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Thomas Delaney loved his work as a tattoo artist. He loved to show off his creativity and his artwork.
People often didn't understand how he never got a tattoo himself, but he was so proud whenever another costumer walked away with his artwork again.
He was pretty well known in the area and he already got some famous people on his doorstep.

But a week ago someone called him up. Someone who played for his countries national football team. And who, if he was being honest, was one of the prettiest men alive.
He had always hoped to tattoo him someday. And since he was located in Copenhagen, he knew the national team would be there soon to play some games. Knowing he would be with them.
Simon Kjær had been the captain on the national team for a long time now and he was plastered in tattoos. Something Thomas of course was highly attracted too. He wondered often enough what he could possibly add to his body. And he did have some ideas.
So when he called up for an appointment and the man finally spoke his name, Thomas didn't even know how to answer.
It became even better when Simon told him he could go wild on his chest. Do whatever he wanted. Making all the ideas he once had come out again.

Today was the day Simon would come in. The appointment would take about three hours and Thomas wondered how he'd handle the tattoo if he had to play the next day. But that was his worry, not for Thomas.
Thomas had been in the shop on his own the whole day, working on the last touches. And around five o'clock the door opened and the man himself came walking in. He was wearing a black hoodie, with the hood up and sunglasses hanging low on his nose.

"Sorry, Idon't want to be seen right now. If they figure out I am here, your shop will be stormed by people." he said, pulling down his hood and put his sunglasses on his hoodie.
"Good advertising though." Thomas laughed, as he stood up and walked over to give Simon a hand.
"Thomas, right?" Simon smiled, a gorgeous smile if Thomas could say so.
"Very much so. And you are Simon."
He nodded, laughing softly.
Simon followed Thomas to his sketchtable back in the shop and with nerves in his body, Thomas held up the drawing he made.
To his surprise, Simons eyebrows immediately went up.
"May I?" he said excited, as Thomas give him the paper. "That's so good. I absolutely love it."
Thomas beamed from ear to ear.
"I'm glad, it's normally not your type of style, I saw."
A little smirk appeared on Simons face and he shook his head, as he stared at Thomas.
"You googled me?" he asked.
"I watch the matches on television, you don't hide your body really." Thomas replied, but the blush was visible on his face.
He turned around to start making a blueprint of the tattoo and to hold his feelings back. Because his heart was racing like hell. And he didn't wanted that to happen while putting a tattoo on somebody.
"Touché." he heard Simon say, before he heard him shuffle away.

When Thomas turned around again, Simon was looking at the pictures on the wall. Thomas had put his best work up there, mostly to look at it himself. But also for his costumers to see what he had made.
"Is this all yours?" he asked, looking at Thomas with his arms crossed in front of his chest. Thomas realised he was gonna see that chest upclose soon.
"Yes, all mine." he answered, smiling at Simon.
"My friend told me to go to you. And I decided to trust him, since I didn't have much time. But hell, this looks amazing." he complimented Thomas.
"Well, thank you. And thank your friend too for me."
He had walked up to Simon and together they looked at it for a while. Simon asked some questions. The usual mostly. And Thomas wondered why, since Simon probably knew a lot about tattoos. And he hoped he just wanted to spend time with Thomas.
"Why don't you have tattoos?" Simon suddenly asked, making Thomas chuckle.
Simon rolled his eyes once he understood.
"Everybody keeps asking, don't they?"
Thomas nodded, as he grabbed his cap from the hanger closeby and put it backwards on his head. He felt Simons eyes on him for longer than he expected.
"Yes," he then said. "Yes, but I can explain."
Simon nodded, as he seemed interested in everything Thomas wanted to say.
"I like to put art on others, I guess. I don't see the point to put it on myself. I can barely see it anyway." he told Simon. "I mean if I tattoo you today and you throw away your shirt tomorrow, I will able to see my tattoo live on TV."
Simon laughed wholeheartedly.
"That's the thrill I live for." Thomas winked at him. 

Thomas decided it was time for the tattoo to be placed and he quietly looked at Simon, as he pulled his hoodie over his head. The body that appeared, made Thomas sigh. And once again he was caught by a smirk from the blonde haired man.
"Can you come a bit closer, so I can place it." he said quickly, turning his face away again. He felt so different in this man his presence. Almost not like himself.

He breathed out slowly, before he turned back and grabbed the blueprint.
With shaky hands he came closer and he immediately felt Simons hands joining them.
"Calm down, I'm not that famous." he laughed softly.
Thomas laughed, but his thoughts were all over the place and he hated himself for it.

Simon was looking at Thomas. He was such a nice person, but Simon noticed the way he was behaving from miles away. He didn't want to put him on the spot, because if he was honest, Thomas was pretty hot himself too.
He didn't think about that, once he planned on coming here. But he was much easier in hiding it than Thomas was.

Once Thomas wasn't shaking anymore, he finally put the print on Simons chest. They both looked at it, trying to get the best view and Thomas nodded.
"What do you think?" he asked, following Simon with his eyes, as he walked over to the mirror.
"Looks good to me." he nodded, an exciting smile on his face.
"Then let's start."

Thomas started on the tattoo pretty easily. And the outlines were there in no time. He had to admit that his lines were much tighter than he thought they would be when he started. And he had to admit that Simon laying with his eyes closed, made it a lot easier. He didn't have to look, or he quickly gazed knowing Simon wasn't looking.

Once he started the shadows, Simons eyes opened again. They looked tired and suddenly Thomas wondered how tiring the matches could be for him.
"You still okay?" he asked, more out of professionalism than worry. He didn't expected him to be in pain.
"Yes, but Thomas.." he said slowly.
Thomas looked up, holding the pistol above his chest now.
"Can I ask you something?" he chuckled.
"Yeah, sure." Thomas laughed, readjusting his cap.
"Is it weird that the pain turns me on?"
Thomas stared at him for what felt like forever.
"Are you serious?" he asked, a chuckle leaving his mouth.
"While, I mean, yeah." Simon looked down at his pants and Thomas his gaze followed slowly. He didn't want to look, but Simon almost begged him with his eyes.
And he wasn't lying. Simon definitely had a bulge visible in his pants.
"I- uh." he coughed.
"The pain turns you on.." he repeated. "Well, if that's what makes you feel good. Then I understand the amount of tattoos on your body."
Simon bit his lip and smiled at him.
"Please just finish as quick as you can." he mumbled.
"Okay, but give me a second." he said, as he put his pistol down and walked to the front of the shop. He quickly locked the door and closed the curtains and he felt Simons eyes on his back.
"Thank you." he said and Thomas couldn't help but look at his erection.
"Maybe I should stop." Thomas suggested.
"Oh god no, I need to finish it now. Besides, the waiting feels good to me."
Simon winked at him and Thomas didn't know what to do. His whole body was as turned on as Simon was and he wasn't sure how to finish this tattoo. He grabbed his water bottle and took some sips.
"Shut your mouth and let me finish." Thomas said, making Simon grin.
"I need to focus if you want me to finish today."

Simon could only smile, because he realised Thomas was totally gone for him. And that was his plan, because he certainly was too for him. He would make sure to never ever get another artist again.
He had been laying with his eyes closed, holding his thoughts to himself. But the pain and Thomas his hands on his body, was just too much. Everytime he did open his eyes, he saw Thomas gorgeous brown eyes again. Focused on his chest.
He desperately wanted this tattoo to be finished, but he knew it would atleast take another thirty minutes.
He was so turned on and the erection was still growing. It was becoming painful.

After what felt like hours, Thomas finally put his pistol down and looked at the tattoo, before nodding satisfied.
"You can check it out, before I put some salve on it." he said, while he put off his gloves and threw them in the trashcan.
He watched Simon walk to the mirror. Thomas chuckled at his penguin walk.
"You still turned on?" he asked, sitting back in his chair. He stretched his body slowly.
And Simon turned around to look at him, his eyes suddenly darker than before.
"Yes, too much." he said hoarse. "But thank you, it's a masterpiece."
Thomas stood up and walked over to him with some salve on his hand.
The moment he touched Simons body again, he felt Simon sigh and he watched his chest go up and down.
He wanted Simon so badly, but what if he was just joking around.
"Let me wash my hands and then we can do a check out." Thomas mumbled, as he quickly walked away.
He opened the drain and as he washed his hands slowly, he felt lips touching his neck.
Goosebumps immediately went up and a noise left his mouth, that he rather had kept inside.
"If you don't want to, please say something now." Simon said slowly.
But Thomas sure as hell didn't answer.

He turned around and pushed Simon towards the closest wall he could find. Simons mouth hang open as he looked at the strength Thomas gave him.
Thomas his hand lowered to his bulge and squeezed it, making Simon groan.
Their lips touched barely as they kissed. They were so desperate to have something now, that they were in a hurry. Now that Simon could finally have his release and Thomas really wanted to give it to them.

Thomas pulled his joggingspants down and looked at Simons boxers, his tongue licking over his lips.
"Don't make me wait so long." Simon whined to Thomas his surprise.
"I thought you liked waiting.." Thomas smirked.
Simon sniffed. "Not anymore I don't."
Thomas couldn't help but smile, as he fell down on his knees and pulled down his boxers with him.
Simon was big, and it wasn't really a surprise to Thomas.

He felt Simon grab his cap and as he looked up, he saw him putting it on his own head. Making it even more difficult for Thomas to breath.
Simon smirked down at him, giving him a wink Thomas wouldn't forget easily.
Thomas moaned softly, before he put his hand around Simons shaft. He started moving, realising how cramped his hands were now. But he didn't care, at all.
His mouth found Simons cock and he started bobbing his head so easily, he could hear the moans reach his ears within seconds.
"God, yes, that's it." Simon moaned loudly. "So many talents."
Thomas smiled, licking over his cock, tasting the pre-cum in his mouth.
His hand found Simons thigh to hold him still and Simons hand found his hair, pulling on it softly.
“You have the best curls to pull on.” he noticed, making Thomas moan softly.
Simon shivered, feeling the cold breeze against his cock.
“Just fucking finish me.” Simon moaned, not being able to hold himself anymore. The burning skin on his chest and Thomas his mouth around his cock made him feel so good. And he didn't felt so good in a long while.
All the matches had worn him out and this just fired something up inside of him.
Thomas listened as he picked up speed and as he licked over his tip, and squeezed Simons thigh, he felt Simon orgasms so hard he had trouble swallowing.
Simon pulled his head back and made Thomas look into his eyes as he swallowed, making Simon moan tiredly.
“Fucking hell.” he mumbled, as Thomas stood up, pulled up Simons pants in the meantime and moved Simon closer by his neck.
They kissed, harder and more passionate now. Their breaths were so unsteady, but they needed to touch each other.
There was no denying that there was so much chemistry between them.

Once Thomas was fully out of breath, he stepped back, holding onto Simons arms.
“I think I have to go soon.” Simon said slowly, as he looked at the clock.
“That sucks.” Thomas said, standing up right.
“Not as hard as you.”
They both laughed so hard, it felt like the whole neighbourhood must have heard. Once their laughter died down, Simon grabbed the money he had to give Thomas.
Thomas looked at it, knowing within minutes Simon would be gone. Almost sure he would never come back.
“If you want I can make sure to get tickets for you, for tomorrows game. And we can see each other after the game.”
“Whatever you want to do.” he smirked, making Thomas smile.
So he would be seeing Simon again.
“Alright. Yeah, sounds good.” Thomas smiled, because he had always wanted to see a game upclose anyway.
“And if I score with my head, I will give you head afterwards.”
Thomas shook his head softly. He didn't know where all the punchlines were coming from. He never thought Simon would be a guy to say such things. But apparently he thought wrong.
Thomas came closer again and kissed him as long as he possibly could, feeling Simons hand sliding underneath his shirt.
“Then you better score with your head. Because after giving you this masterpiece,” he pointed at the tattoo. “And giving you the best orgasm of your life. I think I deserve one too.”
Simon looked down on him, as his hands gripped his chin and raised an eyebrow.
“That's a deal.” he smirked. “Or maybe I'll do it anyway.”
Thomas licked his lips, before he kissed him one more time. Fire spatting off them, before they had to say their goodbyes.
Even though they both didn't seem to want to do that.
“Go, otherwise your coach won't be happy.” Thomas murmured, letting go of Simon.
He nodded, as he grabbed his hoodie and put it over his head again. His face scrunching slightly as the fabric touched the skin. It was painful, even with the foil over it.
“See you tomorrow right?” he said.
“I will be there.” Thomas said, as Simon unlocked the door and walked outside.

It took Thomas about twenty minutes to realise that Simon still had his cap on. He smiled softly, shaking his head in disbelieve.
“That was a dream.. It can't be real..” he laughed, as he put his hand through his hair and sighed.
He walked over to his chair and sat down in it. He looked at the tattoo chair and bit his lip.
He hoped Simon had been serious and that this hadn't been an one time thing. Because Thomas was afraid that these types of feelings were real to him. And he knew, he just knew, this wasn't just an one time thing.
He really. and desperately, wanted Simon again. No matter how, no matter where.
And it didn't matter what he had to do for it anymore.

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  • Kjelaney

    The body that appeared, made Thomas sigh. And once again he was caught by a smirk from the blonde haired man.


    4 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    "I like to put art on others, I guess. I don't see the point to put it on myself. I can barely see it anyway." he told Simon. "I mean if I tattoo you today and you throw away your shirt tomorrow, I will able to see my tattoo live on TV."
    Simon laughed wholeheartedly.
    "That's the thrill I live for." Thomas winked at him.


    4 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    Thomas nodded, as he grabbed his cap from the hanger closeby and put it backwards on his head. He felt Simons eyes on him for longer than he expected.


    4 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    And Thomas wondered why, since Simon probably knew a lot about tattoos. And he hoped he just wanted to spend time with Thomas.


    4 maanden geleden
  • Kjelaney

    Thomas realised he was gonna see that chest upclose soon.


    4 maanden geleden

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