Simon was out of his mind when the last game ended. They had won, and with that win they were qualified for the Worldcup. He couldn't believe it, especially after his last game. But they won and this time he didn't have anything to feel bad about.
Better yet, he felt fucking amazing. He had scored the winning goal, just after Thomas made the 1-1, a few minutes before him. It felt like they had helped eachother out.

He couldn't keep his eyes of of Thomas the whole game. Which he regretted a bit later, when the opposite team barely missed a few chances. It was just difficult to stand behind him and see him in his beautiful shorts, with that beautiful ass he had fucked so many times.
But he was still the captain and he needed to perform well, especially in this game. So he had refocused and he had played an amazing game.
His goal and Thomas his goal just made it a hundred times more better.

The whole team had celebrated with them. He was still laughing about the fact Jens had basically jumped onto Thomas his back, making him fall down to the ground immediately. They looked like little kids, which he liked. He never was that kind of person. He was reserved rather then doing before thinking. Thomas and Jens definitely weren't and that was fine with him. It made life a bit more entertaining.

Lieke had also joined in on the fun. And when Kasper had left his side, he had hugged her. She lingered on him a little longer, making him smile.
That's when he got the idea.
“Tonight?” was the only thing he said.
“As a celebration.” she had grinned, making him nod.
She had nodded back at him, before she had walked over to the rest of the group to congratulate them. Everybody was out of their minds. He was too.
And when the party went on in the dressing room, beer was spilling largely around the room.
Simon was screaming around the room, hyping up his team and they joined in immedaitely. He felt Thomas his arm joining his shoulder and together they jumped around. Their eyes locked and Thomas smiled at him.
He couldn't wait to be back at the hotel. It was only then he noticed, Thomas was already half naked again, with only his shorts still on. His abs looking absolutely gorgeous all sweaty.

“We should invite Lieke!” Thomas screamed into his ear. Nobody was going to hear it anyway.
“I already did.” Simon smiled, as he got a surprised look from Thomas.
“God, this is why you're the best!” he laughed, as he went back to celebrate some more with the rest of the team. Thomas had been asking about Lieke for some time. He was still remembering the fact Simon told him he would be next with her.
But Simon had wanted some time alone with him. Especially after the tough training days, he had needed him to get his stress out of the way. And Thomas was totally fine with it, because after all Simon was his highest priority. Making him happy was all he wanted and Thomas was sure he did a good job with it.
But now it was time for Thomas to finally get what he had wanted for a while.

Simon had sat down, realising how tired he was. These days had been tough, especially with the late nights spend with Thomas. He realised it worn him out. He couldn't believe Thomas could walk so straight sometimes, almost as if he was used to the feeling. And maybe he was, he hadn't really asked Thomas much about his past relationships. And he didn't need to know. All he needed to know was how good the man was for him. And he was really good.

About two hours after the game, the group finally made their way back to the hotel. They were singing loudly, just like the fans still outside the stadium. It was amazing. This feeling was something Simon could experience forever. Thomas had joined him as they walked together. Thomas was shouting along with the rest, whereas Simon was looking at him, a smile on his face.
Their way to the hotel was a bit longer this time. So they had to take the bus there.
On the way to the stadium, Thomas was quick to join Simon. Which had made him smile. He didn't want anything else, but he didn't want to show it off too much. If somebody else wanted to join him, that'd have been fine too. But Thomas had made sure he was quick. And Simon was glad he was.
On the way back, they had decided to sit together again. Which was maybe a little bit weird, because Thomas was still so hyped up. And Simon was a bit more laid back.
Ofcourse, he was happy about the qualification, but he didn't need to show it the whole time. People knew he was anyway. It was just the way he was. And he wasn't the only one either.

Ten minutes into the ride, lights had dimmed and most of them had gone over to quietly talking. Thomas had laid his head back against the chair and stared at the ceiling.
“What you looking at?” Simon chuckled.
“Nothing, just thinking.” he smiled.
"Thinking, huh?" Simon muttered softly.
Thomas turned his head sideways to Simon and smirked at him.
God, how could Simon stay calm after that look.
"It's not that long anymore." Simon sighed, his hand squeezed Thomas his thigh quickly.
Thomas breathed in sharply, but mustered up a smile.
He hoped the bus would go a little faster, because he didn't want to do things in secret anymore. If he could have, he would have kissed Simon right there and then.

Simon had fallen asleep, being absolutely tired from the past days. And when they arrived at the hotel, Thomas was the one to wake him up.
His eyes widened, as he felt Thomas' lips on his and he quickly turned around.
"Calm down, calm down." he said quickly.
"Nobody is here."
The last words came out softer than expected and Simon pulled him closer to kiss him again.
"Are you tired?" he whispered against Simons lips. "Because we can do this another time if you want to."
His thumb mindlessly stroked his cheek, which made Simon blush.
"I'm good now." he said softly, moving his head to the side, so he could kiss his hand. "Let's go inside."

Thomas stood up and watched Simon stretch himself out before he followed him to the hotel. There was a good vibe between the two. But that wasn't a surprise after this win.
But overall, the dynamic had changed a lot. They were both leaders on the field and they both had seperate groups of friends. But since they told each other their secret they got closer and it was difficult not to show that now.
For Simon it was okay, he didn't need to show it off too much. But he knew Thomas sometimes struggled with it. He was the type to come in for a hug or a kiss whenever he could, but he couldn't and Simon noticed it quite often. He would always try to give him as much affection as possible when they were alone. And luckily, Thomas loved that. But Simon realised it was hard for him sometimes.

Simons hand rested on Thomas back for a second, before they really got inside, he noticed a smile on the younger mans face.
Simon couldn't believe he was about to do this all over again with Lieke and Thomas. But he deserved it after the game they played.
This time there would be no waiting. This time he was ready to get pleasured until he couldn't walk anymore. Or atleast that's what he wanted.
He didn't know what Lieke or Thomas had in mind, but he was soon to find out.
Simon watched as Thomas grabbed his keycard and opened the door. Simon was standing rather close to him, but everybody seemed to be either in the eating room or in their own rooms. So they both didn't really mind.
Thomas looked over his shoulder to him. There was this twinkle in his eyes, Simon couldn't ever get enough of.

“Took you two long enough.”
Simon looked up in surprise, Lieke was already sitting on the bed. Another keycard in her hand.
“A little lie was enough to get the card.” she explained.
One hand was resting on the bed and her legs were drapped over eachother.
“You are a sneaky bastard.” Thomas laughed.
Simon nodded softly, making her laugh.
“But I wanted to congratulate you guys in style tonight.” Lieke said, standing up. She looked a lot more confident than last time, which made Simon feel a lot better. She didn't seem to be so intimidated by him anymore, which was also a good thing.
She walked over to them and grabbed their shirts to pull them closer. Simons eyes widened by her move and he watched how Thomas kissed her. He definitely needed it, he was hungry for her touch, but also for Simons.
Simons hand found Thomas his hair and pulled on it softly, before he started leaving kisses in Liekes neck. He sucked on it, but not much, he didn't want hickeys to show up the next day. There would be no way Lieke could talk herself out of that.
She groaned softly, her hand going through his hair roughly.
“You should give eachother some kisses first..” she breathed out.
Thomas sighed happily, before he turned to Simon. Their eyes locked and for a moment time stood still.
Thomas came closer and kissed Simon. Simon knew immediately how different this kiss was from what Thomas normally showed Simon. There was so much intimacy in the kiss, as if he tried to show Simon how much he cared about him and how happy he was they did this together.
Simon cupped his face and kissed him back, with the same passion as Thomas showed.
Their foreheads touched, for just a second, before they turned their faces to Lieke.

She had undressed herself in the meantime, making them wonder how fast she actually was.
Simon raised an eyebrow, as he looked at her body. All she was wearing was a beautiful black set of lingerie and that's when he realised she knew this was night was coming. It hadn't even mattered if they had won or not. And it made Simon grin.
He pushed his hoodie over his head, showing off his tattooed body. He took a step closer to Thomas and put his arms around his shoulders from behind, pulling him close.
“I promised Thomas it was his turn tonight.” he announced, kissing Thomas his jawline after. Thomas was standing there, fully frozen, finally close to getting what he wanted.
“Oh, you did?” Lieke smiled, but she didn't care who she would fuck tonight. They were both incredibly gorgeous. She needed them. Both of them.
“And how about you?” she asked Simon.
She came closer, when Simon reached for her hand. Thomas got sandwiched in between them, as their hands were all of over his body now. He closed his eyes, leaning against Simon his shoulder.
“I have my ideas, don't worry.” he smiled, kissing her slowly, his hand holding her chin while he did so.
“Just gotta make sure this man can wait a little longer.” he murmured in Thomas his ear.
He groaned immediately.
“I don't want to.”
“It won't take long.” Simon said, closing the gap between them once again to kiss Thomas.
It felt like they hadn't kissed in forever, when in reality that was all they did whenever they could.

“Go lie down, Lieke.” Simon spoke, making Lieke do exactly as he said. She layed down, her hand immediately wondering of to her lingerie.
“You have no patience.” he chuckled, as he walked over to her. He heard Thomas sigh, but it was a good kind of sigh. He saw him sat down next to Lieke, his hand stroked her hair mindlessly and Simon couldn't help but smile.
He sat down on his knees, pulled her lingerie of of her. His index fingers being terribly slow on either side. But he was enjoying the view a little too much now to go faster.

“Simon, hurry the fuck up.” she groaned, making him look up in surprise.
“When I said don't be scared, I didn't mean be a smart cookie around me. You gotta be patient with me now.” he smirked, making her blush again. He just knew her body was rising in heat. Thomas' free hand played with her bra for a while, before his hand cupped her breast making her breath out sharply. Her body shivering for a moment.
Simon came closer to her precious spot, licking her thighs slowly. She struggled against his touch for a moment, before she let herself go all in. There was no going back anyway.
He started discovering her clit with his tongue, finding out what triggered her to moan. But he quickly found out, it was pretty easy to make her moan. And he loved it. Everytime he sucked on her clit her body raised underneath his touch. A moan leaving her mouth, which eventually got killed by Thomas kissing her. It was such a gorgeous view and Simon wanted it to last forever. But that meant slowing down and he wasn't planning to.
He decided to add his hand, his index finger rubbing over her clit, as his tongue discovered the rest.

Lieke felt like she was going to explode. She had wondered how good Simon would be eating her out. But she never imagined this. She never imagined his tongue doing Gods work. She grabbed Thomas hand which was hanging next to her head, squeezing it as she moaned loudly. Thomas grinned softly at her, making her want to kiss him more. She pulled him closer again to kiss him, trying not to moan into his mouth. But she couldn't hold herself back. There was no way.
Especially when Simon finally entered her with two fingers at once.
Thomas was still playing with her nipple, making her extremely turned on. She almost hated how weak she was, when she was around them.
Simon looked up, his fingers still pumping into her.
“Go. Back.” She breathed out, making him chuckle.
His eyes locked with Thomas for a second, he licked his lips. He couldn't wait to see Thomas getting what he wants.
He went down again, trying his best to discover every spot. Nothing would be untouched if it came to him and Lieke felt that.
“I think-”
She whined, her body pushing Simon closer once again.
“I think you're gonna look so pretty coming all over Simon.” Thomas mumbled in her ear. His voice hoarse.
She broke, as she moaned, trying not to be to loud. She moaned Simons name and her orgasm hit her. And it felt so good, especially when Simon didn't seem to stop. His tongue still licking her.
And god, did he look so good doing it.
He finally let go of her, after he cleaned had her up with his tongue, and smiled up at them.
“It's been a while.” he snickered. “I missed it.”

Thomas eyes widened, his body turning on immediately.
“Your man has the best tongue out there.” Lieke murmured next to him. He looked down at her, a slick smile on his face.
“I know.” he smiled. “He's been showing me a lot.”
Simon, who was still sitting on his knees, smiled fondly at Thomas.
“You two are seriously way too lovey dovey now.” Lieke muttered. “Not that I care. It's cute.”
Thomas opened his mouth to protest, but he couldn't. A blush filled his cheeks and he shook his head lightly.
“Maybe you should do eachother first, before I'm ready for another round with Thomas. I gotta-” she put her hands in the air for a second. “I gotta have a moment here.”
Simon snorted, but he didn't dislike the idea. Better yet, he loved the idea. He didn't need to worry about his orgasm now. He was going to get it for sure.
Simon crawled to Thomas' side, and the latter let go of Lieke slowly. He hadn't planned on this, but for Simon he was ready to do anything. He undressed himself quietly, only leaving Simons gaze when he really needed too.
They kissed sloppily, as their breaths weren't all that steady. He turned around on all fours. Lieke scooted closer and kissed him softly.
“You look really hot like this.” she whispered against his lips.
“You're gonna look even hotter with Simon inside of you.” she added, making him bit his lip.

Simon, who had grabbed a condom this time and had undressed himself too, was making sure it was rolled on rightly, before he started pressing kisses on Thomas his back. They had done this so many times before, but he knew Thomas needed to be eased a little, before he was ready to take it all in.
Luckily for Simon, Lieke was playing with his hair to calm him. And she was definitely whispering dirty words into his ear, as a smirk never left her face.
Simon sucked his finger wet, before he stretched Thomas his ass out slowly.
A soft whine left his mouth. But Thomas quickly eased underneath Simons touch. His hand other hand was stroking his asscheek and his thigh.
Simon noticed his erection building up, he was ready. And when he pressed his last kiss on Thomas his back, he noticed Thomas was just as erect as him.
He hoped Lieke wouldn't hold back for him after this.
He added a finger in Thomas, pumping in and out of him. Thomas was moaning, which was a good sign.
Lieke looked up Simon, giving him a wink.
“You ready to look even prettier, Thomas?” she said in a sulky voice. “For me and Simon?”
He nodded quickly.
“Such a good man for us.” she murmured against his lips. They kissed slowly, her hands messing up his hair.
Simon positioned himself in front of Thomas. And seconds after he erased his fingers, his cock pumped into the younger boy.
He groaned against Liekes lips. But he handled it. Simon placed his hands on his hips, making circles with his thumbs.
“God, you look so good, Thomas.” he murmured, before he started moving.

Thomas was feeling pretty good underneath Simons touch. His groans turned into moans quickly.
He liked the fact Lieke was making sure he felt even better. He was pretty used to Simons cock now, but it was still a lot to take in after a long while of not having a man care for you.

“Harder.” he groaned after a little while. “Simon, faster.”
Simon wasn't going to say no to that. He was close already anyway.
“Gladly.” Simon groaned, making Lieke look up.
There was something about his voice getting so low for Lieke, that made her turned on again. Their eyes locked and he started moving faster. He didn't look away as he felt himself closing around Thomas his walls.
Her brown eyes drilled into his, her mouth hang open.
But Simons gaze got so strong, she had to back down.
He smirked, before he let himself go.
He felt exactly how he needed to feel, when he fell down against Thomas' back, breathing out loudly.
“You seriously have the best ass.” he mumbled, kissing his back softly.

Simon backed up for Thomas. Thomas immediately turned himself on his back, and Simon hovered closer to him.
His strong arms holding himself up.
In that moment it felt like Lieke wasn't there. It was just for a second, as the twinkle in Thomas eyes appeared again and Simon couldn't help but kiss him.
“Now it's your turn.” he said softly.
“Fucking finally.” Thomas chuckled against his lips.
His hand stroked Simons his cheek.
“Wait a second.” Simon said, grabbing another condom from the nightstand. He opened it, and lowered himself to put it onto Thomas his cock. He whined underneath his touch, as they stared eachother.
Once Simon was able to look away, he turned to Lieke. She crawled closer to him.
“Ready?” Simon smirked.
“Always been, sweetheart.” she smirked back.
Simon pushed his lips onto hers and as they kissed, his hands found the back of her bra. With one click and a swipe it lay across the room. They looked over at Thomas. His eyes widened as he looked at them.
“You two look so good.” he sighed, closing his eyes. He layed his head back, making the other two laugh in silence.
“He really needs it.” Simon whispered to Lieke.
Lieke smiled softly at Thomas, he couldn't see it anyway.
“He will get it, don't worry.”
And Simon wasn't worried. He knew how good she was, he knew Thomas would definitely have a good time.

He stood up from the bed, to give them the space they needed. He sat down in the couch, fully naked. Lieke couldn't help but stare at him, shaking her head softly as she laughed in disbelief. There were moments they all couldn't believe this was happening again. And Simon still wondered how they were going to survive without it.
He grabbed his flacid cock and played with it lazily. He wasn't going to get hard again, but it was always good to feel something. He wasn't just going to watch.

Thomas on the other hand, seemed to be having the time of his life. Lieke had crawled over to him, kissing him desperately, as his cock leaked from pre-cum.
He played with her breasts, massaged them softly.
Moans escaped from both sides, as they felt one another. Leaving Simon stunned in his chair.
They looked absolutely gorgeous, both of them did.
Lieke sat back up, her hands on his chest. She was teasing him, Simon realised and Thomas was begging with his eyes for her to do something.
And so she did. She backed down, her legs next to his. Her hand placed around his cock, as her tongue licked his tips slowly. Thomas looked down, his mouth wide open as he moaned.
“God, you better hurry up.” he whined, his cock twitching underneath her touch already. She bit her lip, trying to hold in a giggle. He was so far gone already and she absolutely loved it.
She came closer, positioned his cock just underneath her, before she lowered herself again.
She moaned softly, taking him all in. He definitely felt different from Simon, but maybe even better.

She quickly sped up her trusting, knowing how turned on he already was. His hands wondered over to her hips. He was looking at her in awe, realising once again how beautiful she was. He tried not to be to loud, but Simon had been right. She was brilliant. The way she moved, she knew exactly how to get to the right spots and Thomas was so gone for her in that moment.
She bowed over to kiss him, as her hands rested on his chest, making it difficult for Thomas to move. But Thomas liked it that way.

Simon watched quietly, his view just got a lot better. Thomas his dick was so hard and he wondered how long it would take for Thomas to climax.
Before Simon knew it, a moan had escaped his own mouth. And both Lieke and Thomas turned sideways to look at him. There was something about those smirks they showed, while Lieke didn't slow down. It made his heart beat so much faster than before.

Lieke and Thomas lips locked again, but their eyes stayed on Simons naked body. It almost made him feel powerful.
“Thomas, honey..” Lieke moaned. “I think you gotta come for Simon. I think he will love that.”
Thomas eyes went big, as his eyes speeded left and right between the two. Simon raised his eyebrow, a grin on his lips.
“I would love to see you both come.” he stated.
“Then you should help us out a little.” she said.
She was holding herself still now. Making Thomas whine softly.
Simon stood up and sat down behind Lieke. His hands joined Thomas his hands, as he looked down at the man in front of him. His best view, he always was.

He stroked over Thomas his arms a little, before one hand moved down to Liekes clit.
“Then I suggest you move again now.” Simon whispered in her ear, making her whimper just because of his voice.
And she did as he said, as she started moving again. All the while Simon was rubbing slowly over her clit. His lips found her neck, but his eyes gazed over at Thomas. He smirked when their eyes locked.
“Faster.” Simon growled in her ear, making her speed up immediately.
There was something about her being so submissive to Simon. He loved to tell her what to do.

“Thomas, tell me how you feel right now.” he spoke out loud.
“So- good. I'm so close.” he whimpered.
Simons index finger started circling around her clit faster, making her cry out of pleasure.
Simons lips placed kisses on her shoulder, as if it was the simplest thing for him in the world to do this with them. But he felt Thomas hand shake underneath his.

And then he realised. They were both waiting for him to give them a go. His stomach turned, as he looked at Thomas. He was having so much pleasure, but Simon knew he was holding back.
Lieke was leaning more and more against Simons body, barely holding on.
“Now I know what it really means to be a captain on and off the field.” he smirked.
“Come for me already.” he moaned into Liekes ear, but loud enough for Thomas to hear.

Lieke didn't wait a single second, as her orgasm hit her like a bomb. She leaned fully back, her head on Simons shoulder. Her body shaking, as he held her.
She felt his hand move up to her stomach, holding her close. She felt so save with both of them. Her body was still shaking, but it was the best feeling in the world, as she felt Simons lips in her neck.
She finally opened her eyes, looking down at Thomas.
His orgasm sounded almost as pretty, beautiful as hers. He moaned softly, his hand gripping the sheets into his fist. He had closed his eyes, as his mouth hang open. Simons hand was squeezing his hand as he came over the edge and he relaxed just a few moments after.
A smile finally forming on his beautiful, swollen lips.

Lieke pushed herself of Thomas, as she sadly enough pushed Simons hand away slowly too. She looked at him, a red blush appearing on her face. Sometimes she still felt a bit ashamed to let herself go when she was around him. Whereas with Thomas, she always wanted to take the lead.
She fell down on the bed, her arms and legs wide open as she sighed.
“That was amazing.” she giggled.
Simon chuckled, as he grabbed Thomas arms and pulled him up. They were so close now and even Lieke was looking at them.
“Go ahead, kiss. I ain't holding you back.” she smiled.
Thomas shrugged. Making Simon laugh, before he kissed his favourite human being. He cupped his face, like he did so often and really kissed him. He kissed like his life depended on it, making Thomas go quickly out of breath.
He smiled brightly at Simon, and Simon noticed Thomas wanted to tell him something. But he saw Thomas holding back, as he looked quickly at Lieke. Simon winked securely at him, and pecked his lips.
"Later." he mouthed at him, making the curly haired man nod slowly.

“I'm going to take a shower.” Lieke eventually said.
“Here?” Thomas asked surprised.
“Yes." she simply said. "If you guys want to join, you know where to find me.” She smiled, as she walked into the bathroom. Simon noticed the grin on her face and he looked after her in disbelief.
He looked at Thomas, who had a look of surprise on his face too.
“I think we should join her.” Thomas laugh.
“I agree.” Simon chuckled, grabbing Thomas his hand to take him with him.
Thomas looked down at their hands and smiled back up at Simon.
He followed him blindly, and he realised that's what he would always do for this man.
“You guys not coming or what? It's a pretty big shower if you ask me.” Lieke spoke from underneath the shower.
Simon laughed, the most beautiful laugh Thomas had ever witnessed.
“Calm down, honey. Or you will regret saying this.”
Thomas licked his lips, his heart fluttering as he heard his voice again.
Before he followed Simon into the bathroom, getting ready for another round.

Thomas heavingly wondered how was going to survive without Simon next to him everyday. But for now he was going to take all he could get. And if that meant going the whole night through, then that was what he was planning on. And with Lieke with them, that wouldn't be a problem.

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  • MR11

    Thomas heavingly wondered how was going to survive without Simon next to him everyday.


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    “Calm down, honey. Or you will regret saying this.”
    Thomas licked his lips, his heart fluttering as he heard his voice again.


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    He followed him blindly, and he realised that's what he would always do for this man.

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    “I'm going to take a shower.” Lieke eventually said.
    “Here?” Thomas asked surprised.


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