Things had gone better between Simon and Thomas after they had found out about their feelings. Nobody knew about them, they wouldn't find out exactly soon either. But it was so nice to know someone was waiting for you in the hotel, after a tough game.
Simon was already afraid of the day he had to go back to Italy. He would barely see Thomas and that was going to be tough for him. He knew it meant the same for Thomas, but they made the best of it as long as they could. 

Today Denmark had played their second game. They lost and all because of an own goal Simon made. His teammates made sure it was okay, after all he couldn't do much about it. And he knew, deep down he knew, but he saw Thomas eyeing him at the dinner table later that day.
He had been staring, blantly staring and he knew he was brooding on something. He tried to talk to him, but for some reason he couldn't find Thomas the whole day. It was like he was avoiding him and Simon didn't understand.

After dinner and a late physio appointment, Simon went back to his room.
The fysio was a woman named Lieke Jensen. She was a beautiful woman and they could get along pretty good. Lieke had that over her, all the boys seemed to chill out with her whenever they could.
Lieke had told him Thomas had gone by just a few minutes before him. Apparently his ankle was playing up again and Simon tried to remember what could've happened. But he couldn't.
Maybe he didn't focus enough on the younger boy, but he always did.

It irked him, how he hadn't noticed. And on his way back to the room, he had worried about Thomas. About him and if he wasn't mad. Because, with the way he had avoided Simon, it definitely felt like it to him. He felt like he had disappointed the curly haired man with his own goal.

He opened the door, his thoughts taking over and that's why he didn't notice Thomas at first.
He threw his keycard down on the table next to the door. There was a chair right beside it, where he sat down in, as he started untying his shoes.

"You don't to say hello anymore."
Thomas was standing on the other side of the bed, as Simon looked up. All he was wearing was a towel, and the wet drops were still visible on his chest. His curls were still wet too, making Simon sigh.
"Hey." he muttered slowly.
"I'm sorry for avoiding you today." Thomas immediately apologised.
Simon looked down with a smile on his face.
"Mathias wanted some advice, then I had a talk with the coach and then I had go to Lieke for my ankle." he explained.
He was limping on it clearly, as he walked towards him.
"I didn't know something happened, Lieke told me just now." Simon said, still a bit disappointed with himself.
Simon had thrown his shoes to his side of the bed, before he opened his legs. Thomas sat down on his left leg, looking down at him, before giving him a slow kiss.

"Don't worry. I didn't want to show it. Especially after your own goal, I felt like I had to keep going." he explained.
"Thomas.." Simon sighed. "I told you not to think about me when we are playing."
"Well, we needed to win anyway, so I tried my best." he replied.
Simon hummed something, but he didn't agree with his explanation.
"Does it hurt much?" Simon asked.
"Not as much as last time. I hope to be fit next week again." he smiled. "Maybe that means I can be a bit more fit in bed for you."
Simon snorted, looking up at him from under his eyelashes.
"You want to do all the work." he asked Thomas, who raised his eyebrows with a smirk on his face.
"If my captain does his job on the field, I will gladly give him his prize in bed." Thomas spoke.
Sometimes Simon wanted to slap Thomas whenever had made those kind of comments. But, he also really loved it too.
It made the hair on his body stand up, everytime the word captain rolled over Thomas his lips.

"But." Thomas said, pricking his finger into Simons chest. Simon was sad he was still wearing his shirt right now.
"I think you deserve some punishment anyway."
Simon already hated his tone and he sighed. Thomas loved to tease him and Simon didn't really mind, as long as he didn't go too far. And then again, Thomas had turned out to be a very submissive man when he needed to be. And Simon had enjoyed the hell out of it.
"What do you have in mind?" he sighed anyway. He was resting his hand on Thomas his thigh, he hadn't cared about the towel when he slipped his hand under it. He was stroking it with his thumb as he looked at him.
"I'm going to pleasure myself, while you watch." Thomas whispered into his ear. "And you don't get to do a single thing. To me, or yourself."

Simon closed his eyes for a second, as he squeezed Thomas' thigh. He breathed out harshly into his ear, making Simon feel the goosebumps standing up again.
"Why?" he asked the younger man. He let his hand roam to his cock. It wasn't hard yet, but he knew he just had to feel Thomas before he started himself. Thomas didn't seem to care at that moment.
"Because, bad boys get punishment."
He bit his earlobe as he said so, making Simon moan softly. This was gonna be harder than he thought.

He let go of Thomas his cock slowly. He had felt him grow underneath his touch, making it even more difficult to let go. Now that he knew how it felt to be with a man, he almost wouldn't want anything else. Or maybe it was just Thomas, giving him that feeling.
"Let me atleast get rid of that towel. Which, by the way, was very unnecessary." Simon said.
Thomas laughed softly as he stood up. He opened his arms, as to say he could do his thing. So Simon grabbed the towel and opened it. He looked at Thomas for a minute. He was in love with those toned abs of his and the muscles in his legs stood out on his right side, as he leaned on it more because of his injury.
His mouth got watery as he looked at his cock and he leaned back, to brace himself for what was to come.
Thomas had limped back to the bed, as he layed down. His legs spread out, his cock once again in his hand.
"Lose your shirt." Thomas said, as he looked over to Simon.
Simon did as he said, and threw it to Thomas his face, making him laugh. Simon smiled brightly, he was so weak for that laugh of his.

Simon quickly realised he had made a mistake, as Thomas held his shirt inbetween his fist. He started working on his erection now, as he leaned his head back on the pillow, closing his eyes. There was a smile on his face, as his mouth hang open and he played with himself. His hand looked so good, as he stroked it up and down, his cock getting redder underneath his touch.
And Simon felt his pants getting incredibly tight. His cock was already twitching, seeing Thomas sprayed out on the bed. He knew it was gonna be a mess in his pants if Thomas teased him too long. He wasn't sure if he could hold himself back.

"Simoooon.." Thomas whined, as he opened his eyes and looked at him. "I would much rather have your lips around my cock right now. But too bad, right?"
"Thomas, I swear- You gotta stop." he said incredibly flustered. His hands were gripping into the chair. As he tried to find a position he could survive in. But his cock was asking for so much attention and it hurted, to feel it closed up around his boxers.
Thomas giggled, making Simon groan.
“You look absolutely stunning.” Simon sighed, because eventhough he didn't wat to tell Thomas, he had to. Because he knew he much would be beaming when someone complimented him.
And as he had expected, Thomas was stunned for a second, a smile over his lips as he gazed at Simon.
“Come here for a second.” he whispered in a very low voice.
Simon stood up, trying to hide his pain. He walked over to him, and bowed down when Thomas grabbed his arm. Thomas kissed him, hard and lustful, before he pushed Simon away by his chest.
“Thank you.” he said, before he focused on himself again, making Simon want to cry out.
He bit his lip, as he sat down, still tasting Thomas' lips.
He threw his head back, only to be commanded to look at Thomas again. Thomas was about to speed up, when someone knocked on the door.
Simons eyes grew bigger, and so did Thomas as he shrugged.

“Thomas? Simon? I came to bring Thomas his tape, he forgot to take it with him when he left and he has to tape his ankle before he goes to sleep. I-I hoped one of you would still be up, but otherwise I will come back tomorrow. Or I will get a keycard to open your door and leave it there.”
Thomas chuckled by her words. She literally didn't care much when it came to Thomas. They were close. It was Simon, Thomas knew, who she looked up to. But then again, who wouldn't.
“Let her come in.” Thomas smiled.
“Are you kidding me?” Simon asked.
“Don't you think she's hot. She could spice it up a little.” Thomas admitted.
“Just a minute!” he yelled to Lieke, as he heard her mumble.
Simon liked the idea, even though he'd much rather only have Thomas tonight. The own goal still wasn't out of his head, and he had planned on fucking Thomas until it was. But that didn't seem to be the case then. Because the thought of Lieke joining them, actually felt good.
Simon stood up and opened the door, before he quickly sat back down. After all Thomas was still naked, and Simons cock was still hurting.
Lieke stepped inside, throwing her hand for her eyes when she saw Thomas.
“My god, guys!” she said. “Is this some kind of joke. I came for your ankle, not for your.. well.”
Simon laughed.
“Close the door a little, please.” he said, and to his surprise she actually did. Her hand lowered down and she seemed to examine the boy on the bed now.
She threw the tape at Simon, who put it down slowly.
“What is happening here?” she whispered, but Simon saw she was interested.
“Long story or the short one?” Thomas asked, his hands resting behind his head.
He didn't seem to care about his cock standing up right. It made him so hot.
“Short one, please.” she said, turning her face to Simon.
“Me and Simon are kind of together.”
“Kind of?” Lieke asked.
“Well, we don't know how this will go once we have to go back to our own clubs. So we haven't decided yet, what we will call this.” Simon explained.
Lieke opened her mouth, closed it again and then shook her head.
“You two?” she pointed her finger. “Together?”
“Very much so.” Thomas grinned.
“No,” she said putting her arms crossed over her chest as she looked at Simon.
“I expected someone like Mathias or Jens, Joakim even. But Thomas?”
“Hey!” Thomas yelled, offended by her words.
Simon started to laugh.
“I know right. But the heart wants what it want.”
“Or the dick.” Thomas added, making Lieke shake her head again.
“So what am I still doing here?” she asked. “And if you're together. Why is Simon still fully clothed and not doing anything? At all?”
She frowned, and the boys seemed to lose it slowly. As she clearly was asking the most obvious questions.

“Well Lieke.” Thomas said. “Simon is getting punished tonight, because he made a stupid own goal. He ain't allowed to do anything until I say so. And I thought maybe you would want to help with that. Since I know you are a bit scared of him sometimes.”
“I'm not scared!” she said, a little too loud. Simon stared at her and she turned to him.
“I'm not scared.” she told him, more calmly now. “But you're almost twice my size and you're a very attractive man. So sometimes, I'm a bit taken aback by you. There, I said it.”
Her cheeks had gone incredibly red, which Simon thought was pretty cute.
Simon looked at Thomas, and for some reason they seemed to understand eachother. Simon raised his hand and motioned her to come over with his finger.
She came, to his surprise, and once he could reach her hand, he pulled her closer. She sat down on his lap and his eyes closed taking in the weight. She rubbed softly over his pants, but it was enough for him to whimper.
He opened his eyes and looked into hers, his hand reached for her jaw as he came closer. He noticed the angst in his eyes.
“I'm not that scary.” he whispered against her lips, before he kissed her.
He kissed her slow and gentle, to show her it was okay.

And once she broke the kiss, she didn't know where to look. So she looked into his blue eyes, the worst place to look. As he smiled at her with a sweet smile.
“I'd love for you to stay here, but I think Thomas wants you with him now. To tease me some more.” he muttered, his lips resting against her cheek now. His words made her freeze.
“Okay.” she said, looking over to Thomas, who had been enjoying himself in the mean time.
He was clearly much more turned on than before and he had stopped stroking. And if he did, he shuddered underneath his own touch.
“I'm only gonna suck your dick if I get something in return,” Lieke said, standing up.
Her hand lingered in Simons for a second, before she walked over to Thomas.
“And what would that be?” Thomas asked, as he kissed her too. As hard and lustful as he did with Simon. And Simon moaned softly.
He looked at her ass, and then at Thomas his cock and licked his lips.
He really needed some release soon.
“Doesn't matter. But I need some release too.” Lieke smirked, making Thomas look at Simon. They had picked the right woman.
“Don't worry, sweetheart. We can arrange that for you.” he said, before he kissed her again. “But first, I really need some lips around my cock.”

Lieke sat down on the bed, in between his legs, and got ahold of his cock. It was indeed, pretty ready to go. And Lieke was sure only a few blows would do the job. But she would gladly do it for Thomas.
She bowed down, her trainingspants making her ass look extremely good. And that got comfirmed by Simons staring eyes.
She locked her lips around Thomas' cock and licked over his head, making Thomas moan loudly. She started taking in his length, having a little more trouble than expected.
Simon was looking at them with so much lust in his eyes, he couldn't understand how he was handling is the way he was. He definitely felt himself getting wet. It wasn't much, but it was enough.
He decided to close his eyes, which didn't work at all. The moans only made his feelings worse. Thomas had an incredible sexy moan and adding Liekes groans to the mix, only made it worse.
He looked up again, realising how beautiful Lieke looked, sucking off Thomas his dick. His could stare at it all day. The way she moved her head, almost gracefully. It made him laugh softly, forgetting his pain for just a second.
Thomas seemed to think the same, as he had been staring at her. He looked sideways to Simon, his eyes widening a bit. Simon raised an eyebrow, a grin on his face.
Thomas smiled, layed his head back and with a low moan he led himself go. Simon stared as Lieke sat up and swollowed his cum easily. She striked over his dick a few more times, before she let go of him.

“I guess it's only fair if Simon gets his release now.” she mumbled, standing up and throwing her shirt over her head. She revealed a red bra, which looked incredibly good around her breasts.
Thomas sat up on his knees on the bed and opened her bra, making it fall down right in front of Simon.
He whined softly as he looked at her breasts, realising he was definitely bisexual.
Thomas hands filled her breasts, squeezing them softly, as he kissed her neck.
Simon hated Thomas, as he smirked down at him.
His hands lowered to her pants, and together they pulled it down. They were making a damn show out off it and they had Simon right where they wanted him to be.
As soon as she was fully naked, she pulled Simon up. And pulled him closer to kiss him.
His hands wondered off to her breasts, as she moaned against his lips.
One hand wondered down, one finger rubbing over her already wet pussy. As soon as he touched her clit, she bit her lip.
“It's that bad, huh?” Simon said in a hoarse tone.
“What do you think? That I'm not gonna get extremely wet when I'm sucking one pretty mans dick while the other one is watching me do it. I'm gone already.” she smirked against his lips, as he pushed in a finger.
“Touché.” he replied close to her, his voice vibrating.
Her legs went weak underneath her, as she held onto his shoulders.
Simon looked at Thomas, who opened the covers for Simon.
“I want to join in.” Thomas said, as Simon kissed her collarbone, not once looking away from Simon.
“Oh, you do now? And what about me?” he replied.
“Oh, you will have the most heavy climax you can imagine if you let me join in.”

Simon looked at Lieke, who nodded slowly. She followed him to the bed as he sat down on the edge.
Thomas sat down behind him. Simon felt his chest against his back and he layed his head down against his shoulder. He looked up, seeing Thomas above him. They smiled softly, before they kissed eachother. Simon felt his pants getting tucked down, followed by his underwear.
Thomas had started kissing his neck, and he so badly wanted to close his eyes. But he had to focus on Lieke. She was standing right in front of him, being so turned on she was biting her lip not to moan.
She stared at his leaking cock with lust in her eyes.
“Fuck, come here.” Simon said, as her eyes widened.
Was she really still too impressed by him? He smiled at her and reached for her hand.
She sat down on her knees on each side of his legs on the bed. His hands found her hips, as he pushed her down onto his cock. He moaned slowly, finally feeling something around his cock. Her walls felt so tight and so good. Simon started moving her up and down. He had a strong grip on her, but eventually she took over.

Simon looked up as her lips collided with Thomas, making Simons mouth water for touch too. One hand found Thomas' cheek, feeling his stubble in his hands was enough for him right now.
His other hand fell down on the bed. Because even though he was laying against Thomas, he still needed some balance. Lieke was doing so well on his cock, he didn't even need to help her. He reached up, just a little, and starting sucking on her nipple. The hand previously laying on Thomas' cheek, now found her other breast.
He felt her moves getting sloppier, so he corrected her just for a second.
She sat straight up, holding onto his chest now. He gazed up at her, as her mouth hang open.
She moaned with every move she made.
“God, this is even better from my view.” Thomas whispered into Simons ear. His arms were hanging over his shoulder and ended on his stomach.
“You think so?” he struggled to say, as a moan left his mouth in between.
“I love watching you get absolutely choked up underneath someones touch. And Lieke makes it complete.”
Simon looked sideways at him.
“But I think you're holding back.” Thomas said slowly, giving him a quick kiss. Making Simon whine as he sat up.
“Better yet, I think you both are.”
He bit his lip, as stroked Liekes cheek. She lingered for his touch, but her eyes stayed closed.
He put his thumb inbetween her lips and she sucked on it.
Thomas looked down at Simon, and he knew exactly what he was doing to him.
Liekes nails pushed into Simons chest and Simon was fighting back on his orgasm now.
“Wait for Lieke.” Thomas whispered. “That's gonna feel so fucking good.”
His thumb, which had been in her mouth, lowered to her clit. He started rubbing her, going so fast, her whole body started to shake.
She whined and moaned a loud yes, before she orgasm on top of Simons cock. He immediately let himself go too, emptying himself inside of Lieke. And it felt like the best orgasm he had gotten in years. Sparks were flying around in his body. And it never seemed to stop, as he felt their hands all over his body.
He held back so long and now he knew why. Because this was the best feeling in the world.
Especially with both of them all over him. He didn't even remember the own goal he made.
He scored twice as much right now.

Lieke slowly got up, her body seemed sore. Thomas giggled quietly, as Simon still layed against his chest, tired and worn out.
“I gotta go. I think I will get in trouble. People saw me coming to your room-” she mumbled, grabbing her clothes and dressing herself again. Simon and Thomas both watched her. She seemed almost shy and worried now. Simon pulled Thomas close and kissed him quickly before he got up.
For the third time that night he reached for her hand. She came closer, looking up at him.
He cupped her face and she gazed into his blue eyes.
“If you ever act shy around me again, you know I will make sure you regret it.” he said, as her cheeks slowly reddened.
She pulled herself closer by his neck and kissed him. She kissed him with all the confidence she had in her. And once she stopped, he had to take a deep breath.
“Well, that says enough.” Simon smirked at her.
He lingered onto her hand, before she let go and walked over to give Thomas a kiss.
“Next time it's my turn.” Thomas grinned.
“Next time?” Lieke asked.
“You don't want to?” Thomas replied.
“Tell me when and where and I'll be there.” she joked, kissing him again. This time a bit longer.
“But now I really gotta go.” she said, quickly kissing Simon on the cheek before she opened the door and waved a goodbye.

Once the door closed, Simon looked back at Thomas. He was laying in the middle of the bed, a big smile on his face.
Simon started laughing.
“That was the best orgasm I've had in a while.” he said, as he layed down next to Thomas. His hand curling around Thomas' waist.
“And it wasn't even my doing.” Thomas giggled against his cheek.
“It was all your plan.” Simon whispered as he stared into his brown eyes. “There's only one thing I think of when releasing myself. And that's your pretty smile, your gorgeous face and your unbelievably skilled hands around my cock. So don't worry, Thomas. Lieke felt incredibly good on my cock and she was, but you're always there in the back of my mind.”
“But she was incredibly good right.” Thomas agreed, as Simon put the covers over them.
He smiled a heavenly smile and nodded.
“She was indeed a spicy addition. I can't wait to see her on your cock next time.”

Thomas smiled, kissing Simon sloppily.
“Me neither.” he sighed happily.
He closed his eyes and before Simon could react, Thomas had fallen asleep.
He chuckled softly as he put his head on Thomas his chest and slowly, but surely fell asleep too.
He wasn't sure how he was going to wake up the next morning.
But atleast he knew Thomas would always be right there next to him.

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  • Bellingham

    He closed his eyes and before Simon could react, Thomas had fallen asleep.
    He chuckled softly as he put his head on Thomas his chest and slowly, but surely fell asleep too.
    He wasn't sure how he was going to wake up the next morning.
    But atleast he knew Thomas would always be right there next to him.


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  • Bellingham

    “But she was incredibly good right.” Thomas agreed, as Simon put the covers over them.
    He smiled a heavenly smile and nodded.
    “She was indeed a spicy addition. I can't wait to see her on your cock next time.”


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  • Bellingham

    “It was all your plan.” Simon whispered as he stared into his brown eyes. “There's only one thing I think of when releasing myself. And that's your pretty smile, your gorgeous face and your unbelievably skilled hands around my cock. So don't worry, Thomas. Lieke felt incredibly good on my cock and she was, but you're always there in the back of my mind.”


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  • Bellingham

    “That was the best orgasm I've had in a while.” he said, as he layed down next to Thomas. His hand curling around Thomas' waist.
    “And it wasn't even my doing.” Thomas giggled against his cheek.


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