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Aleesha Harris

De launch zat er net op en de livestream had veel kijkers gehad. Samen met het team spreek ik onze strategie nog door voor de komende dagen en wijzen we twee personen aan die meegaan naar Silverstone morgen voor de eerste tests. 'Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow this beauty is going out.' Lando loopt wat enthousiast rond te stuiteren en Daniel kijkt er lachend naar. 'Lando, please.' 'What?' Charlotte rolt even met haar ogen en ik kijk hem hoofdschuddend aan. 'Are you also joining tomorrow?' Daniel kijkt mij en Charlotte vragend aan en Charlotte schudt haar hoofd. 'No, there is no press allowed and we need to do all the preparations for the test in Bahrein. Two guys from Aleesha her team are joining you on track, so if there are any issues you can call us or talk to them.' 'Okay, good to know.' Samen met Charlotte loop ik weg naar kantoor toe. 'Great one.' 'I agree, are you staying in the UK for the coming weeks?' 'Yes I am, Lando and I will join our families from the weekend on for two weeks and after that we have to do all the work for the Bahrein test.' 'So you won't see Carlos until the test?' 'Nope.' 'That's going to be hard I think?' 'It will be, but I also want to spend time with the family and we are very busy as well.' 'True that.' 'Doesn't mean I don't miss him, but, I don't know. Everything is so difficult.' 'I understand, after Bahrein you're going with him right?' 'Yes for one week, and then work again.' 'What about staying with Carlos after that?' 'Thought of that as well. Daniel is also leaving after Bahrein right?' 'He is planning on going to Australia after the tests. And after the race he will stay in Monaco. But I can handle Lando as well from over here. He is getting more serious than last year.' 'He is, really focussing on racing and getting better at the things he does. He is also spending more time in the factory.' 'Hope it pays off this year, he deserves it.' 'He definitely does. Is it okay for you if I stay with Carlos than after the race?' 'Ofcourse, you can work from a distance, so no issues there.' 'Great, than that's settled.'

'Aleesha your lover is calling!' 'COMING! Answer it already.' 'You're choice, hey Carlos.' 'Why are you answering Aleesha her phone?' 'Because she is in the shower.' 'Can't you hand her the phone? I also like to see her naked.' 'You might, but I don't want to see my best friend naked. Ah here she is. Ciao bella!' 'Ciao Lando! Hi love.' 'Hey you, how's life in Italy?' 'Very horrible without you. How is living together with mister crazy?' 'It's weird and crazy, but also really nice. It almost feels like having two apartments in one house, pretty weird to be honest.' 'Little Lando bought a big house, he is grown up.' 'Not yet, but it's starting to look like it. So three more days until I can finally kiss you again.' 'Finally, it's about time. Four weeks is way too much, never again.' Ik bijt even op mijn lip en knik dan wat afwezig. 'Look at me.' Ik kijk weer naar de telefoon en daarmee in de camera. 'Never ever forget that I love you and only you and that you are the only one for me. All the girls they see me with are from Ferrari.' 'I know Carlos, believe me. It's just very hard for me, all of this.' Ik zie Carlos even zuchten waarna hij een kleine glimlach op zijn gezicht tovert. 'I have to say that I hate this as well. I don't want all those pictures, this is exactly the reason I keep my private life of the socials. I hate it Aleesha. I hate to not be around you, to hold you, to see all those pictures everywhere, to see Charlotte and Charles together. It's getting worse by the day, believe me. I miss you, a lot.' 'I miss you too, a lot. And I can't fix it and I can't stand all these pictures.' Een traan ontsnapt uit mijn ooghoek en loopt over mijn wang naar beneden. 'What can I do about this?' 'Not much, that's the entire problem. I don't know Carlos, I'm sorry.' 'Don't say that, just keep it up for three more days. We call every day and we will meet on Thursday right away. I come over whenever I am at the circuit and will look for you right away. Let's just talk every day and let's try and figure out some solutions.' 'Okay.' 'Don't be sad, please? I love you and you know that.' 'I love you too Carlos.' 'Good, now cheer up a bit and show me your beautiful smile.' Ik begin te lachen en zie hem gelijk ook lachen. 'That's my girl. Give Lando a hug from me and let's keep it up for a few more days.' 'I will, I love you.' 'Love you too beauty. Ciao.' Ik zwaai nog even en hang dan op. Met een zucht laat ik mijzelf naast Lando op de bank ploffen en laat mijn hoofd op zijn schouder vallen. 'Go ahead.' Hij slaat zijn arm om mij heen en als vanzelf rollen de eerste tranen over mijn hangen. 'It's just so hard.' 'I can imagine. The only thing I can say is just hold on to the moments where you are calling and whenever you see each other again. He won't do a thing with other ladies even though they seem tot photograph him every time with a lady.' 'It's not that I'm worried about, I hate to see it though, I just can't handle the distance.' 'That's difficult. Only thing I can think off is quit your job.' 'Yeah never going to happen. You're right, only three days until we meet again.' 'And after that you're heading to Mallorca together.' 'That's true. Alright cutie let's do a race?' 'Great idea, I will call the others.'

'Hey George!' 'Hey Aleesha, how are you?' Ik geef de jongen een knuffel en stap dan weer achteruit. 'Better to be honest, it's better nog that we are here and I know we will meet very soon.' 'I can imagine, how long is it? 4 weeks or so?' 'A little over a month. I know how Seys feels about it when your are not together, how is that for you?' 'The same. Whenever she is in the Netherlands I don't see her for sometime three weeks. It's not very easy even though we are already together for quite some time. It doesn't get easier.' Ik knik even. 'Enough about that, ready for testing?' 'Definitely, finally back in the car, can't wait for the season to get started.' 'Feeling is good?' 'Until now yes. Some changes have been made in the team, positive changes and the car feels really good so I hope to get into Q3 somehwere this season.' 'Amibitious, what about finishing tenth?' 'Don't get too enthusiastic Lando.' De twee geven elkaar een hug en richten zich dan op mij. 'What?' 'Look behind you.' Ik draai me om en zie daar Carlos op ons af komen lopen. Geen seconde twijfel ik om een looppasje zijn kant op te zetten en hem in zijn armen te vliegen zodra ik bij hem ben. 'I missed you so much.' 'I missed you more.' 'Not possible.' Onze lippen vinden elkaar vrij snel en even gaan we helemaal op in het moment voor we elkaar loslaten. 'Never do this ever again.' 'I agree.' Mijn mondkapjes zet ik weer op en Carlos doet hetzelfde. Hij slaat zijn arm om mij heen als we weer naar George en Lando lopen. 'Hey guys, ready?' 'Can't wait.' 'Super excited.' 'Lando how much RedBull did you drink?' 'None.' 'Why are you bouncing all the way around than?' 'Because I want to get in the car but I have to wait one more day.' 'Yeah right. What are your plans for today?' 'Not much, we're all done for today. Charlotte and I started early this morning. So I have time. What about you?' 'All done for today, let's spend some time together?' 'Great idea. Let me get my stuff.' 'I'll walk with you.' Lando en George hadden Max en Charles als gezelschap gekregen en hadden besloten te gaan tafelvoetballen. 'Carlos! How are you?' Bij het motorhome aangekomen staat Zak buiten en geeft Carlos een boks. 'Want some coffee?' 'No thank you just got one.' 'Alright, come in.' 'You sure?' 'Yes ofcourse, you're treated as a guest now.' Ik loop voor de twee uit naar binnen en zie nog net dat Carlos belaagd wordt door de rest. 'Hey Char.' 'Hey Aleesha, you're off with Carly I think?' 'If that's okay?' 'Yes, we were done anyway. Enjoy.' Ik geef haar nog even snel een knuffel voor ik ons kantoor verlaat. 'Hey Carly!' 'Hey Charlie! How's life?' 'Doing good as always. Have fun you two.' 'Thanks, that will be alright.' Carlos pakt mijn hand en samen lopen we het motorhome uit.

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