The next morning had been an interesting one. Lieke woke up, way earlier than expected. But the fact the two men on either side of her were still asleep, made it that she didn't mind much. Thomas had never left her shoulder and he was snoring quietly, readjusting his position every few seconds. Lieke put her arm around him, letting her fingers comb through his curls. He smiled satisfied making her smile fondly. Then she looked over to Simon. He had turned to his back, although she was still practically laying on his arm. She was used to it. He turned around a lot, but never really left her side. He had a serious expression on his face, as if he was having a very serious dream. She turned herself on her back too and with her other hand, she stroked some blonde locks out of his face. He looked so care free when he was sleeping, something she sometimes missed when he came home from work. She was always able to make him feel better, but the stressed expressions usually broke her heart a little. She never wanted him to worry, but she guessed that's what life was these days.
He started talking, or at least it sounded like it. She heard her name, then he started smiling. She let her hand go over his cheek and his eyes opened slowly.
“Hey.” she laughed.
A big smile appeared on his face, as he finally realised where he was.
“Hey.” he said, just as happily.
He immediately came closer and placed a kiss on her temple, something he always did the moment he woke up.
“You were dreaming a whole lot, weren't you?” she said quietly, not wanting to wake Thomas.
After all they woke him up last night.
“Yeah, but you came to save me there.” he laughed, but she saw how fond he was about it.
“Like I always do.” she joked, but he actually nodded.
She shook her head softly, stroking through his blonde hair.
“I was joking, mister.” she whispered.
“I know, but I wasn't.” he answered, letting his hand wander down her arm.
Lieke didn't answer. She just didn't know what to say.
He let his head fell down on her chest and started playing with her stomach underneath her shirt. A shirt she borrowed from Simon. She watched as his fingers tippled on her naked skin.
She caressed his neck and his back, trying to massage him with one hand. Which kind of worked, she knew Simon was actually relaxing underneath her touch.
She yawned, wondering when Thomas would wake up.
“How are you feeling though?” Simon suddenly asked. He didn't look up, as he was too focused on playing with her body.
“Better. A lot better.” she admitted.
“Good.” he whispered, placing a kiss just underneath her breasts.
A loving smile formed on her face, as she watched Simons playfulness.
Whenever he became so playful, Lieke knew he needed something. And usually it was related to sex. Something she didn't mind at all, but the fact Thomas was laying asleep next to her made it a little more difficult.

“Siem, I can't do this. Not right now.” she said.
He looked up, a smirk on his still sleepy face.
“Besides, it's super early.”
He shrugged.
“It's ten already sweetheart.” he laughed. “But it's fine, I will go take a shower then.”
Lieke opened her mouth, but she closed it again. Knowing exactly what kind of game he was playing. He kissed her stomach one last time, before he left to the bathroom. The one that adjected to the bedroom.
He looked around at her, giving her a wink. Making her want to punch him for leaving her.

There was only one thing she could do. And that was join him in the shower. But she couldn't leave Thomas here on his own.
“You can join him.” she heard a voice.
She looked down. Thomas had woken up, probably right after Simon left for the bathroom.
“No, I won't.” she said immediately.
He looked worried and a bit sad.
“I'm sorry about yesterday night. I shouldn't have kissed you..” Thomas murmured, to Liekes surprise.
“Why are you apologising for that? If I didn't want to do it, I would have never pulled you closer.” she said softly.
She was still going through his hair, making sure he understood.
“Are you sure?” he said nervous.
“Yes, I really am. Don't worry about yesterday. In the end you helped me and I can't thank you enough.”
He smiled, happily this time, and nodded.
Lieke wondered where the usually so funny, confident Thomas went. But she was sure he would be back eventually. He always would.
“Now go join your boyfriend, I will sleep some more.” he said, although Lieke was sure he sounded sad.
“I don't want to leave you.” she admitted. And she wasn't lying.
“But you also want to go to Simon.” he noticed.
“Okay, but I will be back soon.” she said softly.
She planted a nervous kiss on his forehead, and she was glad he only started smiling brighter. He followed her as she grabbed some of Simons clothes for herself, before she went to the bathroom too.
But it didn't feel right, leaving Thomas there.

She walked into the bathroom. Simon was faced against the wall, humming one of his favourite songs. Lieke had heard it too many times, but it didn't seem to bore her.
Water was dripping all of his body. And Lieke stared at his tattoos for a while. His peaky ass always looked bare in comparison to the rest of back. But eventually it was just what Lieke loved most about it.
“Can I join?” she said sultry.
Simon turned his head around.
“Took you long enough.” he grinned.
He was holding his neck, making him look better than ever. His hair was laying low and wet on his head.
“Well, Thomas woke up.” she said, putting her clothes on the sink.
Lieke saw that when she spoke Thomas' name, his jaws clenched slightly.
“He told me to go to you..” she admitted.
She pulled down her underwear, but there was still nothing to see for Simon. His shirt was so big on her.
“So he's alone now?” he murmured, not turning around.
“He was about to sleep some more, at least that's what he said.” she sighed.
Simon finally turned around. He leaned against the cold tiles and looked at her. It was almost intimidating. He looked so naked, so strong and so familiar at the same time.
She breathed in sharply. And without their eyes looking away, she pulled her shirt over her head. He smiled slightly.
“I didn't want to leave him.” she muttered, not wanting to admit what she was actually thinking.
“Then go get him.” Simon said, like it was the most normal thing in the world.
Her eyes widened.
“You're joking right?” she whispered.
There was this playful smirk again. And she knew he wasn't.
“I mean, that's what we both are thinking about right?”
“Right.” she said, as she bit her lip.
She grabbed her towel, put it around her body and walked back.
“Make him feel good before he comes.” Simon laughed, making every butterfly in Liekes stomach fly up.
She turned the corner and saw Thomas. He was still laying on the bed, but definitely not asleep. He was staring at the ceiling, his hands behind his head.
“Thomas.” Lieke spoke. He immediately looked up, taking in a sharp breath as he noticed Lieke with only the towel.
“Y-yeah?” he stuttered.
He sat up, his arms next to his body.
“Come join us.” Lieke said, more confident than she expected herself.
He stared at her for a few seconds. And then shook his head.
“You're fucking joking around, I swear.” he sighed.
“No, I'm not.” she said, as she let the towel drop. Leaving herself fully naked in front of him.
And she had to admit. Not knowing if he would give in, made her feel a little insecure. But he couldn't keep his eyes of of her.
“Come.” she said sweetly, raising her arm.
He finally moved, standing up without letting his eyes wonder off. He walked up to her, looking her up and down. “Why are you guys doing this?” he asked, lingering for her hand.
Once he grabbed it, she pulled him closer to herself.
“Because even though it may be a little weird, it still feels really good.” she admitted.
“Does Simon think so too?” Thomas asked, coming closer inch by inch.
“Simon thinks so too.” they heard him say with a firm voice from the shower.
That was the moment Thomas started to laugh. A nervous, disbelieving laugh. But one that gave him the okay to let himself get into this.
“Can I kiss you?” he whispered. “I've been wanting to, ever since I woke up.”
“Don't ask me, just do it.” she whispered back.
Their lips locked, and the kiss felt even better than yesterday. There was something so sweet about Thomas not touching her, while she was there fully naked right in front of them.
The hand, which was still holding his, lowered down and she lead it to her hips.
He breathed out, resting his forehead against hers. He looked down at his hand, and let his other join on the other side. He immediately pulled her closer by her hips, making her smirk.
“Finally the Thomas, I know.”
He grinned, as he kissed her again. His tongue joined and Lieke didn't say no to that. They played a game of hard to get. They discovered each other, as Thomas his hands slowly moved up and crossed in the small of her back. She let her arms hang loosely around his shoulders, as he leaned over her.
“Maybe we should join Simon.” Lieke laughed in their kiss.
“You don't want to know jealous Simon is like. Not yet atleast.” she said.
He raised an eyebrow, making her laugh. She played with his curls a little, before he pulled her up again.
She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom.
“Hey.” Simon said, the moment Lieke entered, followed by Thomas. A smile filled his face and for some reason Lieke thought it was really cute.
Thomas didn't know where to look. Especially because Simon was already half hard.
The water was making him look so much hotter.
Lieke decided she didn't want to wait anymore. She needed to do something atleast. Her heart and body were beating like crazy. She was so turned on by both these men.
She dropped down on her knees, not even entering the shower, right in front of Thomas. His eyes widened, as he looked at Simon. But he just looked amused.
“That's how I like her best too.” he said, a smirk filling his face.
Lieke looked back at him, giving him a wink. His hand wandered down to his own cock, feeling himself up and down as he let himself drown underneath the water.
She focused back on Thomas, pulling down his underwear. His cock was a lot harder than Lieke had expected. And a lot bigger too.
She placed her hand around his shaft, fitting perfectly and starting moving slowly. It didn't take much longer for Thomas to be fully erect. His hand was resting in her hair, making a mess out of it. She felt him pulling whenever her hand touched a good spot. And she wondering how long it would take for him to whine about it. Simon didn't whine much, only when Lieke kept him waiting. He hated waiting when it came to having an orgasm. But sometimes Lieke just didn't agree with him and that's when he had to endure it.
After what felt like forever, even for her, she moved Thomas closer and filled her mouth with his cock. She loved the feeling, as lately she hadn't given Simon a blowjob. Thomas' grip tightened, as he tried to move her the right way. She decided she would let him, but just for a little while. The rhythm actually felt good.
She felt a new presence joining her from behind. Cold, wet drips falling on her back. She shivered, as she felt a wet hand in her neck.
“Told you she looks best like this.” she heard Simon say. She wanted to say something, but then she remembered she couldn't really do that right now.
She felt his hand moving over her jawline slowly, making her even more turned on than she already was. She tried to focus on Simon. But once again, she was in between them. And she didn't know how she could possible handle that.
The moment Thomas whined softly she looked up. Simon was kissing his neck. He was tall enough to reach there and Lieke hated that she found that attractive. But she loved Thomas and how he was struggling underneath their touch. The moments he gripped her hair too tight, she stopped moving.
But the aggressive touch made her feel so good. She wanted to feel good and be good for them.
She decided to turn up her speed. Her tongue played with his tip for a while, before she started bobbing harder and faster. She noticed how Simon had found his place behind Thomas. His hands being all over Thomas his body. As Thomas turned his head around to kiss the taller man. He wasn't going to say no. Lieke saw how much he loved this. And he wasn't the only one.
Thomas was leaning into Simon, as he wasn't able to keep himself straight. Lieke could feel he was close.
Simon and Liekes eyes locked, just for a second, and they both knew what to do.
Lieke turned up her speed one more time, as she heard Simon whisper something in Thomas his ear. It was probably something dirty, because not a moment after he was done talking, Thomas moaned an incredibly loud moan, making them both look up. Lieke took all his cum in, swallowing it quite easily. A smirk appeared on Thomas his face, as she did so. He licked his lips and Lieke stood up, so she could kiss him.
He moaned against her wet, cum dripped lips.

“Thomas ain't so innocent as he appears to be.” Simon grinned, taking over the kiss with the younger man.
“It's you saying these things.” Thomas answered guilty.
“It's you kissing the cum of her lips.” Simon said in a low voice.
Lieke shook her head slightly. Turning around and let herself finally relax underneath the warm shower. She put her hands through her hair, her body facing both boys. She knew they were both looking. But she decided neither of them were going to join right now.
It felt almost like Simon and Lieke were putting up a show for Thomas. But he didn't seem to mind at all.
He watched Lieke, a received kisses from the blonde haired man, who was playing with his body. Discovering every spot and Thomas moaned softly. Lieke winked at him, making him smile. Lieke loved his smile, it could light up the whole room.

After she washed herself completely, she walked over to the bathroom sink. It was a pretty big one. She usually sat down on it, when Simon was showering and he needed to tell something urgent. But she knew he was watching her right now. And she was almost sure they had the same idea again.
He told Thomas something, who walked into the shower. He relaxed a little, but didn't take his eyes of of them. Simon walked up to Lieke and with a scream of surprise, he lifted her up onto the sink. She crossed her legs around his waist, pulling him closer.
His large, rough hands, found her breasts and massaged them, as he kissed her passionately. Her hands rested against his chest, too busy with kissing him to do something with them.
“Give me a second, yeah.” he whispered. She grinned, nodding slowly.
He was already full hard and Lieke couldn't wait to feel him inside of her. But she could wait a little longer. She uncrossed her legs and let him go. She opened her legs, letting her hand wander down, as she played with herself a little.
She watched as Simon joined Thomas underneath the shower. The taller man let his hands wander over Thomas his body. He stopped at his chest, touched his ribs and made a cheerful noise. Thomas had been staring at him the whole time. It was clear the man was a little gone for Simon, but then again, who wasn't?
Lieke felt her body heat up as the smog filled the room and all she saw was Simons hands discovering every inch of Thomas his body. His lips kissed every single place he loved on the curly haired mans body.
Starting by his mouth and ending in between his thighs.
Her eyes locked with Thomas, who seemed almost in disbelieve from the attention he was getting from the both of them. But Thomas was so easy, it was nice to see him drown underneath their touches.
He was so needy, even though he never asked for it. But the way he was holding onto Simons hair, Lieke just knew.

And talking about neediness, Lieke had a hard time holding herself back from doing anything. Simon was taking his sweet time with Thomas, who already came anyway. She felt like she needed Simon right now, but she wasn't going to give into just yet. She knew Simon would love the hell out of that, and she didn't want to give him that satisfaction.
Her fingers lazily rubbed over her clit, as felt herself get more and more tense. But far from good enough to feel like she was over the moon. She wanted Simons hand, Simons body.

“I think it's my turn guys.” Lieke said eventually, being done with the waiting. Simon looked up slowly. He was basically on his knees for Thomas right now, even though he couldn't be far from his orgasm himself. Normally he was so urgent and now it took him forever to get into some action. It made Lieke almost jealous how patient he was with Thomas.
Simon licked over his lips slowly and stood up. He kissed Thomas, longer than Lieke liked, before he exited to shower and came closer.
Once again she realised how tall her boyfriend was. She looked up at him, curious at his thoughts. He tilted his head, the sweetest smile on his face. He grabbed her chin, kissed her slowly. Fireworks went off in her body.
And she tried to keep steady on the sink.
“I'm sorry to keep you waiting.” he said in a hoarse voice.
Liekes eyes wondered off to Thomas, he was mindlessly trying to wash himself, but he was fixated on the both of them. She winked at him, making him smile shyly.
“Atleast you have a good reason.” she answered, before she focused on Simon again.
She caressed his cheeks slowly.
His body felt cold against hers now, but she knew that would change soon.
His left hand found her thigh and squeezed it softly. As his other hands followed his trail down her body. His fingers loosely going over her neck, to her breasts. They tippled over her stomach and ended in her precious spot. One finger was enough to make her shiver. She was sensitive already.
“I'm not even inside of you.” he chuckled.
She scoffed, pushing down his hand, making him look up amused.
“Then be inside of me.” she said, looking into his eyes with a wanting look. He squinted for a second, realising she wasn't going to play the waiting game. And without warning, he pushed one finger inside of her.
A moan left her mouth, followed by a smirk.
“Thank you.” she smirked, leaning back on the sink. Her head hanging in her neck.
Simon leaned over her as he slowly moved in and out with his finger. His thumb playing with her clit.
His mouth found her nipple, sucking on it, as his other hand caressed her jawline.
Moans escaped her mouth as she finally felt like she was in heaven. Every single time with Simon she felt like heaven.
He was heaven. And she wondered how Thomas would be.
She looked up, her body still hanging back and gazed at Thomas who was slowly touching himself. He bit his lip softly, his eyes closing every once in a while.
“He can join us if he wants to. If he can make you feel good while I'm doing all the work.” Simon murmured, as his lips sucked on her neck.
He entered with another finger, making her whine.
“I love when you do all the work, honey.” she smirked, her hand going through his hair. He looked up, his eyes had turned a darker blue. His mouth hanging slightly open.
“I know you do.” he whispered in her ear, making goosebumps all over her body.

The next moment she called Thomas, who looked up surprise. He walked over to them. Her hand grabbed his, pulled her closer, as she felt Simon leave her body. He pulled her slightly closer, as Thomas watched them intrigued by everything that was happening.
Simon positioned himself, before he slowly came into her. She moaned, making Thomas perk up. His mouth hang open, his curly hair wet on his head. She let her hand go through it, pulling some locks behind his ear.
Her thoughts were roughly interrupted by Simon who turned her face around, so she was looking at him. She bit her lip, realising he needed the attention. His eyes followed Thomas, as his red lips disappeared in her neck. Lieke was still looking at Simon, but the fact she was now getting touched by both men, made her body go crazy.
“Do something.” she whined softly to Simon, making him lick his lips.
“Please?” she tried, which definitely worked.
Simon started moving, almost roughly. She realised immediately he had been holding himself back. But now he was going to let himself go all the way.
She cried out, as Simons lips found the other side of her neck. Making that both boys were all over her.
She felt like a queen.
Simons hands were leaning on the sink. Holding himself a steady as possible. But he was just as far gone as Lieke already was. It became even worse, when Lieke opened her eyes just as Simon grabbed Thomas his hand. He moved it to her clit and let go of Thomas.
Thomas stopped for a second, looked at Simon, who moved his head slightly.
Thomas started working on her clit. Rubbing, pinching it, circling it. All the while his lips wondered down her shoulders.

“F-faster.” she moaned. “Both of you.”
And they didn't complain when she said so. They turned up speed, faster than Lieke imagined. And within a few seconds, her orgasm hit her like a bomb. She let herself fell down on Simon, who also had reached his orgasm. Probably at the same time as her. He was breathing heavily.
She rested her forehead on his shoulder and hold both boys with a hand as she tried to calm down.
Simon eventually took a step back and grabbed the towel Lieke dropped. He threw it to Thomas, who wanted to give it Lieke. But she opened her arms. He giggled, as he put Lieke in the towel and made sure it stayed in place.
“Thank you.” she murmured. He shrugged slightly.
Simon watched them in silence, as he grabbed two other towels from the plank.
A soft smile on his lips.
She leaned over to Thomas and kissed him softly. It was a short, but careful kiss.
She was thankful for him. For yesterday, for now, and just in general.

“I should head back home soon.” Thomas said, once he was fully dressed again. Simon and Lieke had quickly followed after. They didn't want to see him go. It seemed like they were both afraid to let him go now, afraid this would never happen again. And it was clear they all wanted it.
Lieke needed to be cared for, when she was scared. But having these two close to her, made her feel safe in any moment.
Simon needed to discover his feelings more. It was clear he felt some type of way about Thomas and he wasn't sure what exactly it was. His love was destined for his beautiful girlfriend, but there was definitely something going on.
And well, Thomas, he wasn't even sure what happened yet. But he didn't want it to go away either.
“Come back soon then.” Lieke said slowly. She wanted to touch his cheek and she had already raised her hand, but she let it fall again. Thomas looked at her hand, a weak smile covering his face.
Lieke leaned into Simon from her side. Her head resting sideways on his chest, as his arm covered her shoulders.
“Don't hold it back.” Simon said slowly.
She looked up at him and looked down at her.
“We can let this go. Act like it never happened. But I don't want that. So don't hold back.” he said.
Thomas looked at them, not sure if he should say something. But he felt like Simon was right.
“You've been there for Lieke in times I haven't been. And yesterday it was clear she needed you- us. She needed us both.” Simon said again. He squeezed her arm, making her smile shyly.
“You really did?” Thomas asked.
“Yes, I only calmed down after you came in.” she admitted, making him smile softly.
He moved forward, as he slowly let his hand go through her hair, staring into her eyes. They were trying to understand something they all weren't sure of. But slowly, they knew something was going on. And there was no denying it.
“Just kiss each other, otherwise I will.” Simon said, grinning softly.
So Lieke moved forward and gave Thomas a soft, bittersweet goodbye kiss.
He breathed out slowly when he looked up again.
“I don't want to go.” he admitted.
“We all know you'll be back soon, Delaney.” Simon said, turning into his old, normal self again.
It made Thomas laugh, a blush covering his cheeks.
“As long as this doesn't change anything.” Thomas murmured. “I don't want to leave and then never come back. I want us to be us.”
Lieke nodded.
“Me too.” she said. “So come over whenever you want. We will be waiting.”
Lieke knew that if she was the one saying it, he would trust her. And she was right, as a small smirk escaped his mouth.
“Alright.” he said, touching Simons cheek for a second, before he let go.
“I will be back.” he said, smiling sweetly.

Lieke and Simon watched as Thomas left, and the moment the door closed Lieke turned around in Simons arms. He held her for a while. As she rested against his chest. Her whole body flowing over into his.
“I love you, Lieke.” Simon said slowly. And he meant it.
“I love you too, Simon.” she answered, finally looking up. “I hope we are making the right choice with this.”
“Don't worry, my love. We are.” he assured her.
She gazed into his eyes for a second, before she kissed him passionately.
“Just.. always make sure to show me your love okay.” she whispered.
“I always do and you know it.” Simon said. He rested her chin on his hand and made her look up. “I always do. I won't ever stop loving you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. And Thomas joining us every once in a while, isn't going to change that.”
Lieke smiled and nodded slowly.
He smiled too, resting her face in his big hands, before he slowly placed a kiss on her forehead.
“We promised forever right..” Simon whispered.
Lieke smiled, her heart blossoming by those words.
“Yes, we did.” she sighed happily. “Forever.”

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    He smiled too, resting her face in his big hands, before he slowly placed a kiss on her forehead.
    “We promised forever right..” Simon whispered.
    Lieke smiled, her heart blossoming by those words.
    “Yes, we did.” she sighed happily. “Forever.”


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    “I always do and you know it.” Simon said. He rested her chin on his hand and made her look up. “I always do. I won't ever stop loving you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. And Thomas joining us every once in a while, isn't going to change that.”

    HE'S SO RIGHT <3

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