Life had become a lot less stressful after the day she had been together with both boys. Simon was a lot happier now, even though they never spoke about it again. There was a good kind of tension between the three of them. Thomas and Lieke had continued where they left off. And nothing had changed really.
But now everytime they focused on Simon, Lieke realised the tension had become a lot more sexual. Gazes, looks and stares between all three of them.
Whenever Simon and Lieke where alone, they cared for each other. Lieke always made sure he felt okay and so far he had always been. Lieke on the other hand, had been having trouble with her own feelings.
And she noticed Thomas his glances at Simon had become worse again too. Maybe, as she had thought multiple times, they had to talk about it together. But she didn't know how Thomas would feel. Maybe she had it all wrong.
But then again, she never realised Thomas had wanted the threesome too. And yet, they had done it. With lust and passion alltogether.
Lieke was a bit confused, and she hoped that feeling would go away soon.

“Lieke, can you help me out for a bit?”
Lieke looked up from her book. She knew Simon was in the bathroom. He wasn't feeling bad, but she knew it wasn't his day today. Everything seemed to go wrong with him and Lieke wanted to do anything to make him feel better.
“With what?” she answered.
Simon appeared in the door opening, only wearing his pants as usual. Something Lieke couldn't get enough off it.
“My beard.” he admitted shyly. “My hands seem to shake so much.”
Lieke put her book away and stood up.
“Are you okay?” she asked, as she followed him to the bathroom.
“I think so.” he mumbled.
“You want a hug?” she smiled sweetly. “Wait!”
She stood up on the toiletseat, making Simon laugh.
“What the hell are you doing?” he chuckled.
“Well, you giant. I want a good hug. And now I'm as tall as you.”
She knew Simon was feeling better already and he opened his arms for her. She jumped into them, making him swirl her around.
Once her feet touched the ground again she grabbed the razor and looked at him.

“Go sit down on the toilet.” she said, and he did as she said. She noticed the smile she was wearing was not gonna leave anytime soon.
“Can I sit on your lap while I do it? I think it's easier.”
The swallow that followed from Simon was big, but he nodded anyway.
“Tell me if I need to stop.” she mumbled, before she turned on the razor. She grabbed his cheek on one side and immediately felt his eyes close. She looked at him for a second and smiled weakly. Her touches still awoke something in him and she didn't know how to feel about it.
She started shaving slowly. His beard had grown pretty long and it would take a little while.
“You want it all clean or just a stubble?” she asked softly.
“Stubble is fine.” he whispered.
The urge to kiss him was so big right now. But she didn't want to do that when Thomas wasn't around. She didn't want to cheat, if it was cheating anyway. They had kissed before and the situation was a little complicated anyway.
“My favorite on you.” she murmured, making him smile.
She smiled happily. Happy he was smiling atleast.

They didn't talk as Lieke shaved his beard. Only her hand moved once in a while, as she had to move his head. He had been staring at her for a little while and Lieke had tried to ignore it. But it was so difficult. His eyes were so wonderfully blue and beautiful.
She heard a door open, meaning Thomas was home now. But since she wasn't fully done with Simon, she stayed where she was.
“Thomas came home.” Simon whispered.
“I know, don't worry.” she mumbled.

Thomas found them rather quickly and Lieke sighed relieved when he didn't get mad about the situation. She had stayed like this to find out whether he would be okay with, and once his arms found her waist and he turned her face for a kiss, she realised he didn't even care about Simons presence.
Better yet, he loved it. Once their kiss had ended, Thomas had looked over at Simon. Stared at him for a long while.
“Looks good.” he murmured. Lieke grabbed the hem of his shirt and kissed him again, showing that she needed some release very, very soon.
“Can I talk to you when you're done?” he mumbled against her lips.
She nodded, pecking his lips, before she continued on Simons face.

It only took five more minutes until Simon looked perfect again. She put the razor away and grabbed his aftershave from the sink. She dipped it on his cheeks and he looked at her while she did so.
“Here you go.” she smiled.
“Thank you.” he whispered, making her nod.
She stood up, her hand lingering on his cheek.
He watched as she walked away, hoping she'd come back eventually.

Lieke walked into her bedroom, finding Thomas on their bed.
“You wanted to talk.” she murmured, until she realised his hand had lowered to his pants.
“Oh- Wow-” she laughed, walking over and sitting down in front of him inbetween his legs.
“How are you so turned on, honey?” she asked, her hands slowly rubbing his legs.
“You- Simon- I don't know.” he mumbled, a blush filling his cheek.
“Simon too?” she asked, as he nodded. “I can't help it. I just think there are feelings I can't describe. It's not as with you. It's different, but it feels so good.”
His hand had stopped moving and she let her hand go over the fabric of his pants, touching his bulge.
“So me and him together like that..” she started.
“Turns me on way too much.” he answered, groaning softly.
“I hate it. I don't want to..” he shook his head, finding the right words. “I don't want to set our relationship on fire over this. But everytime I see him, he is just something else.”
“I have it too.” she said slowly.
“You- you do?” he said confused.
“I wasn't sure how to tell you. But ever since he joined us, something changed inside of me.” she explained. “And he's so damn fragile sometimes.”
Thomas smiled weakly.
“What if we see where this goes. What if we just tell him?” he said slowly, sitting up. He moved closer, as he grabbed her hand.
“We can try.” Lieke whispered.

But Simon had heard everything already. He walked into the room slowly, as the two turned around.
“I wasn't trying to listen, but I came to ask something and then I heard you guys.” he said, a blush filling his face.
He looked gorgeous like that.
“And?” Lieke asked him. Nerves filling her body.
“I guess I feel the same. I don't know- I think we have to figure it out together. If that's what you guys want?” he answered.
Lieke looked at Thomas, who nodded.
“We can atleast try.” Thomas said, a bit insecure now too.
Then something clicked inside Lieke. Why were they so insecure when they all wanted it.

“Okay, fuck it guys. We all want it. Let's live with it in the best way possible then.” she said.
Simons eyes widened, as she beckoned him. She pulled him down by his neck, his hands landing next to her as he hang over her. He breathed, as their lips touched. And all the sexual tension was back within seconds. She turned her eyes to Thomas, who was becoming incredibly desperate watching them both.
“He loves watching us. I just heard.” Lieke smiled against Simons lips.
Simon, who had been so insecure, seemed to have changed his mind about all of this.
He lifted her up, her legs holding onto his waist, as he kissed her so passionately, she was ready to take him right there and then. He balanced her easily, which only made her more desperate.
He held her with one arm as he pushed her against the wall.
Her eyes focused on Thomas, was was staring at them. His lip between his teeth as he touched himself.
He moaned, as Simon lifted her up more, kissing her neck. Leaving marks for the next day.
“We gotta help Thomas out.” she whispered, as her eyes never left the younger mans face.
“How about me?” he said, his voice had become a lot lower and Lieke wanted to ravish him.
“He's been turned on ever since he came into the bathroom.”
They kissed again, hearing moans leaving Thomas his mouth.
“I've been turned on ever since you sat down on my lap.” he moaned against her lips and she just knew she was soaking wet right now.
Being in Simons arms, getting incredibly turned on and Thomas having the same issue over at the bed, made her wanted to be with them both at the same time.
“I have an idea.” she said.
He let go of her and watched her as she sat down inbetween Thomas his legs. He was whining softly, as she pulled off his pants.
“You're so far gone already. Fuck, that's good.” she sighed, licking slowly over his stomach.
“Lieke, please.” he whined. “I've been feeling like this all day, please.”
Liekes eyebrow raised, as she looked at Simon.
“Can you do two things at the same time for us, love?” she asked, as she smiled at Thomas.
He nodded, a bit too quickly.
“How about you eat me out while Simon sucks you off.”
Thomas breath staggered and his eyes traveled to Simon. He had a smirk on his face.
“And afterwards one of us will help him out with his beautiful cock.” she smiled sweetly, making Simon whine.
She then noticed the huge bulge.
Thomas had already put his hands on her waist ready to put her closer to his face. And she couldn't wait to feel his mouth down there again. It had been a while, that she sat on his face. Which surprised her, since they loved the hell out of it.
But she knew Thomas was gonna enjoy it a lot more, with Simon sucking him off behind her.
She stood up on the bed and Thomas immediately looked up, as she pulled down her pants. She felt two hands on her ass, as they gripped her panties and pulled them down. Thomas' eyes rolled back in excitement, making him groan.
“You guys are so slow.” he whined, but Lieke knew he enjoyed the hell out of it.
She grabbed her shirt and put it over her head. Leaving her naked alltogether.
Simons hands went up to her breasts, squeezing her nipples, making her weak on the knees.
She just knew Simon was smirking behind her, because Thomas wasn't having any of it. If they continued like that, she knew he would just orgasm right there and then.
She walked over to Thomas, and kneeled down in front of him. He immediately stirred up, making her almost fall over by his force.
“God, Thomas.” she laughed, but in that moment he felt his lips touch her clit and she fell down softly. She held herself steady on the headboard, as she felt Thomas stop every once in a while. She looked back and noticed Simon was already down on his cock. And then she felt his moans vibrating against her skin.
One hand found his curls, going through them slowly. His hands found her thighs and curled around them, pushing her closer.
And in that moment, his tongue felt like heaven on earth. She moaned, Thomas his name rolling over her tongue multiple times.
She knew he was getting close and she turned slightly, as her eyes locked with Simons. And she realised again, there was nothing sexier than Simon going down on Thomas. It was so easy, so good.
She stopped her moves, even though Thomas kept sucking on her skin. Making her sigh and moan softly.
She felt a hand on her skin and for some reason she immediately knew she had to get up slightly. She was close, but Thomas was closer.
“Stay.” he moaned, once again wanting her close.
She smiled at him, her hands still going through his hair.
“I'm kind of jealous Simon gets to touch you.” she whispered.
“My- God!” Thomas whined. “Simon, faster. I'm about to-”
But he couldn't even finish, his hands gripped Lieke harder and she watched him going through his orgasm. He looked beautiful. His lips all swollen, his beard all wet.
He breathed out slowly and opened his eyes again. And within seconds Lieke was pushed on top his face again. She felt Simon behind her. She just knew he had joined her.
His hands wandered over upperbody, and with Thomas his mouth fucking her down below, she couldn't keep quiet.
Simons body pushed against hers and she arched back the moment Thomas licked her clit.
Simons lips found her neck again, and his hands cupped her breasts. She moaned, her mouth wide open as she grinded over Thomas face.
She hated that Thomas didn't even correct her. She hated that they let her do whatever she wanted. Because she knew she would be absolutely wrecked the moment she fell asleep tonight.
She held onto Simons arms, who had them crossed against her waist now. She was leaning on him, her head hanging back on his shoulder.
She felt Simons lips against her ear, breathing slowly, as moans of pleasure overtook her completely.
“Thomas.” she whined “Thomas, I'm so close.”
“Then come for him. Show us how good he makes you feel with his mouth.” Simon whispered in his ear.
And that completely fucked her up. Her body shook as her orgasm reached her. She felt Thomas suck on her skin, she felt Simon holding her steady. And her moans were all over the place. Both names finding a way out of her mouth.
Her body gave in so much, that Simon had to hold her up, her head burried in his neck. As she felt Thomas tongue wiping her clean.
“I'm-” she breathed out, finally finding her way back to earth. “I'm completely soaked.”
“I know.” Thomas smirked, as Lieke climbed out between them. And fell down next to the both of them.
“I love it when you're soaked for me.” he gazed at Simon for a second, before he turned back. “For us.”
Her heart stuttered, making her want to kiss him. So she did, all her wetness covering over her own cheeks.

Eventhough Thomas looked incredibly tired, Lieke knew he wanted Simon. He had for a while now and she wasn't gonna take that away from him now.
“Can you be good for us one more time, babe.” she whispered.
He nodded, and Lieke liked the way he became so submissive. With her he was usually very domimant, but with both of them, she always had the upperhand.
“Let Simon fuck you. So I can see you like I've always wanted to see you.”
Thomas smirked, knowing exactly what she meant. They had talked about it before.
She moved back, as he turned around onto his knees.
Simon bit his lip and a smirk covered his face as he realised what Lieke had told Thomas. She threw a condom at him, as she spread out herself next to them. She was ready to enjoy the show. And lazily watched as Simon put the condom on.
He licked his fingers wet and then locked eyes with Lieke.
“Be a good girl and make them a little more wet for me.” he said.
She sat up on her knees and moved closer, to put his fingers in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around them, making Simon sigh.
“Thank you.” he said, and Lieke moved up to kiss him.
They were still kissing as Simon enclosed a finger in Thomas his ass. As Thomas definitely had to get used to the feeling again.
“You okay, baby?” Lieke muttered, leaving kisses on his shoulder.
“Yes it feels good.” he smiled.

Not a few minutes later, the second finger came in and he groaned.
“I love you like this.” Lieke said to Thomas, who beckoned her to kiss her.
In that moment Simons dick found his way in. Pumping slowly, incredibly slowly. So both men could get used to the feeling. Simon moaned and pushed Thomas closer every once in a while.
“I forgot how good I felt inside of you.” he moaned.
Lieke licked her lips, as she watched Simon being all over Thomas. He looked gorgeous taking the lead and she wanted to see that more.
“Go faster, Kjær.” he murmured, as a smirk appeared on Simons face.
“Fuck- You haven't called me that in forever.” he whined.
Lieke felt like she was very much getting turned on again watching them together. And she was happy to obey when Simon told her to come over. They kissed as she felt his body and his cock pump into Thomas. Thomas groans made her body feel like it was on fire.
And the openmouthed kiss she shared with Simon didn't leave anything to the imagination. The moans and whines Simon produced sounded so fucking good, Lieke really wanted to see him cum.
“I've waited so long to see you like this. You're so sexy.” she muttered. “You and Thomas look so good together.”
Simon whined as he heard her words.
“Look at me.” Lieke said. Simon closed his eyes instead and she grabbed his chin. “Look at me.”
He stared at her.
“I want to see you cum so hard, that Thomas can't walk straight for days.”
Thomas moaned and Simon nodded quickly. She kissed him, before he leaned closer to Thomas. Simons hand found Thomas his hair for a second, to show him it was okay, before he started pumping into Thomas faster and faster. Both boys were moaning loudly and Lieke closed her eyes for a second, just enjoying the sound.
“Oh yes, that's the spot, Simon.” she heard Thomas groan and she opened her eyes again.
“Harder.” Lieke whispered. “Go faster.”
Simon gazed at her with a look of curiousness on his face. Realising Lieke had her wild sides too, but he was eager to discover them.
He was pumping in and out so fast now, Thomas whines became quicker and she noticed he was fighting the pain. But she also noticed his cock glowing red again.
She moved over to him and put his cock in her hand and started rubbing him. Her hand going up and down, quickly finding the same speed as Simon. She placed kisses on his back as his whines turned into moans again.
And within seconds both boys came loudly. Simon holding onto Thomas back as all his goodness came inside of him.
Thomas held himself up, but he was definitely tired out. He hummed happily as Lieke kissed him softly and watched Lieke throw away the covers underneath them.

Simon had sat down and was throwing away his condom.
“I'll grab your covers for now.” she said, standing up.
She walked out of the room, knowing both boys were watching her. She quickly walked over to Simons room and grabbed his covers. He was pretty big, so the covers itself were perfect to lay under together.
She walked back and once she entered the room, a smile entered her face.
Simon had cuddled up to Thomas on the bed, who was curled up in his favorite sleeping position. Simon was laying behind him, holding him close. He looked so protective, it made her heart melt.
“He fell asleep.” Simon whispered.
She smiled, putting the covers over both men.
“Let's join him.” she whispered.
Simon nodded, and Lieke noticed the happiness in Simons eyes. Taking all the sadness away.
She leaned over Thomas, and Simon came closer. They shared a kiss, more passionate than they ever did before.
Once Lieke had opened her eyes again, Simon was staring at her.
“Whatever happens, I think we are fine.” she whispered.
A smile brightened his face, as she carressed his cheek shortly.
He nodded and she saw the gratitude on his face. She pecked his lips one more time, before she layed down next to Thomas.
“Goodnight, baby.” she whispered, as she kissed Thomas his forehead.
He hummed something, making both Lieke and Simon giggle softly.
But Lieke smiled as his hand found her waist and immediately pulled her closer.
She cuddled up against his chest and found Simons arm joining Thomas.
There was nothing else and nothing more than this. This was all that she needed.
And she wasn't gonna let it slip away ever again.

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  • Kjelaney


    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    But Lieke smiled as his hand found her waist and immediately pulled her closer.
    She cuddled up against his chest and found Simons arm joining Thomas.
    There was nothing else and nothing more than this. This was all that she needed.
    And she wasn't gonna let it slip away ever again.


    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Goodnight, baby.” she whispered, as she kissed Thomas his forehead.
    He hummed something, making both Lieke and Simon giggle softly.

    He def heard us WHICH IS SO CUTE GOODBYE

    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “He fell asleep.” Simon whispered.
    She smiled, putting the covers over both men.
    “Let's join him.” she whispered.
    Simon nodded, and Lieke noticed the happiness in Simons eyes. Taking all the sadness away.


    1 maand geleden
  • Kjelaney

    Simon had cuddled up to Thomas on the bed, who was curled up in his favorite sleeping position. Simon was laying behind him, holding him close. He looked so protective, it made her heart melt.


    1 maand geleden

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