Ik vind het onwijs leuk om dit verhaal te schrijven, en doe dat ook met super veel plezier. Maar mijn handen jeuken ondertussen ook, omdat ik een idee heb voor een Draco Malfoy story.

They say there is a thin line between love and hate, and nothing was less true for Eleanor. Being the first one in her family to not be sorted into Slytherin, but Gryffindor instead, she was an easy target for Draco Malfoy's bullying. But growing up in the same social circles as him, Eleanor was nothing short of confidence and an attitude herself.

But while everyone, including Draco, were convinced that Eleanor couldn't stand the sight of him, all she could actually do was think about him. She hated that fighting with him was the only way she could get his attention, and while she knew how pathetic that was, she couldn't stop.

She had always been good at hiding her true feelings, but everything was about to change with the return of Lord Voldemort. Between her father being a Death Eater, being best friends with the golden trio and Draco ignoring her, her sixth year at Hogwarts was going to be a very difficult one.

Ik ben nog niet helemaal tevreden over de description, dus misschien dat ik nog het een en ander ga aanpassen, maar dit is dus een beetje in kort het idee. Let me know your thoughts <3

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  • bels

    Ooooo ja leuk! Ik ben helemaal voor! Heerlijk heerlijk, ga vooral snel beginnen🥰

    1 maand geleden
  • Histoire

    Ik vind het een leuk idee! Ga je story zeker lezen!

    1 maand geleden

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