On the 3rd of August, somewhere in The Mountains of Brindges is a small wooden house that belongs to Jo Hazard.
Jo is sitting with his wife Sincere, children Rylee and Braylon and one of The Chosen Jason Glover at a table.
‘I think it’s time for you to go back to school Jason.’
Jo and Jason are standing up but then Jo makes a gesture to Jason to be quiet.
Out of nowhere, the door opens and Fire Lord Kazar walks in, he looks exhausted.
‘What? What is he doing here?’ Asks Fire Lord Kazar abruptly.
‘He tried to kill me here. He threatened me while my children where here.’ Says Jo.
Fire Lord Kazar walks over to Jason Glover, Jason tries to bend an air wave to Fire Lord Kazar but he grabs Jason’s hands and throws him to the other side of the room.
‘Take him outside. An airship is ready.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar.
Fire Master Jo Hazard kneels down to grab Jason and he whispers something in Jason’s ear.
‘Trust me.’ Whispers Jo.
Jo brings Jason outside and they both step into Fire Lord Kazar’s smaller airship. Fire Lord Kazar smiles to Sincere and Jo’s children and also walks out of the house.
A few minutes later, the airship ascends.
‘Where are we going?’ Asks Jo Hazard.
‘To The Fire Mountains.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar.
The day after Dark Face’s arrival, 6 August. Brooklyn Brooks School, Jermaine Reed is walking through the hallways with Mia Walker following her closely.
‘Just tell what you want Mia.’ Says Jermaine without looking backwards.
‘Talks Jason a lot about me?’ Asks Mia.
Jermaine turns around.
‘Why would he?’
‘You had a relationship with Jason, what’s he like?’ Asks Mia.
Jermaine looks annoyed.
‘It was one week. And you need to figure that out yourself.’
Jermaine turns around to walk away but Mia doesn’t stop talking.
‘I saw him changing into some sort of shape.’
Jermaine looks worried and turns back around.
‘Like a kind of cube.’ Says Mia.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Says Jermaine while walking away.
‘I’m not stupid Jermaine!’ Yells Mia after Jermaine while Jermaine walks away.
On the 3rd of August, Kevin Young, Zune Kazar and Skromp 101 are arriving at The School for Superheroes. Ben Tyson stands in front of the school and sees the three of them approaching.
Ben quickly runs towards the office of The Director to enlighten him about the arrival of Kevin Young.
‘Kevin Young is back Director!’
Both Ben and The Director are running outside the sees the three of them. They both looks shocked when they see Zune Kazar.
‘Hello.’ Says Zune.
On the 7th of August, Jermaine is sleeping in The School for Superheroes, but she has a terrible nightmare.
Fire Lord Kazar is holding Jason Glover’s neck and breaks it without hesitation. Ralph Anderson, Brittney Myers and Levina Pané are all sitting in a prison.
They’re getting burned up by Fire Lord Kazar and the end up in ashes. Jermaine is standing from a distance, looking at her friend being burned up. Then a fire ball hits Jermaine.
Jermaine wakes up in The School for Superheroes, looking terrified. She stands up and puts her clothes on.
Kevin Young is sitting in the dining room, looking exhausted, Jermaine walks over to him.
‘How are you doing Kevin?’ Asks Jermaine.
‘I’m great.’
‘Do you know something about Fire Lord Kazar?’
‘Zune thinks he might be alive.’
‘Radek is in the hospital. He got stabbed by some ruthless serial killer.’
‘I heard about it Jermaine, I’m sorry.’
‘He’s gonna make it. But more people are trying to kill us.’
‘Nobody is going to kill us.’ Says Kevin with a smile.
Ayden is sitting with Zune Kazar at a table in dining room of The School for Superheroes.
‘I thought you were dead.’ Says Ayden.
‘It’s a long story. After we fought together against my father, I didn’t die.’
‘How?’ Asks Ayden.
‘After the fight, he found me, half bleeding to death. He called me weak and pathetic. Then he put me in prison in The Eruption.’
‘He threw me into jail and told me that I would die in there.’
‘Why didn’t you escape earlier?’ Asks Ayden.
‘Because I was weak, and then Jason came.’
‘I think it’s time.’ Says The Director, who’s now standing beside Ayden.’
‘Time to kill Fire Lord Kazar.’ Says Ayden.
Zune Kazar looks worried when Ayden said those words.
Kailey Cooper runs into the building, looking scared and exhausted.
‘Radek is attacked by Dark Face!’ Yells Kailey.
Zune, Ayden and The Director are turning towards Kailey worriedly.
Mia Walker is approaching Jermaine Reed at her house. Jermaine is just trying to get in her house. She looks behind her and sees Mia.
‘Where is Jason?’ Asks Mia.
‘Get away Mia!’ Says Jermaine frustratingly.
‘Where Is Jason?’ Asks Mia again.
Jermaine turns around.
‘Walk away and leave me alone!’
Mia walks away furiously. Jermaine enters her house.
On the 7th of August, Jason Glover is sitting in a cell. A cell that is hanging on a mountain. The mountain tops are on fire. These are The Fire Mountains. A place where Fire Lord Kazar goes often to relax.
Fire Master Jo Hazard is flying on fire in front of Jason’s cell with some food and water in his hands. He hands it over to Jason.
‘I’m sorry Jason.’ Says Jo.
Jo flies back to the bottom of the mountain where a open spot is. Fire Lord Kazar approaches Fire Master Jo Hazard.
‘I’m sick of your nonsense Jo.’
Fire Lord Kazar holds a gigantic fire ball and throws is towards Jo. Jo quickly jumps away from the fire ball.
‘You don’t have to do this!’
Fire Lord Kazar bends a powerful fire wave to Jo. Jo tries to stop it but even Fire Lord Kazar’s fire is too strong for him. Jo falls backwards.
‘I only have to kill you Jo.’
‘Why are you doing this?’
‘He was trying to kill you? You saved him!’
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire rope and swings it towards Fire Master Jo Hazard. Jo bends the fire rope into the air and bends a fire wave over the ground.
A big dust cloud emerges from the ground because of the fire wave that Jo created. After a while, the dust cloud disappears and Jo is gone.
Jason look shockingly out of his cell down to Fire Lord Kazar.
That evening, a big fire spot is soaring through the dark sky over to the School for Superheroes. It’s Fire Master Jo Hazard. He lands in front of the big doors of the school.
Skromp 101 comes running through the door with a dozen other Skromps behind him. They draw their swords.
‘I will not hesitate to kill you Fire Master.’
‘I come in peace.’ Says Jo, who looks a bit scared.
The Director walks past the Skromps and looks calm.
‘I have information about The Chosen.’
‘Then where are they?’ Asks The Director.
‘They’re at The Fire Mountains.’ Says Jo.
There is a sudden quiet.
‘Tomorrow will be a day that you wish will never happen.’ Says Jo.
‘Why?’ Asks The Director.
‘Once in a thousand years, the powers of Fire Masters are stronger.’
The Director looks worried. ‘And that’s tomorrow.’
The Director looks to Skromp 101 and tells him to lock Fire Master Jo in the dungeons. Fire Master Jo goes willingly with Skromp 101 to the dungeons.
The Director then turns around to the remaining Chosen; Kailey Cooper, Jermaine Reed and Kevin Young.
‘Tomorrow, you’ll go to The Fire Mountains for your first dangerous task. Save the other Chosen’
Fire Lord Kazar is standing at the foot of the mountain, looking up. He smiles. Jason Glover, Ralph Anderson, Brittney Myers and Levina Pané are sitting in separate cells at the mountain.
‘Your powers are soon mine!’ Yells Fire Lord Kazar.
On the 8th of August, Ayden, Zune Kazar, Kevin Young, Jermaine Reed and Kailey Cooper are in a tiny airship on their way to The Fire Mountains.
‘How are we going to fight him?’ Asks Ayden.
‘Together.’ Says Zune.
‘What if we can’t win?’ Asks Kevin.
‘If we never try, we’ll never win.’ Says Zune.
After a while, the group arrives at The Fire Mountains, they see nothing at the moment.
‘Why do they call it The Fire Mountains?’ Asks Kevin.
And while he said it, fire erupts from a mountain top.
‘That’s why.’ Says Zune.
Meanwhile in The School of Superheroes, Skromp 101 and his brother Skromp 13 are having a conversation.
‘How do you feel?’ Asks Skromp 101.
‘I’m feeling good. Did you find Ralph?’
‘Zune, Ayden and some Chosen are heading to find him. They’ll be okay.’ Says Skromp 101.
Skromp 101 is walking through the hallways of the dungeons where Fire Master Jo Hazard is being held captive.
‘Why did you steal The Power Stealer?’ Asks Skromp 101.
‘Isn’t obvious? Fire Lord Kazar wants to steal their powers!’ Yells Jo.
‘And you helped him with that.’
Fire Master Jo Hazard look shocked. Skromp 101 walks away from him.
After a few minutes, Jo decides to break out the cell. He puts his hands on the iron bars of the cell and melts it with his fire powers. He steps out the cell.
On The Fire Mountains, Fire Lord Kazar is bending a lot of powerful fire out of his hands into the air, he senses the arrival of Zune and the rest of the group.
Jason looks relieves from his cell.
‘They’re here.’ Says Jason.
‘Ayden, Kailey, you fight the Fire Masters. Jermaine and Kevin, you free The Chosen.’
‘What will you do?’ Asks Kevin.
‘I’ll get rid of my father.’
Fire Lord Kazar turns around and sees Zune slowly walking towards him.
‘Hello my son.’
Fire Masters are running towards Kailey and Ayden. They’re bending powerful fire balls towards them.
Kailey bends an air ball but the air ball gets destroyed by the fire. Kailey looks shocked to how powerful The Fire Masters are.
Ayden is bending a water rope towards The Fire Masters. The Fire Masters are dissolving the water rope by the heat of their fire waves.
The Fire Masters are all bending a big fire wave to Ayden and Kailey. Ayden stamps on the ground and an earth wall appears, protecting Ayden and Kailey from the fire wave.
Kailey bends an air rope behind the earth wall and grabs a Fire Master with it and she throws the Fire Master away.
Zune is creating a fire fist and tries to punch his father but Fire Lord Kazar just grabs Zune’s fist as if it’s nothing.
‘You have no idea what you’re doing.’ Says Fire Lord Kazar to his son.
Zune punches Fire Lord Kazar in the face with his other fist. With the impact of the fist on his face, Fire Lord Kazar let Zune’s other fist go.
Zune bends a fire ball and bends in towards his father but Fire Lord Kazar just bends it in the air.
In the School for Superheroes, Fire Master Jo Hazard is walking out the dungeons, only to encounter Skromp 101, who quickly draws his sword.
‘You should’ve stayed in your cell.’
‘I really don’t want to do this.’ Says Jo worriedly.
Skromp 101 runs towards Fire Master Jo Hazard and swings his sword to him. Jo dodges it quickly.
Jo grabs Skromp 101’s shoulder and holds him steady. Skromp 101 then punches into Jo’s face. Jo turns Skromp 101 around and punches him hard in the back.
Skromp 101 falls on his knees and is paralyzed because of Jo’s punch in the back.
‘It’s only temporarily.’ Says Jo and he walks away from Skromp 101.
Fire Master Jo Hazard runs out The School for Superheroes and flies away on fire.
Both Fire Lord Kazar and his son Zune Kazar are flying on fire high above The Fire Mountains. They’re both bending fire balls and waves towards each other. They’re also both dodging them.
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire wave that goes fast towards Zune. It hit Zune straight in the stomach, the wave blasts Zune against the wall of The Fire Mountain.
Jermaine Reed and Kevin Young are at the foot of The Fire Mountains.
‘Hold steady Kevin.’
Jermaine bends an earth platform below their feet upwards to the prison of Jason. Jason looks relieved. Jermaine bends an earth black and breaks the lock of the cage.
Jason jumps on the platform and tries to bend fire, his hand becomes fire.
‘These cells prevented me to use my powers.’ Says Jason.
‘You really need to talk to Mia.’ Says Jermaine.
Zune is laying on the ground, looking exhausted. Fire Lord Kazar turns around to Jermaine, Kevin and Jason.
‘You are all like my son! A fool!’ Yells Fire Lord Kazar.
Ayden bends a water rope around a Fire Master’s neck and throws him into the air. Kailey bends an air ball against a Fire Master, blasting him backwards against another one.
Kailey and Ayden are looking to the many Fire Masters, who are laying on the ground unconscious.
Fire Lord Kazar is making a big lava ball to send it towards Jermaine, Kevin and Jason but Zune bens the lava ball out of his father’s hands.
‘Let’s go!’ Yells Jermaine.
Jermaine, Kevin and Jason are opening Ralph’s, Brittney’s and at last, Levina’s cage.
‘Jason, what the fuck is going on?’ Asks Levina.’
‘I can’t explain at the moment.’ Says Jason.
Fire Lord Kazar grabs Zune’s neck and smashes his face against the mountain. Zune falls unconscious on the ground.
Fire Lord Kazar turns back around to see Ayden, Jason, Kevin, Kailey, Jermaine, Ralph, Brittney and Levina standing worriedly.
Ayden bends a fire ball towards Fire Lord Kazar. Fire Lord Kazar grabs the fire ball and throws it away.
Fire Lord Kazar bends lava from The Fire Mountains and surrounds the group of Chosen and Ayden with it.
The lava comes closer to them but gets bended away for some reason.
Fire Lord Kazar looks shocked as Fire Master Jo Hazard jumps in front of him. He bended the lava away.
‘You need to stop this!’ Yells Jo.
‘I will not stop!’ Yells Fire Lord Kazar back.
Fire Lord Kazar bends a fire beam and so does Fire Master Jo Hazard. The fire beams are hitting each other.
Fire Master Jo Hazard’s fire beam is getting more powerful than Fire Lord Kazar’s. Jo looks very serious while Fire Lord Kazar looks a little worried when his fire beam is getting tinier.
Fire is coming out of Jo’s mouth, colliding with the fire beam, it blasts Fire Lord Kazar backwards on the ground.
Fire Master Jo walks slowly towards Fire Lord Kazar.
‘This is where it ends Zeal!’
Zeal is Fire Lord Kazar’s first name. Fire Lord Kazar looks shocked towards Jo when he said his name and he bends a fire wave to Jo while sitting on the ground.
Fire Master Jo bends the fire wave into the sky.
Jo holds a fire spear in his hands and points it at Zeal.
‘You betrayed me. You lied to me. Why? What have I done to you?!?’ Yells Zeal to Jo.
‘You’ve done terrible things to others…and I’m sick of it.’
‘I have saved your life a thousand times!’
‘You don’t have to anymore.’ Says Jo.
Zune opens his eyes and stands up, he walks towards Jo and stand beside him, looking over Fire Lord Kazar.
‘You lost.’ Says Zune.
Fire Lord Kazar just smiles.
All of The Chosen except for Radek Achaari are walking towards Fire Lord Kazar and his smiles fades.
‘I give up.’ Says Zeal Kazar.
To Be Continued…

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