One thing Esmée Hale found out while dating footballplayer Mathias Jensen, is that the Danish players had the best parties. She loved them. Love was an understatement. As they were insane sometimes.
Luckily she had her best friends with her everytime they went to a party.
Gabriëla Wood had started dating Jens Stryger after coming with Esmée to a party. And the same went for Lieke Tennant, who was now dating the always smiley Thomas Delaney. It was fun, to have them by her side.
But not as fun as being next to Mathias. She was so in love with the man. They shared every single detail in their life. She wasn't sad about the fact he was gone a lot, she loved to watch him play. Whether she was there with him in the stadium or on the couch in front of the TV.

In their lovelife, they had experienced a lot. And he even knew, what Esmée thought about some of his teammates. He thought it was funny. He knew they weren't ugly, and she was right to say it. And in the end she always made sure he was the most important one for her.
But there was one particular teammember, she admitted she once had a little crush on. And Mathias, who first had been a little insecure about it, now was totally fine with that fact.
So much so, that he thought he'd have the perfect gift for Esmée for her birthday.
At first it seemed insane, but it was also one of her wildest dreams. And Mathias was there to make it come true for her.

The party had started late. And as Thomas and Zanka had come in with so much alcohol, Esmée noticed that they already seemed pretty drunk. Lieke came after them, not having a single care in the world.
She knew how excited those two could be, so she just let it go.
She knew Thomas would eventually come back to her anyway. He always did.
Jens, Gabriëla, Christian Eriksen and Simon Kjær came after them.
And slowly but surely the room was filled with almost all the players.
They all loved Esmée and they had been excited to have a big party again.

But Mathias had other plans, and he couldn't wait to take Esmée upstairs with him. For now Esmée was sitting on his lap, talking happily to Lieke who had been shaking by all the moves Thomas was making next to her. It made them laugh, knowing how busy he was. Esmée was glad Mathias wasn't like that.
She looked over to Gabriëla who was talking to Simon and Jens, she gazed at Simon just a bit longer, before she returned her attention to Gabriëla. She was leaning into Jens his shoulder, as he had his arm around her waist.
She felt Mathias' hand moving down onto her thigh and she slowly turned around to look at him.
“Hey gorgeous.” she muttered, before giving him a sloppy kiss. She wasn't drunk, but the alcohol was flowing nicely through her body.
“Hey, love.” he answered, giving her a cheeky smile.
“When do I get my present?” she asked, pouting her lips.
She knew she was getting something tonight. He told her, but not everything.
“Soon, Es, just have a little patience.” he muttered against her jaw.
She sighed. She was way too curious about his gift. He was so mysterious about it.

It took them almost four more hours, until Mathias finally took her upstairs. Eventually Esmée had noticed Simon was still there, as he was usually one of the people who left early. And when she had asked her boyfriend about it, Mathias had just shrugged, leaving her even more curious.
Things had been happening that she couldn't understand. And she knew Mathias was a bit nervous about something.

Once they were upstairs, Esmée couldn't keep her hands of of Mathias. She was a bit more tipsy now. Which maybe was a good thing in this situation.
“Math, are you sure we should leave them all alone?” she giggled, her arms hanging loosely around his shoulders.
“Gabriëla has the key. We will be fine.” he laughed, leading them into their room.

Esmée had moved in with Mathias two years ago and it was still the best decision they had ever made. She was in love with his bedroom. It was huge, with a balcony attached. You could look out over a lake. They often spend hours there, talking together.
But there was no time for talking now.
“Is this my present?” she whispered, making him laugh.
“Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't.” he answered.
She hummed something, not caring much about his words, before she kissed him. It surprised Mathias how precisely she did that. Her sloppy kisses got replaced for a passionate, slow kiss.
Mathias followed her to the bed, not leaving her lips for a second. He liked it when she was in the lead. She almost never was, and he knew that whenever she was, things would be different. More exciting. It was good to see her like that. It was a huge turn on.

Mathias sat down on the bed, as he took Esmée on his lap. Her knees resting on the bed.
He put a strand of hair behind her ear and gazed at her. She smiled happily, making his heart flutter.
She bowed over to kiss him, harder this time. He knew she wanted more. His hands found her bra, unclipping it underneath her shirt.
With ease, she undid herself from the bra and focused back on his lips. His hands were all over the place. But eventually they rested on her ass, pushing her even closer.
He was hard underneath her touch and there was no denying it.
She grinded against his pants, making him want more.
But just as he was about to turn her around, the door opened.
Esmée immediately looked up. She was tipsy, but apparently not that tipsy.
“Oh god.” she mumbled embarrased.
She looked at Mathias, who looked at the man at the door. It was Simon. And by the looks of it, he wasn't going to leave. Esmée gazed at him, as he closed the door behind him.
Esmée turned to Mathias again, shaking her head slowly. Then she realised. She realised what Mathias had planned. She realised why Simon had stayed longer than normal.
“This is insane.” she whispered to Mathias.
“Good insane or bad insane?”
He was resting with his hands on the bed, a smirk filling his face. And Esmée realised he wanted this too. It wasn't only her.
She looked at Simon again, he was calmly resting against the door. A smile on his face, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“I swear I thought you'd be faster, but I guess I can work with this.” he said, as he pushed himself upstraight and walked over to the bed.
He reached for Esmée her hand, and she stood up. He pulled her closer immediately. And Esmée was very aware of the height difference now.
She looked at him, just for a couple of seconds, trying to understand how this naughty dream had come true, before they locked their lips.
And god, was he a good kisser. Different, much different than Mathias. It was harder, faster. Where as Mathias usually went in for a sweet, slow kiss.
She tasted the alcohol on his lips, but she knew he wasn't drunk. He never was.
She breathed out quickly, before she continued the kiss. She felt another pair of hands. A familiar touch. Her favorite hands lifting her shirt up and pulling it softly over her head.
Simon looked at her, then at Mathias who was proud of his girlfriend. He wasn't scared to show that off.
Mathias his hands closed around her breasts, as he massaged them slowly. Making Esmée sigh from pleasure. She was staring at Simon, as they couldn't keep their gaze of of eachother. Mathias his hands traveled down to her pants, opening them from behind her. Soft kisses and bites were placed in her neck by the same man.
Simon kneeled down, pulling down her pants onto the ground. She stepped out of it, looking down breathlessly at the man before her. She was in utter disbelief, but he was really there.
He pushed down her panties, making her fully naked in between two fully clothed man.
And she was lying if she said she didn't like it.
Simons hands traveled up on her legs, making them tingle. She felt Mathias his finger on her chin, making her head turn sideways towards him.
They looked at eachother, making sure they were good. And his smile comfirmed all her thoughts.
She kissed him, more needy than ever.
A moan escaped her mouth, into his, as she felt Simons tongue against her clit. He didn't hesitate and it almost made her scream.
“Fuck.” she mumbled against Mathias lips. He grinned, his hand fell down to her ass, squeezing it softly. And the touching on either sides, made her want to move so badly. She struggled underneath their touch. Simons tongue was doing a wonder to her body. And Mathias was making sure she felt good. And damn, that was working.

Up until he left her.
“I'll be back, honey.” he whispered in her ear.
She whined softly, as he let go of her. Now all her body strength was up to Simon. And he was sucking on her clit, her lips, everywhere he could reach. And all she could do was hold onto his shoulder. Her other hand landed in his hair, going through it slowly.
It bothered her, that he knew exactly where to be. Because she couldn't control her moans as good as she did when Mathias was right next to her.
Simon looked up to her, his blue eyes questioning himself. Her look of pleasure seemed to assure him he was doing fine. But he quickly grabbed her legs to keep her steady. Which she silently thanked him for.
She looked over to Mathias, who had given up. He was staring at Simon and her, his cock lazily in his hand. He was rubbing it, enjoying the show. And she couldn't believe he liked it. His lip was resting between his teeth, as he closed his eyes every once in a while to focus on not coming too quickly.
It spiked up her tension even more.
She felt Simons tongue, coming inside of her, and she was surprised by his strength. She moaned loudly, shivering on her feet.
Simon noticed, as he quickly broke off his work, and lifted her up. Her sensitive naked skin was resting against his body and she still wasn't sure she wasn't dreaming.
It all came so easy to him. And she wondered how often he had done this already.
Mathias scooted over to the right, so Esmée could lay next to him. He immediately kissed her, as Simon removed his shirt and continued what he was doing.
She felt two fingers discovering her. Moving slowly.
Esmée looked at him, as he smirked at her, before he disappeared inbetween her thighs again. As soon as his tongue hit her clit, and his fingers started moving faster, she knew it was done for her.
Mathias, who had been leaving kisses all the way to her breasts, was now sucking on her nipple.
And she closed her eyes, moaning to show her pleasure. Her hands were desperately holding onto Mathias his hair. She was luckily it was long, because she was trying not to pull too hard.
“She's holding back.” Simon said in a hoarse voice. His thumb had replaced his tongue.
“I can feel how close you are, Esmée.” he said.
“Let yourself go.” Mathias smiled, licking his lips slowly.
And that was her cue. Shemoaned loudly, closing her eyes, as her orgasm came over her. She felt a finger on her clit, a tongue on her nipple, but she didn't care who was doing it to her. She saw stars before her eyes, as her legs shivered.
“God, that's sexy.” she heard Simon say. Her eyes sprung open, just as she saw how he went back to her sensitive spot and licked her clean.
Her mouth hang open as she watched him. He pointed a finger at Mathias, as to say Simon needed him. And Mathias looked at him with something that looked like lust.

He came up again, pulling Mathias closer by his shirt and to Esmée her surprise they started kissing. She watched them closely, following every move.
Her juices inside their mouths, made her whole body shake. What the hell were they doing to her?
She breathed out slowly. She had a hard time breathing properly and the fact Simon was undressing Mathias right before her eyes, made it even worse.
He was almost naked now, only his boxers were hanging around his ass. She pulled herself up and slapped his ass softly, making him pipe up. Simon chuckled, as their faces turned to her.

“What now?” he muttered, letting his lips travel down Mathias neck.
“I want..” she didn't want to say it. But then again, she saw Mathias eyeing Simons bulge. “I want Math to blow you.”
Simon raised an eyebrow and looked at Mathias. Who had been staring at Esmée. She crawled up to him, realising how sore she felt already.
She placed her hand on his cheek and kissed him lovingly. He relaxed and she saw he wanted this badly too.
She raised her eyebrows at him, as to ask him if it was okay. But she saw Simon undoing himself from his pants already and she really wanted to watch this.
He kissed her back, and she knew he wanted this too. Their foreheads touched for a second, before he turned himself back to Simon. His erection was standing up proudly, just like Mathias'. She wanted to help him out, but not yet.
She layed back down and let her hand wander down to her vagina again.

Mathias didn't want to admit it out loud. But he had been wondering what it would be like to blow his captains cock one day. And Esmée agreeing to watch it happen right in front of her, made him so turned on. He felt the pre-cum leaking from his cock and he didn't know how long he could take it.
Simon was sitting on his knees, holding onto the frame of the bed behind him, as he saw Mathias going down on him. He focused on Esmée, who was looking at them with pleasure in her eyes. And now he understood why Mathias had asked him to do this.
He hadn't doubted it for a second, as he always thought Mathias was gorgeous. And Esmée was someone he could have ended up with if it wasn't for Mathias. He was happy for them, most of all.
But he was even more happier with Mathias his lips around his dick. It felt so good to finally have a strong mouth doing the work.

Mathias let his tongue swirl around Simons cock, trying his hardest to not mess it up.
Esmée saw how tense he looked, she glanced at Simon who had noticed too. He smiled at her, before she came up to Mathias. She placed her lip against his ear and her hand found his cock.
Her fingers placed around them as he moaned, Simons cock still in his mouth.
“Enjoy yourself, babe.” she whispered in his ear, making him whimper.
He didn't expect to be right in between him, when he came up with this idea. But here he was.
And he seemed to finally relax a little. Simons felt how his lips getting more flexable, how he started going faster, knowing he could take it all in. He grabbed some of Mathias locks, lead him up the right pace and moaned softly as Mathias find the right spot. Mathias his hand immediately started rubbing harder.
Esmée quickly looked up, as Simons moan was like music to her ears. He looked at her, as confident as ever. And she bit her lip.
Her hand was still around Mathias his cock and she knew exactly what he liked. It seemed like the faster she went, the better he got around Simons cock. And she quickly noticed the difficulty on the men their faces.
She let go of Mathias his dick, but traced kisses up and down his back.

She was focused on Mathias bobbing and Simons face. His eyes closed, his mouth opened and a loud, but low moan escaped his mouth.
She watched Mathias take it all in, swallowing it easily. His thumb cleaned his lips and Esmée raised an suprised eyebrow.
Mathias, who seemed incredibly tired, looked up with a smile on his face. She shook her head in disbelief.
“I guess your man has some secret talents.” Simon muttered. “I really have to ease on him on the field from now on, because that was amazing.”
Esmée smirked.
“I know he knows his way with his lips, Simon.” she licked her lips slowly after, not looking away from Simon. There was tension between them. But that seemed to be going on for all three of them.

“I need you.” Mathias said, making Esmée come back to earth. She knew exactly what he wanted, as she layed down on her back. It was amazing to look up to these two gorgeous man.
Mathias quickly leaned over her to grab a condom from the nightstand. He handed it over to Simon, who opened it easily.
“Let me do it.” he said.
Mathias leaned back and watched as Simon put the condom on his erection, making him whine softly. Simons eyes traveled up and then their lips locked again.
Esmée was so utterly in love with this side, especially with Mathias being ready to orgasm.
But she knew he was waiting for her.
He ended the kiss with Simon, who layed down lazily next to Esmée. He wasn't going to leave and neither Esmée nor Mathias minded.
Mathias came closer, positioning his cock, before sliding into Esmée. She took him in, like she always did. She had to get used for just a minute, before he picked up his pace.
He kissed her, making her needing more. But she was heavily enjoying Mathias being on top of her, as Simon seemed to watch it all with pleasure in his eyes.
It made it even better that Simon seemed to be hungry, everytime he looked at Mathias. It made her body burn even more.
She let her hands go through Mathias his hair and looked into his deep, blue eyes. She smiled, the smile he fell in love with. She pulled him closer to kiss him again. Longer this time. Longer and more passionate.
She felt his body tense up underneath her, and his face got buried in her neck, as she felt him orgasm. His breathing loudly next to her ear. She smiled, kissing him right above his ear.
In the end, he was still hers. And they both knew what it meant to share this intimacy.

Esmée moved closer to Simon, so Mathias could lay next to her on the other side. She watched as he threw away the condom, but already felt Simons hand getting her attention. He moved her face towards his.
“I barely kissed you tonight.” he said, before closing the gap between them and kissing her again. She felt tired and worn out, but she couldn't stop kissing him. Or Mathias for that matter. Their lips, their mouths, they felt so different. It was like she tasted something special everytime their lips touched again.
“You've got all night to kiss me.” she answered, a smirk filling her face. Simon looked at Mathias, who shrugged. He had put his arm around her waist and was resting his chin on her shoulder.
“I mean, you can kiss me all night too if you want. Now that I know what your mouth tastes like, I can't blame Esmée for wanting more.” he said, before kissing her cheek.
Simons face filled with a surprised smirk.
“Thought this would be an one time thing.” he murmured.
“But there are plenty of birthdays coming up..” Esmée joked, as she relaxed a bit more now.
The two men started to laugh, they couldn't disagree with that. And they didn't want to either.

They spend the night together. Barely knowing how much they did to eachother the next day. It was a blur mostly. Maybe from the alcohol or the excitement building up. But what they all didn't forget was the deal they made.
And Mathias never would have thought his little gift, would end up in this scenario.

Safe to say, sometimes he did have some good ideas.

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    “But there are plenty of birthdays coming up..” Esmée joked, as she relaxed a bit more now.

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    “I barely kissed you tonight.”

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