A week went by after that little accident and Lieke had noticed that her sleeping behaviour had changed. She was awake a lot, and also longer. And it was a bit tiring. Thomas had noticed it too and they had talked about it multiple times. They even gave Thomas his bed new covers, so she could go lay there if she needed too.
It had been sweet. And she thought it was really thoughtful.
She was wondering if it wasn't just stress coming up for Thomas his birthday. They would celebrate it tomorrow and her gift still hadn't arrived. She knew Thomas wouldn't be mad, and she could make it up another way anyway. But it still sucked, if it didn't arrive in time.
She tried to keep the worries out of her head. They weren't needed anyway and she knew that. Thomas just wanted to be with her and Simon and that was all he cared about.
But the sleepness night didn't seem to go away and even tonight she woke up again. But not for the reason she thought she would.

She opened her eyes. Noticing her hand had moved itself into her underwear. She shivered, realising what had just happened. She had lived in a very vivid dream, with a very real Thomas and Simon. And she was very, very turned on.
She pressed her legs together, and turned herself to Thomas, who was laying with his back to her. She was laying in the middle of her two boys and she felt Simons hand on her thigh. Turning with her as she turned around. She immediately felt him move closer, knowing he always loved to be close when they slept. He had told them he didn't know he did that. But Lieke liked it. Normally.
Because now she was trapped between both boys, with her arousal way too high up in her body. She felt Simon pressed against her ass and she was not sure what to do.
Getting closer to Thomas wouldn't work either, since she knew his touch only would make her turned on more. She was surprised Simons body wasn't doing more to her. Maybe she was just glad he wasn't turned on, that would have made it bad for sure.

She tried to stay still for another five minutes. But the memories of her dreams replaying in her head made her way too wet. So she left the bed. She watched Simon grumble as he frowned and then relaxed again.
Thomas didn't even seem to notice. She knew he always was way too excited about his birthday, to then be asleep way too fast and way too strong for the whole night. It was funny. And she adored him for being so excited.
Lieke quickly made her way to the living room and once she sat down, she let her hand wander down to her weak spot.
Her finger moved through her folds and she couldn't believe how wet she already was. She really wished she had woken up atleast one of the boys to help her out. But she would gladly do it herself, if it meant getting sweet release.
She moved one finger inside of her, closing her eyes as she enjoyed her own touch. Her thumb rubbed over her clit, making her sigh.
That was definitely what she needed. She closed her eyes as she thought of Thomas and Simon and the things she did with them before. She wanted to move faster, but she also wanted to enjoy the time she had until she had her orgasm.
She let her head fell back against the couch and moaned.
“I thought I asked you to wake me up if you couldn't sleep.” she suddenly heard a voice, close to her ear.
She smiled, but she didn't open her eyes. Her hand didn't stop either. Because Thomas his voice had only made her more aroused. It was incredibly raspy and almost needy.
“It's sad she didn't wake us up for this.” she heard Simon next to her left ear.
She moaned, as his voice echood in her ear.
“How did you even wake up?” she stuttered, as she pushed in another finger. She wasn't even ashamed, she just wanted to cum.
“Simon did, seconds after you left.” Thomas whispered.
His right hand found her chin and her eyes finally opened, meeting his brown ones. Making her moan in extasy.
“Well, then he's a bad boy.” she smirked, making Thomas lick his lips.
She knew he was weak for those kind of words, just as weak as she was when he said it to her.
“Or you're a bad girl for not waking us up.”
His firm grip on her chin made her so turned on. And she wanted to taste his lips.
“Then punish me.” she smirked, just as she felt Simons hand wandering down to her. She felt his big hand on hers, moving with her. Her eyes widened as she felt his finger join hers inside of her and she wanted to see his face.
But Thomas was still holding her and all she could do was look into his dark eyes.
“Stand up.” Thomas breathed out darkly. Simon looked up at him with curiousity in his eyes.
His hand left hers and she bit her lip. She moved up her panties and stood up. Only the couch between Thomas and her. She gazed at Simon, who almost looked lost.
She licked her lips and walked around the couch. She took Simons face in her hand and kissed him passionately, all for Thomas to see. They were playing a game right now and if Thomas wanted to punish her so badly. Then he had to be firm about it too.
“Stop.” Thomas said, making Lieke smirk against Simons lips. He looked at her, as a cheeky smile formed on his lips.
“You're teasing him too much.” he whispered. “He's going to be mad.”
“That's just what I need right now.” she answered, biting his lip softly before she looked over to Thomas.
“Come here.” he ordered her, so she walked up to him.
It was the fact she was only wearing her panties, that it made a lot more difficult for Thomas to focus. Her nipples were erect and she was making herself taller than she actually was.
“Bent over, against the wall.” he commanded, making Liekes eyebrows raise. A smirk filled her lip once again.
“Are you gonna fuck me like that, huh?” she said cheekily. Walking over to the wall and bending over agonising slow.
She gazed over to Simon, was leaning on the back of the couch, touching himself through his boxers shorts. And she felt herself getting wetter within seconds.
“I won't be the only one, honey.” Thomas smirked, as she felt his hand grab her ass. She whined softly, his fingers moving over her lips. He pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them, as she watched him move them away with his foot.
“I think we're gonna take turns tonight. Until both of us come inside of you. And then you can come too.” Thomas finally spoke again.
“What if I don't want to wait?” she giggled.
She gasped as she felt his flat hand land on her ass, moaning loudly right after.
“Take me then. I was ready two days ago.” she murmured, as she felt him spanking her again.
“Thomas.” she whined, even though she didn't mind the slapping one bit.
She pushed her body back against his hand and she felt someone bend over her. Her hair got pushed out of the way as he left kisses in her neck.
“You look really fucking good, getting spanked like that.” Simon muttered in her ear, as her eyes widened.
Never in a million years did she guess that Simon would be the one to start. As she didn't notice them switch at all either. His hand moved over her hips and she closed her eyes as she leaned her head against the wall.
She felt the tip of his cock against her folds and without warning her pushed right into her. She moaned loudly, not really sure how she was going to survive both of them without coming herself first.
“Oh, that feels good.” she sighed, as she felt Simon pump in and out of her. She opened her legs more, to give Simon better access and she looked up the moment she felt his presence above her. His arm was resting against the wall, which made her realise how tall he was. And his pumping fastened eagerly.
But just as she was about to really enjoy it, he stopped and slipped out of her.
“Fuck.” she whined. Her hand moved over to her clit, but was immediately stopped by Thomas, who had taken over again.
“No touching.”
“Or you gonna spank me again?” she smirked at him.
“Not if you enjoy it so much.” he replied, as she felt a finger close in on her walls. She bit her lip, trying to hold a moan.
She closed her walls around his finger and he moaned softly.
“I enjoy everything you do, Thomas. You know that.” she muttered, as she felt his free hand move over her back. Pushing her down just a little bit more.
She felt his finger leave, and being replaced by his rock hard length. And he didn't held back, at all. He was so much more agressive and sloppier than Simon had been and it turned her on so badly. She kept moaning his name. Switching it with Simon every once in a while.
Thomas felt so different than Simon, which made her arousal so intense. She was enjoying two different shows and couldn't get enough of both.
“I bet..” Lieke started, getting interrupted by her own moans. “I bet I look so good bend over for you.”
She looked back, getting just a glimpse of Thomas his face. He was pushing her body onto his cock rapidly and she happily obliged.
“You don't even know.” Thomas moaned, as she felt his hand land on her ass again.
Lieke was so surprised, that her orgasm, which had been so close all this time, hit her at once. His cock hit just the right spot, the moment his hand had landed on her. And she couldn't hold back anymore. She moaned loudly, as her orgasm came over her. Thomas his named rolled over her lips, whining softly, as she felt Thomas cum inside of her.
He moaned, which she hadn't expected really. She looked back, still bend over. Because she wanted Simon to finish too.
“God, you're dripping.” Thomas smiled, coming closer and letting his fingers go through her folds. She shivered by his touch and stared at him as he licked his fingers clean.
“Once Simon is finished, I bet you can be a good girl for us again.” he smirked. As he and Simon switched places.
She wanted to kiss Thomas so badly, she longed for his lips. But he wasn't letting her.
“Simon, love,” she said, as she smirked again. “don't hold back.”

And that for him, was a sign to go all out. It didn't take long for him to come over the edge. He was already pent up from the first minutes.
She pushed herself onto his cock, making him week on the knees. His hand found the wall again, while his other hand rested on the front of her belly.
She smiled inwardly, loving how sweet he still was. Holding her like that.
With one big push, with both Simon and Lieke going in, he orgasmed loudly. Making even Thomas look up surprised.
Simon bend over, his forehead resting on her back, as she let him relax.
Once he could stand up again, she finally stood straight, stretching herself.
“My ass hurts, Delaney.” she said cheekily, walking over to him, as she stood in between his legs. He was still sitting on the back of the couch. So they were almost face to face.
She grinded up his body slowly, making him look up at her with a grin on his lips.
“Good.” was all he said, before she kissed him roughly. Their tongues played with each other. As he pulled her even closer by her waist.
“I think it's for Simon to decide if I was a good girl then.” she whispered sweetly, as both Thomas and Lieke looked at him. She beckoned him with her finger. And, as she still stood locked in Thomas arms, she kissed Simon. One hand in his neck as she felt him go in for more.
“I think you were amazing.” he admitted. “But then again, you always are.”
Thomas smiled, agreeing with his blonde haired man.
“Come here.” he said, pulling Simon closer by his shoulder and kissing him too.
Lieke sighed happily, placing kisses on Simons shoulder.
“I love it when you're both so compliant. The things I want to do with both of you...” Thomas grinned.
“Maybe you should then. Since it's your birthday tomorrow. Or,” she looked at the clock, which didn't make much sense anyway. “Or today.”
He raised his eyebrows and laughed evilish.
“Maybe I will.”
“But not with me right now, because now I'm tired again.” she chuckled.
“You are no fun.” Thomas smiled, caressing over her waist. He tilted his head, as Simon started placing kisses there. Sucking on his skin, and Lieke saw Thomas had trouble focusing on her.
“Hey, you weren't even supposed to wake up, honey.” she replied.
Her hands were resting on his thighs and she squeezed them softly the moment he laughed at her. He was so happy with what he just did, and it made her love him even more. The bond they formed, had made her sure he wouldn't go too far.
And with Simon, she was never worried for that.
She turned around in his arms and leaned against him. She felt his cock against her ass and she know he was probably trying to hold himself back from getting turned on again. But she sighed happily, as his arms curled around her waist and pulled her closer anyway.
They both looked at Simon, who hadn't left Thomas his neck yet. While Thomas himself kissed her back mindlessly.
Simon finally looked up, making Thomas grumble softly.
He moved over to stand in front of Lieke and she pushed him closer by his hips immediately. She really loved to be in between them, even when she felt this short. Because she really had to look up to see Simon. He leaned over to kiss her, as her hands found his ass, making him smile against her lips. Thomas hand found his hair, stroking through it while he watched his lovers kiss each other.
Lieke pushed Simons lowerbody against her own skin and he froze.
She opened her eyes, looking into his gorgeous blue ones with a questioning look.
“I'm getting hard again.” he said shyly.
She chuckled.
“Then we have to do something about it.” she whispered, her hand finding his shaft. She stroked over it. And she indeed felt him slowly getting hard again. She grabbed his balls softly, making him moan weakly. And she noticed Thomas had his hand still in his hair, stroking it lovingly.
“Thomas, honey, you want to have the honour?”
“I would love to.” he said hoarsely in her ear.
If Lieke could she would have gone through with this the whole night, but she managed herself a little. Wanting Simon to have his second orgasm much rather than her.

“But let's go to the bedroom first.” he giggled.
Simon immediately turned around, making them both laugh softly. And she stood up too. She felt Thomas behind her, pressing kisses in her neck and on her cheek as they walked to the bedroom.
“Why are you so clingy tonight?” she chuckled, as she rested her hands on his, which were still around her waist.
“I just am.” he said simply, making her roll her eyes. “And because you deserve my love.”
She warmed up by his words and lifted his hand to kiss it.
“Thank you.” she whispered, before she let go of him and let him enter the bed room first. She watched as he smirked at Simon, who smirked back at him. He was fully erect again and laying lazily and spread out on the bed.
Lieke could stare at it all day. He looked almost like a freaking god. So gorgeous, so confident.
She almost regretted giving Thomas the job to make Simon orgasm, but she felt tired. And her body felt the same.
She followed Thomas to the bed and watched as he crawled closer to Simon, who stared at him the whole time.
He curled his legs slightly, for Thomas to sit in between them.
Lieke sat down next to Simon. Her body slightly turned to him. Her elbow resting on the headboard of the bed, as she caressed with her fingers through Simons hair. He closed his eyes happily, before he looked up at Lieke for a second.
“Hey gorgeous.” she mumbled, making him smile heavenly.
“Hey..” he sighed, as he put his arm around her body.
She leaned over to kiss him. A soft, caring kiss.
But they once again got interrupted by Thomas, who had put his lips around Simons fierce cock, making him moan loudly. Lieke laughed, as she looked down at Thomas. Knowing he had that damn smirk on his face.
Simon layed back on the pillow and Lieke watched him, her hand still stroking his hair. They both had a satisfied smile on their face. And she moved her other hand to his stomach, circling over it with her finger and moving higher up playing with the growing chest hair.
She watched Thomas, as he was slowly moving up and down, while she heard Simons moans.
They both were all over Simon, and she loved that for him. He deserved to get this. As much as possible.
His eyes focused on Thomas again, as Simon moaned softly everytime Thomas went down fully.

“You're teasing me.” Simon said hoarse.
Thomas raised his eyebrow as he moved up and licked over the tip of his cock, tasting his pre-cum. Both Simon and Lieke stared at him. He had them both in his pocket and you could see it on his face. He was smiling cheekily and Lieke bit her lip, trying not to get to turned on by it.
“Stop teasing, Simon.” Lieke stuttered, her voice not working with her. Making Thomas look up surprised.
“Don't square up on me, I'm doing all the work here.” he grinned, placing a kiss on Simons tip. Simon moaned loudly.
“Fuck, Thomas. Hurry- Just hurry up!” he whined.
Lieke stared at him and kissed him hard. He lost himself in the kiss, holding onto her cheek with his free hand. Keeping her close. Even when she needed to take breath, she could barely move. And she didn't mind kissing him. His moans vibrated against her skin and she noticed Thomas wasn't waiting around anymore.
Simons moans came more rapidly and Lieke eventually stopped kissing him. She noticed how close he was, so she grabbed Thomas curls and pushed him further down. He squeeled softly, but didn't complain.
“Almost.” Simon moaned. Thomas stared at Simon. Because it didn't matter from which angle you saw him, he was perfect.
He moved up and down, getting as low as possible. Lieke didn't even help him anymore, only when he needed to stay down. She massaged through his curls and the moment he started bobbing extremely fast and Simons cock hit his throat multiple times, she knew Simon was done for.
She watched as his orgasm washed over him, for the second time this evening. He was smiling, as his body arched upwards, making it even more difficult for Thomas not to choke. His hand was gripped into Liekes skin and to make it even more worse for Simon, Liekes hand had wondered of to his nipple, rubbing over it to make his orgasm even more extreme.
Thomas swallowed his load and sat up, breathing out heavily.

“That was.. wild.” he laughed, shaking his head in disbelieve. “I almost choked.”
“The best way to die, isn't it?” Lieke chuckled, making Thomas giggle.
“You know what, maybe it is.” he laughed, as he crawled over to Simon. His arms layed next to Simons chest and his hands found Simons cheeks. He kissed him slowly.
Simon barely kissed him back, as tiredness had come over him. He was still breathing heavily and Lieke put the covers over both boys to keep them warm. Lieke layed down, her head on the pillow and she immediately felt Simons hand move over to her hair. Striking it out of her face. She placed her hands under her head and looked up them.
“Come closer, babe.” Simon whispered tiredly.
Lieke immediately moved up to his collarbone, hiding her face in his neck. She looked at Thomas who was laying on top of Simon. His arms on Simons chest, while his chin rested on his arms.
He was gazing at Simon shamelessly.
“Sometimes I can't believe we let such a pretty man into our relationship.” Thomas muttered, looking over at Lieke.
Simon rolled his eyes, as his hand found Thomas his ass and rested on it.
“I'm not that pretty.”
“Yeah,” Thomas and Lieke said in unison. “You are.”
Simon laughed, shaking his head.
“Stop talking about me.” he grumbled, making Thomas move over to kiss him, to distract him. Which always worked with Simon.
“Never.” Thomas giggled after the kiss. He pouted his lips and Simon moved closer to peck them sweetly.
Lieke watched Thomas move his legs up and down, making her laugh at how excited and childish he was in that moment. But if she was being honest, those were her favorite moments. She knew he was happy and calm whenever he acted like that and that's what she needed from him.
“We love you, Simon.” Lieke whispered.
Simon looked down at her and nodded gratefully.
“I know.” he replied. “And I love you both too.”
She kissed his jaw and nodded happily.
She tried to stay awake, but now that her arousal was gone, she felt so tired. And she knew Simon was too.
“I think I'm going to fall asleep.” she admitted shyly.
“Me too.” Simon said softly. “And tomorrow is a big day for our man.”
Thomas smiled brightly, as Simon hand moved through his curls.
“Let's get some rest, love.” Simon said to Thomas.
Thomas grabbed the covers and pulled them over Lieke, so they all layed good and then turned his head sideways, so he could lay on Simons chest.
“You're going to sleep like this?” Lieke giggled.
“Yes, I am.” he grinned, since their faces were not far apart and he could look at her.
“And Simon is okay with that?” Lieke asked.
“Yes, I am.” Simon laughed. “But only for tonight. Only because it's his birthday.”
Thomas grinned satisfied and nodded.
“You're a lucky man, Delaney.” she smiled, giving him a kiss.
“Happy birthday sweetheart.” she whispered against his lips. “Tomorrow is going to be a good day.”

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  • Kjelaney


    1 week geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “You're a lucky man, Delaney.” she smiled, giving him a kiss.
    “Happy birthday sweetheart.” she whispered against his lips. “Tomorrow is going to be a good day.”


    1 week geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “You're going to sleep like this?” Lieke giggled.
    “Yes, I am.” he grinned, since their faces were not far apart and he could look at her.
    “And Simon is okay with that?” Lieke asked.
    “Yes, I am.” Simon laughed. “But only for tonight. Only because it's his birthday.”


    1 week geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “Me too.” Simon said softly. “And tomorrow is a big day for our man.”
    Thomas smiled brightly, as Simon hand moved through his curls.


    1 week geleden
  • Kjelaney

    “We love you, Simon.” Lieke whispered.
    Simon looked down at her and nodded gratefully.
    “I know.” he replied. “And I love you both too.”

    WE'RE THE BEST. <3

    1 week geleden

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