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Thomas opened the door with his foot, working himself inside the house, as he kissed Lieke. She pushed him against the door, fighting for dominance.
They definitely didn't make it inside before their feelings took over. But that didn't matter. In that moment nothing did.

But Thomas was easily stronger than Lieke, and as he pushed himself up again, he closed the door with his feet and pushed her against the inside of the door.
She looked at him, heavy breathing between both of them.
A smirk filled her face. He was lucky her blouse was already halfway unbottoned, and she stared at him as he undid the rest. She let it fall on the ground with a thud, leaving her only in her top.
Their eyes were still locked, and Lieke found it extremely sexy he knew exactly where his hands were supposed to go.
He came closer, locking their lips in a slow, passionate kiss. She felt his fingers intying the back of her top and a breeze of wind came across her breasts as the sides fell down softly. A cheeky grin filled his face, as he pulled the other strings over her head and threw her top away too.
She swallowed loudly, as she got used to his big hands against the bare skin of her breasts.
Lieke wanted to be dominant tonight, but he always knew how to take over. And Lieke, once again, got weak underneath his touch.

His thumb found her nipple, as he rubbed it slowly, making her want to whine for more. His other hand found her chin, grabbing it with such dominance Lieke never knew he had.
“God, that's-” but her words were stopped by his mouth.
Something in Lieke's mind popped and she flew to his blouse. Her hands struggling to get it out as fast as possible. She threw the sunglasses he had hanging on it on the ground, making him smirk.
He positioned his hands in her neck, a better grip to kiss her. He licked her upper lip with the tip of his tongue, before kissing her hard.
She finally managed to open it fully and with all her strength and unsteadiness she removed it from his body.
He wanted to grab her hand, take her upstairs, but she wasn't planning to. She wanted to do what she wasn't allowed to do at the beach.
She pulled him closer and turned him against the door. He looked at her in utter surprise.
“Don't you want to go upstairs.” he bit his lip, as she got down on her knees.
“Oh, you want to go downstairs.” he chuckled.
Lieke looked up and rolled her eyes so deeply, he burst out into laughter.
“Thank you, Delaney. For totally ruining the mood.” she snorted, shaking her head.

But Lieke was so hypnotised by the look he then gave her. He seemed so happy and so turned on at the same time. He leaned back against the door, pushing his hips forward. He grabbed her brown locks and tilted her head up so she could look at him. Her mouth hang open widely. He was enjoying himself and her so much. It made her feel so loved and needed.
“You look so nice like this.”
He licked his lips, making her whine for more.
“I can look better with my lips around your dick.” she mumbled.
His eyes widened, as she smirked at him.
She raised her hands, to unzip his pants. She pushed them down just enough.

To play with Thomas, she did nothing after that. She just gazed at the bulge in his boxers. Tilting her head, raising her eyebrow.
“Lieke, I swear!” he mumbled. He sounded so desperate and she knew he was.
“I gotta do something about the fact you wouldn't let me take you right there on the beach. Perfect spot in my opinion.” she said, looking up quickly.
But with both hands, she pulled his boxers down, reveiling his erection. She smiled, getting ready to give him the time of his life.
She put her hands on her back for a second, and reached out with her tongue. Slowly, she licked from bottom to top, making him twitch underneath her touch.
His cock was standing so upright , she really just wanted to jump into his arms and do it right there and then. But as turned on as she was, she was keen on giving him this.
She let go of her right hand, reached for his dick and closed her fingers around it.
She started moving slowly, too slowly for his liking. She saw his hands holding onto the door.
“You can help me out, if you want to. I don't mind.” she whispered. She grabbed his right hand, leading it to her hair.
“Give me a second.” she giggled, making him shiver all over.
She pushed herself closer, taking Thomas all in. She still had it and she thanked herself for it.
Her tongue circled around his skin as she bobbed up and down, and after a few seconds she felt Thomas his hand, grazing her hair, slowly helping her with the pace she wanted to find.
And she found out he liked it slow. Not too slow, but something she could get used to more often. Every once in a while, he pushed his hips against her lips, making her moan softly.
She heard the moans and the whines. She knew he was struggling underneath her touch. And she loved it. She loved to see him struggle.

“I want to see you cum, but not yet.” she said, looking up at him again. Her thumb rubbed the tip of his cock. He was trying so hard not to cum, as pre-cum already dripped of it.
“What do you want?” he whined, watching as she licked her thumb clean.

He hadn't expect her to be this confident for their second time. And it made her hundred times hotter than she already was. The necklace hanging between her breasts, her suntanned face looking up at him. She looked stunning and now she didn't expect him to cum until she said so? How on earth was he about to manage that.

“Just wait until I say so.” she mumbled, going in again. But this time she picked up her pace. Her hand moved sloppily up and down, her tongue circeled lazily around his cock and her lips pleasured him the most.
“Lieke.” he cried. “Please..”
Whines escaped his mouth and she got so turned on, she really wanted to touch herself right now.
“I will do anything you want, but I need you to let me cum.” he moaned.
She didn't answer, but listened to his moans and whines. She felt his legs struggle against her grip.
He whined weakly, being as strong as possible, but her touch made it impossible.
She looked at Thomas, their eyes locked. And she winked at him.
That was the moment for him to let go. And god, did it feel good.
Thomas steadied himself against his door and watched as she easily catched everything in her mouth. Her hand still moved up and down lazily. She swallowed easily, cleaning the rest of of her lips with her tongue.
Thomas couldn't believe what he saw. He never saw this side of Lieke. And he knew that was his fault. He always saw her as Mats' little sister, even with the crush he had on her.
He knew she was strong and independent. He knew she was cheeky and fun. But he also knew she was shy and quiet.
And he never realised how far she would go.
And know that he knew, he got really aroused by it.
It was her sitting there on her knees, breathing out softly, that his heart fluttered.
He placed his hands on her jaw, motioned her to stand up.
She raised herself up, holding onto his arms. They looked at eachother, understanding things only they could understand.

“I don't even know what to say.” he whispered, still surprised by her.
“I told you, you haven't seen the best of me yet.” she bit her lip.
“I didn't know you were gonna make me whine for it.”
She grazed her hand through his hair, smiling softly. She studied his face.
“Don't say you didn't like it.” she said sweetly.
He smiled. Because that's all he could do. He knew she was right and he wasn't going to argue with her on it.
Instead he kissed her forehead softly, before he intertwined his fingers with hers and took her upstairs.

It was crazy to Lieke, how familiar this felt. How he was here in front of her, fully naked, leading her up where she belonged with him. Her fingers lingered for his touch so badly, their thumbs played together, making him look back at her. The most beautiful smile on his face.
She felt so unbelievably good around him.
And now that Mats had given his okay, there was no one to stop her anymore. All her worries, all her stress, it was gone. And she felt better than ever.

They hurried upstairs, still hand in hand as they reached Thomas' room.
She sat down on the bed, her feet tipping softly on the floor. Her hands next to her on the bed. She stared up at Thomas, who had been looking at her. He came forward, with an expression on his face Lieke couldn't quite place.
He put his hands next to hers and leaned forward, making Lieke bend a little back.
“I guess it's my turn now.” he said with a hoarse voice.
Her body immediately turned on again.
And there it was again, the familiar touch in her neck. His sweet, wet lips.

Then, to her horror, she realised she had been wearing those hickeys all over her body the whole day. People must have noticed.
But when she looked down quickly, they luckily didn't look as bad as she thought they would be.
“What's wrong?” he asked, leaning back to look at her.
“The hickeys. I totally forgot about them.” she whispered.
Thomas tried to bury a smile, but it didn't work.
“I think the only one who really noticed was Marco.” he mumbled, before giving her a soft kiss.
“You sure?” she asked nervously.
He nodded reassuringly.
“Yeah, I am. Don't you worry.” he said sweetly, making her calm down again.
She quietly brushed her hand through his hair and sighed.
“You're making it so difficult for me.” she muttered, feeling his lips against her jawline.
He hummed something, making her smile.
“You're making it difficult, because it's all so damn easy with you.” she explained.
She felt the tip of his tongue making his way to her breasts, as she breathed in harshly.
“I thought that would a good thing.” he said, as dropped down on his knees.
It was a precious side, to look down on him like that.
His hands were resting on the lower part of her back. His arms against her legs.
“We've been together for a week. Hell, we've been together for three days really, if you count the first kiss. But it's all so easy. Almost too easy.”
“We've known eachother for much longer and I think you tend to forgot that, sweetheart.”
Her heart fluttered by his words.
“I basically knew what you liked and disliked already. And I guess,” a smirk filled his face again. “I guess we connect even better in bed.”
She didn't say a word, just leaning over to kiss him passionately, was all she needed in that moment.
His face cupped in her hands, making the world seem so small around them.
“Put your worries away now, Lieke.” he whispered, carressing her cheek with his thumb.

And so she did, as he opened her shorts, to pull them off. All together with the rest of the clothes she was wearing. Which was only one item anyway.
And there they were. Both fully naked again. Very aware of their surroundings. Of their touches.
His hands made his way to her knees, slowly, way too slowly over her legs.
He opened her legs, looked down on her precious spot.
Lieke braced herself, rearranging her hands on the bed. Pushing herself just a bit forward.
She knew exactly how much she was going to love this. But she remembered the night before, and she wasn't ready to give herself over again.
And the fact he was sitting down for her, making her feel superior. It made her feel like she owned this world. Or atleast, him.
He rubbed her legs for a little while, trying to get a reaction out of Lieke. But she stared him dead in the eye, making him laugh a little.
She noticed his erection standing up again, pointing against his belly. And she remembered his taste, still on her tongue.

He moved closer, going in with his thumb first. Agonising slowly he started rubbing her clit. She moaned, pleasure taking over her body. As she finally felt his touch again.
It really hadn't been long, but it also felt like forever.
She felt herself getting wet, she felt herself drown underneath his touch already.
She sighed happily, before she felt two fingers coming inside of her.
A suprised moan escaped her mouth.
Her head fell in her neck, as she tried to keep her hands steady.
She didn't know where to look, when his tongue touched her clit. A wave of pleasure so big, a whine escaped her mouth. His name rolled over her tongue, begging him for more.
And her heart bounched fastly, as his free hand grabbed hers.
She looked at it, for just a few seconds, before his lips started sucking on her way too sensitive clit. His fingers pounding in and out of her like it was nothing.
She wanted to cry out, he needed to go faster.
Moans rolled over her lips, squeezing his hand. She felt his soft laughs vibrate against her skin, making her dizzy. His stubble tickled against her skin, and it felt like she had entered Wonderland.

He added another finger, and that was enough for her to uncontrollably fall back into the sheets. She hadn't felt this kind of pleasure from anybody else. And here Thomas was, doing this for her on repeat. She knew how wet she was, she could feel it.
Whenever his tongue found her clit, she cried out loud. The tip of his tongue, did wonders for her body. And she couldn't control the screams and moans coming out of her anymore.

“You're so wet for me. I love it.” he sighed, almost as if he wasn't talking to her but to himself.
His fingers were still pushing in and out of her, as the two eventually made eye contact again.
She really wanted to push him back into her, but his brown, twinkling eyes were looking so beautiful. And she couldn't stop staring at him. There was something about looking at him, as he fingered her.
It made it more intimate than she could ever wish for.
He picked up his pace, and then she realised how close she was.
Her mouth hang open ajar, as she tried to regain her breath. And Thomas realised that too.
He looked up at her, knowing she was almost ready.
And then he stopped. He pulled out of her, resting his hands on her thighs.
She looked at him in utter disbelief.

“Feels bad, huh?” he grinned, making her gasp.
“You've got to be kidding me.” she whined. “Please I am so close.”
“But I was too.” he smiled at her.
She bit her lip angrily.
“Thomas fucking Delaney. I swear I will-”
But his laugh told her enough, as he dived back down quickly.
A loud cry followed. Her clit got so sensitive, that one touch made her body stir up. She closed her eyes, focusing on his lips. But then she realised she wanted to see him. So she opened her eyes again and looked down at him. His head bobbing up and down, as she felt his lips swirling around her clit.
She moaned loudly, as she felt his tongue taking her over. Her orgasm hitting her hard as she shivered underneath his touch. She moaned, when he didn't seem to stop moving. Making her orgasm spike up again.
“Thomas-” she cried.
That's when he stopped, slowly but surely.
And she breathed out, falling back onto the bed.
He came up, hovering over her. A smirk on his face.
“I hate you.” she sighed, a smile on her tired face.
“I know. But I know you love it, anyway.” he answered.
Their lips connected quickly, before he stood up.
That's when she remembered his erection.

“I'll go take a shower.” he mumbled against her lips.
It felt good not leave her lips, Thomas always thought. He wanted her as close as possible.
“I'll join you, just give me a few seconds.” she smiled, stroking his cheek.
He nodded, before he made his way to the shower. He put on the water, releasing some stress. But he realised how turned on he still was. His erection wasn't fading away.
He decided to do it himself, as he lazily put his hand on the wall and with the other he grabbed his cock.
He closed his eyes, being way too tired to help himself out. But he needed this.
It didn't take long, as the picture of Lieke naked on his bed, turned him on immensely.

And only a few seconds after he came, he felt her arms around his waist again. He turned around in her arms. Taking her in his arms too. She layed her head on his chest and rested it there.
“I don't hate you.” she spoke softly.
She looked up, once again meeting Thomas his brown eyes. They both looked tired, worn out. But they both didn't want to let go yet. It felt good to be so close. It felt good to just stand there and be one.
And that's what Thomas loved most about her. Something she apparently had a bit of trouble with; it was all so easy with her.
He kissed the top of her head, making her giggle quietly, before he smiled and said:
“I don't hate you either, Lieke.”

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    5 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I don't hate you.” she spoke softly.
    She looked up, once again meeting Thomas his brown eyes. They both looked tired, worn out. But they both didn't want to let go yet. It felt good to be so close. It felt good to just stand there and be one.
    And that's what Thomas loved most about her. Something she apparently had a bit of trouble with; it was all so easy with her.
    He kissed the top of her head, making her giggle quietly, before he smiled and said:
    “I don't hate you either, Lieke.”


    5 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    He decided to do it himself, as he lazily put his hand on the wall and with the other he grabbed his cock.


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  • Kjelaney

    “I hate you.” she sighed, a smile on her tired face.
    “I know. But I know you love it, anyway.” he answered.


    5 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Feels bad, huh?” he grinned, making her gasp.
    “You've got to be kidding me.” she whined. “Please I am so close.”
    “But I was too.” he smiled at her.
    She bit her lip angrily.
    “Thomas fucking Delaney. I swear I will-”


    5 maanden geleden

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