Lieke woke up in Thomas arms. He was lightly snoring just above her head. She smiled, knowing exactly how much of a sleeper he could be. She reached out for Simon, but then noticed he wasn't there anymore.
She focused on her hearing, trying to see if she could actually her him. The apartment wasn't that big anyway.
That's when she heard the music and Simon who was softly singing along. She smiled happily, as she relaxed against Thomas his body.
"Goodmorning, honey." she heard Thomas mumble. His voice still hoarse.
"Hey, sweetie." she said, pushing herself up a bit so she could see his face. "How did you sleep?"
He pouted his lips, as sign for her to kiss them. And of course she couldn't resist to peck his lips.
"I slept amazingly well." he smiled.
"Where is Simon? Did he leave after we were done? I was so tired, I just fell asleep."
Lieke chuckled and shook her head.
"He stayed with us the whole night. He was holding you like you were the most important thing in the world to him."
Twinkles appeared in his eyes.
"Can't blame him, you are just that." she smiled, giving him a kiss on his forehead.
"Well, that's too much."  he giggled, burying her in his arms.

They stayed like that for a little while, up until Lieke smelled the sweet smell of pancakes.
"I'm gonna take a look at what Simon is doing, are you coming soon?" she asked Thomas.
But to her surprise, he had fallen asleep again. So as quietly as she could, she left Thomas his side and quickly exited the room. But not before she stole Thomas his joggingspants and a shirt from his closet.
She already saw Simon when she entered the living room. Which also included the kitchen, sadly enough.
His tattoo on his back, made her breath stop for a few seconds. It looked so beautiful on him, she could stare at it all day.
“Morning.” Simon said. He turned around slightly, a smile on his face.
It was then she noticed he was only wearing his boxershorts. She gazed at him for a while, up until Simon started laughing.
“I'm sorry.” she giggled.
“Don't worry.” he said, turning around against the counter.
He couldn't possible look hotter, but yet he did. She sighed happily.
He opened his arms for her and she quickly walked over to him. Embracing his strong arms around her.
“I made breakfast for us.” he said, holding her longer than she expected. But it felt so good to her.
She looked up at him and he looked down, their eyes locked on each other.
“It smells delicious.” she said, and for some reason she started blushing.
Maybe it was the fact that they weren't heated up, that the intimacy got to her. And standing so close to Simon, still made butterflies wake up in her body.
“Here, they're supposed to go on the pancakes, but I think you deserve one for helping me yesterday.” he smiled.
She watched his hand going behind him and showing off a strawberry. She raised an eyebrow, a smile filling her face.
“How nice of you, Simon.” she giggled.
He fed her the strawberry quietly, as he looked at her.
“They're good.” she murmured, wanting more already.
“Wait a second.” he said, grabbing another one.
He put on inbetween his teeth and slowly came closer. Liekes heartbeat sped up amazingly fast, when his lips touched hers, and the end of the strawberry fell into her mouth. She lingered onto his lips as long as she could, before she backed off and ate the strawberry with the same colour raising on her face.
Simon turned around to put the last pancakes on the plate and she watched him in disbelieve. Maybe she didn't expect Simon to be so easy with it. But he certainly was. And she realised that maybe now he felt good again.
That he felt really good about himself.

She sat down on one of the chairs as she watched Simon doing his things. She realised he had a grace over him that made it so easy to watch him. Whatever he did, it looked good. And she understood once again, why girls fell for him. And guys, for that matter.
She wondered who was more gone for Simon, she or Thomas. It didn't matter.
The love they had build up was so different from what she ever had. And with Simon being their third person, it felt like everything was whole again.
“You okay?” Simon asked her, making her snap out of her thoughts.
“Oh,” she chuckled. “Yeah, just happy.”
He smiled softly.
“Are they ready, shall I get Thomas?” Lieke asked, as Simon put the pancakes down on the table.
“Yeah, sure. If he ever wakes up.” he laughed. “He's really busy in the night.”
“How so?” Lieke asked, standing up. She grabbed another strawberry from the bowl and let her hand go through Simons hair. He immediately tilted his head up, making her smile shyly.
“He kicked me about four times.” Simon laughed.
“Really? I never felt that before.” she laughed softly.
“Probably because you're not the big spoon, sweetheart.” he chuckled.
Lieke bit her lip, once his nickname rolled over his lips and she nodded.
“Guess you're right.” she mumbled, but her thoughts were so far gone. She could've answered anything really.
She walked off back to the room and found Thomas still asleep. She climbed over him, placing kisses all over his face.
He groaned softly, opening his eyes.
“What are you doing?” he chuckled, holding her still.
“Kissing you awake.” she giggled, kissing him on the lips again.
“You fell asleep, again.”
“You two wore me out yesterday, I deserve my rest.” he stated, making Lieke snort.
“Alright, you're right. But Simon made pancakes for us and I'm hungry.” she replied.
“I'm hungry too, but not really for pancakes.” he smirked.
“You just said you're worn out. No, you're not getting it right now.” she laughed, standing up.
“Lieke!” he whined. She ran away quickly, making Thomas chuckle.
“I mean it though!” she yelled.

Thomas had eventually joined them, but it was clear he much rather had wanted to stay in bed. His hair was so messy, Lieke had to put her hands through it a few times before it looked a bit normal again. Simon had been watching them with love in his eyes, making her heart flutter every damn time.
Thomas had layed his head on Liekes shoulder and she fed him saw strawberries, which he silently ate.
She and Simon ate the pancakes, which went down pretty easily with the wild night they had.
In the meantime Lieke had been thinking about the strawberry kiss she shared with Simon and every strawberry she ate, reminded her of just that. Making her want to kiss him again.
She felt like Simon was feeling the exact same and that made it even worse.

“Hey, Thomas.” Simon asked eventually.
Thomas hummed, as he looked up at Simon with big brown eyes.
“How are you feeling?” he asked, a grin showing on his face.
“Sore as hell.” he admitted, making them all laugh.
“It's been a while I had a dick inside of me. On those terms, I like Lieke just a little bit more.” he laughed, not being serious at all. They all knew he actually liked it every once in a while.

Simon moved over the table, his arms in bend in front of them with his head resting on them, as he watched them both.
“Thank you,” he muttereds shyly. “For letting me in with you.”
“Dont-” Thomas said immediately. “Don't thank us, really.”
“We all know something is going on here. And you're one of us now.” Lieke added.
“Am I?”
“I think you do.” Thomas agreed. “We will find out later whatever that means. But you're not just an addition to our sex, Simon. Please don't ever think that, okay?”
He smiled, a genuine smile.
“I never thought so.” he said softly.
She sighed relieved, as she felt Thomas sat up. She watched as he stood up and walked over to Simon.
To her surprise he sat down on Simons lap and kissed him. Hard.
Liekes mouth dropped and she watched as she felt every single body part getting active. Her eyes widened, as they kept going and going... and going.

“Hell guys, I'm still here.” she yelled.
She watched as Thomas and Simon looked at each other, a smile filling their faces. She gasped, as she saw them both stand up and coming over to her.
“Okay, I'm sorry. I won't say that again.” she giggled, but both boys were already hovering over her.
She felt so little in that moment. And she bit her lip nervously, as she looked at them.
She decided to do the first thing that came into her mind. She stood up on her chair, making her atleast as tall as Thomas.
“What now?!” she laughed, making them laugh too.
She couldve better not that said that, because she immediately felt Thomas his hands around her waist, lifting her up.
Her upperbody flew over his shoulder, making her scream.
“No!” she laughed. “I did nothing wrong.”
“Maybe I cold shower won't make you feel so jealous.” Thomas laughed.
“I am not jealous!” she giggled. “I'm not jealous. If I want I can have you both under my thumbs and ready to do whatever I want!”
Simon started laughing and she looked up at him.
He was simply following Thomas and she tried to slap him. It didn't work.
“I just wanted to be kissed too.” she pouted.
“As if we never kiss you.” Thomas murmured, before she got thrown down on the bed.
“Maybe I'm just needy.” she shrugged, looking up at both boys.
They were playing together too much. And it kind of turned Lieke on just looking at them.
“What are you planning with me?” she giggled, throwing a pillow to Thomas to avoid the staring.
“I think you can better ask Simon that today. I think it's time he gets to decide whatever he wants to do.”
Simon raised his eyebrows almost immediately and Lieke loved Thomas his idea. A smirk filled her face, as she looked at Simon.
“I'm not sure if I'm in the mood.” he chuckled nervously.
Thomas pulled him closer by his pants and kissed him. Leaving no place untouched around his lips. And with heavy breathes Simon ended the kiss, looking down at Lieke.
“We've seen you yesterday. We all know you can take the lead.” she grinned. “And whatever you tell me to do I will do anyway.”
She wiggled her eyebrows, before she sat up and pulled Thomas' shirt over her head. Leaving her topless.
Both Thomas and Simons eyes widened. Not realising how quick Lieke was to give into this idea.
“Man, I don't know about you. But for me there's no going back now.” Thomas muttered, before he practically jumped on the bed and started kissing Lieke. She laughed against his lips, her hands on his cheek as they kissed.
For some reason she had fun. She knew how jolly Thomas could be sometimes. And this was one of those times. He was lighting the mood a bit and she loved him for that.

“You should try too. It's fun.” he smirked, after he let go of Lieke and looked back at Simon.
“I do feel like I'm some kind attraction right now.” she chuckled, but opened her arms for Simon anyway.
Thomas was laying next to her, tapping her stomach with his fingers lazily.
Simon sat down on the bed and crawled over to her. His whole body fell over hers, making her feel trapped. But in a good way. It was amazing to have him that close.
As soon as their lips touched, his hand embraced her breast. His thumb rubbing her nipple, making her moan instantly.
They were so sensitive already.
Thomas raised his eyebrows in surprise, as he decided one more hand would maybe help a bit more.
So as Liekes hand found Simons trimmed beard, Thomas his hand squeezed her other breast softly. And knowing it couldn't be Simon, her arousal spiked up immediately.

Sometimes she couldn't believe why they were both so over her. But then again, she was the same for them.
Lieke grabbed one of Simons hand to push it down to her sensitive spot. But he immediately stopped the kiss.
She looked at him confused.
“I am in charge tonight, honey.” he said. His voice low, his eyes dark.
She breathed out slowly. Because seeing him like this, just like with Thomas, turned her on so much.
“Then tell me what you want from me.” she whispered sultry.
She knew Thomas was watching them with open mouth. And she loved every second of it.
“All I've been thinking of, is how good your lips would feel around my cock.” he said.
Lieke stared into his eyes, loving his words. She had been wondering about it too.
“What about me?” Thomas came in between.
They both looked to their left. Simon carressed his curls, before an evil look moved over his face.
“Oh- god.” Thomas mumbled. “I know that look.”
Liekes eyes switched between both guys.
“You're not gonna do anything until I say so.” Simon spoke.
Liekes mouth dropped. She had never seen Thomas like that. But she was ready to see every second of it.
“He hates me.” Thomas mumbled, laying back on the bed.
“You liked watching right?” Simon smirked.
“Not if I can't even touch myself..” he whined. “Let me atleast kiss one of you before I got into submission for you two.”
Lieke couldn't help but chuckle. She was already seeing the struggle Thomas was having. Simon and Lieke looked at eachother, before Simon sat back a little. He knew, just like Lieke, that Lieke would comfort him the most in that moment.
He moved over immediately, giving her such a passionate kiss. She just know he wasn't going to hold it for long. Their tongues played a love game like never before. His hands all over her breasts. It surprised Lieke Simon let him go through with it.

Once he stopped, he layed back. And as if something clicked inside of him, a smirk appeared on his face. He looked Simon in the eyes and Lieke saw that even though he couldn't do anything. He was still fighting for dominance, knowing it would make Simon even darker. Even more turned on.
Thomas sat down against the headboard, as Simon sat straight up. He pushed down his boxershorts. His cock immediately stood proud against his stomach. Fully erect and Lieke immediately moved up to her knees. She sat down in front of him and looked up to him, making him grin. He grabbed her face. His hand around her chin and gave her a short kiss, making her whine for more.
“Now suck me off.” he said, letting go of her face.
She immediately looked down, grabbing his cock with one hand and getting a good grip. She licked his tip, making him groan immediately. She rubbed it slowly and she felt him getting annoyed. She was definitely making him wait and he didn't like it.
She felt his hand grabbing her locks and she felt him tilt her head. She looked up at him again, smirking.
“Do I have to do it for you?” he said angrily, making her go wild on the inside.
“No, I can do it. I'm a pro in sucking dick.” she smirked.
She heard Thomas giggle quietly behind her.
“I will go faster.” she said quickly. Not wanting him to be angry for real. She knew he was pretty far gone already. As his cock had turned redder.
She moved down, taking his cock all in. She felt it touch her troat and tears appeared in her eyes. But that's the feeling she enjoyed so much. She heard Simon moan in extasy. She started bobbing her head, feeling every inch of Simons dick inside of her mouth. His hand was still resting on her head and every once in a while he moved it. Making her go faster.
She played with him a little too much and she felt that. She felt him getting rougher. Her left hand rested on his thigh and she smiled a little when she felt his hand join hers.
Even though he was in the lead, he still cared.
She started moving faster, and she heard Simons moans all over her.
“Thomas, pull her pants down.” Simon said. “You can look at her while she sucks me off.”
She felt her pants being pulled down and Thomas hands lingered a little longer than probably was okay with Simon.
“I didn't say you could touch her.” Simon groaned.

Thomas bit his lip, trying not to complain. But he felt so turned on and his cock was being painfully closed off.
He wished he hadn't put on pants before he went to join the others. That'd have been much easier now.
In the meantime Lieke knew Simon was close. He was moving with her, making her almost choke.
But when he stopped, she decided she should finish him now.
“No, wait! Stop, Lieke!” he said firmly.
She stopped immediately, looking up at him with big eyes. As she slowly sat back. His cock still ready to unload.
“I want to finish inside Thomas his mouth.”
Thomas spiked up immediately. Being happy he could atleast do something.
“Sit on your knees. Don't do anything. Hands behind your back.”
Lieke watched Thomas did what Simon said and how he moved over to Thomas.
Her breathing was so unsteady and she was so turned on.
She didn't want to stay still, so she moved over to Simon. She let her hands go over his back, making him moan just by her touch. He pushed his cock into Thomas mouth, making him squick.
Liekes hands moved over to his shoulder and massaged him. Making his head fall back.
“Move, Thomas.” he mumbled, so Thomas moved. His head back and forth.
Liekes hands were still all over Simons body. He looked back at her, a smirk on his face.
“Fuck, you look so good.” she whined, as she came closer to kiss him.
Their lips felt like they were on fire as they kissed and once she felt him freeze, she knew he was finally coming.
He looked down at Thomas, who was looking up at him like the good boy he was. Lieke looked at him, winking at him. Making him whine.
They watched him swallow Simons cum with ease, as she pressed kisses on Simons shoulder.
“How far are you, Thomas?” Simon asked slowly, as he lazily touched his own cock.
“Almost-” he sighed. “I really want to cum.”
“I think you have to wait a little longer. I think you have to wait until I'm done with Lieke.”
His eyes turned big but he nodded slowly.
“Remove your pants, though.” Simon muttered. “And you, Lieke, should sit down on the edge for me now.”
He had turned to Lieke and she immediately sat down, just where he said so. She was curious what he was planning to do. And she hoped it was what she thought he'd do. She desperately wanted Simons lips to touch her skin. To make her cum, just as Thomas could do so good.
She watched him stand up. Once again realising how perfect his body was.
She quickly glanced over to Thomas, but she saw he was enjoying himself now. She saw the bulge in his boxers, and his hands were fists now. He was struggling, but Thomas loved to struggle in bed.
He smiled sweetly, once they eyes locked and she could kiss him all over if she was allowed too.
She stared at him, she looked at his abs, at his curls, and his beautiful eyes. Up until she felt her head being turned back. She looked back at Simon, who had kneeled down in front of her.
She gasped, as her breathing got so unsteady she had to control herself.
His hands grabbed her, or well Thomas, pants and she sat up so he could pull them down. He smirked as he saw how naked she had been this whole time.
He moved her legs over his shoulders and she leaned back on her hands. She kind of wished she had Thomas to lean on, but she didn't want to ask Simon. She didn't know what he would punish her with if he didn't agree with it.
And she didn't have much time to think about it anyway, as she felt his lips touch her already. She moaned weakly, knowing how turned on she already was. She felt his strong hands lock around his legs, knowing she wouldn't be able to move at all.
He sucked on her skin, like he was sucking on a lollipop and she couldn't control herself. She felt his tongue going in and out of her every once in a while, making her want so much more.
“Simon, please..” she whined.
She immediately noticed the smirk on his face. But to her surprise he listened to her. One hand unlocked and he moved over to her clit, rubbing it for a few seconds with his thumb as he looked into her eyes.
She whined, trying to control herself.
“What's bothering you, sweetheart?” he asked her, as he pushed one finger into her.
Making her moan so loudly, she felt Thomas move behind her. Simon looked behind Lieke. He winked at Thomas.
“Just a little longer, honey.” he told Thomas, making Thomas moan softly.
Liekes mouth hang open, as he lazily moved his finger inside of her.
“Why are you such a tease?” she dared to ask.
He let go of her, licking his finger clean.
“Because I love to tease you. It makes you angry. I love when you're angry.”
Lieke bit her lip trying not to argue with him.
He moved his hand up.
“Open your mouth for me.” he said sultry.
She opened her mouth and felt his fingers take up their space. Two fingers getting all wet and ready for her.
She heard Thomas whine now. Knowing he was getting closer. And she was too.
Her mouth popped, once his fingers moved out of it. And she watched, as she held her breath. He pushed two fingers in, seconds before he moved closedrand started working on her clit again. His tongue circling on her clit, his lips sucking on her skin. She watched his blonde locks fall over her.
She pushed some hair out of his face. And in that moment her head fell back in her neck. Extasy taking over her body. Everything going wild inside of her. His fingers pumping in and out of her, his mouth doing anything to make her feel good. And he was succeeding.
“You want to cum for me?” Simon asked, as he looked up.
He looked so good, so fucked.
“Yes, yes I want to cum for you.” she moaned, as her lower body arched up. Closing the space between his mouth and her sweet spot.
All Simon good do was smirk, as Lieke fell down on her elbows now.
“Thomas, you can help.” she heard him mutter.
She immediately turned around to Thomas, who moved closer. He was struggling, but kissed her heavily.
She moved his hand down to her breasts, where he started playing with her nipple.
She knew the moment his hand pinched her nipple and Simons tongue rubbed over her clit, she was gone for.
She was dripping wet and that didn't change the moment she came. She felt down against Thomas his leg and all he could do was smile. Seeing his favorite person getting all that she deserved.
Lieke closed her eyes and breathed out so slowly. She felt Thomas his hands pushing some hair away, stroking her cheek. And she looked up at him with a smile on her face. She was worn out, but if she had a change of bringing Thomas over his edge, than she was totally ready.

They turned their faces to Simon at the same time. Who was shamelessly licking his fingers clean. Thomas moved over to Simon and grabbed his hand. Simon, who was too surprised to react, watched as Thomas sucked on his fingers. His mouth open ajar, just like Lieke.
Thomas pushed Simons hand down and pulled Simon closer to kiss him. Simon got lost in the kiss. Lieke noticed how much he loved kissing Thomas. But who wouldn't, he was the best kisser she knew.
She watched both of them for a while, as her hand lowered and she touched herself. She immediately felt that same sensation coming back. Realise how horny these two men could make her.
She realised she was moaning, the second Simon bit Thomas his lip. She realised she was moaning as much as Thomas was.

“Turn around.” Simon ordered Lieke.
She did as he said, and felt someone behind her. She knew it was Thomas, and she knew what he was going to do to her. And knowing it was Simons idea, made it so much better.
She felt Thomas his hand on the front of her thighs and in one swift move she was sitting on her knees. As she leaned on her elbows.
She herself was still burning from Simons work, but she couldn't wait to feel Thomas inside of her. She felt her ass touch his stomach, as he slapped her ass softly. She bit her lip, smiling softly. He loved to slap her, but never too hard.
She had no idea where Simon was in that moment, but it didn't even matter to her. She just needed Thomas.
She felt his cock against her skin, teasing her. And she wondered how he could even tease her while being so far gone already.
She pushed back, making him chuckle.
He positioned himself right, before he came into Lieke. She groaned, getting used to the feeling again. But that didn't take long. She moved slowly on his cock, as she felt Thomas squeeze her ass.
She noticed the way he wasn't doing anything apart from that. She looked to her side, realising Simon had layed down on Thomas his bed, which they barely used nowadays.
He raised an eyebrow and he smirked.
“Go wild on her.” he smiled at Thomas, who didn't need to hear that twice.
He had been waiting for him the whole time. And now he really went wild on her. His cock pushed in and out of her so quickly, almost sloppy. She held herself steady, enjoying his desperation. He really needed to release himself.
“Thomas,” Lieke moaned softly.
He hummed something in between his groans.
“You feel so good inside of me. You always do.”
She looked over to Simon, and smirked at him. She knew exactly how to get Thomas over the edge.
And indeed, Thomas came inside of her. Hard and shakily. He fell over her, his arms embracing her waist, as she felt his cock slip out of her. She laughed sweetly, feeling Thomas calm down on top of her.
“Thomas, let me turn around.” she giggled.
He moved up, as she swiftly turned around underneath him. Once she layed down on her back, he fell on top of her. She laughed and she held him close. His head in between her breasts, his whole body calming down. She was letting her hands go through his hair as she watched Simon.
He was looking at them, that same happy smile still on his face.
“Come here.” she said softly. She really wanted him close.
“I've gotta go soon.” he muttered.
“I know..” she smiled.
She laughed.
“I care about you.”
He smiled softly as he moved over from bed to bed and Lieke opened her arms. He layed down next to her and his hand immediately joined in Thomas his curls. Thomas smiled tiredly as he looked up at Simon.
“When do you have to leave?” he asked, his voice still hoarse.
Liekes free hand had started carressing Simons blonde locks too. And it felt good to have them both so close. To care for them.

Simon looked over at the clock on the wall.
“An hour. But I gotta shower first. So, thirty minutes.” he sighed. He didn't want to leave.
“I promise once you get home, me or Thomas will make you feel better again.” she grinned.
He laughed, shaking his head softly.
“For now, lay with us. We still have thirty minutes.” Thomas said.
Lieke nodded, as she layed back, her hand behind her head. Thomas had moved his arms around her waist and she knew he was trying not to fall asleep on top of her.
Her other hand was still close to Simon, and she felt their finger intertwine as they gazed at each other.
“How are you feeling, besides the fact you gotta go soon?”
It was important for Lieke to know how they felt. She didn't want to do anything they didn't want to do.
“Good.” he said honest.
A smile covered her face and she nodded.
“I'm glad.” she whispered, emotions taking over, just for a second.
“Are you.. okay?” he laughed nervously.
“Yeah.. more than.” she smiled.
Simon came closer and kissed her forehead slowly. It felt like a mark burned into her face and she couldn't help but smile brightly. His face lowered, as he hid it in her neck. And she chuckled.
She looked up at the ceiling and wondered how the hell she ended up here.
She had Thomas and Simon, both ready to do anything for her. And she felt like she was on top of the world.

“Lieke..” Thomas murmured. “Can you make pancakes for me later?”
Both Lieke and Simon chuckled.
“Why didn't you eat before we came here?” she laughed.
“Because, missy.” he looked up with tired eyes. “Before we came here I was hungry for something else.”
He held back his laugh. “And now I'm hungry for pancakes.”
Lieke laughed softly and nodded.
“Tell you what. I will make you pancakes, which by the way won't be as good as Simons. And then Simon can chose dinner for tonight.”
“And what if I'm hungry for something else tonight too.” Thomas smirked, making Lieke roll her eyes.
“Then you're in trouble, mister.”
Thomas stuck out his tongue, before he layed back down on her chest. Sighing happily.
“Okay, deal. I just want pancakes.”
Lieke looked at Simon, who was smiling just as bright as she was.
“Alright.” she sighed. “Pancakes it is. And if you are really hungry, you really gotta wait until Simon gets home.”
“Oh, I can't wait, honey.” he muttered.
She laughed, before she carresed his arm slowly.
“You guys are crazy.” Simon chuckled.
Both Lieke and Thomas looked at Simon at the same time.
“Crazy for you.” they both said in unison, making Simon groan.
“I definitely chose the wrong people to share a house with!”
“You're having the best time of your life. Don't lie to us.” Thomas smirked.
Simon looked at him and then shrugged.
“You know what. You're right.” he laughed. “I'm really having a fucking good time.”

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  • Kjelaney

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  • Kjelaney


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  • Kjelaney

    “You're having the best time of your life. Don't lie to us.” Thomas smirked.
    Simon looked at him and then shrugged.
    “You know what. You're right.” he laughed. “I'm really having a fucking good time.”


    4 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “You guys are crazy.” Simon chuckled.
    Both Lieke and Thomas looked at Simon at the same time.
    “Crazy for you.” they both said in unison, making Simon groan.


    4 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Alright.” she sighed. “Pancakes it is. And if you are really hungry, you really gotta wait until Simon gets home.”
    “Oh, I can't wait, honey.” he muttered.


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