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October had always been my favourite month of the year.

Though most people didn't like the rainy weather, I loved it. I liked how the sky looked dark, how everything seemed more dreadful. I loved the contrast between the darkness of the world and the bright colours of the tree leaves. I thought it was absolutely breathtaking.

And then of course I couldn't forget there was Halloween as well, which was always amazing at Hogwarts.

Draco had become more distant.

In the beginning I tried to follow him, help him. But after a little while I gave up. I noticed that when I tried to stay close, it would only cause him more stress. I know he wanted to protect me from all the bad things, and I have to let him. Because right now, that was what he needed in order to feel better about it at all.

He may act like he has it all figured out, like nothing scares him, but I know he was absolutely terrified. He may talk big about hating Hogwarts, or how much of an old fool he thinks Dumbledore is, but he doesn't want to kill him. Which is why he is probably searching for a different way of killing him, something less personal as standing in front of the man and using the killing curse from his own wand.

I did still try and help Draco as best as I could without causing him more to worry about. I was still gathering ingredients for our potion, paying a visit to the potions closet every two weeks so professor Slughorn wouldn't notice too much missing. I had even started a conversation with Longbottom during one herbology lesson to find out more about the flower seeds we needed. He was very pleased with my new found interest in the plant and told me he knew a seller at Knockturn alley, who specialised in rare flowers and plants.

Since I've had conversations with Longbottom before about exotic plants, since I enjoyed potions so much, he wasn't to suspicious about my questions. We were actually put together in year four to work on a potion, and received the highest grade in class. I've always thought of him as a very sweet boy, and I did feel bad about using him. But right now the only thing I could do for Draco was brewing that damn potion, so I would do whatever I could.


I was sitting on a stone wall, looking at the Hogwarts grounds getting soaked with rain. I saw some students running away, their books above their heads in a failed attempt to stay dry. I laughed at the sight.

"Laughing at other peoples miseries?" I hear a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around to see Potter with a smile on his face.

"Isn't that what us Slytherins do?"

He walks passed me and leans against the wall were my feet are resting, making it easier to look at each other.

"You don't really seem much of a Slytherin to me," he replied.

I rolled me eyes, but smiled either way; "I think your view of Slytherins might be a bit prejudiced."

"Perhaps you're right."

There were a few moments of silence between us, before I decided to tell him something I've never told anyone else before. Not even Draco.

"The sorting hat actually wanted to place me in Ravenclaw," I confessed. Potter looked at me, high eyebrows raised with complete confusion.

"I had to beg him to put me in Slytherin actually," I continued, feeling myself relax more.

I remember that day so well. I was holding back my tears when I heard the sorting hat mumbling about Ravenclaw, looking at all my childhood friends sitting at the Slytherin table. I knew how ashamed father would be, so I begged the sorting hat to place me in Slytherin, which he did. Pansy had hugged me the moment I came down from the stairs, and I knew I had made the right choice.

"Do you ever regret it?" Potter asks me.

I smile, thinking about my group of friends and shake my head.


He nodded and bit his lip.

"Can I tell you something as well?" he asks me, a hesitant tone in his voice.

"I won't tell a soul," I let him know, hoping to take away the slight doubt he seemed to have.

"He wanted to put me in Slytherin."

At first I thought he was joking, but he had seemed so serious before, that I knew he must be telling me the truth. I didn't know what surprised me more; the fact that Potter had almost been in Slytherin, or that he trusted me enough to tell me about it.

"Does this secret sharing make us friends?" I ask him a little playfully, trying to lighten the mood.

"It depends, do I get to see you more often if we are friends?" he said, a gleam in his eyes.

"You want to see me more often?" I tried to speak in a confident manner, but I could hear the hopefulness in my own voice shining through.

"I would love to see you more often."

And there it was again, the heat flowing through my cheeks and the rapid beating of my heart, making me at a loss for words.

"I'm sorry if I misread-" he began, probably taking my silence as rejection. I get up from the stone wall so I can stand in front of him and take his hand, giving it a light squeeze.

"You didn't misread. I feel the same way," I smile.

We stare at each other for a while, my hand still holding his. It wasn't until we heard loud thunder, that we let go, both startled by the sudden sound.

"We should probably get inside," I say, tugging at the edge of my skirt, to distract myself from the sudden wave of embarrassment flowing through my body.

"So should I wait a few minutes after you went inside?"

I grin, glad Potter brought it up himself. As happy I had been to hear that he wanted to see me more, I know that it would be difficult to actually meet up. It may not be as hard for him, although I couldn't imagine his friends being exactly excited about it either, but if word came out that I am friends with Potter, I could just as well throw myself of the astronomy tower. It was either that or my father would kill me himself.

"Just imagine how much fun we could've have if you were in Slytherin," I say, followed by a wink before I turn around and make my way back to the castle.

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  • Histoire

    Ze worden alsmaar closer (:

    6 dagen geleden
  • bels

    Oke, dat is wel een persoonlijk dingetje zeg om te delen! Harry gaat er vol in🤭

    En nog even nieuwsgierig.... zijn we Goyle and Crabbe al tegen gekomen?

    1 week geleden

      Yesss volgens mij in een van de eerste chapters heel vluchtig, maar ze horen in mijn verhaal niet echt bij de vriendengroep. Ze zullen af en toe benoemd worden, maar meer als Draco aanhangsels toen ze nog wat jonger waren dan echt vrienden. De meiden zijn iniedergeval niet gecharmeerd van ze ;')

      1 week geleden
    • bels

      Hahah ja ik verwachten ze wel als de schoothondjes

      6 dagen geleden

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