You okay Thomas?” she asked.
Did they really didn't realise?
“Yeah, just a bit of a headache. Took a painkiller. All is good now.” he said, but he saw the questioning face of his Danish friend.
“I'm glad. Come back in! It's super boring with those love birds.” Gabriëla laughed.
“I don't think you were that bored.” Lieke mentioned, before she got into the pool again.
“I don't think you were either.” Simon responded dryly.
Lieke looked at him, squeezing her eyes.
“I really hate you!” she yelled, going after him. Throwing water in his face all the way around the pool.

“So you didn't have a headache?” Gabriëla laughed at Thomas. “Well, not that head atleast.”
“Oh- my- god!” Thomas laughed. But he didn't answer.
“I know enough, Delaney. I know enough.”

They spent the whole afternoon at the pool, before they decided to go outside to get some air.
It was cold, so Thomas lit a fire. He brought the blankets from his closet downstairs and with their own winter clothes, they were fine for an hour or two. Just long enough to watch the sunset.
“To Thomas.” Simon said, as he raised his beer. “For making this week possible.”
“To Thomas!” the group chanted, being incredibly grateful for a friend like him.

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    she smirked, moving her thumb over his lips slowly. She let go of it, but his mouth stayed open ajar. His brown, curious eyes moved quickly inbetween hers.

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    “I could never get mad at you.” she assured him, placing her hands on top of his.
    “Only if you want me to.” she added with a smirk.
    Thomas eyes went wide.
    “Not here, not right now.” he stuttered.


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    “You're just..” he shook his head. “I think it's incredibly hot when you're mad.”


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    “What's in your head, Delaney?” she said quietly.


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    Marco was noticing it, just as Esmée was. They were talking quietly, her arms resting around his neck, playing with the stubbles in his neck.
    “You think he's good for her?”
    “Yeah, I think so.” Marco smiled, looking back at Esmée.
    “He brings out the better in her, just like you do with me actually.”
    Esmée opened her mouth, but closed it again a few seconds later.
    “I'm not kidding.” he said. “You really do.”
    “That's so sweet.” she giggled. “I never knew.”
    “Well, now you do.” he smiled happily, locking their lips for a few seconds.


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