A week had gone by since Simon had told Thomas and Lieke about his feelings. His true feelings. And since then, life was full of butterflies and rainbows. Work had been a pain in the ass, but it didn't matter much. For Lieke atleast. Because when she came home, her boys were always there for her. After a good or a bad day.
They always made sure to put a smile on her face again. In any way possible.
But today was a bit more difficult. While she was at work, she got asked to a party. A pretty good one if she could believe her co-worker. And of course she couldn't say no.
But then she realised, she wasn't sure how to deal with it. She asked if she could ask two more people, but she knew immediately that is was gonna be hard to be out in the open with Simon. All her co-workers knew about was about the relationship she had build with Thomas. Not about Simon joining them.
And that made it difficult for her to decide what to do. She wanted to be with Simon as much as with Thomas. And she couldn't really decide what the best plan was.

So when she came home and she opened the door to meet her two men. Her heart dropped immediately. Maybe she could just stay home, with them. But she knew that wouldn't turn out great at work. No, if she was going to cancel it now, she'd hear it for ages.
She put down the shopping bags and sighed quietly. Maybe the best way was to ask them.
So that's what she decided to do.
Once her eyes focused on Simon and Thomas, she saw the worry on their faces already. And she hated herself for being so easy with her emotions.
“You okay?” Simon asked. Lieke looked at him, as he pulled Thomas closer, who was already laying rather close to Simon. She smiled.
“Yeah, I just have a little problem.” she admitted, as she walked over to them. She leaned down to kiss the top of Thomas his head, before she placed a kiss on Simons lips.
She layed down in the free spot next to Simon, her head on his lap as he immediately carressed her hair.
“I got invited to a pretty great party.” she mumbled. “And I can bring both of you if I want to..”
“But nobody knows about me.” Simon ended the sentence for her. And she could immediately hear the pain in his voice.
“Basically.” she sighed. “I want you to be with us. But I don't want you to feel left out.”
She looked up when he didn't answer. He smiled at her.
“Don't worry about me. When is the party?” he asked softly.
She sat straight up. And she felt Thomas follow her with his eyes.
“Tomorrow..” she asked. “But-”
He shook his head and she sighed loudly.
“I will see if I wanna join or not tomorrow, okay. But no matter what. It's okay!”
“Are you sure?” Thomas asked, making Simon look down.
“Yes, I am.” he smiled.
Thomas smiled weakly, probably feeling the same pain Lieke was doubting over. He moved his hand to Simons cheek and pecked his lips.
And Liekes heart fluttered. She loved it when they were this intimate while she was watching them.

The next day came quicker than expected. And Lieke was standing in front of her mirror, trying on a black dress she hadn't worn in about five years. She smiled when she realised it still fit perfectly. Thomas had helped her with her hair, after she had realised he could braid hers. And she had to say, she looked very cute like that.
She heard Simon and Thomas talking in the room next to her. Simon had told them he wouldn't be joining them tonight and Lieke understood. Although it did hurt a little. He was looking a bit lost already. He was wearing a black shirt, with some grey joggingpants underneath. His hair messy and his eyes looked tired. And she just wanted to cuddle up to him and never let him go.

“Lieke I-” Simon started, as he came walking into the room. “Wow..”
His eyes focused on her and she immediately felt a blush rising up her cheeks.
“You look stunning.” he mumbled, shaking his head as if he had to rearrange himself. And she smiled.
“Thank you.”
Dresses really weren't her thing. But she wanted to look good tonight. Atleast for Thomas.
Simon walked up to her, putting his arms around her shoulder, his chin resting on her head.
“I love you.” she whispered shyly.
They looked at each other in the mirror and the smile he produced made her shiver.
“I love you too.” he said, as their hands connected. “Make fun tonight, okay. Don't think about me too much.”
She smiled weakly and turned around in his arms.
“Are you really okay? I can still cancel it.” she asked him.
“We're not gonna do this again.” he laughed softly.
She groaned and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him softly.
“Alright. But you can always call me.” she giggled, lingering on to his lips a little longer than needed.
She carressed his cheek before she stood back on the ground.
“What did you come to ask?” she giggled, relieving some stress.
“Oh, I had to come ask if you can help Thomas with his hair. Because it won't work how he wants it too.”
He held back a laugh and Lieke couldn't help but chuckle.
“Thomas?!” she yelled.
“Please come help me!” he groaned from the other room. The moment Lieke locked eyes with Simon, they burst into laughter.
They made their way to Simons room and she couldn't help but smile when she saw Thomas.
“Give your wax here.” she laughed. He pouted, as he gave her the wax and she put some on her hands, before she started touching and moving his hair. Within two minutes his hair looked perfect. Like it always had been.
“Are you okay? You always do your hair like this..” she chuckled, as she walked over to the bathroom to wash her hands.
“Don't ask me. I'm clueless.” he groaned.

Once Lieke was done packing her stuff and Thomas was happy with his outfit (which, by the way, happened a lot and could take ages), they finally left. She kissed Simon goodbye, lingering onto his hand before she closed the door. She hated to leave him alone. Which was a bit dumb, since he wasn't a child anymore. But she just want to be with him and Thomas as much as she could. And it was sad to know they could never really be open about their relationship.
Thomas opened his hand and she happily intertwined her fingers.
“It's not fun to leave Simon home, right?” he smiled, making her shake her head.
“It's not like I don't want to go with you though.” she giggled, making him laugh.
“I know that, honey, don't worry.”
His thumb carressed her hand and she immediately calmed down.
“Let's have some fun tonight. When we are back, we can make Simon happy again.” he whispered, making her smile.
Maybe that was the least they could do.

The party was good. Her co-worker had rented club, with a pretty well known DJ. And Lieke was really enjoying herself. Thomas hadn't left her side one single time, which she appreciated. The hand resting on her back every second, made her feel safe. And everytime they sat down, she leaned her head on his shoulder.
They danced, a lot. And she once again was reminded of the fact Thomas actually had some moves. Safe to say that he was the one leading them when they danced.
She couldn't help but think, how Simon would dance. And she took a mental note to ask him to dance with her sometime.

They talked with some co-workers, before she realised time had gone pretty fast. It was already around two. And Lieke only realised when she felt herself getting tired.
Lieke and Thomas had sat down in one of the booths closest to the podium. And some people had joined them. Even though Lieke knew most of them, it was Thomas who was talking with them.
Of course it was, he loved telling his stories and opinions. And he always had a smile on his face doing so. Lieke could watch him for days.
She joined in a few times, but she didn't really have to. Thomas knew a lot about her, so much so that she barely had to come up with answers on her own.

"Hey Lieke?"
Lieke looked up, her co-worker was looking at her confused.
"I thought you were gonna bring someone else too?" she smiled.
"Oh, oh yeah. He couldn't make it." Lieke laughed, as she felt Thomas squeeze her hand.
"Oh, he?" her co-worker wiggled her eyebrows, making her laugh.
"Yeah, but you can't get him. He already has a girlfriend."
"Ah, that sucks." she answered, making Thomas chuckle.
"But I hope you are having fun, both of you."
She kissed Lieke on the cheek, before she disappeared again.
The moment she was gone, Lieke dropped her smile and for a second she didn't know where to look.
"Come here." she heard Thomas whisper. And she felt him pull her closer, as she burried her face in his neck.
"We can go home if you want to. Or we can dance a little more and then go home." Thomas mumbled against her hair.
She chuckled.
"One more dance before we go?" she asked him, looking at him with puppy eyes.
He nodded, his teeth showing as he smiled. But before she could stand up, their lips connected. And even though everybody could see her, she didn't care. This was what she needed. She kissed him back softly, closing her eyes and getting into the kiss a bit more than she should have. But she did anyway. She needed Thomas in that moment.
He smiled against her lips and grabbed her hand.
"Let's go." he whispered, out of breath.
She giggled, as she followed him onto the dancefloor. She knew he had to calm down from the kiss, because in a honesty, she had to do that too.

He grabbed her by her waist, the moment they reached the dancefloor. Her body got pushed forward, touching his. And he smirked, making her smile like an idiot. Her whole body burned up.
She rested her hands around his neck and played with the little hairs that grew there.
Their bodies became one as they danced to the beat.
Lieke let herself sway around by Thomas and she was glad she was going to have this memory. There was something very sexy about him taking the lead.
She felt his fingers pushing into her back, not letting her go. And she grinned, as she knew how badly Thomas wanted her in that moment.

"Let's go." Lieke whispered, the moment the song was over. Thomas only nodded, and with his hand in hers they said their goodbyes and left the club.
They drove home together. Lieke was behind the wheel, since Thomas had some beers. She watched over him every few seconds, but he was watching her the whole time. His hand on her leg, carressing it mindlessly.
"I'm glad we still decided to go." Lieke said, as she let her hand connect with his for a second.
"Me too." he smiled at her.
"I totally forgot you could dance like that."
Thomas gasped as he sat right up and Lieke started laughing.
"You forgot my moves!" he gasped again.
"Thomas, stop!" she chuckled. "I gotta focus on the road."
Thomas giggled, but he stopped what he was doing and sat back.
"I love you though."
Liekes cheeks burned up. It was still weird to hear those words sometimes. From Simon especially, but also from Thomas. She still didn't understand how good it made her feel.
She looked at him and he smiled sweetly.
"I love you too. You don't even know how much I love you." she sighed happily.
She couldn't stop looking at Thomas every moment she got. He looked so beautiful in these lights, so happy.
If she could, she would have hugged him right in that moment. Instead she smiled. She smiled all the way home. With butterflies in her stomach and the feeling as if she was on top of the world. .

The moment they got home, the mood quickly changed. The lights were out and Simon was nowhere to be seen.
“Maybe he's just sleeping?” Thomas tried. Which was actually a pretty logical explanation.
They walked over to his bedroom, but the bed was empty.
“Our bed?” Lieke questioned, and as they entered their bedroom, they saw Simon. He was laying in Liekes bed. The one they always slept in. He was rolled up in a little ball and Liekes heart sank. He never slept like that, especially not with a pillow in between his arms.
She gave Thomas a little kiss, before she walked over to Simon. She sat down next to him, placing her hand on his arm.
She immediately felt Thomas his hand on her shoulder and she felt he was lightly shaking.
“Simon..” she mumbled softly. His eyes opened almost immediately, but they looked so disorientated, her heart broke.
The moment he saw Lieke and Thomas he smiled.
“Hey.” he said in a hoarse voice.
That's when she saw the dried up tears on his cheeks. She bit her lip, because she could've known this would happen.
“Hey, how are you feeling, sweetheart?” she asked quietly.
He sat up straight and licked his lips wet.
“I'm okay, you?” he asked, as if nothing happened.
“I can see you cried, Simon. Please..” she said, her voice breaking.
He sighed and closed his eyes.
“I'm sorry. I took it a bit harder than expected, okay.” he said, a bit annoyed. But that immediately changed when he saw the sadness on Thomas his face.
“I just want to be able to show off the people I love. And it kept me thinking and I didn't stop thinking.” he explained. He had put his arms around the pillow again and Lieke wanted to hold him badly. But she didn't know if he would accept it.
“You weren't the only one thinking too much.” Thomas commented, making Lieke look up. “We all were, I think.”
Lieke frowned, because she didn't notice Thomas his thoughts the whole night. He looked so happy and joyful. Was he that good in hiding it?
She watched as he sat down next to Simon and kissed his temple.

“I can't imagine how hard it is not to show your love to the outside world. But please remember how much we love you and how much we appreciate you. And next time you're coming with us, no matter what.”
Lieke nodded in agreement, she couldn't stand another night without the blonde haired man next to her.
“Eventually I will get used to it, I'm sure of it.” Simon told them. He smiled weakly and Lieke couldn't help and crawl over to hug him. And she had to admit, that smelling his scent, made her body calm down imediately. Together with his breathing being on ease again, his arms around her body and his smile back on it's place when she looked back.
She took his face in her hands and kissed him softly.
“We will find a way.” she said firmly.
She looked over at Thomas, who had the same sad look on his face now.
“Boys, what is going on?” she asked confused. “Thomas?”
He shook his head quickly.
“I'm sorry. There is just something I never told you guys. And it's been on my mind lately. And now I just feel bad for leaving Simon alone.” he said slowly.
Lieke sat down inbetween Simons legs, her dress feeling like an annoying piece of fabric on her body now. But she wasn't going to change with both of them feeling like this.
“Okay, well, then it's the time to tell us, babe.” she said caringly.
He looked at her and eventually he nodded. Simon had immediately pulled him closer again and Lieke saw it had the same effect it had on her.
“Well,” he started, breathing in deeply. “The night I found you guys I told you I was jealous. And at first I didn't really understand. But I kept thinking about it, because I didn't want to be jealous. I love you both so, so much.”
He had put his hands up, making both Simon and Lieke chuckle.
“But then I realised. Some years ago I was together with a girl and we were pretty strong, you know.”
A tear escaped his eye and Lieke bit her lip.
“And then I found her with some other guy. In our bed, together.”
He smiled weakly, but tears were flowing freely.
“And then I realised that maybe it felt the same. In that moment it felt the same atleast.” he stuttered.
“If we would have known, Thomas. I swear-” Simon came in between.
But Thomas quickly shook his head.
“I'm not blaming either of you. I promise you. I just needed to tell you guys.”
Lieke nodded, but seeing him smile, just broke her walls and tears started flowing.
“Hey! Hey, hey!” Thomas quickly said, moving up to her and taking her in her arms.
“We should've never gone to that stupid party.” she cried against his shoulder.
“Hey, we had fun right?!” he laughed softly, grabbing her face and making her look at him.
“I'm not mad. I'm not rethinking anything. You hear me?” he said. They both had tears in their eyes and Lieke couldn't imagine how Simon felt right now.
“I just want to be open with you guys. I want you to know how I feel and I don't want to keep secrets.” he said, before kissing her slowly.
“You hear me?” he smiled, to which Lieke nodded. A little smile filling her face.
“I just don't want you guys to be sad.” she murmured. “One I can fix maybe, but both of you makes me cry too.”
Both men started to laugh and that was the moment Lieke freely laughed again too.
“You did leave her right?” she asked shyly.
“Yes, and then I moved in with Simon.” he chuckled.
“Oh, but you never told me you came out of that relationship?” Simon asked confused.
“Because I barely knew you and I wanted a new start.” he explained.
“You did help me in that time, without knowing anything.”
Simon smiled happily, before he pulled him closer and kissed him passionately.

And luckily Lieke felt her feelings turn around again. She felt better, knowing they felt better.
Even though she may had to talk about that thing with Thomas one day again. She never wanted to hurt him like that. And if she could've known, she would never have done it.
But for now she wanted it to rest. Seeing Thomas smile again, was all she needed now. And the same went for Simon.
Lieke crawled off the bed and once her feet felt the ground she stood straight. She grabbed her zipper and pushed it down slowly. She wasn't even focused on the boys. They were so busy with themselves, she felt it was the perfect time to put on something else, to get ready for bed.

But once she turned around, only in her panties, she realised she had been stupid to think that. Both boys were staring at her with widened eyes and she laughed shyly.
“I just wanted to change into my pyjama's.” she said, but she knew she was too late. The look in their eyes said enough.
She crossed her hands before her breasts, making both Simon and Thomas raise their eyebrow.
“Are we being shy now?” Thomas said, making her giggle.
“You do realise that you're laying spread out on a bed, shamelessly staring at me. Both of you. And I'm almost fully naked.” she mumbled, a blush raising on her cheeks.
“Simon, please undo yourself from your shirt for Lieke.” Thomas said, his eyes not leaving her. Making her heart beat ten times faster. Even more so, when Simon did as he said.
Thomas stood up, grabbing her just as he did in the club. She felt her body burn up again. And she realised how turned on she had been once they left the club. She felt his hands pushing into his waist, as he leaned over her and kissed her hard. She let go of her breasts and let her hands wander to his neck and his curls. They were into one another like never before. As if they all needed their release within seconds.
She shivered, as she felt another pair of hands joining Thomas his hands. Lieke looked up and she immediately moved her hands around his neck to pull him closer. She kissed him, just as hard as she did with Thomas. And she moaned against his lips, as she felt Thomas mouth on her breasts. She didn't know how she was still standing properly, but Thomas and Simon both holding her up helped a lot. She felt herself getting so aroused, she wasn't sure she was going to survive the next minutes.
She released herself from Simon, as she needed a breath and watched him connect with Thomas lips, making her groan in extasy. They both smiled in their kiss, as she left kisses in Thomas his neck.
Maybe she loved nothing more than being in between them, while they shared their kisses.

She felt Thomas thumbs rubbing on her nipples, making her want to whine for more. But she didn't need to. She felt Simons hand wander down, from her shoulder to his waist and further. She breathed out slowly, as his finger touched her clit. As if her panties weren't even there anymore.
“Don't be quiet.” Thomas whispered in her ear. And she moaned, loudly. Their touches made her body weak, as she struggled underneath them. She held herself steady against Simons chest.
Simon let his finger move down, and he hummed something when he felt how wet she was. And it wasn't really a surprise. Especially not when she thought about the fact she was the only naked person in this room. And her boys were all over her.
He moved back through her folds to her clit and she whined. She closed her eyes, getting into the feeling.
Until she felt Thomas hands moving down over her body. She looked down and she moaned softly as she saw him on his knees. He had taken her panties down with him.
“Oh god.” she moaned. “I'm not going to survive.”
She heard Simon laugh behind her and eventhough he had his hand still on her clit, he wasn't moving.
Thomas, who definitely had a smirk on his face now, licked his lips and grabbed her legs.
She immediately grabbed his hair, making it messy all over. She pulled his head back and Thomas looked up at them both, his eyes needy, just like his mouth.
“You look so good on your knees.” Simon sighed. And Lieke could only agree with that.
She opened her legs a bit more and as she was focused on Thomas, she didn't realise Simon was there to pleasure her too. All of a sudden she felt one of his hands cup her breast, squeezing it. And his lips found her neck.
Making her body want to explode.
She placed one hand on Simons neck and the other one was still resting in Thomas his curls. She tried to keep them as close as possible. But she really didn't need to do that anyway. They were all over her themselves.
She moaned, as she finally felt his tongue moving through her folds. She stuttered, when the tip of his tongue found her clit. Simons hand played with her breast, as she felt Thomas sucking on her skin. It confused her mind, with all the pleasure going through her body, as she realised Simons hand hadn't left her weak spot either.
She looked up at him, and he moved over to kiss her sensually. And it felt so good.

“Simon, move a little, will you?” Thomas groaned, making them both realise he wasn't moving his fingers anymore. Lieke bit her lip, because the rush of the sudden touch made her body burn up again.
She felt Thomas continue and a moan escaped her mouth so rapidly once his finger entered her, that Simon looked up at the wall. Wondering if the neighbours might have heard it.
“Fuck, keep going. I'm so close.” she whined.
She felt another finger joining, as she felt Simon sped up. Thomas tongue moved over her folds easily, and she knew he wasn't forgetting Simons fingers. She felt it all.
She pulled on Thomas curls, as she felt herself getting closer and closer. And she tried not to moan, but they weren't holding back either.
“You want to come for us, baby?” Thomas asked, as he looked up. In that moment, as she felt Simon push onto her clit, she couldn't hold back anymore. She gazed at Thomas, as her orgasm came over her so badly, she was glad Simon was holding onto her again.
“I suppose that's a yes.” Thomas muttered, as he slowly removed his fingers. They were wet all over and she smiled shyly, as she calmed down.
“You're always so wet for us.” he mumbled, as he stood up. She watched him rise up and she remembered how tall Thomas actually was.
He moved his fingers closer to her and as she stood back, she watched Simon lick Thomas' fingers clean. Her whole body turned on again, as she realised how incredibly sexy this was. Her wetness all over the both of them. And Simon taking it all in like it was nothing.
She sat down on the bed, incredibly tired, as she watched the boys kiss again.
“I thought we were going to give Simon a good time. I mean, I'm not complaining, this was.. amazing. But you guys are going to kill me one day.” she muttered, falling down on the bed.
Thomas chuckled, as he stopped the kiss and rested his head on Simons chest.
“Step up your game, honey.” Simon said, as Lieke raised an eyebrow.
“Oh, really!” she said.
Thomas put his arms around Simons neck as he quietly laughed at Lieke. They had always loved to banter with each other.
“It's a bit unfair you're still fully clothed apart from your shirt.” she then said. “Even though I can easily touch myself like this.”
Thomas mouth dropped as she lowered her hand to her vagina and started touching herself again. Her legs wide open for them to see.
“I'm joking.” she murmured. But she felt her arousal spiking up again. “But get naked right now, I've got an idea.”

Thomas and Simon looked at each other, before they started undressing themselves. She watched, with pleasure, as they got more and more naked. Her eyes counting the abs between the two man.
“Good, now..” she said, standing up. “Lay down, both of you. You both deserve a treat from me.”
She winked at them and Simon didn't know where to look. She watched his length against his stomach and she licked her lips excitingly. He was so turned on already. So big and red, just for them.
She looked over Thomas, who was definitely as far gone already.
“Hm.. I told you I had you guys right underneath my thumbs.” she smirked, kissing Thomas sloppily.
He looked at her, with the darkest eyes. She so badly wanted to fuck him right now. But that wasn't her plan.

She stood proudly in front of the bed. Her shyness all gone as she watched both men lay down in front of her.
She crawled onto the bed, as she opened Simons legs. He breathed in shakily, as he watched her move a hand around his shaft. She licked over his tip, making him moan. As she gave him a satisfied look.
Then she looked over to Thomas his cock, who rested on his slightly tanned body. She grabbed it in her other hand, and with her thumb she used some pre-cum to make him wet. She started moving her hand slowly for Thomas, who was clearly more turned on than Simon. It wouldn't take long for him to come.
She moved her head down and dropped her mouth over Simons cock, making him groan in surprise.
“At the fucking same time.” she heard one of them mumble, realising it was probably Thomas. She smirked, as her hand around Thomas cock squeezed softly, making him moan too.
“Damn.” he sighed in pleasure.
She focused on Simons cock, bobbing slowly with her head. Her tongue licking his shaft, making him say words she never heard out of his mouth. And she wondered what got them so turned on, really.
She felt Thomas hand, closing around hers and together they sped up their moves. Once she got a good rhythm, his hand let go and gripped the sheets.
She knew he was close, so she worked on Simon harder. Her mouth blowing him rapidly. Her hand helping her out, before she took him all in. His cock hitting her troat, making her moan.
And that moan especially, seemed to send them both over the edge. They came, all over her.
She swallowed Simons load in a few seconds, as she felt Thomas his cum all over her hand. She looked at him, realising it wasn't only her hand.
“Can you get a wet towel for Thomas, Simon?” she asked Simon, who immediately nodded. He was definitely still not calmed down, but for Thomas he would do anything. He stood up, a bit painful, but he did it anyway and walked over to the bathroom.
Lieke smiled at Thomas and came closer. Her tongue swept his stomach clean within seconds, making him groan.
“How do you keep doing this to me?” he smiled, taking her in his arms next to him.
“What do you mean, babe?” she asked, smiling up cheekily.
“Being like this. Just-” he shook his head in disbelieve, as she kissed his jaw.
Simon came back with the towel and he sat down on top of Thomas, to clean the rest of his cum of of him. They both looked at Simon, who didn't seem to realise how hot he looked like that.
So the moment he looked up, he bit his lip.
“Oh, hey.” he laughed.
“Hey, you.” Thomas smiled.
Simon threw away the towel and moved closer to kiss Thomas. Lieke quietly joined in, as she kissed Simons jaw, sucking on his skin. He moved over to her, as she tasted Thomas on his lips. And she realised this is what it felt like to be together. To really be together.

Simons smile was still visible, as he layed down next to Thomas. Lieke had put half her body over Thomas. Which maybe wasn't the beat idea, since she still felt his leg rubbing against her weak spot. But it was her favorite position, to be as close as she could be.
She had layed down in his arm, her hand on the edge of his stomach. She looked at Simon, who had turned his body to them too. He had put his arm behind Thomas, who was resting on it happily.
“I'm glad you guys woke me up. Couldn't have missed Lieke putting on a show for us.”
Thomas smiled down at Lieke cheekily.
“Me neither. Maybe we have to be sad a little more often.”
“Don't you f-” Lieke started, but she held herself back. “Don't you dare, Thomas!”
He giggled, but put a little kiss on top of her head.
“I'm joking. I won't use that as a way to get to you, ever.” he said, making her happy again.
“But we are good now right?” she asked, looking up at the three of them.
“Totally good.” Simon laughed.
She hummed something, relieved by Simons words, and grabbed the duvet. She felt the warmth immediately over her. She replaced her head on top of Thomas his chest and sighed happily.
Simons hand connected with hers on Thomas his belly, as her eyes tiredly closed.
“Goodnight, honey.” Thomas whispered.
“I hope you sleep well.” Simon added.
And with a smile on her face, she gladly fell asleep. Not knowing that the boys talked the whole night through. Not knowing all they talked about was how Lieke had joined them years ago. And how they never, ever wanted to let her go again.

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  • Kjelaney

    And with a smile on her face, she gladly fell asleep. Not knowing that the boys talked the whole night through. Not knowing all they talked about was how Lieke had joined them years ago. And how they never, ever wanted to let her go again.


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  • Kjelaney

    Simons hand connected with hers on Thomas his belly, as her eyes tiredly closed.
    “Goodnight, honey.” Thomas whispered.
    “I hope you sleep well.” Simon added.


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  • Kjelaney

    “Me neither. Maybe we have to be sad a little more often.”
    “Don't you f-” Lieke started, but she held herself back. “Don't you dare, Thomas!”
    He giggled, but put a little kiss on top of her head.
    “I'm joking. I won't use that as a way to get to you, ever.” he said, making her happy again.


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