Lieke had been living in Denmark for a while now. She had come over to study there and when she eventually had finished her studies, she had started working there too. She had fallen in love with the country. And maybe the two guys she had been sharing her apartment with, made it just a bit better.
They were both really different, but they both made her head spin sometimes. It was difficult to confess, that maybe she felt something for the both of them. Although she felt like one was more hunger than love.
The blonde haired, tall man was named Simon Kjaer and he basically looked like a model. His body was plastered in tattoos and Lieke thought it was incredibly attractive.
But the downside to him was, that he always brought girls back to the important.
It had changed, after he graduated, but still every once in a while, Lieke was met with a girl again. Making her role her eyes and disappear again.
But overall he was a cool dude and Lieke loved to hang out with him.

The other man was Thomas Delaney. He was more her type. Funny, joyful and beautiful in his own way. Liekes hand could always be found in his beautiful black curls. Playing with them or giving Thomas a little massage when he felt a bit stressed. It was the way his eyes lit up whenever he loved something a lot, and they became like little suns.
They were a lot closer than Lieke and Simon were and although she was attracted to Simon. She felt like it was different with Thomas. It felt better, safer.

They unfortunately had started sharing a room, after Simon couldn't stop bringing girls in. She felt bad for Thomas, as he always had to be with them. Or, well, he was manouvred out of the room. Ending up on the couch.
Lieke had eventually offered her room and they had decided to share it in the end. Which had only made her bond with him better.
But the sad thing about this was, that she couldn't be entirely free. Sometimes when she felt so turned on and wanted to release herself badly, she just knew she couldn't. Thomas was home most of the time. And if he wasn't, Lieke was also working. She had learned to be quick, as she didn't want Thomas to walk into her.

And today was such a day. Thomas had gone to take a shower and since she knew he'd be gone for about twenty minutes, she knew she could sneak some masturbating in. It was almost sad, as she couldn't reach a real high. She just wanted to feel that glow whenever she came. She needed it.
And so, when Thomas had left, she had layed down on her bed and her hand had started doing the work.
Thomas had put on loud music and to her surprise it was a lot more slowed down than his usual songs. Almost sexual. It made the feelings worse. And she picked up speed, closing her eyes as filthy thoughts slipped into her mind.
She didn't want to think about Thomas, naked underneath the shower. But it was just to good not to think about it.
It was bad, she knew. But she couldn't not do it.

She got so lost in her thoughts, that she didn't hear the music turn off. And she never realised the door opened and Thomas had walked in.
“Do you think of me when you touch yourself like that?”
Liekes eyes jumped open and she immediately closed her legs. Luckily she had been under her covers. But that didn't make it better. She had been fully sprayed out touching herself. And she was sure moans had left her mouth.
Their eyes met, and while Lieke had turned red, she noticed Thomas was only smirking.
She gazed at him as he leaned against the now closed door. His hair was still wet, water dripping off his black curls. And all he was wearing was a towel around his waist.
“Why are you not dressed?” was all she could bring out.
“I asked you something first. And I'd love an answer.” Thomas replied.
He let his hand go through his hair and Lieke had trouble breathing.
“Maybe I was, but maybe I was thinking about Simon.” she teased him.
His eyes immediately went darker and he licked his lips.
“Now tell me the truth.” he said slowly. “And tell me while your hand is back down there.”
He pushed himself of the door and to her own surprise, she did was he said. Her hand lowered to her weak spot again, and she realised how wet she was. She let one finger move over her clit slowly. But her heart stirred as her eyes locked with Thomas.
He had walked over to her side of the bed and she couldn't stop staring at him. He looked so dark and it turned her on so badly.
“Tell me you don't think about me, while you look me in the eye.” he whispered, as he came closer. He rested one hand on the bed and looked into her brown eyes.
Her hand was still down, but she was struggling too much to do anything.
“I do.” she whispered, looking into his eyes. “Yes, I fucking do.”
A smirk appeared on his face, as he leaned closer.
“Good.” he whispered, against her lips, before he kissed her. She expected a hard kiss. One without meaning. But his lips were so soft, and he moved so slowly. She felt her heart race way too fast and her free hand found his neck, holding onto him for dear life.
“I shouldn't have done this.” Lieke whispered, out of breath.
He looked at her, his expression had changed slightly.
“What? Make yourself feel good?” he smiled.
“I did think about you.” she whispered.
“Why do you think I put on that music instead of the usual stuff I play.” he smiled and she saw he was enjoying this way too much. She slowly realised what he was saying and a cheeky grin filled her face.
“I've been hearing you moan every once in a while.” he muttered against her lips, making her gasp.
“Doesn't leave much to the imagination, especially when you always look so damn beautiful.”
“Thomas..” she sighed.
“I'm not playing.” he said, his hand finding her waist. She looked at his hand and then back into his brown eyes.
“I've been wanting you for god knows how long now. And it's so good to see you obey everything I tell you to do.”
“I hate it.” she laughed shyly.
“Do you really?” he laughed.
“..No.” she said, as she felt his hand lower down, joining hers. Their fingers intertwined, before his middlefinger touched her clit, making her gasp against his lips.
“I thought so.” he smiled, kissing her again.
Her eyes closed and every possible dream was about to come through for her.
“You are so wet already.” he sighed content, as his fingers moved over her vagina. She was trying to hold herself down. But even on her own she always had trouble doing so. Now that it weren't even her fingers, she didn't know how to behave.
She felt Thomas hand open again and he slowly pushed her hand away.
“Give me that hand.” he said slowly, as a finger pressed on her clit.
She held it up, and Thomas took her wet fingers in his mouth. One after the other, as he started rubbing her clit harder and faster. The sensation of him licking her fingers clean and his fingers making her crazy down under, made her want to scream.
She let her head fell down against the pillow, her body moving and trying to relax. But she couldn't. The tension was too much.
“You look so good like this.” he spoke in ectasy.
A smile formed on Liekes face, and with her eyes still closed she bit her lip. Making Thomas moan slowly.
She didn't want to show how much that did to her. But at the same time she couldn't resist the man anyway.
“I think you look even better without clothes.” he said out of breath.
She raised an eyebrow, making him grin. And without surprise, Lieke undid herself from the shirt she had been wearing.
Thomas held his breath as he realised she wasn't wearing a bra, showing off her breasts. And it wasn't like he needed a warning, but he didn't expect it. His fingers pressed firmly on her clit and her body ached up. Showing off the rounding of her breasts. Thomas whined softly, as he felt his cock press against his towel.
“You definitely look better without clothes.” he muttered, more to himself than to Lieke. But Lieke looked at him, a sweet smile on her face.
“Well, aren't you the sweetest.” she giggled. “Now get naked for me too.”
Thomas eyes widened, loving Liekes neediness.
He let the towel fell down on the ground, as his cock proudly showed. He was hard, and Lieke who had been staring at it, looked up at Thomas.
“You definitely look better without clothes too.” she said.
Butterflies filled her body, as he giggled.
“Come here.” she spoke, totally forgetting his hand on her clit.
Because every time she acted up a little, she felt him press harder.
She moaned loudly, as he stroked her weak spot with his whole hand. She was so wet for him.
He came closer and pecked her lips. She looked at him, annoyed and impatient. But when their hungry eyes locked, their lips started a hard game. It was like they waited a hundred years to kiss each other. Their tongues found each other, discovering everything there was to discover. Liekes hands had found their way into Thomas his curls. Making them even more messy than they already were.
She felt Thomas sit down on the bed. He didn't stop kissing her, but his hand slowly disappeared from where it had been all the time. It felt cold for to not have a warm touch down there.
He moved next to her, grabbing a condom out of her drawer.
“How do you-” she wanted to ask, but she didn't even want to know.
She helped him with the condom. And he groaned softly as she put it around his shaft.
He looked gorgeous sitting on top of her like that. And Lieke couldn't stop staring at him.
She felt the warmth come back as he moved his tip to her entrance. And their eyes locked, just for a second, when he came into her.
They moaned contently. Getting used to the feeling, but already feeling so damn good. Thomas immediately came closer again. And their lips stayed together as Thomas started moving. He was sloppy, the pumping was only half in and they were way too hard. Their kisses got messy and Lieke giggled.
“Take your time.” she whispered.
Thomas looked at her for a second, before he lowered his speed. It felt better, so much better for the both of them. Liekes lips found his neck and started sucking on his skin. Leaving kisses all over. His head hang low, as he focused on her and his moves.
“You feel so good.” she whispered. “So big and long.”
Thomas moaned loudly and Lieke knew he loved it.
“You sound so pretty, moaning for me.” she groaned, trying not to lose herself.
He smiled against her shoulder, as he sped up again. He was so close and Lieke wanted him to cum. Lieke wanted to see him cum. She wanted to know if her dreams had been right.
He got sloppier and his breathing was far from steady. And Lieke was moaning rapidly, as he pumped into her. Making him look down on her like she was everything he had been missing in his life.
She leaned forward, and with the tip of her tongue she licked over his jawline. He whined, before he moaned again.
“God, I can't hold it any longer. You are so- so good.” he stuttered, making her smirk.
“Then fucking cum.” she whispered in his ear, making him lose his mind as he unloaded inside of her.
He sighed, as his orgasm subsided and fell on top off Lieke. Her arms closed around his shoulder as he smiled down at her.

“This was even better than my wildest dreams.” he chuckled, kissing her in between his words.
“You've been dreaming about me?” she asked, her thumb mindlessly going over his lip.
“Dreaming, thinking, wondering. It's whatever you like to call it.” he smiled, kissing the top of her nose.
“Why did you never tell me?” she asked curiously.
“Why didn't you?” he replied.
She looked down before she smiled.
“Guess we were both a little scared to admit it.” he said quietly. As he gazed into her eyes.
“Honestly.. I always thought you had a crush on Simon.” he admitted then, making her heart drop.
“He's.. different. But I don't think I ever really crushed on him. Wouldn't mind tapping that ass sometime though.”
Thomas gasped, before he shrugged with a smile on his face.
“Well, who wouldn't right?”
She raised an eyebrow in surprise, making them both laugh.
“But I guess it's always been you.” she then said, a little more shy.
Thomas smiled at her, not knowing what to say. Because their bodies were overflowing in warmth.
He kissed her softly, making sure he told her everything he needed in that kiss.
Once he finished, that familiar smirk appeared on his face again.
“So, do you want to come on my fingers or my mouth?” he said cheekily, making her body turn on within a second.
“God, Thomas.” she whined, feeling herself getting extremely aroused by his words. “What kind of question is that?”
“Well?” he licked his lips.
“Your mouth.” she breathed out, as she saw his tongue disappear again.
He nodded, being pleased with her answer.
He moved her up by her hands. He sat down on his knees and she followed. They were sitting sideways on the bed now and Lieke had no clue where this was going, as they kissed again. She felt herself getting wetter with the minute and she just wanted to cum already.
She watched as he layed down. And then she got it, as he layed down in between her legs. She whined softly by the thought. And watched him position himself.
She slowly lowered herself and felt his lips immediately. Her body stirred up and she immediately felt his hands on her hips. Knowing fully well he was gonna hold her as thight as possible and she wasn't gonna survive this for long. She looked down and grabbed his curls. Her other hand was on her knee as she felt his tongue licking her all over. She started moving, grinding over his face, as she couldn't hold herself anymore. He hummed approvingly. And as she grinded, she knew he wasnt even moving.
She wasn't sure what turned her on more. The fact he was underneath her or the fact she was grinding all ove his face.
His hands were firmly gripping her and when his tongue found her entrance, her legs went weak underneath his touch. She shivered for a second and moaned desperately. She never felt this good.
Her mind got blurry as his tongue licked her clean, circled around her clit and made her scream. Her body pushed down on him and she could feel him smiling.
“Thomas.” she whined. “I'm-”
The words didn't even leave her mouth, as she came over all over him. Her legs shook badly, as Thomas held her steady.
She was sure she had never been this wet before, and she shivered softly as she felt Thomas lick her clean again.
He finally let go of her legs and she pushed herself of of him, falling down on her bed. She watched him, as he licked his mouth clean. She saw it wasn't the only place that was wet and her cheeks burned red.
“I'm impressed.” he smiled. “Might need to take another shower later.”
She laughed softly. He whiped cheeks clean with his towel and layed down next to her.
“I didn't expect you to do... that.” she murmured.
He had layed down next to her again. He was on her left side and looking down on her face. His head on his hand as he gazed at her.
“If I do something, I do it good.”
“I figured.” she giggled, but she got distracted by the look in his eyes.
“Especially for you.” he whispered, making her heart flutter.
“Thomas?” she asked slowly.
“Yeah.” he said quietly, his hand carressing her hair slowly.
“How do we go from here?”
He shrugged, smiling sweetly.
“I would love to take you on a first date.. and then come back here and fuck the hell out of each other again.”
“Thomas!” she almost yelled, as he started to laugh loudly.
“I wasn't lying though.” he giggled and she shook her head shyly.
She kissed him for a little while, before she sighed happily and pulled him closer to her own body. It was good to be so close and so naked with him. His warmth made her feel so safe. Even when he was being a pain in the ass.
The smile that faded onto his face after he had laughed, never left his face. And he kissed her forehead, before he layed down on her chest.

“A date sounds good though.” Lieke said shyly, as she felt his giggle shake against her chest.
“And the sex after?” he asked, making her slap his back softly.
“Ouch!” he laughed.
“You only get sex if the date is good enough.”
He laughed softly and she felt him nod.

But what she said hadn't really come true. Because they both couldn't get their hands of of eachother. And once Simon had left the apartment again, late in the evening. Thomas had moved over to her bed and together they had discovered what they both liked most. Safe to say, with Thomas, there wasn't much not to like.
And Lieke couldn't wait to discover even more.

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    MAAR wat nou als Simon gewoon de tension tussen mij en Thomas aanvoelde en hij daarom zoveel chickies meenam zodat wij eventually onze feelings aan elkaar zouden confessen. WAT EEN PLAN, WAT EEN MAN

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    Safe to say, with Thomas, there wasn't much not like.


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    “You only get sex if the date is good enough.”
    He laughed softly and she felt him nod.

    I ain't denying this man.(cat)

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