It felt like Lieke was changing between men these days. Whenever Lieke didn't have to work early, or at all, she was always switching between both men. Of course she had the privilege to have them both in the evening, but it seemed like everytime Simon had to work, Thomas didn't. And the other way around.
So when she woke up this morning, she knew Simon would be long gone. Not that she minded, she knew he'd be back, with that gorgeous smile on his face. Happy to be back home.
And now she could focus on Thomas, like she did yesterday with Simon.
She stretched herself out, before she turned around. She noticed she had stolen the blankets from Thomas and he was laying in his boxershorts, taking up half the bed.
She wondered how close Simon and she would have layed, if he had slept like this the whole night.
She watched him for a little while, letting her hand go through his hair. Trying to make it look a little bit less of a mess.
Which didn't really work.
She noticed the smile which had appeared on his face and she wondered if he had actually woken up. But the big sigh told her he hadn't. He turned himself around to her and she quietly placed a kiss on his forehead.
She moved the blankets over to him, so she could take a shower before he woke up.
He immediately rolled himself up, making her laugh.

She showered for a long while, as she finally had some time to think some things through. She had put some music on. Not too hard of course, because she didn't want to wake Thomas up. And it felt good. It relaxed her, a lot.
She dried herself slowly and she was sure she had spend an hour on her own. Which these days, didn't happen much. It was okay, she loved to be around Thomas and Simon. But now that she had some time for herself, she realised it was good to be alone every once in a while.
She put on underwear and Thomas' joggingpants, realising she forgot to grab a bra and a shirt. She sighed, as she walked into her bedroom again. And of course, Thomas just had woken up. And she knew exactly how he would react, seeing her half naked. His eyebrow raised immediately when he saw her.
His hands were casually laying behind his head and he still looked sleepy. His eyes were barely open.
“Goodmorning to me.” he laughed, making her role her eyes.
“Don't look.” she joked, walking over to her closet and grabbing a oversized shirt from it.
“You're telling me not to look.. and you think I'm gonna listen to it.” he mumbled, yawning slowly.
She turned around, noticing the bulge in his underwear. She shook her head slightly.
“I think you need to, otherwise you won't get anything today.” she smiled sweetly, as she put on the shirt.
He pouted his lips, knowing that probably wouldn't be true.
“Now tell me, my love..” he started, as Lieke walked up to him. “How am I not supposed to look, when you're wearing a white shirt. Which is getting wet because of your hair. And! You're not even wearing a bra!”
A smirk filled her lips.
“I don't know, maybe get some strength and don't be so needy.” she joked.
He gasped fakely and Lieke couldn't help but laugh.
She sat down on the bed, feeling Thomas immediately getting closer. His hands around her waist as he pulled her back. She laughed wholeheardedly and turned around in his arms.
The moment their eyes locked, they smiled.
“I love you.” Thomas breathed out slowly, their eyes not looking away one second.
She smiled, as she came closer to kiss him. His hands found her cheeks and all she could do was smile. Smile because she had Thomas in her life.
Their lips found each other for a long, long time. Before Lieke eventually was out of breath.
He licked his lips wet and carressed her cheek with his thumb.
“I'm so happy right now.” he smiled.
Her heart was full of love and she felt butterflies all through her body. She let her hand go through his hair and nodded.
“Me too.” she whispered.
He took her in his arms, as she laughed loudly. Just like him.

They layed for a while. Soft touches between the two of them, nothing more. But Lieke hadn't forgotten about the bulge in Thomas his boxershorts. And she knew it was still there. She loved how he didn't want to say anything about it, because she loved to spend time with Thomas like this. But she would happily make that little problem go away.
“Hey, honey.” Lieke mumbled.
“Hm?” he asked. He was laying with his eyes closed, one hand burried in Liekes hair. The other one resting underneath her shirt, on her belly.
“You don't have to be silent about your morning wood.”
He opened his eyes slowly, looking at her as if it was a surprise to himself.
“It's not really morning wood anymore.” he admitted. “It became a little worse because of you.”
She grinned, as she felt his hand rise up under her shirt. He came closer immediately and Lieke held her breath.
“What did I do..” she whispered, feeling his lips in her neck. She felt his teeth, just for a second. And she closed her eyes slowly. She didn't mind his lips, it was his finger rubbing over her nipple, that made her stutter.
“What don't you do to me.” he whispered, his lips touching her ear as he did so.
She moaned, not being able to hold herself back anymore. And she knew he was so happy with himself now.
His hand wandered off to her (his) pants, and she felt his fingers tipple over her underwear.
“Why did you wear underwear, when you know I'm going to tear it off anyway?” he said, in a really low voice.
Making her look at him with big eyes. She didn't know why she was so taken aback by his words. Because she knew he could be like this. But she hadn't seen this side of Thomas in a while, not alone with her atleast.
His hands pulled down her panties roughly and she immediately felt his fingers on her skin.
“Since I've been good, it's time you let me have a taste of you now.” he spoke.
“I did not say you were g-good!” she stuttered loudly, as she felt his finger pushing inside of her.
“Thomas.” she whined.
He was still laying casually next to her and he was enjoying himself so much, it almost made her annoyed. Because he had her right where he needed her to be.
“Yes, baby?” he smiled innocently.
She rolled her eyes, as she felt his thumb on her clit.
“God, if you so badly want to, then go ahead.” she groaned.
He licked his lips and smiled sweetly at her.
“And when I'm done I want to see those pretty lips of yours wrapped around my cock.” he said.
She moaned, his words and touches making her incredibly aroused.
“Is that a yes?” he murmured, as he sat up on his knees.
She nodded quickly as she followed him with big eyes.
“Yes.” she moaned, once again feeling him move in and out of her.
“But-” she sighed, as layed down on her elbows. She wanted to look at Thomas the whole time. She loved watching him going down on her. “Please show me how turned on you are.”
Thomas looked up, from where he just sat down between her legs. A smirk on his face, as big as hers was too.
“Why?” he asked, even though he was already pulling his boxershorts down. Knowing exactly what she meant.
She stared at him and shrugged.
“Turns me on even more.”
“Fuck, I love you.” he laughed, as he threw away his boxers. Showing off his hardened length.
He moved closer, but instead of going down, he grabbed her face in his hand and kissed her. Hard and passionate.
Her hands messed up his hair badly, as she tried to be as close as possible to him. As she wanted to feel him on top of her. It made it so much worse, as he had pushed his fingers back into her. Two this time, pumping in and out rather fast, while they kissed.
He stopped kissing her and she gazed at him as he lowered down again. His eyes kept being focused on her and she looked at him intensely. It felt like forever until his tongue found her folds.
And once they did he didn't hold back.
He knew exactly where to be and that made her body arch up almost everytime he touched her clit. He had added a third finger pretty fast and if he hadn't wanted to get blowed, she would have told him to take her immediately. But his mouth doing all the work, was one of her favorite things. And she couldn't get enough of it.
Her hand found his curls, as he looked up. He looked so pretty and Lieke moaned, just by seeing his face.
“Finish it, I'm fucking done.” she moaned, making him smile.
And that's when she realised she made a mistake. His lips sucked on her skin and she still felt his fingers, but much less than before.
“Thomas!” she whined. “Please, I want to come. Please?”
“You are a total mess, aren't you?” he giggled, making her moan softly.
“Please, Thomas.” she sighed.
She wasn't mad or anything, she just wanted her sweet release.
“Look at me.” Thomas said, as she felt his thumb slowly rubbing over her clit.
She looked up, tilting her head at him.
“Will you be good for me when you come for me?”
“I'm always a fucking darling when I come for you, now do your job or I will do it myself.”
Thomas smirked at her, totally loving how annoyed and needy she was. And she was sure she heard him giggle, before he went wild on her. His lips sucking on her folds, his tongue speeding up on her clit. His finger pumping fastly in and out of her. And it only took the vibration of his voice, while he moaned her name against her skin for her to come.
She moaned, her hands fisting in the sheets and she whined loudly as Thomas decided to keep going on her clit. Her body overstimulating, her orgasm getting stretched longer and longer.

“Holy-” she sighed, as she relaxed on the bed sheets.
Thomas crawled up to her, his body covering hers, as she kissed him softly.
“Why were you so bossy?” she giggled against his lips.
“Because I know it makes your orgasms ten times better.” he chuckled.
“And I love being bossy.”
“Be a bit more bossy around Simon too. You bet neither him or I will survive that.” she sighed against his lips, stealing kisses every once in a while.
He was still leaning over her, his hands holding himself up.
“I might.” he laughed.
She kissed him again, but this time it was full of love. Sweet and slow, how she liked it most.
“Now it's my turn.” she whispered.
He did as she said, as they switched places.
He looked up at her, totally happy and comforted by her. And that made her heart melt.
“You always get so bossy, up until you're being touched yourself.” she murmured, her hands going over his chest.
“Because I like to watch. Because you make me feel good anyway. Doesn't matter what you do.” he admitted, a smile lighting up his face.
“Oh..” she giggled, a bit surprised by his answer. “But you can lead me.”
“I know, and I will if I need to.”
His smirk came back on his face, while his hand reached out for her cheek. And Lieke didn't know how to feel. She was so in love with this guy and sometimes it was so bad, she wished she could turn it off a little.
She closed her eyes feeling his touch, before she crawled down.
She let her body grind over his erect cock and his eyes widened.
“Good.” she smirked, making him fall back with his head on the pillow.
“Yes, you are.” he muttered, making her smile.
She lowered her head, placing kisses on his shaft. And she heard him mumble softly. Struggling already. She sucked on his skin, making him moan.
“You're gonna do this the whole way through?” he whined.
“I didn't forgot what you just did.” she chuckled.
He sat up on his elbows and watched her. She licked over his tip, as they looked at each other. His lips getting very small as he tried to contain himself.
Slowly, but surely, she took his length in her mouth. Her lips wrapped around his cock, like he wanted so badly.
She felt his pre cum in her mouth, making her moan, as she bobbed her head up and down. She heard him moan softly. Her hand gripped it fiercely, moving along with her mouth. Speeding up her process.
She felt him move away some locks in front of her face and she realised he had been watching her the whole time. She smiled at him, as she moved down fully. The hair around his cock feeling warm against her cheeks.
“That's it.” he moaned.
She struggled as she felt him move up, knowing she couldn't possibly go further. She bobbed slowly, as his trusts where faster than hers. But she didn't want him to stop. He was needy for her. And she didn't want that to stop.
She felt herself choke, but she kept steady. She looked at Thomas, tears forming in her eyes. But seeing him in so much pleasure, made her feel so good. She squeezed his cock slightly and his eyes flew open. Within seconds all his load emptied inside her mouth. She swallowed, before she coughed softly and sat right up to let it all fall down right.
She was totally out of breath, but she wasn't the only one.
She let herself fell down on her bum in between Thomas his legs. He curved his legs around her and moved himself closer. She rested her head against his shoulder as she laughed.
“I let myself go too much, didn't I?” he chuckled.
“Don't worry.” she laughed, looking up at him again. “But I mean, so much for letting me do my thing.”
He laughed shyly, as her hands found his chest and kissed him fiercely.
“I didn't mind.” she whispered, before she winked at him.
He sighed, his arms spreading as he fell down on the bed.
“I feel like I'm in heaven with you. And with Simon.” he smiled brightly.
Lieke crawled over his body as she hovered over him.
“Life has become a lot more entertaining.” Lieke chuckled, pecking his lips.
“Entertaining and just a lot better.” he mumbled.
Lieke smiled softly, because he wasn't wrong. Life felt really good right now.

Thomas and Lieke had spend the rest of the day in and around the bed. They were lazy, but who wouldn't be when they had a day off. The apartment looked pretty fresh and Thomas seemed to be very tired. It hadn't surprised Lieke when Thomas had fallen asleep on her chest. And with some luck she had managed to grab her phone. She had been scrolling through some apps, while she was carressing Thomas his curls mindlessly. He was sleeping so calmly, she couldn't bare to wake him up.
And even when Simon came home, she couldn't possibly let him know.
Simon had come up to the bed room and his face became a lot more happier when he saw Lieke and Thomas again.
“Hey.” Lieke whispered happily. He immediately came closer, giving her a soft kiss.
“He is just as tired as you were yesterday..” Simon noticed, making her chuckle quietly.
“Maybe we need to calm down a bit. Especially with all of us working all the time.”
He laughed and nodded.
“But it's way too good not to do it.” he smiled, pulling his shirt over his head.
“I'm gonna take a quick shower, and then I'll join you until he wakes up.” he whispered, before pecking her lips and walked away. She looked at him as he walked away and she didn't want to get emotional, but this was exactly what her life was. And she didn't want it any other way.

She closed her eyes for a bit, listening to the shower go and Thomas his light snoring. She wasn't tired at all and she knew she wouldn't fall asleep, but that was alright.
She opened her eyes again, once Simon came back. His hair was still a little wet and laying flat on his head.
“You can wake him up if you want to. We need to eat soon.” she smiled.
Simon, who had just put some gum in his mouth, nodded and smiled. He crawled over Thomas, and Lieke had to take a deep breath once she realised how close they both were to her.
“Hey.” Simon looked up, kissing her softly, before he lowered down to Thomas.
“Delaney..” he whispered softly in Thomas his ear. Lieke watched Thomas his moves and laughed softly when Simon looked up.
“Thomas, sweetie. It's time to wake up.” he tried again. And this time his eyes did flutter open. He focused, until he realised it was Simon who had woken him up.
“Hey.” he said, in the cutest possible voice. He immediately reached up to kiss him.
Simon wasn't one to say no to Thomas and he let his hand go through Thomas his hair mindlessly as they kissed.
“Did you sleep well, honey?” he asked.
Thomas now looked up at Lieke, a confused looked on his face.
“How long did I sleep?” he asked, a bit ashamed.
“Two hours or so.” she smiled, as she played with the little hairs in his neck.
“And you didn't wake me up?” he asked.
“Why would I? You were so tired. And you were so calmly sleeping, I couldn't.”
He sniffed and smiled confused.
“You never went away?” he asked again.
“No, I was laying perfectly fine.” she laughed. “But we have to eat soon, so Simon had to wake you up.”
“But first I want to lay a little longer with you guys, I missed you.” Simon said. He turned himself to Liekes other side and she laughed as he hid his face in her neck. The kiss he left there, made her feel so happy.
“I missed you too, my gorgeous blonde viking.” she said.
“Stop calling me that.” he groaned.
“Never.” she giggled.
Thomas gazed at her as she giggled and once their eyes locked, they kept looking. It felt like they had a whole conversation as their eyebrows kept raising and Thomas smile kept growing and growing.

It didn't take long for his lips to find her jawline and it became even worse when she noticed Simon doing the exact same thing on the other side.
“Guys!” she laughed. “Guys, not right now! I have to make dinner.”
“Dinner can wait.” Thomas replied.
“I'm not gonna do anything with an empty stomach. I'm gonna make some pasta and you two can do whatever you want.”
She sat up, making them both pout at her.
“I'm serious!” she said, even though she couldn't hold her laugh.
“Alright.” Simon sighed, before he looked at Thomas.
Smirks filling their lips.
“Have fun making dinner, darling.” Thomas said sweetly, before he turned to Simon and kissed him hard.
“Sometimes I do really hate you guys.” she laughed loudly, before she disappeared to the kitchen.
Where she would be making dinner for three, knowing tonight wasn't going to be a lazy night. She really, really had to eat.

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  • Kjelaney


    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Have fun making dinner, darling.” Thomas said sweetly, before he turned to Simon and kissed him hard.
    “Sometimes I do really hate you guys.” she laughed loudly, before she disappeared to the kitchen.


    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I'm not gonna do anything with an empty stomach. I'm gonna make some pasta and you two can do whatever you want.”


    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “I missed you too, my gorgeous blonde viking.” she said.
    “Stop calling me that.” he groaned.
    “Never.” she giggled.


    2 weken geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “But first I want to lay a little longer with you guys, I missed you.” Simon said. He turned himself to Liekes other side and she laughed as he hid his face in her neck. The kiss he left there, made her feel so happy.


    2 weken geleden

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