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Blaise, Theodore and Pansy were seated on one of the couches on the sides. Theodore's arm around Pansy's waist, making me grin at the sight. They would make such a cute couple.

"Why were you talking to Potter?" Draco asks me as we sit down next to Blaise. "Wait, you were with Potter?" Pansy asks, her voice higher than usual. I sigh. "I got into a little thing with that Weasley girl and he helped me out okay? That's all."

"And he was touching the strap of your dress because?"

"He was touching what?" Pansy screamed. She shifted to the front of the couch with a shocked, yet curious look on her face. "Weasley had pushed me, it must've slipped of. Honestly it was nothing," I say getting slightly agitated.

"What are you doing here anyway? Blaise said you wouldn't come," I ask him. "I just wanted to grab a quick drink before going to sleep. But as I was heading to the bar I saw you and Potter looking awfully cozy," he snapped. "Don't be such an ass. If it weren't for him, I could've been hurt," I sneer. This seemed to shut him up as he crosses his arms over each other and looked away from me. He looked like a little kid who didn't get his way and I couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

"Lets leave the boys and get some drinks, I see Daphne at the bar as well," Pansy says to me, reaching out her hand to me. I take her hand and let her lead the way between the people on the dance floor to the bar. When Daphne sees us she lets out a scream of excitement. She puts her hands on both my cheeks, squishing them. "You look sooooooooo pretty," she slurred. "Thank you darling," I reply with a grin. She lets go of my face and puts her arms on Pansy and mine shoulder, resting on the both of us. "I love you girls," she mumbles. Pansy and I exchange a quick look before laughing. "We love you too Daph. Are you having a good time?" Pansy asks her. Daphne started nodding in a very dramatic way. "Tonight is the best night ever!" she giggled.

"Do you want to go to sleep? Or do you want to stay at the party?" I ask her, thinking it might be best to end the night. After everything that happened I wasn't really in the party mood anymore anyway. "Sleeping sounds pretty nice," she whispers, looking at me with a small smile. "Pans, you coming too?" She nods. "I'll tell the guys we're leaving."

"Okay, we'll wait outside," I let her know.

Pansy gives me a thumbs up before carefully taking Daphne's arm from her shoulder. Daphne leaned a bit more into me, causing me to wobble a bit. When I regain my balance I hold her closer. It wasn't easy moving between all those people with a drunk Daphne leaning onto me, but somehow we made it through the crowd without falling. When we are at the door I place Daphne against the wall so I can take off my heels, and help Daphne out of hers as well. I did a quick scan across the room to see if Pansy was already heading our way, but found myself looking into the green eyed boy who had helped me earlier. He smiled at me, making me smile as well. We kept eye contact until Pansy suddenly stood in front of me, blocking my view of Potter. "Who are you smiling so sweetly at?" she asks, turning around to see I was looking at. She turns back to me, her eyes huge with surprise. "I don't want to hear a word," I warn her. She just laughs at me, shaking her head. "I'm not saying a thing," she grins.


I was incredibly thankful that Theodore had given us an anti-hangover potion before we started drinking, or else I am sure this morning would be a rough one. We did sleep in, but were still awake in time to make it to lunch. Since it was a Sunday we weren't required to wear our uniform. I put on a white button down dress, with a grey oversized spencer and some knee high black boots. I wasn't in the mood to put on makeup, so with just a quick brush through my hair I thought I looked presentable enough.

"So about last night," Blaise begins when we are all sitting at the Slytherin table in the great hall. We all look at him, wondering which part of last night he was going to talk about. "I might know why Weasley went all crazy on you," he says, avoiding all eye contact. I groan. "Blaise what did you do?"

"Well, not me, exactly. But also kinda my fault, yet not completely my fault I guess," he starts mumbling. "Blaise spit it out!" I say, getting very agitated. "So McLaggen wanted one of my emotion enhancing potions for that Granger girl, but I heard him talking this morning. He apparently also poured a bit in Weasleys cup to better his chances."

"That nasty piece of shit," Pansy hissed.

We all knew McLaggen was a horrible person. He had harassed Pansy a few years ago during the Yule ball as well. Theodore had almost put him in the hospital wing that night, which he definitely deserved. There was absolutely nothing positive to say about McLaggen. Pure scum.

"Why on earth would you give him that potion in the first place?" I ask him. I couldn't help but feel anger towards Blaise at the moment, especially since he knew what McLaggen had planned to do with the potion.

"Mostly because I wanted to see McLaggen get rejected. The potion isn't harmful. All it does is enhance emotions and feelings. If she isn't into him, nothing will happen. If any, she must've felt even more disgust for him."

Even though I didn't feel okay with slipping potions into girls drinks without them knowing, when Blaise explained it, it calmed me down a little.

"Come on you guys, I can't stand Granger, but I wouldn't let her get roofied. I just hoped she would've hexed his ass," he mumbled.

I looked over at the Gryffindor table and noticed the Weasley girl sitting at the table next to her older brother. She had large eye bags underneath her eyes and she looked absolutely exhausted. Knowing the full story, I did feel a little bad for her.

I let my eyes glide over the rest of the table, and I caught myself looking for one person in particular. However he was nowhere in sight.

"Your hero is at quidditch practice," Draco says, knowing exactly who I was looking for. I felt my cheeks burn in embarrassment as I look into Draco's grey eyes. It wasn't necessarily they fact that he had caught me looking for just some guy, but more so it being his nemesis that made the whole situation even more awkward.

"Trouble in paradise?" Blaise asked, a grin on his face. Draco and I both give him a warning look, making his grin even wider.

"I'll stop the teasing. However If you guys do decide to really get together, my potion works great during se-"

Draco gives Blaise a slight flick on the back of his head before he can finish his sentence. He then gets up, gives me a wink and leaves the great hall without another word. As the rest went on chattering about god knows what, I felt my mind drifting away to other places; killing Dumbledore.

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  • Histoire

    Leuk verhaal. Ik ga een abo nemen. Ik vind het wel wat zielig voor Draco dat zijn vriendin naar iemand anders kijkt, dan nog naar “Potter”. Al zou ik Zara en Harry wel een leuker koppel vinden.

    3 weken geleden

      Ah super bedankt voor de support! Waardeer het heel erg!

      3 weken geleden
  • bels

    O ik vind het echt geweldig! En een bossy malfoy vind ik ook heerlijk!

    O alsjeblieft geef meer hoofdstukken 🤭

    3 weken geleden

      Ahhh gelukkig! Haha me writing as we speak:D

      3 weken geleden
    • bels

      Jeej! Heel goed, daar word ik blij van 😃
      Je bent nog naar net op Q zie ik, welkom trouwens:)mocht je vragen hebben, willen kletsen of wat dan ook... kom je maar:)

      Heerlijk trouwens het Engels, had ik dacht al gezegd? Als ik dat zo goed kon schrijven, had ik het ook gedaan. Alles lijkt beter te klinken in het Engels 😅🤭

      3 weken geleden

      Heel erg bedankt! Nou toevallig heb ik jaren geleden op quizlet gezeten en toen der tijd wat One Direction en Harry Potter verhalen geschreven maar een paar jaar geleden ook mijn account verwijderd.. Ik had dit verhalen toen nog in mijn drafts staan en eigenlijk altijd als story idee onthouden haha, dus vind het super leuk dat ik nu alsnog dit verhaal op quizlet zet!

      Ah zo lief, dankjewel! Ik vind het soms wel moeilijk hoor, maar is juist heel erg een uitdaging voor mijzelf omdat ik het zelf dus ook altijd mooier vind in het Engels :o maar heel fijn om te horen dat het bevalt:D

      3 weken geleden
    • bels

      O echt? Wat leuk! Ik ben hier ooit begonnen, 10 jaar geleden met een Draco love story. En nu al tijden is het Harry Styles, mocht je het leuk vinden om te lezen, mijn nieuwste creatie staat nu nog in de top. (No shame, hihi)

      Ik vind dat je het geweldig schijft, bravo!
      En zoals ik nu moet zeggen, "welkom terug". *ik hoor nu stiekem Perkamentus dit zeggen*

      3 weken geleden

      Ah wat leuk! Moet zeggen dat het wel veranderd is hoor, veel minder actief voor mijn gevoel. Maar weet niet of jij dat ook zo ervaard? Ah leuk zeg, ga hem deze week zeker eens checken!
      Hahaha nu lees ik het ook gewoon precies met zijn stem in gedachten:D

      3 weken geleden
    • bels

      O nee dat ervaar ik zeker zo en ik kan zelfs voor meerdere spreken. Het is niet meer zoals het was, en vooral onder verhalen worden bijna nooit echt meer reacties geplaatst. Zo jammer! Daar doe ik het vaak volop, omdat ik weet hoe heerlijk het voelt als je ook leest wat mensen van je hoofdstuk vinden.

      3 weken geleden

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