Lieke woke up, laying flat on her belly. Her hands underneath the pillow and she groaned as she turned around. She was still way too tired, but when she saw the gap in between Simon and her, she realised Thomas was gone. She checked her phone and realised he had to work today.
She sat up and grabbed her phone properly. Thomas had sent her a little message, telling her he didn't want to wake them up, since he had an early shift. And she smiled at the amount of emoji's he send her after.
She quickly wished him good luck for the day, before she yawned and put away her phone.

"If I wasn't tired, I would've kissed your back all the way to your ass."
Lieke looked around at Simon, who was indeed looking very tired.
"Goodmorning to you too." she chuckled.
He smiled at her.
"Did you remember Thomas had to work?" she asked, a little ashamed.
"I did, yes." he laughed.
She groaned and she fell back on the bed.
"Come here." Simon chuckled, and she quietly turned around to cuddle up to Simon.
"You smell like Thomas.." Lieke murmured.
She couldn't see his face, because she was resting on his chest. But she was sure he was smiling now.
"You do too." he replied, making her blush.
"So, basically, we both smell like Thomas. Maybe we should take a shower." he then said.
She looked up at him, as she rested her chin on his chest and he gazed into her eyes curiously.
"Unless that's not what you want." he whispered.
"Oh- oh! Yes of course, Simon. Yes, I was just.." she closed her eyes, laughing softly. "I was just staring at you."
Simon opened his mouth, but then closed it again.
"I don't even know what to say to that." he admitted, as he put his arms around her body.
"Well, it means you are a very pretty man and I love staring at your blue eyes." she smiled brightly, making Simon roll his eyes.
"Let's go shower." he said, pushing Lieke of of him.
"Hey!" she laughed, but she followed him quickly.

He knew he was doing things to Liekes body, just by walking naked around the apartment. She ran after him, tapping his ass softly, making him stir up.
"Lieke!" he laughed, as turned around and took her in his arms. She smiled up at him, love taking over as she looked at him.
"Can't I slap your ass?" she said innocently.
They walked to the bathroom, not letting go of eachother, making it pretty difficult to actually walk.
But they smiled, as if the sun was shining bright.
Simon struggled, as they entered the bathroom, and he put on the shower. He quickly adjusted the warmth, as Lieke was still holding onto his waist. She felt him laugh against her skin, which she totally understood. She felt like a koalo, but she wasn't going to let him go.
"Why are you so clingy today?" Simon asked, once the warmth was right. He cupped her face in his hands and smiled down at her. She felt the warm waterdrops on her face and then on her body and she immediately relaxed.
"I don't know." she admitted. "Maybe when one of you isn't here I need love for two."
He chuckled and nodded.
"Good explanation. I can give you as much love as you need." he whispered, kissing her slowly.
It felt like foreworks went of inside of her. It was so easy for Simon to get her at ease. The longer they were together, the more in love she seemed to be. His words hit just the right way, his hands knew just where to touch her.
He had become so much more than just a friend to her and to Thomas. And she was happy how it had worked out.

She pushed Simon as close as possible to her and she watched how he got wet. She let her hand slide through his wet locks, making him look at her while she did so. It was so weird, and yet so loving to have someone stare at you all the time. Let alone, two men. But she liked it now. At first it had made her a bit self concious. Way back in the beginning, when she started dating Thomas. But she got used to it now.
She placed herself against the wall and watched Simon for a bit, as he let his hands go through his hair. His eyes closed, his mouth open ajar.
She didn't want to make this a sexual moment, but she could feel herself getting turned on. He was so naked, so open. And she didn't understand why she didn't already jumped into his arms.
She placed her hands behind her back and watched as Simon grabbed some bottles.
“You want to wash my hair?” he asked softly.
“I'd love to wash your hair.” Lieke smiled, as she pushed herself off the wall and with one step, she was in front of him again. She held up her hands, as he put some shampoo in it. And he slightly bend over, for her to scrub his head and wash his hair.
“Close your eyes, I think the shampoo is coming down.” Lieke giggled, making him laugh. It was a beautiful sound.
She quickly pulled him underneath the water and washed his hair clean. Once he was finally done, he washed his face and opened his eyes again.
“Now it's my turn.” he muttered. “Which bodywash do you want?”
She raised an eyebrow, trying not to look too suspicious.
“I know you use our bodywash too, honey.” he chuckled. A red blush glowed on her cheeks, before she shrugged.
“What do you like?” she asked innocently.
“Hm,” he looked at the bottles. “Mine.”
He smiled brightly, as he put some on his hands. She watched him in absolute awe, as he put his hands on her shoulders and started rubbing down her arms. She couldn't move. She was just completely surprised by what he was doing. But then again, it wasn't really a surprise with Simon.
His hands moved to her waist, before he grabbed some new bodywash and graced her breasts softly. There was no sexual tense and Lieke held in her breath as he let his thumb move over her nipples. She wanted to say something, but he was so focused, she couldn't possibly stop him now.
She watched as he squated down to wash her legs. Her hand lightly holding his shoulder for balance.
She felt his hands rise up to her thighs, and once again she held her breath. But she couldn't possibly believe how easy he handled this.

Once he was all done, she washed all the bodywash of her body as she felt him nuzzle his head into her neck from behind. That was when she realised she felt something pushing on the small of her back and smiled knowingly.
“You held yourself up pretty well, for as long as it lasted.” she said cheekily.
She felt him laugh, as his big hands cupped her breasts, squeezing them softly.
“O-okay.” she stuttered.
“I lasted longer than you.” he whispered in her ear and she groaned softly.
“How do you know that?” she tried to play, even though she knew that wasn't going to work with him.
“Because I knew exactly when you were holding your breath.”
One hand lowered down to her clit.
“I have proof.” he smiled, as she saw his blue eyes gazing at her from the corner of her eye.
“Then proof it.” she giggled, as she felt his index finger push onto her clit.
She moaned, not holding back at all. Because here was his proof. She was turned on, badly.
She felt his length pushing against her back and she couldn't hold back now. She wanted him all inside of her.
She turned around, as she graced his cock with her hand.
“I don't need proof.” she joked, making him shake his head.
“I can't hide it.” he laughed casually.
But when his laugh died down, their eyes locked. And the mood changed so badly, all they could hear was their heartbeats and the running water. She stared into his ocean blue eyes, her hand falling next to her side.
And within a second, she felt herself getting lifted up into Simons arms. He grabbed her, firmly. And she locked her legs behind his back. He pushed her softly against the cold wall and she moaned, as she got used to it. His hands held onto her ass, squeezing it. She felt his length against her body and she was desperately waiting for him to lower her down. She moved closer and kissed him sloppily. She really wanted to kiss him, but she much rather wanted to be fucked right now.

“Fuck me.” she whispered, deciding she wasn't even going to hide it.
She felt her body immediately getting filled up by his length. And they both moaned as they became one. He started pumping hard, like he had no time to waste. And Lieke didn't care, she needed it too.
She intertwined her fingers behind his neck and started moving with him. Making him groan, because of all the pleasure taking over in his body.
His hand moved up to the wall and Lieke looked at it for a second, realising how sexy that was. He held her up so easily, it made him so attractive.
She grabbed onto his hair, as she felt his mouth moving over her chest, placing kisses. He looked up, a smirk on his face.
And for some reason, that was just enough to make her come. She moaned, it sounded so needy that Simon actually looked surprised.
He didn't stop moving. And now that Lieke had orgasmed, she fully focused on him. Grinding over his dick, making him feel good. She closed her walls around his cock, moaning his name in a sultry voice.
And once he closed his eyes, Lieke knew he was done for. She watched him and his beautiful face, as he came all inside of Lieke. She felt herself dripping wet. But she didn't know if it was the shower, Simon or herself.
He lifted her up quietly, before he sat her down on the ground. And he sighed in disbelieve as he calmed down.
“You okay?” Lieke chuckled.
He was still leaning against the wall. And Lieke had turned to his back, placing soft kisses there.
“Yeah, I needed that.” he sighed, as he stood up and took her in his arms again.
“I needed you.” he mumbled, making her heart flutter.

About fifteen minutes later they left the bathroom. Lieke had told Simon to get her a shirt from him. And she had sat down on her bed, as she waited for him to come back. She had put on a new pair of lingerie. Which she knew both boys would like a lot.
The moment Simon entered the bedroom, a smirk appeared on his face.
“That's very nice.” he commented on her lingerie, making her smile.
“I knew you would like it.” she replied.
She wanted to grab the shirt, but he immediately held it back.
“Give me two seconds.” he said, looking down at her body.
She snorted.
“One.. two! Give me the shirt.” she laughed. He rolled his eyes and threw her the shirt.
“I can't wait to see Thomas his reaction to this set.” Simon muttered, placing a kiss on top of her head.
“Do you think he will like it?”
She pulled Simons shirt over her head, which basically looked like a short dress on her. She loved to walk around in it when she was home. And it smelled like Simon, which usually helped. Even though now, she was smelling like him too.
“I think he will love it.” Simon smiled happily. Which made her stomach make a sommersault. She loved it when Simon got excited for Thomas.
Simon, who had only been wearing his boxershorts, pulled on a pair of jogginspants and Lieke hated to see they were grey. Showing off everything that happened when Simon got turned on. And Simon knew that, judging by the smirk on his face.

She watched as he stood up on the bed, making him immensely tall and a feeling of excitement came over her as he sat down behind her. His legs resting next to hers. She immediately let herself rest against his body. Taking him in, getting used to this feeling again. She felt so close to Simon today. Probably closer than she ever felt before.
His arms found her waist and she breathed out slowly.
“I'm so happy to have you with us now.” she mumbled.
Maybe she was too shy to actually tell him, but she did want him to know. And judging by the way he held her closer, meant he liked to hear it.
“How come?” he asked, as she felt his chin rest on her shoulder.
“I don't know..” she giggled. “I mean, it just feels good. You both treat me so well and I never imagined to have not one but two guys care for me.”
She raised her hand and touched his cheek softly. His skin as smooth as ever, apart from his stubble. He turned his face and kissed her hand, making her smile.
“Is that weird to say?” she asked, wondering if he understood what she meant.
“No, not at all. I feel the same way.”
Relieve came over and she turned around to kiss Simon.
“How about we go watch a movie before Thomas comes home. And then I will make dinner for us.” Lieke suggested, once she ended the kiss.
She stared into his twinkling blue eyes and he nodded.
“Sounds like a plan.”
Lieke squealed as Simon pushed her up. Her hands keeping her steady. She was so surprised by his move, it made him laugh out loud.
“Let's go.” he said softly, stealing a kiss before they went to the living room.

Simon and Lieke moved over to the living room, where Lieke immediately grabbed the remote for the TV.
"What do you wanna watch?" Simon asked, who had sprayed himself out on the couch. His legs wide open, his arms resting on the couch.
"Something sappy."
She wiggled her eyebrows, making him laugh.
"No, I don't know. Titanic maybe?"
She shrugged, before she walked over to Simon and sat down next to him.
"I've never seen it." Simon admitted.
She felt his hand grip her shoulder and she immediately cuddled up to him.
"Me neither, actually." she chuckled.
"Let's see if it's as good as they say." he murmured, taking the remote from her.
She sighed happily, as she placed her legs next to her. She leaned against Simons chest, her hand resting against her cheek.
She felt his lips placing a kiss on top of her head and she immediately looked up.
He smiled brightly, as he pressed play. Before he leaned forward and kissed her sweetly. Sometimes it felt good to be able to kiss and feel nothing more than love.

The movie started and Lieke immediately felt she wasn't going to see the whole movie. She shouldn't have layed down against Simon. Because his warmth and slow, relaxed breathing made her incredibly sleepy. He was mindlessly playing with her hair. And it calmed her down so much, she didn't know how to keep her eyes open.
His other hand had grabbed hers and their fingers were playing with each other, making them laugh every once in a while.
“Are you a good dancer?” Lieke asked, as she saw people dancing on the screen. She immediately remembered her thoughts from yesterday night and she really wanted to know if he was any good.
“I'm not sure if good is the right word. But I got some moves..” he answered, clearly thinking about the consequences this question would have.
“And you?” he asked.
She shrugged.
“Thomas is the better dancer with the two of us.” she admitted.
“Yeah, but Thomas got some moves up his sleeve. I've seen that before.”
“I bet you're just as good as him.” she whispered sleepily.
He stayed silent, knowing Lieke was about to fall asleep. She was making circles on his belly, but her finger was going slower and slower and Simon was sure this wouldn't take long.
But it did give him the change to show her exactly how good he was.
He felt her weight coming over her, meaning she was fully asleep. He stroked her hair slowly, enjoying the time he had with her in his arms. She was adorable when she was asleep. And Simon sometimes wondered how she managed to be so bossy to both him and Thomas, when she was so incredibly small. Mostly in moments like this.
Simon often watched over her, as they slept. As she layed inbetween both of them, looking so small and safe. It was sweet and Simon was sure he would do anything for her if he needed to.

He paused the movie, not really being into it anyway. And as slowly as possible, he layed her down on the couch. She mumbled something, but her eyes didn't open. He grabbed a blanket and put it over her body, making her smile in her sleep.
He gazed adorably at her, before he moved over to his plan. He grabbed some candles from the kitchen and spread them out over the living room. He dimmed the lights and fired up the candles.
He wasn't sure if this was the best plan, not knowing when Lieke would wake up. But if she didn't, he'd ask Thomas to join him later.
He had never actually danced with either of them. And he knew Thomas had some good hip movements. Which he showed in the bedroom way too often anyway. He smiled at the thought and grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge. And two glasses to go with it.

Simon looked up, realising it was Lieke who had spoken up. A curious expression came over his face. From where he was standing, he could see her face. And she was definitely dreaming.
“Thomas!” she said again. A grumble followed and she moved a little. He tilted his head, awe all over his face.
“Simon..” she then smiled. “I- hm, I love you guys.”
Simon bit his lip, surprised by her sudden words. He was seriously wondering what she was dreaming. But he was definitely beaming because of it.
He walked over to her and squated down next to her.
“Lieke.. hey, honey.” he whispered.
She opened her eyes almost immediately. She looked so tired, he was almost feeling bad for waking her up.
“You ruined my dream.” she mumbled, as she closed her eyes again.
“Which was about me and Thomas. And we are already here. You don't have to dream about us.”
She opened one eye, as a blush filled her cheeks.
“How do you know?” she said shyly.
“You were talking in your sleep. Telling us that you love us.”
She chuckled and shook her head.
“God, I'm embarrassed.” she sighed. “But atleast I wasn't lying.”
“It was cute, actually.” he said, carressing her cheek slowly.
“Did I say more?” she asked curiously.
“No, don't worry. Just our names. You seemed a bit mad at Thomas though.” he laughed.
She rolled her eyes, as he gazed curiously at her.
“He was being annoying.”
“So he's exactly like real life Thomas.”
They both laughed, as she nodded.
“Definitely.” she whispered, but the smile filling her cheeks told enough. She loved Thomas, even when he was annoying.

Lieke grabbed the blanket, as she sat up. It was then that she realised the whole room had changed. And it looked so romantic.
“What did you do?” she asked, her eyes widening.
“Do you remember what you asked me before you fell asleep?” Simon said. He was still squating down, making Lieke look down at him. It was nice to look over him for once.
“About if you could dance?” she questioned. She wasn't sure if that happened in her dreams or not.
“Yes, well, I wanted to show you. So you can decide for yourself.” he smiled, as he stood up.
With his phone he quickly put on some slow music over the speakers. And Liekes heart was hopelessly gone for Simon in that moment. He stood so proudly, yet nervously, waiting for her to join him. And even though she was still super tired. She couldn't say no to him.
She stood up, gazing at all the candles on the tables. It looked wonderful.
“Nice touch, huh.” Simon smiled proudly and she nodded. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him passionately. Making him lean over her when she stopped the kiss. He pouted, making her smile.
He grabbed her hand and they started moving. Slowly, because they had to get used to each other. She definitely noticed Simon moved different. Where as Thomas used his hips mostly, and took the lead. Simon let her do most of the dancing at first. She made a pirouette, as she got pulled into his arms.
Her back against his chest as he swayed her slowly.
It was the sweetest thing to Lieke and she enjoyed every second of it.
After a minute or so, she turned around in his arms. He grabbed her by her waist and she held onto his neck, as they danced casually.
They talked about nothing in particular. Just enjoying the time they had together.
“You're a good dancer.” Lieke eventually said. “Different, much different from Thomas. But good.”
He smiled, showing his teeth. And she pulled him closer to kiss him again.
Because after all, she liked kissing him more than dancing with him.

They danced for a little while longer, until the door opened. Lieke looked up, seeing Thomas in the door opening. A smile immediately washed over his face and he put down his bag, before he walked over to them.
“I was happy to go home, but this is even better.” he said, as he pulled Lieke closer and kissed her passionately.
She immediately felt his body move against hers and she decided to join him.
She noticed how Simon moved to the kitchen, getting another glass for the wine. He poured the wine into the glasses and he gladly sat down with a glass of his own.
He watched them, happily. And Lieke was happy that there was no jealousy to be found between them all. That was the most important thing to her.
She watched as he took a few sips. He winked at her, making her smile shyly, as she focused back on Thomas.
“How was work?” she asked, she slowed her dancing down a bit. As Thomas decided to hold her just a bit closer.
“Fine, it was fine. But I'm glad to be home.” he mumbled, as he smiled widely at her.
“Good.” she said happily, pecking his lips.

“Lieke dreamt about us.” Simon suddenly said.
Thomas his eyebrows raised cheekily, making her groan.
“Simon, you didn't have to tell him that.”
“You can also mention the part where he was being annoying.” he answered, making Thomas grin.
“Yeah, you were your annoying little self again.” she said, making him laugh.
“Good to know I don't change in your dreams.”
“Because you're perfect the way you are.” she said jokingly, even though she definitely meant it.
She noticed a blush growing on his cheeks and she realised she had turned a bit shy too.
“She also said she loved us.” Simon casually mentioned, taking another sip of his wine.
Lieke rolled her eyes.
“As if you don't know that.” she groaned.
“It's always nice to hear when it isn't being forced.” Simon answered.
“I- Simon, I never force myself to say that.” she laughed. “That'd just be sad.”
He nodded, as he stood up and joined Thomas and Lieke. Lieke smiled as she got totally sandwiched in between both men. She hugged Thomas, leaving her head on his chest, as she felt Simon hand on her jawline.
She smiled, as she heard them kiss. And as badly as she wanted to look at them, it felt good to stay here on Thomas his shoulder. With two strong arms keeping her safe.
“Guys..” she said, making them stop the kiss. They stayed close and Lieke turned her head around, leaning on Thomas his collarbone.
“I do really love you. You know that right?”
Simon and Thomas smiled at each other, before they nodded in unison. It made Lieke laugh and she sighed relieved.
“Talking about love. And my love for food. Can we get take out or something. I'm still super tired.” she asked, making Thomas snort.
“Yeah, of course.” Simon said softly. There was this loving smile on his face, which made Liekes heart beat faster.
“How about you and Thomas sit down. I'll put the order in and join you guys after.” he said, kissing Thomas quickly, before he walked away.
Thomas giggled softly as he sat down, feeling Lieke immediately against him.
“Didn't you sleep last night?” he whispered.
He put the blanket over her body again.
“I did, I'm just very tired.” she giggled, making him laugh.

They listened as Simon placed an order. He had chosen pizza and he had even chosen their favorites. The moment the words had left his mouth, Lieke and Thomas had looked at each other, surprise on their faces. But it was sweet, the little things he remembered.
He joined them five minutes after. Lifting Liekes legs, so he could sit next to her.
He leaned over her a bit, his arm resting on the couch as he leaned with his head on his hand. His other hand holding onto her legs.
“Pizza is coming in thirty minutes.” he said, softly carressing Liekes leg in the meantime.
“You remembered our favorites.” Thomas mentioned, making Simon blush.
“I guess so, old habits maybe.” he smiled.
“Or just very sweet.” Thomas winked at him.
Lieke smiled, as she listened to their conversation. Thomas was right. Simon was very sweet. Sweeter than she ever expected him to be.
“You're definitely very sweet.” Lieke said, looking up at Simon. He looked down, probably surprised she was still awake.
“Well.. what can I say.” he leaned over and kissed Liekes temple before he pecked Thomas his lips.
“I learn from the best.”

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  • Kjelaney

    "If I wasn't tired, I would've kissed your back all the way to your ass."
    Lieke looked around at Simon, who was indeed looking very tired.
    "Goodmorning to you too." she chuckled.


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  • Kjelaney

    Thomas had sent her a little message, telling her he didn't want to wake them up, since he had an early shift. And she smiled at the amount of emoji's he send her after.
    She quickly wished him good luck for the day, before she yawned and put away her phone.


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  • Kjelaney


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