Classes wouldn't start until Monday morning, which meant we still had two free days to get settled in. It usually meant spending our Saturday afternoon at Hogsmeade, browsing the shops and drinking some butterbeer at the three broomsticks. There was also a welcome back party every year for fifth years students and up. Although that never stopped our group of friends from attending ever since year three. The elder Slytherin students never really minded breaking the rules and would often take younger students with them.

I remember our first time very well because Pansy threw up all over my black heels after she had to much punch, even though the elder students had warned her that the punch was very, very strong. The rest of the night I spend in the girls bathroom holding her hair for her while she kept throwing up into the toilet. It sure was a magical night.

Today our annual trip was a little different since both Blaise and Theodore were helping setting up the party for tonight. Pansy, Daphne and Tracey were walking together a little bit ahead from Draco and me, giving us a little bit of privacy.

"I am sorry about yesterday Draco, my emotions got the best of me," I whisper scared the girls would hear us talking. "There is no need to apologise. If the roles had been reversed I would have done a lot worse." I take his arm and stop walking so I can pull him into a tight embrace. "I am so scared," I let him know honestly. He puts his arms around me, hugging me back with even more force.

"I will do whatever it takes to protect you Z."

I put a step back so I can look into his face, but keep my arms around him to remain in his embrace. "That is what I am scared about. I do not like the sound of that at all Draco. I want you to protect yourself, just as much as you want to protect me. You think you are protecting me by getting hurt yourself?"

"Hurry up lovebirds!" We hear Daphne scream before Draco could give me an answer, making the both of us sigh. It wasn't until Draco let go of me that I saw multiple students standing still and starring at Draco and me. We knew the news of our engagement would be the hottest piece of summer gossip, and right now Daphne really wasn't helping us keeping a low profile. I could see Pansy hitting Daphne's arm. "Are you daft?!" she then screams at her. Daphne gave her a small slap on the shoulder back and then turned to Draco and me with an apologetic smile.

The rest of the day was rather lovely, apart from some stares and whispers here and there. Draco even treated the four of us to a bag filled with sweets of our choice at Honeydukes. We also brought some sweets with us for Blaise and Theodore because they had been pretty upset they wouldn't be able to come themselves. We came back just in time for dinner and afterwards went upstairs to get ready for the party of tonight.


One thing I loved the most about sharing a bedroom with a large group of girls was how there was always soft music playing, scented candles burning and chattering. I never felt lonely here. I was laughing at Pansy who was giving us a very exaggerated fashion show walk to show of her new dress. She did look absolutely stunning in her grey velvet dress. I had gone for one of my favourite dresses, a black satin one that I could lace up on the sides to make it shorter or longer to my liking. I was feeling rather confident tonight and decided to give it an extra pull at the bottom, showing of my legs.

Some of the girls had already left, but Pansy and I had waited a little bit longer until Blaise and Theodore would be finished getting ready after setting everything up as well. We were waiting for them in the common room and after half a hour they finally walked downstairs from the boys dormitory. "Where is Draco?" is the first thing I ask them when I don't spot my white haired best friend with them. "He isn't coming tonight," Blaise answers. I stand up, wanting to make my way through them to walk upstairs and speak to Draco but Blaise holds me back. "Draco left a while ago, but he wanted you to go to the party. Even gave me permission to carry you if I had to," he says with a wink.

The party was held at the room of requirements every year and even though school parties weren't allowed, teachers let it slide because it was tradition. They still did their usual rounds, but they would avoid the hallways close to the common rooms and the room of requirements. The only punishment you get if you did get caught was losing house points.

As we walked into the party, the sound of loud music filled my ears. The room was lit a dark green colour, and would usually chance colours every few songs so that all houses would be represented. There were cosy seats on the sides of the room, a large dance floor in the middle and a huge bar area. The only thing the room didn't provide for us was the drinks, but luckily Blaise and Theodore had been preparing special cocktails all afternoon. Usually Fred and George Weasley were in charge, but this year Blaise and Theodore had taken over. I was so curious to see what they had come up with. One thing I knew for sure and that was that it was going to be very strong.

Blaise recommended us our first drink of the night, it was dark purple and had a light shimmer to it. "Blaise this is so good!" Pansy screamed. I had to admit, it was. It was very sweet, but not in a artificial way. He did a great job with this first one. Blaise grinned at us, obviously very happy that we liked it. As we got another drink, Theodore's favourite this time, we went to the middle of the dance floor and started dancing. As time went by and more drinks were served, I felt myself relaxing more and more. The alcohol and the dancing made me feel free, forgetting all about summer and Draco and mine conversation from yesterday. I saw Pansy and Theodore making out in the corner of my eyes, something they always did when they were drunk. Blaise noticed as well and gave me a playful smile, his finger pointing from him to me. I laughed at him. "In your dreams Zabini."

As I want to turn around to go to the bar area, I feel someone bumping into me. I look up to see the youngest one of the Weasley's, Ginny. Her drink spilled all over her white dress. "I'm so sor-" "You did that on purpose, didn't you?!" she screams. "You truly are a bitch, not that I should have expected anything else from a Slytherin." With every word she speaks she's taking a step closer to me. "And you are the worst of the worst. You know what they call you behind your back? Malfoy's whore," she spits.

The girl was clearly heavily intoxicated, and I was in no mood to start a fight. "Look, I am sorry about your dress. Let's keep it classy okay?" I didn't know how I managed to fuck the situation up even more, but to say it made Weasley even more mad was an understatement. She threw her empty cup on the ground with a lot of aggression, took a step closer to me and pushed me back with a lot more force then I had anticipated from a girl so small. Must've been those quidditch practices.

To my biggest surprise I didn't fall, I barely even moved. I felt two hands on my upper arms, holding me in place. I didn't know who my hero was, but the look on Weasley's face made me very curious. Her face was even paler than usual, her bottom lip trembling as she had her eyes set on the person behind me.

"Ginny, what's going on?" It was her brother Ron. He walked passed me and looked at her with a worried expression. "She attacked me," she says, causing me to snort. "What did you do to my sister?!" He stood in front of her protectively. "I didn't do shit, she's the one who attacked me," I scoffed. "She's right Ron," I hear a male voice from behind me. He was still holding me, standing close to me. I could feel his chest against my back, and even though I usually didn't like strange guys touching me, I felt strangely at ease in the arms of this stranger. "It was Ginny who attacked her," he added. I couldn't help but smile a little, glad the stranger took my side.

He still looked at me with anger, but didn't say anything. A few seconds went by before he turned around and took his sister by her hand. "Let's get you sobered up," I heard him mumble. I rolled my eyes, an apology would've been nice.

"Are you okay?" The stranger asks. I turn around slowly, only to see that it was none other than the chosen boy himself who had helped me. His hair was slightly tousled and he was wearing a dark blue hoodie. I had never been this close to Potter before and I couldn't help but find his whole not really dressing up for the occasion look rather cute. I didn't mean to check him out, but I did take my sweet time looking him up and down. He had grown taller over this summer, as I had to look up quite a bit to be able to look him in the eyes.

"Thank you for helping me," I smiled.

"I'm sorry she did that. She usually isn't like this really, she was just drunk and something must've upset her."

"It's fine, I'm used to it," I say causing Potter to look at me with a strange expression. I smile awkwardly, not knowing why I even answered him like that. His eyes suddenly seemed distracted by my right shoulder. As he reached out his fingers, I followed them with my eyes and saw that the right strap of my dress had fallen down. He takes the strap in his hands and pulls it up again so that is resting on my shoulder blade once more.

"Keep your filthy hands of her Potter," I heard Draco sneer. As Potter quickly took a step back, I let out a breath I didn't even realise I was holding. Draco appeared next to me, his hand on my shoulder. "Did he hurt you?" he asks, but keeping his eyes on Potter. "He was helping me," I say. My words seemed to calm him down a bit, but I knew one wrong word would make him lash out again.

"Just don't touch her again, you hear me?"

I rolled my eyes, put my hands on his waist and pulled him back. "It's fine Draco, let it go please." He finally looked at me, his expression softening. He nodded and turned around, shaking of my hands as he walks away. I send Potter a quick smile before following Draco back to our group of friends.

What an evening.

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  • bels

    Ik heb net het 6e boek weer uit gelezen en dit is dus wel een heerlijk iets om erna te lezen!

    Je schrijfstijl is heerlijk en ik hoop echt dat er snel nieuwe delen volgen!

    Ookal ben ik dol op draco, dit is zeer leuk om te lezen 😃

    4 weken geleden

      Oh ik ben toevallig net weer begonnen, heerlijk weer om alles te lezen!
      Super bedankt voor je reactie en je complimentje!
      Ja Draco heeft ook een groot plekje in mijn hart haha, daarom wou ik ook wel graag dat hij een grote rol zou spelen in het verhaal! Kon het niet laten hem er niet vaak in voor te laten komen haha

      4 weken geleden
    • bels

      Haha I like it! Maar als het een love story voor Potter is en zij nu met draco is.... oei oei, breek draco niet te hard 😅🤭 hihi.

      En graag gedaan hoor, leuke verhalen verdienen dat gewoon 😄

      4 weken geleden

      Haha ja het is wel echt een Harry Potter love story (al heb ik ook al wel wat ideeen voor een Draco story)

      4 weken geleden

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