Inspiration for a werewolf story. Female werewolves are rare in this world and many women are seen as slaves. This particular lady refuses to back down and then realises she herself is one of the rare female werewolves.

As he swung a chain around my neck and pulled me against him I felt this raging heat surge through my body. I will not be chained. His team tried grabbing onto my arms to help chain me down. I’m stronger than they are. I could feel It in my bones.
“Take her away,” the Alpha’s cold eyes stared at me.
“We’re trying,” a female guard choked out. I felt the heat raging through my muscles. I was somehow able to fend the three of them off – to some extent. I felt more powerful than ever before.
“You will not,” I shouted enraged, “tame me.”
The Alpha’s eyes changed expression, though his face remained stoic. I shook my head and my hands gripped onto the chain around my neck, tugging it forward harshly whilst bending over, flinging the guard over me. I dropped to my knees, face hovering over the man’s face and let out a roar from so deep inside of me I hadn’t know of it’s existence. My body trembled as I got up – on all fours. My tongue licked my lips as my nose curled up in growls.
We’ve got this, we can win. I could feel it inside of me. This strength. Even in an unfamiliar body. I didn’t even have time to be shocked that I transformed to a werewolf. Female werewolves were rare, but I felt more normal than ever before. It felt right.
The jingle of a chain was heard next to me and before I could think about it I already latched my teeth onto his arm, shaking viciously. The man’s screams as he tried pushing me off of him didn’t affect me whatsoever. I was ready to kill.
“Release him,” a dominating voice boomed through the room. It resonated within my core and I couldn’t help but listen. Slowly letting the arm go, watching the man try to crawl away from me. My eyes trailed to the owner of the voice – the Alpha. I felt the blood dripping over my face as my nose curled and I growled.
“You will stand down and change back,” his voice commanded.
His command surged through my body, almost dominating it. My instinct bared me to listen, yet my willpower was stronger. I could feel it burning in my soul. There was no standing back and obeying no more. I will be heard. No longer shall I live this life.
I took a step forward, fighting every instinct in my body. The command tried to make me feel weak, tug tail between my legs and back down, but no. The burning desire to live scorched a strength inside of me. It consumed me, I needed to try.
“Stand down,” his voice boomed again. My eyes watching his mouth move, but my ears ignoring the command. He is not our master.
I snarled, a clear no. Another step forward, resisting his command. My instincts were screaming it me, loud enough to feel like it was deafening me. Another step.
“This is your last chance to stand down,” Alpha’s voice growled.
My back legs tucked underneath me before I jumped, launching myself at him teeth bared.

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