It felt like forever since Thomas met Simon at the New Years party. And they had been together ever since. They had been dating for a while now and slowly but surely things had become serious.
Thomas wasn't surprised. The way Simon had acted the night they met, he knew he meant it when he showed his feelings.
Thomas had been head over heels for the man. And he was sure that after six months, he had officially fallen in love with Simon. But he was scared to say it. He was scared it wasn't the same for Simon and he didn't want to get disappointed. He wanted to live this dream as long as he could.
Because in the end he was still confused that he managed to date one of the most gorgeous guys he ever knew.

Four months ago Simon had asked Thomas to be his boyfriend and of course Thomas had said yes. He was so happy and didn't expect Simon to be the one to ask it. But in the end he was happy he did so, because he was afraid he himself wouldn't have done it anytime soon.
After the break up with Andreas, things still felt a bit unwell with dating. He had tried to let it go, but he knew he was more insecure than before.
Simon had made sure he felt good though. Everytime he noticed something he was off, they had talked about it.
And that's what Thomas loved so much about Simon. He always listened. Whenever he needed it. Even when he was at work, he would make time to call Thomas up if needed.
Okay, maybe he was lucky Simon had a high function and Gabriëla was always there to take over for him. But still, it was the thought that mattered.

Luckily Simon had a free day today and Thomas couldn't wait to spend all day with Simon.
Simon had told him that he'd come over and even though Thomas hated to be at his place instead of Simons beautiful apartment, he decided to agree with it.
Simon actually loved the little place. He thought it was cosy.

Thomas heard a key in the door. The one Simon carried just for emergencies. But as Thomas was still laying in bed, he had texted him to come in himself. He heard Simon humming a song and Thomas was already smiling again.
There was something about Simon, that made him smile the moment the blonde haired angel walked in.
He rounded the corner and the moment their eyes met, they both smiled brightly.
“Hey, you.” Simon mumbled. He had a strawberry smoothie in his hand, which he had been drinking from. He put it down on the nightstand, before he leaned down to give Thomas a kiss.
“Oh, that's tastes amazing.” Thomas said surprised, moments after their kiss ended.
“I know right. It's my favorite smoothie ever.” he said.
“Nex time bring one for me too.” Thomas smiled, as he sat up.
He was still underneath the covers and watched as Simon unpacked some stuff. Just the usual things and some clothes to sleep in later on.
“You can take mine if you want.” he chuckled, loving the cute smile on his boyfriends face.
“We can share.” Thomas suggested.
“What kind of sharing do you mean?” Simon smirked.
Thomas rolled his eyes, before he grabbed the smoothie from the nightstand and took some sips.
It was really, really good. But it definitely tasted better on Simons lips.
Simon came over to Thomas. Thomas held the smoothie in front of him so he could take a sip.
His eyes lid up as he tasted the sweetness again, before he grabbed the smoothie and put it away again.
Thomas watched curiously as Simon moved his body onto the bed. His legs on opposite sides of his body. He was basically on top of his thighs now and Thomas felt himself getting that warm feeling again.
His hands landed next to his head and Thomas definitely felt trapped, but in a good way.
Their lips locked and that sweet, sweet strawberry taste bursted of of their lips.
If Thomas didn't count the times they had been passionately kissing during sex, this might have been the best kiss he ever had.
His hands found Simons neck, as he felt Simon moving his body. At first he just thought he was repositioning himself, but when he felt him only getting closer he noticed he was grinding on Thomas his body.
“You just arrived and you already want to have sex?” Thomas chuckled, his lips wandering off to his jaw. Simon snickered, but he didn't say no.
“You know I can't resist you. Especially when you're doing this.” he murmured, not even being able to talk properly.
“I know.” Thomas whispered.
Simon let his head hang down, leaning on Thomas his shoulder as he sighed slowly. He whined softly, as Thomas sucked on his earlobe. He wandered off to his neck, as he started kissing Simons skin. Sucking softly, but not too hard.
“Thomas. Can we talk about something?”
Thomas immediately stopped what he was doing and looked up. He was scared, he had been the moment Simon spoke his name.
“Oh- no don't worry. It's not about us!” Simon immediately said.
Thomas let a big sigh escape his mouth as he nodded.
“If it's that important, then we can always talk. Kind of sad it needs to be right now though.”
Thomas gave him a smirk, but made sure to show him he was actually serious.
“It's just that I can't focus on us- when this is still in my head. And when I'm with you, I want to be focused on you and you only.”
Thomas melted hearing those words. He realised how much he meant to Simon. And he almost wanted to burst out his hidden secret. But he didn't. Not yet.
“Of course, babe.” Thomas said.
Simon nodded, he wanted to secure himself he did the right thing. Thomas watched as he sat down on the side of the bed. Only his ass was touching the bed. But he stayed close to Thomas. He bit his lip and closed his eyes for a second and Thomas just watched him.
He came closer eventually, his right leg leaning against Simon. The other one crossed underneath his own.
He put his hands around Simons waist and pulled him closer.
“So, tell me, what's on your mind?” he said sweetly, his chin resting on Simons shoulder.
“I can get a promotion.” Simon muttered.
“Well, that's good right?!” Thomas said confused. “That what you've been wanting.”
“Yes, I know. But that means I will basically operate as boss and that means I have to work even more than I already do.”
A sad smile filled his face as he looked sideways to his boyfriend.
“It's what you've always wanted right. I think you should go for it.” Thomas said in all honesty.
“My days are getting longer too again. So I'll be just as busy. But we will find our time together. As long as we both want it.”
“Are you sure?” Simon asked again.
“Might spice things up a little. If I don't see you as much. I'll be very happy to see you when I can.”
A smirk had filled Thomas his face again and Simon couldn't help but laugh.
“I don't think anything will change then. You are always like that when we see eachother.”
“Hey! Look who started today. Ha! yes- you!” Thomas he replied.
A smile lifted Simons face up and he leaned into Thomas.
“You're right.” he laughed, giving him a soft kiss.
“So I should do it?” he asked again, making Thomas chuckle.
“Yes, do it.” Thomas nodded, kissing his cheek.

Simon seemed a lot calmer after the quick talk they had. He was happier now and couldn't stop smiling. He had been telling a story about work yesterday. Something about a co worker dropping a bunch of stuff and him not being able to stop laughing because of her screams. It made Thomas smile, because Simon looked genuinely happy.
He had pulled his shirt over his head in the meantime. Walking around in only his grey joggingpants. Thomas had been staring at him. At the tattoos on his arms. The little hairs on his chest. The beautiful tattoo on his back.
And Simon knew Thomas was in love with his body. But Thomas guessed he sometimes didn't realise how much it distracted him.

He was laying with his body on the covers. He had never dressed himself. The only thing he was wearing was his underwear. So he wasn't able to hide anything if he needed.
“So, have you heard anything about Lieke yet, about the next party?” Simon suddenly asked.
That's when Thomas realised he had changed subjects and he didn't even notice.
“What party?” he asked confused.
Simon laughed.
“I think it was her birthday party?”
It felt like Thomas mind had clouded and he shook his head.
“You know what it is..” Thomas said, giggling. “I can't keep this conversation going if you don't put a shirt on.”
Simon cheeks turned red, but that wasn't for long.
“Do I need to put it on again then?” he said cheekily.
“Or we can stop talking and do other things which are much more fun.” Thomas answered, just as cheekily.
“And what if I wanna talk?” Simon said, but he was already crawling over the bed. On top of Thomas his body.
“Then I will shut you up.” Thomas answered, pulling him closer by his pants.
“Make me.” Simon spoke firmly.

He didn't have to say that twice. Thomas pushed his lips onto Simons like his life depend on it. The strawberry taste was still there, like a nice addition to his lips. Their tongues added to the mix, as Simon balanced himself on top of Thomas.
Thomas hand hadn't left the hem of his pants and he felt Simons belly pushing against his hand.
“I guess it's time for a little celebration, isn't it?” Thomas smirked, his hand lowering in Simons pants, grabbing his whole package in his hand.
“I'm not even promoted yet.” Simon smiled. But his lips getting redder because of his teeth biting into them, told Thomas he wanted to say something else.
“Then let's pretend you are.”
Thomas lifted his hand, let his thumb move over Simons lower lip. Simon lingered for more touch, his lips ajar, as he desperately wanted to take Thomas fingers in his mouth.
Thomas squeezed his boxers tighter, making Simon whine softly.
“You're really desperate today.” Thomas said, ashtonished by the effect he had on the blonde man.
“I've missed you.” Simon replied.
A smile filled Thomas his lips. It hadn't even been over two days, but he felt the exact seem way when he didn't see Simon.
“Good, because I've missed you too.” he said, as he pulled Simon closer.
He let his thumb slide down to hold his chin, as he kissed him hard. They really needed each other and there was no reason to deny it.

Thomas pushed Simon down next to him, and climbed on top of his favorite man. He looked down at Simon. His hair was messier than before and with only his joggingpants, which already were hanging low on his lips, he looked absolutely stunning. Thomas rested his hands on his toned abs and licked his lips mindlessly, making Simon smile.
He lowered himself and sat down between Simons legs.
“Wait, wait.” he said, making Thomas sigh for a second. “I just want to hold you, just for a second.”
Thomas looked up, his heart melting once again. Sometimes he really didn't realise how good Simon was for him.
Simon sat up, as Thomas put his arms around him. His hand resting in his blonde locks.
“I-I gotta tell you something now..” Thomas stuttered. His body burning up. He was so nervous, but he felt like this was the right moment. The fact Simon was so caring over him, made him realise he didn't want to wait anymore.
“And what's that?” he said, as Thomas sat back.
They looked into eachothers eyes. Nothing but love was seen.
“I think I'm in love with you. No, I know I'm in love with you.” Thomas said slowly. He had trouble not falling over his words, but he managed pretty well.
“I love you, Simon. And I don't care if it's too early to say this. But I love you and that's all you need to know.”
Simon smiled and Thomas was sure he handn't seen him smile this bright before. Twinkles joined his eyes as he looked at Thomas.
“I've been wanting to tell you for so long now, thinking it was too early..” Simon muttered, shaking his head.
“You did?” Thomas said, his words barely forming in his mouth.
He nodded, grabbing Thomas his cheeks.
“I love you too. So much.” he whispered.
Thomas loved how shy Simon got the moment he said those words. He loved the way he was smiling. He loved the way he was holding him. He loved him.
“Good.” Thomas sighed relieved, as he let a hand go through Simons hair. “Because I was really done waiting to say that.”
Simon laughed softly.
“If I had known it was the same for you, I'd have done it way earlier.”
Thomas shrugged, as he leaned forward to kiss the man he loved so much.
“It's fine. We are here now.” he whispered.
Their eyes locked for several seconds.
“And now you're going to enjoy laying down, because if you interrupt me one more time I'll kill you.” Thomas said, pecking his lips, before he lowered himself again.
Simon laughed. He laughed like he was a love sick man. And then he realised he was. Love sick for Thomas.

Thomas pulled down Simons pants, showing off the black underwear Simon was wearing. It looked pretty tight and Thomas knew he was still turned on. The love talk didn't change a thing. Maybe it made it even worse. With his finger he moved up and down on the fabric.
Simons cock twitched underneath his touch and Thomas wondered how bad it would be if there was no fabric inbetween them.
With one swift move, he left Simon totally naked. His erection showing off in front of Thomas.
Simon looked down at Thomas, still the same smile on his face.
He reached down for Thomas his face, as he carressed his cheek for a second. His hand found Thomas his black curls and rested there.
Simon loved to have a little bit of dominance, but most of the time he let Thomas do whatever he wanted. He was a pro in bed. Or atleast that was Simons opinion.
But he was sure he didn't have someone better before. Sometimes he even discovered things he never experienced before. Moves that stayed in his thoughts for a week or two.
With a smirk on his face Thomas gracefully bowed down, connecting his mouth with Simons cock.
A satisfied sigh left Simons lips, as Thomas saw him fall down on the bed again.
Thomas looked at him for a second, as he licked his shaft wet.
His hand gripped around it too and he rubbed it softly, making Simon smile.
There was something so beautiful about Simon getting turned on for Thomas. He could watch it happen every day.
He decided he had to focus now. His hand stayed steady, as his lips left Simons cock. He complained for a second, but when Thomas his lips connected with his thigh he stopped.
Thomas sucked on his skin, while his hand kept moving up and down. Simons cock had always felt good in his hand. And it didn't take long for Thomas to feel some pre-cum fall down on his hand.
He looked up, licking over Simons thigh as their eyes connected.
“You always look so good down there.” he sighed, as he pulled lightly on Thomas his curls. He smiled, as his head tilted up. He stared at Simon, but never stopped moving his hand.
Simon finally looked away, as a moan rolled over his lips. His hands moved up to his hair, where they stayed.
“God, Thomas.” he whined. “Be good for me, please.”
“Always for you.” Thomas said hoarse, as he worked his way down again.
His lips found Simons cock again. But this time he took him all in. A loud moan rolled over Simons lips as his length touched Thomas throat.
“Fuck-” he muttered, making Thomas happy.
He loved to hear Simon talk dirty and this wasn't even the worst part. He had heard far worse.
His tongue circeled lazily around his cock every once in a while, as he kept bobbing his head.
He speeded up, up until he felt Simon getting close. His body has became tense and Thomas his free hand found his leg, massaging it softly in the meantime.

Thomas moved up slowly. As Simons cock left his mouth and he looked up. Their eyes locked once again. Simons eyes had darkened, desperately needing Thomas. He moved his tongue to Simons tipped and licked it as slowly as possible.
Simons body shook as he came all over Thomas his mouth. He swallowed it easily and watched Simon tiredly smiling. He moved up to Simon, as he layed down on his chest. Without hesitation Simon moved his arms around Thomas and kissed his curls.
“Thank you for being the best boyfriend.” he muttered against his hair.
Thomas had burried his face in Simons neck and smiled shyly. Luckily Simon couldn't see it.
“I'm not, really.” he then said.
“For me, you are.” Simon whispered tiredly.
Thomas moved himself up and then realised how tired Simon actually was. He smiled lovingly at him, carressing his cheek.
“Are you going to fall asleep?” he giggled.
Simons cheeks turned red.
“It's just the stress and doubts leaving my body. And the tension of your work.”
Thomas rolled his eyes, to which Simon laughed.
“I believe you, you must be so tired after I made you feel like this.” he answered, making Simon role his eyes this time.
They chuckled softly at eachother, before a sigh left their mouth in unison. It perfectly described the feelings they had for each other. And the relief they both had, once they had found each other.
“Let's go to sleep then.” Thomas mumbled eventually.
Simon grabbed the covers and pulled them over Thomas, making Thomas smile as he realised Simon wasn't gonna let him go.
“We're going to fall asleep like this?” he sniggered.
His lips placed a kiss on his jawline while he waited for Simon to answer.
“Yes. We are.” he eventually said, while he laughed softly. “I don't want to let you go right now.”
“Then you shouldn't.” Thomas whispered.
He covered his face underneath the covers. Only his head sticking out. Their legs intertwined and Thomas sighed happily as he felt Simons grip losen a little, meaning he was almost asleep.
His hand found Simons chest and with his index finger he drew a heart on it.
He didn't notice the smile on Simons face, but he did feel Simons heart beating faster and faster.
A feeling of love overflowed Thomas his body and if he could he would have screamed it of the rooftops.
But now he was here with Simon and everything felt good. He was as close as possible to the man he loved. And he was never gonna let go.
“I love you, Simon.” he whispered.
He felt a kiss on top of his head. And a single, happy tear escaped his eye as he heard Simon speak the words he had been wanting to hear for forever. Now for the second time ever, while his head rested next to Simons heart.

“I love you too, Thomas.”

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    “I love you, Simon.” he whispered.
    He felt a kiss on top of his head. And a single, happy tear escaped his eye as he heard Simon speak the words he had been wanting to hear for forever. Now for the second time ever, while his head rested next to Simons heart.

    “I love you too, Thomas.”


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    His hand found Simons chest and with his index finger he drew a heart on it.


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    He covered his face underneath the covers. Only his head sticking out. Their legs intertwined and Thomas sighed happily as he felt Simons grip losen a little, meaning he was almost asleep.

    He's so happy to know Thomas is with him he can just fall asleep immediately if that isn't real love I don't know what is <3

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