It had been a few days ago, that Lieke had broken up with her ex Mats Hummels.
And she felt so bad about it, that she had spent her days with Marco Reus, who made sure she was okay all the time.
He was her best friend, through thick and thin. And she was glad he had been with her.
She had been in her little apartment the whole week. Crying her eyes out with all that happened. She had broken up with Mats in such a bad way, that she didn't even want to speak with him anymore.
Marco had made sure she ate properly. He made sure to make her smile when she felt bad.
She was not doing good at all, but Marco always had a way to cheer her up.
She had thanked him a thousand times already, but she felt like it still wasn't enough.

“How are you feeling today?”
Marco had just came back from his training. He had come straight to her again and she wondered how dusty his house had become. She was laying on the couch, underneath a blanket. She felt okay today, but her motivation was nowhere to be found. Still, hearing Marco come home, made her feel better already.
“I'm okay.” she said, sitting up for Marco to join her.
“Did you eat everything I made for you?”
He had sat down next to her, pulling her closer immediately. The break up and the caring, made it so, that they became a lot closer. And Lieke was getting used to it. To his soft touches, his humming in her ears whenever he was singing a song he liked.
It calmed her, just like it did for him.
She rested her head on his lap, his arm resting on her stomach.
“Yes, I did, dad.” she joked.
He laughed, a twinkle running through his eyes. Lieke noticed it, even for a second. Which made her smile.
“I'm just glad you're eating atleast.” he admitted. “Means you're feeling a bit better.”
She nodded mindlessly, but her smile didn't leave her face.
“How was your training?” she asked. It was hard to talk about it, as Mats would also be there. But she wanted to know how it went, especially because she was interested in Marco.
“It was good.” he said.
Lieke snorted.
“And?” she asked. “You can tell me more than just that. Don't worry.”
“Hmm..” he thought out loud. “Had a talk with Rose about being captain. Which ofcourse, I still am.”
A proud smirk appeared on his face, making her giggle.
“That's good to hear.” she smiled.
He nodded.
“And well, ofcourse I was teamed up with the busiest guys in the team again.” he sighed, slightly annoyed.
“Let me guess, Delaney, Erling and Mo?” she laughed.
“You guessed right. Chaotic people.”
“Speak for yourself, Marco.” she answered, making him shrug.
“I'm not as bad as them.”
“Debatable.” she giggled, making him groan.

It went silent, as they both focused on the television in front of them. A football game was playing, which they didn't really care about. Without really realising, Lieke had boringly grabbed his arm, as she looked at his tattoos. She had seen them so many times. But never upclose. Never did she realise how much there was to discover.
Her finger traced the letter M.
“Marco..” she muttered. “Why did you tattoo your own name onto your body?”
He sighed, but smiled at her.
“I've been asked that too many times. I guess I just liked it. I didn't really have a reason behind it.”
Her finger had traveled towards the R and she smiled lightly.
Once she was done with his name, she traveled over to the quote on his upper arm.

What she didn't realise was how sensitive her touch seemed to be to Marco. He had been staring at her moves, her finger moving slowly over his tattoos. She was so concentrated and curious and she looked so beautiful doing so.
Marco raised his hand, and nervously let it go through her hair.
She looked up, immediately mesmorized by his eyes. They looked so dark in that moment, almost dark brown. And she didn't realised she had stopped breathing.
There were so many question going through the both of them now. She was still holding onto his arm, but she realised quickly that she had lowered it to his hand. And was holding onto it now. He squeezed it, very softly.
Marco felt such a strong feeling coming over him. And he knew what he had to do. He would regret it if he didn't, even if he fucked up the whole dynamic. He needed to know, if she felt the same way.
He bowed over and slowly, but surely pushed his lips onto hers.
They both took a few seconds, realising what was happening, before Lieke slowly kissed him back. Her lips were shaking a little. Marco knew she was nervous, but he was too.
But it was now or never. And it seemed like now was the right choice.

Lieke stopped the kiss, as she opened her eyes again. She stared at him, asking him a thousand questions without saying a single word. Then she got up. Up on her knees, as she threw one leg over his legs and sat down on his lap.
Their lips locked again, heavier this time. Her hands made their way upwards his neck. As she felt his arms pulling her closer softly by her back.
There was relief in her kiss. Relief, angst, sadness, but most of all understanding. They wanted this, needed this.
Their foreheads touched, as they breathed out.

“Is this really the best idea?” Marco asked.
“I need you.” she admitted.
He stared into her eyes.
“I don't want to be your rebound right now.” he whispered.
He looked so insecure, it made her feel like she wasn't making the right choice. But deep down she knew this was the right choice.
She lifted his chin and kissed him again. He couldn't help it, he could finally kiss her, so he needed to kiss her back.
“Trust me when I say you aren't.” she spoke sweetly, but her words were honest.
And maybe, she realised, that's why her relationship with Mats didn't end well. All the fights she had with him, it made her realise how much she had needed someone who did care about her.
And Marco had always been there. Whenever she needed him.
And now, finally, she realised she appreciated it more than she thought, even after all these years, as butterflies woke up in her body again the moment he had kissed her.

She stood up, grabbing his hand and pulling him with her. He looked at her, nervously, as she took him upstairs.
“God, Marco. Lighten up a bit. You started this.” she said, taking him into her room. Even though it felt like it had become theirs. As clothes of Marco were laying around the room. He giggled by the side, realising how much of a mess they had made.
“It did, didn't I?” he sighed happily, as he took her face in his hands and kissed her softly.
“Yes.” she smiled brightly against his lips. “You did.”
He picked up the hem of her shirt, and pushed it over her head. Lieke felt so nervous. She knew Marco so well, but not in this way. And they definitely never saw each other naked.
But his smile only got bigger, as she took matters into her own hands. She reached for his shirt and did the same he did to her. Ofcourse, she had seen that body enough. But now it took her breath away.
He then reached behind her back to unclip her bra. She was surprised by the ease he did it with, making her giggle. Her bra fell slowly down to the ground. And his hands traveled to her breasts, massaged them.
He seemed to be pleased with what he saw, making Lieke feel more confident than ever.
She never had this feeling with Mats. She never felt the assurance Marco had given her now.
She pulled down his trainings shorts, showing the bulge trying to get out of his boxers.
She licked her lips, not noticing that she did so until she felt Marco's eyes on her.
One of his hands was still massaging over her breast, her nipple feeling like the most sensitive thing she ever felt. She was worried what her pussy would feel like.
She grabbed his bulge, massaged it a little, making him whimper underneath her touch.
“Are you teasing me right now?” he chuckled.
“Maybe I am.” she laughed. But she immediately knew she made a mistake. He started rubbing her nipple harder, as her jaw dropped and she moaned.
His other hand had found his way down, totally ignoring her sweatpants and diving into her panties.
“That's unfair.” she spoke. But it didn't matter, as two of his fingers discovered how wet she already was.
Marco bit his lip, as he gazed into her eyes. She traveled between his eyes, wondering how he felt in that moment. But she knew him well enough to know he was loving this.
Without a notice, he pulled down her sweatpants and her panties, leaving her fully naked. He then undid himself from his boxers and showed his erection.
And Lieke couldn't stop looking at him, at everything his body had.
He walked over to his suitcase and showed a condom, making her wonder if he carried one everywhere. He put it on quickly, as Lieke tilted her head and looked at him.
“Hold me.” he said when he was done, and she quickly put her hands around his neck.
A scream left her mouth as he lifted her up. She burried her face in his neck, as he started laughing.
She looked up after a few seconds, meeting his eyes once again. They both smiled so brightly, it made Marco so happy.

But the mood quickly turned serious again, as his lips found hers. They couldn't keep stop touching eachother, as it quickly got heated between the two. She felt her back being pushed against the wall. And without warning she felt him slowly coming inside of her.
She didn't know where his strength was coming from, as she tried to stay as steady as possible with her legs around his waist.

He had started moved so agressively, she had trouble holding up to him.
“Wait.” she whispered, as she tried to lock her legs together behind his back.
She pulled her ass back, just a little, so she could move her body herself. His face turned quickly, as he raisd his eyebrows. She was bouncing on and off his dick, and she loved how weak he got underneath her. He steadied himself with one hand pushed against the wall. He left kisses in her neck, sucked on skin.
She heard low moans coming from his mouth, as she herself had trouble not moaning either. Her forehead rested on his shoulder, and to her happiness, he started moving with her.
He started moving so insync with her, that he kept hitting just the right spot. It made her so horny, her moves got sloppy. Just like Marco's.

“God you feel so good.” he moaned.
“Then show me how good.” she said, her voice swollen.
He moaned loudly, screaming her name. His moans making her orgasm too. She held onto Marco for dear life. Her body shaking from top to bottom, as he held her close.

“You didn't think the bed was good place?” she whispered against his shoulder.
“I always imagined you against the wall.” he said, making her look up in utter surprise.
He pulled her up, and she immediately felt empty, as he pulled out of her. But his hands holding her ass up, made it a little bit better.
“Did you imagine more?” she asked, giving him slow kisses in between.
“Maybe. But that'd be weird to tell you.” he chuckled, taking her over the bed.
He laid her down very softly and climbed over her to lay down next to her.
“I don't think it's weird.” she let her finger travel down his jaw, stopping at his lip.
His breathing stopped slowly as he stared at her.
“Why are you like this?” he asked, totally confused.
“I'm just giving into you right now. And knowing you pictured me with you against a wall, makes me wonder what else you think of when you think of me.”
He wanted to speak, but he didn't know what to say.
So he just kissed her. Their lips being dry from all the heavy breathing. Their tongues playing a game of dominance, as Lieke got closer to him.

When they were finally out of breath, she layed down on his chest.
“I will find out eventually.” she giggled.
He sighed loudly, slapping her ass.
“Marco!” she laughed.
“You're being annoying!” he stated, to which she chuckled.
“No, you're making my mind go wild at the moment. Let me dream a little.” she answered, as she made circles on his chest with her finger.
“If you're being nice, I will show you.” he muttered annoyed. She looked up, happy with her win.
“I would love that.” she grinned, making him shake his head in disbelief.

Lieke focused on his arm again, realising what made them come upstairs and do this in the first place. She pulled his arm closer, so she could look at it again. She started tracing the waves just under his elbow, her tongue in between her lips.
“How are you feeling?” Marco eventually asked.
She was surprised by the question, but then again, he was still Marco. Still caring for her way too much.
“I'm good, thank you Marco.” she spoke in all honesty. She traced the manes of the lion as she smiled like a little girl. “You make me feel good.”

Marco had been looking at Lieke. He was so utterly falling in love with her, and she didn't even realise how bad it was. How could someone be so perfect. Her last words made his body burn up. He needed to calm down quickly, otherwise he didn't know what to do with himself anymore.
He placed a kiss on top of her head, smiling brightly.
His hand rested on the back of her head, massaging it softly.
“Marco?” she murmured, still tracing his tattoos like it was the most normal thing in the world.
“Yes, honey.” he whispered softly.
“Don't ever leave me, okay?”
Marco's heart dropped for a second, as he pulled her closer. She sounded so fragile in that moment. And he didn't want to see her the way she was in the beginning of the week again. He wanted to be better for her. Better than Mats had ever been.
“I won't..” he spoke, as she looked at him. “Trust me.”
“Really?” she muttered
He smiled a weak smile and carressed her cheek softly.
“I will never leave you. I wouldn't think of it for a second. You are what I've been wanting for ages. I ain't going to let you go.”
There, he finally said it, and Lieke seemed to be totally okay with what he just told her.
She bit her lip, shaking her head slowly in disbelief.
“Isn't it sad how I started this relationship with Mats just to get over you. And now it turns out it was you all along.” she muttered, meeting his eyes.
They grew so big, Lieke bit her lip nervously.
“But I guess that's a story for later, isn't it?” she chuckled.
“I guess it is.” he said, his voice dying down.
“But now we're here and I'm not gonna let you go again.” she said.
She pushed herself up, closer to his beautiful face. And to make sure he felt okay, she kissed him. When he kissed back, relief came over her face.
She was just as surprised as he was and they had a lot to figure out. But they would get there in the end, she was sure of it.
“We have a lot to talk about now.” she chuckled, letting her hand go through his hair.
“We do, but I'm sure we can do that later.”
She focused back on his eyes. He had a smirk on his face again. His confidence had just spiked up.
“Did you really just get so confident, because you realised I had a crush on you all along?” she laughed. And when she looked down, she knew he definitely did.
She shook her head, leaning her forehead against his chest.
“You're not the only one who got confident over it.” she muttered.
“He's definitely a proud boy.” he joked, making Lieke snort.

But it didn't take the feelings away. It was a wild ride for the both of them that evening. They discovered each other in ways they never did before. They talked, a little. Before they continued there adventure on each others bodies.
It was safe to say, that in the end, Lieke knew the places of all Marco's tattoos.
And knowing Marco would be absolutely sore the next morning, Lieke couldn't wait to make him relax.
In every and any way that was possible.

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    And knowing Marco would be absolutely sore the next morning, Lieke couldn't wait to make him relax.
    In every and any way that was possible.


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  • MR11

    It was safe to say, that in the end, Lieke knew the places of all Marco's tattoos.


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  • MR11

    “Did you really just get so confident, because you realised I had a crush on you all along?” she laughed. And when she looked down, she knew he definitely did.
    She shook her head, leaning her forehead against his chest.
    “You're not the only one who got confident over it.” she muttered.
    “He's definitely a proud boy.” he joked, making Lieke snort.


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