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Lieke and Thomas had been driving for a while. She was the one driving, holding onto Thomas his hand the whole time. He looked a lot better already.
Lieke had put on her playlist over the speakers, yelling along with the lines. And Thomas had been watching her like she was the most beautiful person in the world. Once in a while she looked at him, smiling. Normally she'd have been too shy to sing along, but with him it felt just right. Also because she knew it would cheer him up.
She had tried to make him sing along, but that didn't happen yet.
But that didn't matter to her. She just wanted him to feel okay and that was working.

“How far are we gonna drive?” Thomas asked, after driving for about thirty minutes.
“Until we arrive at my favorite spot. Which is in about ten minutes.” Lieke answered, looking over at Thomas. He smiled at her, before he turned his face to the window again.
It wasn't as busy on the road today and it made Lieke free her head. Atleast she didn't have to worry about Thomas anymore. He was right here next to her.

It took them indeed only ten minutes to arrive at a cliff Lieke discovered a long while back. You could look out over water. It was beautiful and not many people knew of the place. She parked her car and Thomas looked up, realising they had arrived.
“Oh, this is cool.” he smiled, stepping out of the car.
Lieke followed his moves and went after him. Locking her car with her keys, before walking up to the cliff where Thomas had sit down.
He stared into the water, his knees up to his chest, his arms holding them together.
Lieke sat down next to him in the same way and rested her head on his shoulder.
“When it's a little earlier, I watch the sun go down. It's beautiful.” she explained, looking up to the sky. “But with the stars out it's just as pretty I think.”
“It is.” Thomas nodded. “It's a really great spot. Thank you for bringing me here.”
Lieke put one arm around his waist.
“You know what.” he said, smiling slightly at her. “It actually reminds me of Denmark.”
“Is that a good thing?” she smiled nervously.
“Yes, yes it is.” he said quickly. He put a hand on top of her knee and squeezed it softly.

They stayed in that position for a while. Watching the sea and the stars. Their breathing in sync as Lieke quietly stroked his waist.

“So, you come here to scream.” Thomas finally said. He turned his whole body to her, making her sit up again, as she turned to him too. Their legs crossed in front of them.
“I do. It really helps.” she said, raising both her eyebrows. “Do you want to try?”
He chuckled.
“Let's.” he said, opening his hands for her to grab them.
“Just follow my lead.” she laughed.
She hold onto his hands, closed her eyes and started screaming. She immediately felt better.
Even more so, when Thomas joined her. She started smiling and quickly opened one eye to look at him.
He was fully going into it, so she did too.

About two minutes later, Lieke finally opened her eyes again. They were still holding hands.
He looked at her, nodding excitingly.
“Did it help?” she asked, a smile forming on her face.
“It actually did.” he said.
“You were almost breaking my hands, but it was worth it.” Lieke giggled.
Thomas eyes widened as he looked down.
“It's fine. I'm not as weak as you may think.” she said quickly, squeezing his hands softly.
“Actually.” he said, quite honest. “I never thought you were weak. I always saw you as a strong woman. Always coming up for herself. Bit shy sometimes, but I mean with the whole squad around I even sometimes get overwhelmed too.”
Lieke smiled happily. This really felt like a great compliment to her.
“The squad actually makes me feel safe. But some of them can be a bit overwhelming, you're right.” she laughed.

Lieke shivered a bit, and that was the moment for Thomas to pull her closer again. They turned to the cliff again, her body resting against his chest as he held her close.
“Was I one of the overwhelming ones?” Thomas asked softly. Lieke laughed.
“Not really. Well, for other reasons maybe.” she admitted, meaning her crush on him..
“Ah, yes.”
She heard him laugh softly, which made her slap his leg.
“That's not funny. You were just as scared as me apparently.”
“Well, yes!” he admitted, grabbing her hand to stop her. “But also because you have a very tall brother who will beat me to death if I don't treat you right.”
Lieke burst out in laughter.
“You may have a point there. But he's not as bad as you think. He's a rather awkward man sometimes.”
Thomas started giggling. He couldn't help it, but he knew she was right.
“So if I ever were to call you my girlfriend. Like, let's imagine it for a second right..”
Liekes whole body started burning and her smile couldn't leave her face.
“Yeah, okay.” she answered.
“Would he be okay with us?” he asked.
“Well, he better. I mean, it would be nice to have his blessing and I think he will give it especially to you. I mean, if it's Marco I'm not sure. But I think he likes you a lot. Like as a friend but also just how you are.” she mumbled.
“Sounds good to me then.” he chuckled.
“Yeah.” she laughed. “And if he ain't, I will have a good talk with Benni about it.”

About two hours and lots of talking later, they decided to go home. Thomas had offered to drive, since Lieke was a little tired. Not tird enough to go to sleep, but she was afraid that a fourty minute drive wouldn't be good right now. Thomas had lightened up a lot, so he was actually kinda hyper.
To Liekes big surprise, he was now the one was started singing along to the songs on her playlist. She had been staring at him, until she finally decided to join him.
Lieke had the time of her life. In the middle of the night with the man that she liked a little too much, right next to her.
She looked at the sky, realising soon it would be morning again.
But for her the night was far from over. Because she knew as well as Thomas that the tension had been building. And she didn't forget what Thomas asked her, before they left the house.
She knew he had been looking at her whenever she wasn't looking at him. She felt his eyes burn holes in her body everytime he did. And it were those sudden squeezes in her hand, his upbeat breathing and the shifting in his seat that made her realise he was holding something in.

But Lieke wasn't nervous about it, if it really came to that. Because this night was one of the best she ever had. And she knew Thomas already. It wasn't like they were moving fast.
No, she thought, it felt right.

“Are you tired?” Thomas asked her, when they were about ten minutes away from his house.
“Not really.” she said truthfully.
“You mind staying with me today?” he asked, turning his head to her for a few seconds.
“Well, Thomas. If I'm being honest. I don't know if I can take a bus around four thirty in the morning. So if you have a spare room, yes please.” she laughed, making him role his eyes.
But she saw he was happy about it.
“Do you have to work tomorrow?” he asked, ticking with his thumb on her hand.
“I'm free this week.”
“Oh really?”
Lieke noticed the small grin on his face, which made her laugh.
“I can stay as long as you want.” she chuckled, pushing herself up to give him a kiss on his cheek.

When they arrived at home, it didn't take long for them to get inside. The heat was already building up, as they saw blue sky slowly appear again. She followed him to his room, which looked gorgeous in all black.
“I only have one room, but I can sleep on the couch.” he explained.
“Okay.” Lieke whispered, taking in every corner of the room.
She wanted to say that he didn't have to sleep on the couch. But she didn't want to have that conversation yet. It was his choice how far he wanted to go.
Ofcourse she was sure he wouldn't mind staying with her. But she loved this gentle side of him already. So she wasn't gonna mention it right now.

Thomas dimmed the light, closed the curtains and grabbed something from one of his nightstands. All the while she was just standing there, looking at him.
When she finally got out of her trance, she felt her body tense up.
“So, about what you asked me..” she said, walking around the bed to him. “About a way to free yourself. And if there are other ways.”
That beautiful smirk appeared on his face. It made her go wild.
“Tell me about it.” he said, getting closer to her.
“I know a way or two.” she smirked, grabbing his shirt to pull him closer.
Their lips collided and there was no going back.

Thomas lifted her up, to lay her back down on the bed. His lips discovering her body, leaving spots all over. She didn't want to think about all the reasonsand tricks she had to come up to cover up those spots. She closed her eyes, locking her legs around his waist, as she felt his lips all over.
Her neck was definitely her weak spot, as his mouth sucked on her skin, and his hand stroked the other side.
She didn't want to moan, not that fast. But it felt so incredibly good. Especially after waiting a whole week to feel him again.
She felt his hand disappear and appear a few seconds later on the skin of her stomach. He lifted her shirt slowly, making his hand rest there.
She sighed underneath his touch and she just knew he was smiling now.
She put her hand around his chin and lifted him up, so they could look at eachother again.
She looked at him for a few seconds, before she kissed him again.

The kiss only stopped for a few seconds, as she pulled his shirt over his head.
She threw it away, making him laugh.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“Are we gonna stop now?” she asked him.
She bit her lip, hiding her grin. He slowly shook his head with a smile on his face.
She loved that she could still make jokes around him. It wasn't killing the mood. If ever, it made her even more happy to be here with him.
She slightly sit up, so he could get rid off her shirt. He stared at her body, just for a few seconds, before he looked up at her face. Something inside Lieke made her insecure, just for a few seconds. But his face, his smile, it made her calm down again.
He leaned over to kiss her softly. His hand always there on her cheek.
She was already out of breath and they didn't even really started.

He sat up on his knees, sliding off his joggingspants. She looked at him as he did so. And maybe she looked down a little too long, as Thomas lifted her chin with just one finger. He chuckled, making her smile.
“I'm sorry.” she giggled nervously.
He raised his eyebrow.
“For what?” he smirked, biting his lip before licking it wet.
“Nothing. I guess.” she grinned, pulling him closer again.
Once she was in reach, she pushed down his boxers. She had no time to wait. She wanted him. Now.
She got weakened, as she felt his lips in her neck again. Realising he might loved that place. Or just the effect it had on her. She moaned softly, her hand placing around his erection.
She rested her forehead on his shoulder and breathed out slowly. She was moving her hand up and down slowly, making him feel as good as she was feeling now.
“This is torture.” she moaned.
“If this is torture,” he started, pushing her down slowly. “Then torture me every day, please.”

She looked at him, the always happy and jolly Thomas, turned extremely sexy. And she couldn't handle it. Her body was trying everything not to explode from pleasure already.
He clipped open her bra, revealing her breasts. He immediately locked his lips around her nipple, making her fall down on the sheets.
Her hand was still around his length, but she couldn't move. Not with him touching her all over. All her feelings took over.
His hand moved down, exactly where she wanted him to be. And as she tried to give him his pleasure, she let go once his fingers found her weak spot.

He lifted two fingers to her mouth. He looked at her, and she slowly put them in her mouth to make them wet. They gazed at eachother as she did so and the fact his mouth was hanging open slightly made her whine from pleasure.
He pushed them out, put them in his own mouth for a few seconds, before he slid them into her slowly.
She moaned loudly, as they entered. She wasn't used to the touch anymore. But now that she felt it again, it made her crazy.
She felt him move in and out of her, as his lips sucked on his her skin.
“Thomas please, hurry up.” she whined.
Maybe she could've been sad about the fact she was getting turned on so fast, but she expected it too. And honestly, she just wanted him inside of her right now.

He let her go for a few seconds, so she opened her eyes.
He was struggling with the condom, he had apparently grabbed earlier. She pushed herself up to grab it and open it within seconds. He just stared at her, as she rolled it onto him. Her touch made him whimper.
He positioned himself quickly, and she helped him find the right place. She let go, but rested on her elbows to watch him. She lifted her knees, as he put down his left hand next to her shoulder. And once he pushed into her, he did the same with the other hand.
He kissed her sloppily, as he started moving.
Her lip shivered against his lips as he just hit the right spot.
“Fuck.” she breathed out, closing her eyes. She let herself go from his lips and closed her eyes. It didn't take long for her to fall back on her back. But all that time he stayed close to her.
She pushed her hands into his hair, making fists before letting go again. She let them slide down his neck, back to his jawline.
All the well he was trying his best to make her feel this way. And god, did she feel good.
She opened her eyes to look at him. And it was like time stood still, as one hand moved down towards his chin and rested there. Her thumb touching his lower lip.
“You okay?” she asked, trying to hold in her moans.
“Yes.” he answered, smiling at her. A genuine, beautiful smile.
“Good.” she answered, pushing herself up slowly, so her walls hit Thomas harder.
His mouth fell open as he moaned loudly. He looked at her, surprised by her sudden move.
Before he once again started moving faster.

He was close, Lieke could see that. But yet again he dove down to her breasts. He discovered every inch of his breasts. Licking her nipples, sucking on her sensitive skin.
Once he stopped moving his lips, she knew it was time.
She pulled him closer and now she was the one who started sucking on the skin in his neck.
She made her way up to his ear, biting it softly.
He whined under her touch.
“Let go.” she moaned into his ear.
“Fuck.” he whispered, because those words took him right over the edge. He orgasmed loudly, making his body weak for a few seconds. She held him up slightly, and when he finally calmed down their lips touched again.

“Not yet.” he said, before she could get full and well into the kiss.
She looked at him confused.
He pushed himself down, getting rid of the condom. Tying it and putting it next to the bed.
To her surprise, he immediately found his way down under.
“What the- Oh.” she whined.
She had totally forgotten she hadn't orgasmed. Maybe because she wasn't used to the boys she had giving her the chance to orgasm. She never expected this to happen after Thomas orgasmed.
“That feels so good.” she sighed. Her tension building up quickly again. She looked down at Thomas. He looked up one time, but most of the times his black curls were covering her. And as she rested her hand in his hair, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the hell out of it.

“Almost.” she whispered.
She felt her orgasm coming. She had been so turned already. But Thomas tongue did miracles to her body. He used one finger, but quickly added two as she came closer.
She moaned softly.
“Don't hold back.” he said softly.
She opened her eyes and gazed at him. He had gone back to what he was doing. And as their eyes locked, her body knew it time.
“I'm-” she wanted to say not. But a loud moan took over and she came, with his mouth still on her.
She shook slightly, feeling his tongue doing the last work, before he came up to her again.
He kissed her, making her feel so loved. He really didn't seem like other boys. And that made her weak on her knees.

A few seconds later he fell down next to her. He looked satisfied and Lieke couldn't blame him. She grabbed the duvet and pushed it on top off him. Now that they were done, she actually felt cold.
“I didn't think you would do that..” she muttered.
“What? Make you feel good?” he winked at her.
He moved closer, putting his arm around her waist from behind.
His body made her warm up immediately.
“It's just.. nobody seemed to care about it before. I had totally forgetten about it, before you went down again.”
He giggled by her words.
“I think it's normal. Get used to it.”
For some reason those words made her turn around.
“Get used to it..” she whispered.
“Well, I mean. Only if you want to.” he said shyly.
She smiled at him dumbly, she quickly hid herself against his chest.
“Please.” she whispered.
She didn't know why she was so easy with this man. It just kind of happened. And she didn't hate it.
Her heartbeat calmed down as he put his arm around her shoulders and rested his hand on her head, stroking it slowly.

“Do you want me to sleep on the couch?" he mumbled. "I mean it would be much more gentle if I just left and let you sleep here. But I kinda don't want to go.”
Lieke started to laugh. She moved herself so she was face to face with him and shook her head.
“No, you can stay.” she chuckled.
“Good.” he smiled.

“Shall we go to sleep then?” she asked eventually. All they were doing was laying there and playing with eachothers hand. It felt like they had done this a hundred times already.
“We will sleep until the afternoon, since it's already morning.” Thomas laughed.
“Who cares..” Lieke whispered.
He smiled softly.
She turned herself around and he immediately cuddled up to her again. For some reason the nakedness did nothing to them. It made them feel even closer actually.
Thomas curled his arm around her waist, as she put her leg between his.
She grabbed his hand and their fingers immediately intertwined.
She was just about to close her eyes, as she felt him breath out nervously.
“Are you okay?” she asked softly.
“I just wanted to thank you for coming to me today. I didn't know how long it would have lasted if you hadn't come.”
“Hey, it's fine. Maybe I just care about you a little too much.” she answered.
She heard him laugh silently against her hair.
“Don't worry.” he sighed happily. “I think I care about you a little too much too.”

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  • Kjelaney


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  • Kjelaney

    “Hey, it's fine. Maybe I just care about you a little too much.” she answered.
    She heard him laugh silently against her hair.
    “Don't worry.” he sighed happily. “I think I care about you a little too much too.”


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  • Kjelaney

    “Are you okay?” she asked softly.
    “I just wanted to thank you for coming to me today. I didn't know how long it would have lasted if you hadn't come.”

    DAT IS WEL HEEL SAD. THOMASJE :-( ik hou me erbij dat dan een van de bvb boys wel bij hem naar binnen was gestapt <3

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    Thomas curled his arm around her waist, as she put her leg between his.
    She grabbed his hand and their fingers immediately intertwined.
    She was just about to close her eyes, as she felt him breath out nervously.

    DAN VOEL je zijn adem zo over je WAT SCHATTIG

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