Lieke Tennant was happy with her life. She had a good job as a journalist, was happily married to Borussia Dortmund captain Marco Reus and had a beautiful home to live in.  Life was good and calm.
And even though Marco didn't seem to be on the outside, he was always extremely calm with her. He always made sure she was okay, that she felt good. And he was a big part when it came to overcoming her fears.
It was amazing, to be with Marco Reus, she couldn't lie.
And today was just as amazing. Marco had a day off. And once Lieke had come home, he had cooked for her and made sure she was ready to jump under the shower.
She had smiled at her favorite shirt she wore to sleep in, which he had lied down ready for her. It was a black puma shirt that once belonged to him, but since she stole it, he never had wanted it back.
She had quickly showered, before they had eaten dinner together. A delicious meal to which Lieke wondered how he could even make that. He had seemed to be quite proud of himself anyway.

After they dinner they decided to do something they did quite often when one of them had a busy day. They had this thing were they loved to read a book together. Or better yet, he would read to her. She would climb inbetween his legs, her body leaning against his chest. He held the book in front of her everytime, but most of the time, she just closed her eyes and listened to his beautiful, calming voice.
They were reading a crime novel, which normally meant excitement and fear. But for Lieke, it was one of the best genres to calm down by. Marco's voice made it so nice to listen and get into that sad, dark world.

"Are you sleeping?" Marco whispered. He had put down the book, as he kissed her temple.
"No, I'm listening." she hadn't opened her eyes while she said that.
He chuckled, as he softly turned her head. Making her look at him. She groaned and opened her eyes, but her smile quickly came back as she saw his autumn coloured eyes looking at her. He gave her a soft kiss, before he let her go again.
"Okay where were we..." he muttered, as he searched for the right sentence. Lieke had closed her eyes again, but quickly found his free hand. She listened to his words, as she played with his fingers and the ring he had been wearing for a year now. A soft, loving smile plastered on her face.
She never thought someone like Marco Reus would do this for anyone, but here he was.
She opened one eye and looked at the ring on his finger. She still couldn't believe they were married now.
She twirled the ring around his finger and she felt him close the book.

"Why are you stopping?" she asked, pouting as she looked at him.
"Because you aren't focused, honey." he answered, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.
"Yeah, well.." she mumbled annoyingly. Sometimes she loved to be a bit stubborn against him, he didn't care anyway.
"We can do some chapters tomorrow." he whispered. He leaned with his head on his hand, his elbow on the side of couch.
He was looking at her, gazing at her tired, but always beautiful face.
"Okay." she spoke softly.
"I love you." Marco whispered, something he did very often for no reason at all.
His smile got brighter within seconds, which made her happier too.
"I love you more." she spoke sweetly.
She was still playing with his ring, making him melt inside.
"No, I love you more." he muttered, he loved to tease her when it came to this subject. They never quite found out who loved who more.
“No Marco, we've discussed this too many times before. You don't.”
“Fine. Whoever can make the biggest love mark loves the other the most.” he said angrily.
“Love mark? What's a-”
She wanted to ask him what he meant, but his mouth was already sucking on different spots in her neck.
“Oh-” she said, almost melting underneath his touch. “Oh, you meant that kind of love mark.”
She didn't stop him. She didn't care who loved who anymore. His lips always knew how to please her best, whether it was in her neck, on her lips or down under. It didn't matter, it made her weak. Weak in front of him. Something he absolutely lived for.

“I- uhm,” she turned around so she could face him. He was a bit disappointed he couldn't continue with his love marks. But Lieke didn't care.
“I have to get something off my chest.” she said.
Marco came closer. He crossed his fingers.
“I hope it's your shirt. I hope it's your shirt.” he muttered with his eyes closed.
Lieke slapped his arm away.
“Ouch!” he laughed, as she saw the smile on her face.
“Okay, tell me.” he smiled his sweetest smile.
And Lieke wanted to slap the sarcasm of of his face.
“I just wanted to tell you, that I love you more.” she smiled, just as sweetly.

It dawned on him, what she just said. His eyes widened shortly.
“I can't believe you.” he laughed. “I really can't believe you sometimes.”
She looked at him, a cheeky smile on her face.
His favorite look on her. The pure happiness and proudness in her face, whenever she knew she got to him. That's what he loved most about her. She never held back with him, something he noticed he had done in the beginning of their relationship. But she had always been herself.
People judged them, wondering if she was good enough for him in the beginning. Like he deserved better. But he didn't care.
To him, he was the most beautiful, caring, funniest woman he had ever met. And that never changed. There was not a day, where he wished to be with someone else. She was the woman he had dreamed of when he was younger. Someone he could be himself with and make jokes with.
And she had come into his life when he needed her the most.
He reached for her chin, holding it in between his index finger and his thumb as he kissed her softly.
She indulged in the kiss more than he had expected. And the mood changed slowly.

“Fine. I can also take my shirt off.” she whispered sultry.
Marco licked his lips, as he tried to understand if she was serious or not.
“Wait-” he mumbled. “Really?”
“Go take your fucking pants off, Marco.” she said, pushing him back into the couch.
“Marry me, please.” the words came out before he knew it.
“Later. Now get naked.”
It was like the both of them didn't even notice the things they said. Until Marco saw Liekes face change, as she looked at her ring.
“That was dumb.” she laughed, making him laugh too.
“We are dumb.” Marco agreed.
She smirked at him.
“Take your pants off then, dumbass.”
He rolled his eyes, but did what she said anyway.
He was peeling on his zipper, when he noticed her hands going to her shirt. He looked up and it felt like time stand still. She grabbed the hem of her shirt, sat up straight in between his legs on her knees and pulled the shirt over her head. Her breasts, looking beautiful as ever to him, getting covered just a little as her hair fell down again.
“Uh- Wow.” he shook his head, blinking a few times.

Marco and Lieke weren't a couple that never had sex anymore. Far from it, actually. But since they both worked a lot, they never had much time to be patient with eachother. Today didn't seem to be one of those days. And that's why Marco's reaction was the way it was. He had completely stopped what he was doing, just to look at her. A light blush filling her face as she looked back at him.
“Your pants, honey.” she had said, eventhough she was a bit flustered by him now.
“Oh, yeah, right.” he smiled, finally being able to open his pants properly. He leaned on his feet, as he pulled down his pants. He wasn't quite that horny yet, but that wouldn't take long.
Lieke pushed herself up on his chest. Her knees next to him, as the only thing she was wearing were her panties anyway. His hands clamped onto her waist, trying to get her as close as possible.
She leaned forward to give him a quick kiss, before she leaned backwards again, her ass rubbing over the fabric of his underwear. She felt how it got tighter down there. She licked her lips mindlessly, getting suprised by his low groan.
“Don't be so needy.” she laughed, her hands rested on his chest.
“So what if I am.” he threw back at her.
“Then you just gonna have to wait longer.”
She lowered her body onto his fabric again. The dry humping usually got boring really fast for her. But now, she kind of loved to tease him that way.
His hands had traveled down to her panties, holding them in his fists. He wanted them off so badly.
She sat up straight, so he was just able to pull them down low enough so she could put one leg out of them.
It was an easy throw to get them off the couch, after her other leg was out.
“Much better.” he mumbled quietly.
Lieke starting trusting her hips more. The cold wind against her sensitive love spot, made her turn on immediately. Especially with Marco's upcoming erection right underneath her.
He couldn't keep quiet, as he pushed her down on his cock, whenever he could. She could only smile about it, it was the way how needy he was for her.
“Oh c'mon, babe.” he whined softly, throwing his head back.
She smiled, giving into him. She sat down to pull his underwear down quickly. Just slow enough to not hurt his growing erection.
She looked at it for a few seconds, before she sat down on his belly again. His hands immediately came back to the same place they had left. She felt herself getting wet, underneath his touch. And also the fact he was so turned on, as he was biting his lip feverishly.
She grabbed his cock with her left hand and rubbed it a few times, before she lifted herself up and hovered over it. They looked at eachother. A stare no one could ever really understand. Before she sat down. His erection filling her up.
She never really got used to that feeling. It was a pleasure every time it happened.
Marco had thrown his head back once again, making her smile proudly. His hands traveled upwards to her chest, to get a grip on her breasts.
She moaned softly, as his cold hands touched them.

That's when she started moving her body. Slowly, at first, but it didn't take long for her to go faster. The faster she went, the faster he felt his thumbs rub her nipples. And she felt like she wouldn't survive the feeling. I had been a long time, that they really felt eachother like that. Her palms were laying on his chest, giving her the strength and balance she needed. She stared at his open mouth, his soft breathing, his smile. And she wondered how someone could be so beautiful.
“Faster, honey.” he moaned.
“Faster?” she asked, picking up her pace anyway.
He sighed satisfied. His hands lowered down to her waist. As he helped her find the right rhythm. She noticed he had started moving with her as much as he could. Meaning he was getting closer.
She decided take matters in her owns hands, as she found her wet clit with her finger and started rubbing and circling around it. It spiked her up so badly, her trusting got wilder within seconds. She didn't even notice Marco was now staring at her, as she had never been this open with sex.
Usually she made Marco do things to her. Him, or them together. But now she was on top of him, with her hand, pleasing herself. And Marco couldn't keep his eyes of of her.
“Fuck, you look gorgeous.” he said, a moan leaving his mouth seconds after. She had closed her eyes, but he noticed a visible smile. One of pleasure.
He realised he could handle the trusting on her own. They got sloppier and faster, but just good enough for Marco.
He felt he was closer than ever, but he wanted her to climax with him.
His thumbs found both her nipples and she immediately let out a load moan. She stopped, just for a few seconds, to get used to the feeling. Before she continued again. And so did he.
She had looked at him, as she pleasured herself and him at the same time.
The hand on his chest trying his hardest to keep steady.
“Are you close, babe?” he said in a hoarse voice.
She nodded.
“Yes- yes.” she struggled, as her words turned into moans.
That's when he felt himself go, an orgasm bigger than he had ever had. He moaned her name, knowing she was also trying to hold herself up, as her orgasm came over her too.
He filled her up, as she finally stopped rubbing her clit, breathing in and out harshly. His hand rested on her ribs, as he held her.

When she finally seemed to be calmed down, she smiled at him.
“Where did that come from?” he asked her.
He sat up, so he was face to face with her.
“I don't know.” she admitted.
“I- You've-” he stuttered. “Wow.”
Lieke chuckled, kissing him quietly. They could have sat there and kissed forever if it was up to them. He had put his arms around her waist and she hers around his neck.
“You put on quite a show for me.”
She blushed, as she tried to hide her face. But Marco didn't let her.
“I just, I guess-”
“Why are you trying explain yourself? You needed it, you did it and you looked absolutely fucking gorgeous doing it. So don't find a reason for it, just do it.” he said fermly, but with the most adorable smile on his face.
She sighed relieved and nodded.
“I did need it.” she laughed.

He raised his hands and started stroking her arms as he gazed into her eyes.
“I love you.” he muttered mindlessly.
“I love you more.” she replied.
He raised an eyebrow, as she tried to hide her grin.
“You want to read another chapter before we go to sleep?” she then asked, to change the subject. She wanted to win at this love game this time.
He chuckled and nodded.
“Let's.” he replied then.
He layed down, just as he had done an hour before. Lieke turned herself around and layed down next to him again. Only this time, they were naked.
He grabbed the book, opened it again and licked his lips, before he started to read. His words heavier and more hoarse this time.
She smiled a tired smile. Maybe laying like this made her realise this felt even better. Their naked, warm bodies, keeping eachother warm. She closed her eyes and grabbed his hand again.

It took Marco about fifteen minutes to realise she had fallen asleep against his chest. For real this time. He chuckled quietly, a smile on his face as he put down the book.
He knew he may not even fall asleep like this, but he wasn't going to wake her up again. He positioned himself against the side of the couch and closed his eyes.
Wherever, whenever, he would always be with her. And this time wasn't any different.
He would do everything for the woman he loved most.

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  • Bellingham

    Wherever, whenever, he would always be with her. And this time wasn't any different.
    He would do everything for the woman he loved most.

    brb I'm gonna go cry in a corner now and forever.

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  • Bellingham

    He knew he may not even fall asleep like this, but he wasn't going to wake her up again. He positioned himself against the side of the couch and closed his eyes.

    ik hou DAAR ZO VAN als de een zoiets cutes doet voor de ander(bloos)

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  • Bellingham

    He grabbed the book, opened it again and licked his lips, before he started to read. His words heavier and more hoarse this time.
    She smiled a tired smile. Maybe laying like this made her realise this felt even better. Their naked, warm bodies, keeping eachother warm. She closed her eyes and grabbed his hand again.


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